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The Complete Works of Primo Levi

Author :

ISBN10 : 1631492063

Publisher : W. W. Norton & Company

Number of Pages : 3008

Category : Fiction

Viewed : 1759


Book Summary: 2015 Washington Post Notable Book The Complete Works of Primo Levi, which includes seminal works like If This Is a Man and The Periodic Table, finally gathers all fourteen of Levi’s books—memoirs, essays, poetry, commentary, and fiction—into three slipcased volumes. Primo Levi, the Italian-born chemist once described by Philip Roth as that “quicksilver little woodland creature enlivened by the forest’s most astute intelligence,” has largely been considered a heroic figure in the annals of twentieth-century literature for If This Is a Man, his haunting account of Auschwitz. Yet Levi’s body of work extends considerably beyond his experience as a survivor. Now, the transformation of Levi from Holocaust memoirist to one of the twentieth century’s greatest writers culminates in this publication of The Complete Works of Primo Levi. This magisterial collection finally gathers all of Levi’s fourteen books—memoirs, essays, poetry, and fiction—into three slip-cased volumes. Thirteen of the books feature new translations, and the other is newly revised by the original translator. Nobel laureate Toni Morrison introduces Levi’s writing as a “triumph of human identity and worth over the pathology of human destruction.” The appearance of this historic publication will occasion a major reappraisal of “one of the most valuable writers of our time” (Alfred Kazin). The Complete Works of Primo Levi features all new translations of: The Periodic Table, The Drowned and the Saved, The Truce, Natural Histories, Flaw of Form, The Wrench, Lilith, Other People’s Trades, and If Not Now, When?—as well as all of Levi’s poems, essays, and other nonfiction work, some of which have never appeared before in English.

An Island Like You

Author : Judith Ortiz Cofer

ISBN10 : 0545281547

Publisher : Scholastic Inc.

Number of Pages : 256

Category : Juvenile Fiction

Viewed : 1061


Book Summary: Judith Ortiz Cofer's Pura Belpré award-winning collection of short stories about life in the barrio! Rita is exiled to Puerto Rico for a summer with her grandparents after her parents catch her with a boy. Luis sits atop a six-foot mountain of hubcaps in his father's junkyard, working off a sentence for breaking and entering. Sandra tries to reconcile her looks to the conventional Latino notion of beauty. And Arturo, different from his macho classmates, fantasizes about escaping his community. They are the teenagers of the barrio -- and this is their world.

The Epic Fail of Arturo Zamora

Author : Pablo Cartaya

ISBN10 : 1101997249

Publisher : Penguin

Number of Pages : 256

Category : Juvenile Fiction

Viewed : 1914


Book Summary: A 2018 Pura Belpré Author Honor Book Save the restaurant. Save the town. Get the girl. Make Abuela proud. Can thirteen-year-old Arturo Zamora do it all or is he in for a BIG, EPIC FAIL? For Arturo, summertime in Miami means playing basketball until dark, sipping mango smoothies, and keeping cool under banyan trees. And maybe a few shifts as junior lunchtime dishwasher at Abuela’s restaurant. Maybe. But this summer also includes Carmen, a poetry enthusiast who moves into Arturo’s apartment complex and turns his stomach into a deep fryer. He almost doesn’t notice the smarmy land developer who rolls into town and threatens to change it. Arturo refuses to let his family and community go down without a fight, and as he schemes with Carmen, Arturo discovers the power of poetry and protest through untold family stories and the work of José Martí. Funny and poignant, The Epic Fail of Arturo Zamora is the vibrant story of a family, a striking portrait of a town, and one boy's quest to save both, perfect for fans of Rita Williams-Garcia.

