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Handbook of Research on Asian Business

Author : ,

ISBN10 : 1847203183

Publisher : Edward Elgar Publishing

Number of Pages : 512

Category : Business & Economics

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Book Summary: This volume is excellent. Students who are interested in Asian business should read it and will find the comprehensive bibliography offered by the different contributors very helpful. In light of the recent global financial crises, it is time to re-examine the Asian miracles, as well as the Western models of business organizations and regulations. This volume offers great insights not just on Asian business but also on Western economies and business. It is also time to adopt an integrative approach recommended by Yeung through comparative research of businesses and economies in different institutions and cultures. Yifei Sun, Economic Geography An absolute must-have for college library reference shelves, filled cover-to-cover with keen analyses that any businessperson seeking to make inroads in an Asian market needs to study at length! Midwest Book Review This book serves as an important guide to the many fascinating research questions about Asian business waiting to be addressed. The study of Asian business has reached equality in importance to the study of business in Europe and North America. Researchers who study any of these regions have an incentive to follow the study of business in the other regions, if for no other reason than that many global firms from each region operate in all regions now. Nonetheless, the more important reason for knowledge transfer among researchers of each region is that these exchanges can only advance everyone s research. Henry Yeung and the contributors are to be thanked for setting out a rich agenda for research on Asian business that will elevate this study to equality with research elsewhere in the world. Eurasian Geography and Economics This book is extremely comprehensive and well researched. It will be of particular interest to scholars in the fields of international business, development studies, economic geography, regional studies as well as international and national policymakers. Science Technology & Society The rise of Asia as an important region for global business has been widely recognized as one of the most significant economic phenomena in the new millennium. This accessible and comprehensive Handbook brings together state-of-the-art reviews of Asian business in an expansive range of areas including: business organizations strategic management marketing state