I Did Not Kill My Husband

Author : Liu Zhenyun

ISBN10 : 1628724676

Publisher : Simon and Schuster

Number of Pages : 224

Category : Fiction

Viewed : 1439


Book Summary: Li Xuelian, married to Qin Yuhe, is pregnant with their second child. Happy news? Not in China, with its one-child policy. It is a crime. What is she to do? Her only option is divorcing before the second child is born. “Once the baby has entered into the household registry, we’ll marry again. The baby will be born after the divorce, so we’ll each have one child when we marry again. No law says couples with one child can’t marry.” Perfect! Except that after the divorce, Qin marries . . . another woman who is expecting a baby. Mad with rage, Li runs to the judge begging him to declare the divorce a sham so she may remarry and truly divorce the fool! Liu’s politically charged plot reads like an absurd and hilarious comedy, softening what moves from a harsh indictment of China’s one-child law to a head-on critique of China’s corrupt system. I Did Not Kill My Husband is storytelling and satire of the highest order, sharp-edged and ironic. Skyhorse Publishing, as well as our Arcade, Yucca, and Good Books imprints, are proud to publish a broad range of books for readers interested in fiction—novels, novellas, political and medical thrillers, comedy, satire, historical fiction, romance, erotic and love stories, mystery, classic literature, folklore and mythology, literary classics including Shakespeare, Dumas, Wilde, Cather, and much more. While not every title we publish becomes a New York Times bestseller or a national bestseller, we are committed to books on subjects that are sometimes overlooked and to authors whose work might not otherwise find a home.

Arturo's Island: A Novel

Author : Elsa Morante

ISBN10 : 1631493302

Publisher : Liveright Publishing

Number of Pages : 384

Category : Fiction

Viewed : 1676


Book Summary: Elsa Morante’s novels are “astonishing for the quality of the writing, . . . the complexity of the invented world, the wide-ranging view of the human condition” (Elena Ferrante). Once considered the greatest writer of Italy’s postwar generation—and admired by authors as varied as John Banville and Rivka Galchen—Elsa Morante is experiencing a literary renaissance, marked not least by Ann Goldstein’s translation of Arturo’s Island, the novel that brought Morante international fame. Imbued with a spectral grace, as if told through an enchanted looking glass, the novel follows the adolescent Arturo through his days on the isolated Neapolitan island of Procida, where—his mother long deceased, his father often absent, and a dog as his sole companion—he roams the countryside and the beaches or reads in his family’s lonely, dilapidated mansion. This quiet, meandering existence is upended when his father brings home a beautiful sixteen-year-old bride, Nunziatella. A novel of longing and thwarted desires, filled with Morante’s “brutal directness and familial torment” (James Wood), Arturo’s Island reemerges in this splendid translation to take its rightful place in the world literary canon.

A Girl Returned

Author : Donatella Di Pietrantonio

ISBN10 : 1609455290

Publisher : Europa Editions

Number of Pages : 144

Category : Fiction

Viewed : 1178


Book Summary: “One of the best Italian novels of the year” in a pitch-perfect rendering in English by Ann Goldstein, Elena Ferrante’s translator (Huffington Post, Italy). Winner of the Campiello Prize A 2019 Best Book of the Year (The Washington Post Kirkus Reviews Dallas Morning News) Told with an immediacy and a rare expressive intensity that has earned it countless adoring readers and one of Italy’s most prestigious literary prizes, A Girl Returned is a powerful novel rendered with sensitivity and verve by Ann Goldstein, translator of the works of Elena Ferrante. Set against the stark, beautiful landscape of Abruzzo in central Italy, this is a compelling story about mothers and daughters, about responsibility, siblings, and caregiving. Without warning or explanation, an unnamed thirteen-year-old girl is sent away from the family she has always thought of as hers to live with her birth family: a large, chaotic assortment of individuals whom she has never met and who seem anything but welcoming. Thus begins a new life, one of struggle, tension, and conflict, especially between the young girl and her mother. But in her relationship with Adriana and Vincenzo, two of her newly acquired siblings, she will find the strength to start again and to build a new and enduring sense of self. “An achingly beautiful book, and an utterly devastating one.” —Minneapolis Star Tribune “Di Pietrantonio [has a] lively way with a phrase (the translator, Ann Goldstein, shows the same sensitivity she does with Elena Ferrante) [and] a fine instinct for detail.” ?The Washington Post “A gripping, deeply moving coming-of-age novel; immensely readable, beautifully written, and highly recommended.” ?Kirkus Reviews (starred review) “Captivating.” —The Economist

The Hero's Way: Walking with Garibaldi from Rome to Ravenna

Author : Tim Parks

ISBN10 : 0393866858

Publisher : W. W. Norton & Company

Number of Pages : 384

Category : Travel

Viewed : 1162


Book Summary: The acclaimed author of Italian Ways returns with an exploration into Italy’s past and present—following in the footsteps of Garibaldi’s famed 250-mile journey across the Apennines. In the summer of 1849, Giuseppe Garibaldi, Italy’s legendary revolutionary, was finally forced to abandon his defense of Rome. He and his men had held the besieged city for four long months, but now it was clear that only surrender would prevent slaughter and destruction at the hands of a huge French army. Against all odds, Garibaldi was determined to turn defeat into moral victory. On the evening of July 2, riding alongside his pregnant wife, Anita, he led 4,000 hastily assembled men to continue the struggle for national independence elsewhere. Hounded by both French and Austrian armies, the garibaldini marched hundreds of miles across the Appenines, Italy’s mountainous spine, and after two months of skirmishes and adventures arrived in Ravenna with just 250 survivors. Best-selling author Tim Parks, together with his partner Eleonora, set out in the blazing summer of 2019 to follow Garibaldi and Anita’s arduous journey through the heart of Italy. In The Hero’s Way he delivers a superb travelogue that captures Garibaldi’s determination, creativity, reckless courage, and profound belief. And he provides a fascinating portrait of Italy then and now, filled with unforgettable observations of Italian life and landscape, politics, and people.


Author : Jhumpa Lahiri

ISBN10 : 0735281475

Publisher : Knopf Canada

Number of Pages : 224

Category : Fiction

Viewed : 1123


Book Summary: NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER A marvelous new novel from the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The Lowland and Interpreter of Maladies--her first in nearly a decade. Jhumpa Lahiri’s ravishing new novel follows an unnamed narrator in an unnamed city. In the arc of one year, in the middle of her life’s journey, she realizes that she’s lost her way. Whereabouts celebrates ordinary life and community while exploring existential themes of presence and absence. Lahiri’s narrator, a woman questioning her place in the world, wavers between stasis and movement, between the need to belong and a refusal to form lasting ties. The city she calls home acts as her companion and interlocutor: traversing the streets around her house, and in parks, piazzas, museums, stores, and coffee bars, she feels less alone. We follow her to the pool she frequents, and to the train station that leads to her mother, who is mired in her own solitude after her husband’s untimely death. Among those who appear on this woman’s path are colleagues with whom she feels ill at ease, casual acquaintances, and “him,” a shadow who both consoles and unsettles her. Until one day at the sea, both overwhelmed and replenished by the sun’s vital heat, her perspective will abruptly change. Whereabouts is an exquisitely nuanced portrait of urban solitude, one that shimmers with beauty and possibility. It is also a thrilling departure for Jhumpa Lahiri, her first novel written in Italian as well as the first time she has self-translated a full-length work. The reader will find the qualities that make Lahiri’s work so beloved: deep intelligence and feeling, richly textured physical and emotional landscapes, and a poetics of dislocation. But this novel, a play of shadow and light, also signals a bold shift of style and sensibility, and an artist reveling in a new form.

American Midnight

Author : Laird Hunt

ISBN10 : 1782275967

Publisher : Pushkin Press

Number of Pages : 192

Category : Fiction

Viewed : 919


Book Summary: A chilling collection of classic weird and supernatural tales from the dark heart of American literature A masquerade ball cut short by a mysterious plague; a strange nocturnal ritual in the woods; a black bobcat howling in the night: these ten tales are some of the most strange and unsettling in all of American literature, filled with unforgettable imagery and simmering with tension. From Edgar Allan Poe to Shirley Jackson, Nathaniel Hawthorne to Zora Neale Hurston, the authors of these classics of supernatural suspense have inspired generations of writers to explore the dark heart of the land of the free. The stories in this collection have been selected and introduced by Laird Hunt, an author of seven acclaimed novels which explore the shadowy corners of American history. Contains: 'The Masque of the Red Death', Edgar Allan Poe 'Young Goodman Brown', Nathaniel Hawthorne 'The Eyes', Edith Wharton 'The Mask', Robert Chambers 'Home', Shirley Jackson 'A Ghost Story', Mark Twain 'Spunk', Zora Neale Hurston 'The Yellow Wallpaper', Charlotte Perkins Gilman 'An Itinerant House', Emma Frances Dawson

In the Country

Author : Mia Alvar

ISBN10 : 0385352840

Publisher : Vintage

Number of Pages : 368

Category : Fiction

Viewed : 1853


Book Summary: In these nine globe-trotting tales, Mia Alvar gives voice to the women and men of the Philippines and its diaspora. From teachers to housemaids, from mothers to sons, Alvar’s stories explore the universal experiences of loss, displacement, and the longing to connect across borders both real and imagined. In the Country speaks to the heart of everyone who has ever searched for a place to call home—and marks the arrival of a formidable new voice in literature.

Little Novels of Sicily

Author : Giovanni Verga

ISBN10 : 1581952414

Publisher : Steerforth

Number of Pages : 156

Category : Fiction

Viewed : 1722


Book Summary: First Published in a single volume in 1883, the stories collected in Little Novels of Sicily are drawn from the Sicily of Giovanni Verga's childhood, reported at the time to be the poorest place in Europe. Verga's style is swift, sure, and implacable; he plunges into his stories almost in midbreath, and tells them with a stark economy of words. There's something dark and tightly coiled at the heart of each story, an ironic, bitter resolution that is belied by the deceptive simplicity of Verga's prose, and Verga strikes just when the reader's not expecting it. Translator D. H. Lawrence surely found echoes of his own upbringing in Verga's sketches of Sicilian life: the class struggle between property owners and tenants, the relationship between men and the land, and the unsentimental, sometimes startlingly lyric evocation of the landscape. Just as Lawrence veers between loving and despising the industrial North and its people, so too Verga shifts between affection for and ironic detachment from the superstitious, uneducated, downtrodden working poor of Sicily. If Verga reserves pity for anyone or anything, it is the children and the animals, but he doesn't spare them. In his experience, it is the innocents who suffer first and last and always.

Those Who Forget

Author : Geraldine Schwarz

ISBN10 : 1501199102

Publisher : Simon and Schuster

Number of Pages : 320

Category : Biography & Autobiography

Viewed : 800


Book Summary: Those Who Forget, published to international awards and acclaim, is journalist Géraldine Schwarz’s riveting account of her German and French grandparents’ lives during World War II, an in-depth history of Europe’s post-war reckoning with fascism, and an urgent appeal to remember as a defense against today’s rise of far-right nationalism. During World War II, Géraldine Schwarz’s German grandparents were neither heroes nor villains; they were merely Mitlaüfer—those who followed the current. Once the war ended, they wanted to bury the past under the wreckage of the Third Reich. Decades later, while delving through filing cabinets in the basement of their apartment building in Mannheim, Schwarz discovers that in 1938, her paternal grandfather Karl took advantage of Nazi policies to buy a business from a Jewish family for a low price. She finds letters from the only survivor of this family (all the others perished in Auschwitz), demanding reparations. But Karl Schwarz refused to acknowledge his responsibility. Géraldine starts to question the past: How guilty were her grandparents? What makes us complicit? On her mother’s side, she investigates the role of her French grandfather, a policeman in Vichy. Weaving together the threads of three generations of her family story with Europe’s process of post-war reckoning, Schwarz explores how millions were seduced by ideology, overcome by a fog of denial after the war, and, in Germany at least, eventually managed to transform collective guilt into democratic responsibility. She asks: How can nations learn from history? And she observes that countries that avoid confronting the past are especially vulnerable to extremism. Searing and unforgettable, Those Who Forget is a riveting memoir, an illuminating history, and an urgent call for remembering.

Red Mafiya

Author : Robert I. Friedman

ISBN10 : 0316092878

Publisher : Little, Brown

Number of Pages : 304

Category : Social Science

Viewed : 1785


Book Summary: In the past decade, from Brighton Beach to Moscow, Toronto to Hong Kong, the Russian mob has become the world's fastest-growing criminal superpower. Trafficking in prostitutes, heroin, and missiles, the mafiya poses an enormous threat to global stability and safety. Today, the mafiya controls over 80 percent of Russia's banks and has siphoned off billions of dollars in Western loans and aid, almost certainly derailing the chance for a stable democracy there. But that is just the beginning, for the mafiya is now in every corner of the United States and has infiltrated some of the banks and brokerage firms that handle your money. And American law enforcement is just waking up to this staggering problem. No journalist in the world knows more about the mafiya than Friedman, who has covered the Russian mob for Details, Vanity Fair, and New York. At great peril to himself, Friedman interviewed many of the top mobsters, who were stunningly candid about their activities. In their depravity, ruthlessness, and brutality, Russian gangsters make the traditional Mafia look like choirboys. Red Mafiya will appeal to anyone interested in the Mob.

An Embarrassment of Mangoes

Author : Ann Vanderhoof

ISBN10 : 0307375145

Publisher : Anchor Canada

Number of Pages : 320

Category : Biography & Autobiography

Viewed : 1118


Book Summary: Under the Tuscan Sun meets the wide-open sea . . . An Embarrassment of Mangoes is a delicious chronicle of leaving the type-A lifestyle behind -- and discovering the seductive secrets of life in the Caribbean. Who hasn’t fantasized about chucking the job, saying goodbye to the rat race, and escaping to some exotic destination in search of sun, sand, and a different way of life? Canadians Ann Vanderhoof and her husband, Steve did just that. In the mid 1990s, they were driven, forty-something professionals who were desperate for a break from their deadline-dominated, career-defined lives. So they quit their jobs, rented out their house, moved onto a 42-foot sailboat called Receta (“recipe,” in Spanish), and set sail for the Caribbean on a two-year voyage of culinary and cultural discovery. In lavish detail that will have you packing your swimsuit and dashing for the airport, Vanderhoof describes the sun-drenched landscapes, enchanting characters and mouthwatering tastes that season their new lifestyle. Come along for the ride and be seduced by Caribbean rhythms as she and Steve sip rum with their island neighbors, hike lush rain forests, pull their supper out of the sea, and adapt to life on “island time.” Exchanging business clothes for bare feet, they drop anchor in 16 countries -- 47 individual islands -- where they explore secluded beaches and shop lively local markets. Along the way, Ann records the delectable dishes they encounter -- from cracked conch in the Bahamas to curried lobster in Grenada, from Dominican papaya salsa to classic West Indian rum punch -- and incorporates these enticing recipes into the text so that readers can participate in the adventure. Almost as good as making the journey itself, An Embarrassment of Mangoes is an intimate account that conjures all the irresistible beauty and bounty from the Bahamas to Trinidad -- and just may compel you to make a rash decision that will land you in paradise.

Classic Restaurants of Summit County

Author : Sharon Moreland Myers,Images courtesy of the Akron Beacon Journal--Summit Memory Project

ISBN10 : 1439664412

Publisher : Arcadia Publishing

Number of Pages : 176

Category : Photography

Viewed : 875


Book Summary: Akron and Summit County's classic hot spots have satisfied palates since the early twentieth century. Akron alone could sit up to thirty thousand people at once during the golden age of the '50s and '60s. Marcel's made a name for itself with its scampi, and Icaomini's became synonymous with lobster. Ladd's dished crowd-pleasing coney dogs, and Yanko's sliced up its mouthwatering shish kabobs. Digging up vintage images and recipes, author Sharon Myers leads readers on a delectable trip down memory lane to the area's most renowned and cherished eateries.

The Sex Lives of Cannibals

Author : J. Maarten Troost

ISBN10 : 0767918959

Publisher : Crown

Number of Pages : 288

Category : Biography & Autobiography

Viewed : 837


Book Summary: The laugh-out-loud true story of a harrowing and hilarious two-year odyssey in the distant South Pacific island nation of Kiribati—possibly The Worst Place on Earth. At the age of twenty-six, Maarten Troost—who had been pushing the snooze button on the alarm clock of life by racking up useless graduate degrees and muddling through a series of temp jobs—decided to pack up his flip-flops and move to Tarawa, a remote South Pacific island in the Republic of Kiribati. He was restless and lacked direction, and the idea of dropping everything and moving to the ends of the earth was irresistibly romantic. He should have known better. The Sex Lives of Cannibals tells the hilarious story of what happens when Troost discovers that Tarawa is not the island paradise he dreamed of. Falling into one amusing misadventure after another, Troost struggles through relentless, stifling heat, a variety of deadly bacteria, polluted seas, toxic fish—all in a country where the only music to be heard for miles around is “La Macarena.” He and his stalwart girlfriend Sylvia spend the next two years battling incompetent government officials, alarmingly large critters, erratic electricity, and a paucity of food options (including the Great Beer Crisis); and contending with a bizarre cast of local characters, including “Half-Dead Fred” and the self-proclaimed Poet Laureate of Tarawa (a British drunkard who’s never written a poem in his life). With The Sex Lives of Cannibals, Maarten Troost has delivered one of the most original, rip-roaringly funny travelogues in years—one that will leave you thankful for staples of American civilization such as coffee, regular showers, and tabloid news, and that will provide the ultimate vicarious adventure.

Maisie Dobbs

Author : Jacqueline Winspear

ISBN10 : 1569477221

Publisher : Soho Press

Number of Pages : 294

Category : Fiction

Viewed : 326


Book Summary: "A female investigator every bit as brainy and battle-hardened as Lisbeth Salander." —Maureen Corrigan, NPR's Fresh Air, on Maisie Dobbs Maisie Dobbs got her start as a maid in an aristocratic London household when she was thirteen. Her employer, suffragette Lady Rowan Compton, soon became her patron, taking the remarkably bright youngster under her wing. Lady Rowan's friend, Maurice Blanche, often retained as an investigator by the European elite, recognized Maisie’s intuitive gifts and helped her earn admission to the prestigious Girton College in Cambridge, where Maisie planned to complete her education. The outbreak of war changed everything. Maisie trained as a nurse, then left for France to serve at the Front, where she found—and lost—an important part of herself. Ten years after the Armistice, in the spring of 1929, Maisie sets out on her own as a private investigator, one who has learned that coincidences are meaningful, and truth elusive. Her very first case involves suspected infidelity but reveals something very different. In the aftermath of the Great War, a former officer has founded a working farm known as The Retreat, that acts as a convalescent refuge for ex-soldiers too shattered to resume normal life. When Fate brings Maisie a second case involving The Retreat, she must finally confront the ghost that has haunted her for over a decade.

The Lost Girls

Author : Jennifer Baggett,Holly C. Corbett,Amanda Pressner

ISBN10 : 0061993476

Publisher : Harper Collins

Number of Pages : 560

Category : Biography & Autobiography

Viewed : 1354


Book Summary: “A triumphant journey about losing yourself, finding yourself and coming home again. Hitch yourself to their ride: you’ll embark on a transformative journey of your own.” — Allison Winn Scotch, New York Times bestselling author of The One That I Want and Time of My Life Three friends, each on the brink of a quarter-life crisis, make a pact to quit their high pressure New York City media jobs and leave behind their friends, boyfriends, and everything familiar to embark on a year-long backpacking adventure around the world in The Lost Girls. With their thirtieth birthdays looming, Jen, Holly, and Amanda are feeling the pressure to hit certain milestones—score the big promotion, find a soul mate, have 2.2 kids. Instead, they make a pact to quit their jobs and set out on a journey in search of inspiration and direction. Traveling 60,000 miles across four continents, Jen, Holly, and Amanda push themselves far outside their comfort zones to embrace every adventure. Ultimately, theirs is a story of true friendship—a bond forged by sharing beds and backpacks, enduring exotic illnesses, trekking across mountains, and standing by one another through heartaches, whirlwind romances, and everything in the world in between.

John Fante's Ask the Dust

Author : Stephen Cooper,Clorinda Donato

ISBN10 : 0823287882

Publisher : Fordham University Press

Number of Pages : 288

Category : Literary Criticism

Viewed : 1944


Book Summary: This volume assembles for the first time a staggering multiplicity of reflections and readings of John Fante’s 1939 classic, Ask the Dust, a true testament to the work’s present and future impact. The contributors to this work—writers, critics, fans, scholars, screenwriters, directors, and others—analyze the provocative set of diaspora tensions informing Fante’s masterpiece that distinguish it from those accounts of earlier East Coast migrations and minglings. A must-read for aficionados of L.A. fiction and new migration literature, John Fante’s “Ask the Dust”: A Joining of Voices and Views is destined for landmark status as the first volume of Fante studies to reveal the novel’s evolving intertextualities and intersectionalities. Contributors: Miriam Amico, Charles Bukowski, Stephen Cooper, Giovanna DiLello, John Fante, Valerio Ferme, Teresa Fiore, Daniel Gardner, Philippe Garnier, Robert Guffey, Ryan Holiday, Jan Louter, Chiara Mazzucchelli, Meagan Meylor, J’aime Morrison, Nathan Rabin, Alan Rifkin, Suzanne Manizza Roszak, Danny Shain, Robert Towne, Joel Williams

Capital Allocators

Author : Ted Seides

ISBN10 : 0857198874

Publisher : Harriman House Limited

Number of Pages : 220

Category : Business & Economics

Viewed : 840


Book Summary: The chief investment officers (CIOs) at endowments, foundations, family offices, pension funds, and sovereign wealth funds are the leaders in the world of finance. They marshal trillions of dollars on behalf of their institutions and influence how capital flows throughout the world. But these elite investors live outside of the public eye. Across the entire investment industry, few participants understand how these holders of the keys to the kingdom allocate their time and their capital. What’s more, there is no formal training for how to do their work. So how do these influential leaders practice their craft? What skills do they require? What frameworks do they employ? How do they make investment decisions on everything from hiring managers to portfolio construction? For the first time, CAPITAL ALLOCATORS lifts the lid on this opaque corner of the investment landscape. Drawing on interviews from the first 150 episodes of the Capital Allocators podcast, Ted Seides presents the best of the knowledge, practical insights, and advice of the world’s top professional investors. These insights include: - The best practices for interviewing, decision-making, negotiations, leadership, and management. - Investment frameworks across governance, strategy, process, technological innovation, and uncertainty. - The wisest and most impactful quotes from guests on the Capital Allocators podcast. Learn from the likes of the CIOs at the endowments of Princeton and Notre Dame, family offices of Michael Bloomberg and George Soros, pension funds from the State of Florida, CalSTRS, and Canadian CDPQ, sovereign wealth funds of New Zealand and Australia, and many more. CAPITAL ALLOCATORS is the essential new reference manual for current and aspiring CIOs, the money managers that work with them, and everyone allocating a pool of capital.

Under Arturo's Star

Author : Stefania Lucamante,Sharon Wood

ISBN10 : 9781557534071

Publisher : Purdue University Press

Number of Pages : 322

Category : Literary Criticism

Viewed : 1314


Book Summary: Elsa Morante has long been recognized internationally as one of the most significant, innovative, and important writers of the 20th century Italy. Nonetheless, there has, to date, been no full-length study in English dedicated to her work. Critical perspectives on Morante's literary achievement have shifted dramatically in recent years, and while this volume proposes to offer the first comprehensive evaluation of Morante to appear outside Italy, it also aims to take into account modern critical and theoretical developments. The authors' aim is to underline Morante's centrality in a broader context which goes beyond Italian national frontiers and deserves critical attention across a range of transcultural disciplines, departing from the traditional realm of philological analysis to encompass approaches informed by cultural and interdisciplinary studies. This volume gives a comprehensive insight into current thinking on and understanding of Elsa Morante's work. This book places her work in a much wider context of European culture, and traces her influence on a younger generation of writers.

The Buccaneer's Apprentice

Author : V. Briceland

ISBN10 : 0738723746

Publisher : North Star Editions, Inc.

Number of Pages : 360

Category : Young Adult Fiction

Viewed : 622


Book Summary: On Nic Dattore’s first sea voyage away from the magical city of Cassaforte, pirates attack his vessel. From a desert island, Nic and a motley crew of castaways hatch a dangerous plan to get home. If there’s any hope of saving Cassaforte from a diabolical plot, they must battle pirates, assassins, and a cursed ship with a powerful secret.

Skyggernes hav

Author : Christian Mørk

ISBN10 : 8756797818

Publisher : Politikens Forlag

Number of Pages : 320

Category : Fiction

Viewed : 1895


Book Summary: Jacob Stahl sælger sjældne landkort fra sin faldefærdige butik i Brooklyn, men har aldrig selv været ude at rejse. Hans liv er langsomt skrumpet ind, og hans kone Laura er overbevist om, at han er hende utro. Det eneste, han ønsker sig er at komme til tropeøen Anguilla. Smaragdgrønne bølger. Evig sommer. Da Jacobs far bliver myrdet, kastes Jacob ud på dybt vand. Han bliver forgiftet til begravelsen og falder livløs om.

리얼 하와이 [2020~2021년 최신판]

Author : 김화정

ISBN10 :

Publisher : 한빛라이프

Number of Pages : 336

Category : Travel

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Book Summary: 설명이 필요 없는 휴양지의 끝판왕, 하와이를 가장 멋지게 여행하는 방법 미국 전 대통령 버락 오바마와 슈퍼스타 브루노 마스의 고향, 소설가 무라카미 하루키 등 수많은 셀럽들이 인생 여행지로 꼽는 곳. ‘알로하’라는 단어만으로 설레는 하와이의 매력을 길게 설명할 필요가 있을까. 연중 온화한 날씨가 이어져 언제 가도, 누구와 가도 좋지만 막상 코스를 짜다 보면 가고 싶은 곳, 좋다는 것, 먹고 싶은 것과 사야 할 것 등 선택지가 너무 많아 오히려 고민인 여행지가 바로 하와이다. 게다가 ESTA 와 국제 면허증 신청, 렌터카 예약 등 준비할 게 많고 복잡한데다 리조트 피와 각종 세금 등이 더해져 예산을 짜다 보면 막막해지는 것도 사실. <리얼 하와이>는 지상낙원 하와이를 가장 멋지게 여행하는 방법을 알차게 소개하면서도 잡지를 보는 듯한 즐거움을 함께 선사한다. 감각적인 사진과 함께 명소부터 트렌디한 로컬 스폿까지, 테마별로 엄선한 스폿 리스트를 제공해 누구든 취향에 맞게 코스를 짤 수 있게 구성했다. 여행 멤버와 예산, 일정에 따라 단계별로 따라하면 되는 ‘일정 가이드’를 참고해 위시 리스트를 작성해보자. 알뜰하게 숙소와 항공권 예약하는 법과 현지에서 유용한 애플리케이션을 소개한 부록 스마트 MApp Book(맵북+앱북)과 휴대용 트롤리&더버스 노선도까지, 하와이 여행 준비는 <리얼 하와이> 한 권이면 어렵지 않다!

Inseln und Archipele

Author : Anna E. Wilkens,Patrick Ramponi,Helge Wendt

ISBN10 : 3839412420

Publisher : transcript Verlag

Number of Pages : 324

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Book Summary: In vielen Kulturen gelten Inseln als Orte der Isolation. Dennoch werden sie, insbesondere in der Relationalität des Archipels, auch mit Bewegung und Entgrenzung verbunden. Als erste Aufsatzsammlung im deutschsprachigen Raum nimmt dieser Band Inseln und Archipele als Orte sowie als Gegenstände der Betrachtung und des Wissens unter die Lupe und beleuchtet ihr Auftreten an Fallbeispielen der modernen Diskurs-, Kunst- und Wissensgeschichte. Die Beiträge spannen den Bogen von wirklichen und imaginären Inseln über Inseln als literarische Strukturmerkmale hin zu den Möglichkeiten, das epistemologische Potenzial insularer Konfigurationen für die kulturwissenschaftliche Analyse sozialer, politischer, literarischer und nicht zuletzt ökologischer Kulturen zu bergen.

Hey Ho Let's Go: Die Story Der Ramones

Author : Everett TRUE

ISBN10 : 0857122746

Publisher : Bosworth Music

Number of Pages : 420

Category : Biography & Autobiography

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Book Summary: Keine Fragen bleiben offen. Hier erfahren Sie die ganze Geschichte: Von ihrem furiosen Debüt 1974 im CBGBs-Club der Wiege des New York Punk, über die klassischen Alben bis hin zu ihren gewaltigen Live-Auftritten - mehr als zwei Jahrzehnte durchlebten die Ramones die Höhen und Tiefen einer Karriere wie aus dem Bilderbuch des Rock'n'Roll. Sie revolutionierten die Rockmusik, waren maßgebliche Vorbilder des britischen Punk, bereiteten den Weg fur Hardcore, Grunge und Speed Metal und beeinflussten zahllose Bands nach ihnen - von den Sex Pistols bis hin zu Soundgarden. Musiker, Mitstreiter, Manager, Produzenten, Publizisten, Punks, Freundinnen, Fans und Szenegänger: Sie alle kommen hier zu Wort und tragenihren Teil dazu bei, die Geschichte einer der faszinierendsten Bands in der Geschichte des Punk lebendig werden zu lassen. Vergebliches Hoffen auf den kommerziellen Durchbruch, Drogenexzesse, bandinterne Streitigkeiten, gnadenlose Tourneen, sexuelle Ausschweifungen, Nazi-Anschuldigungen und noch mehr Tourneen machten sie zur Legende.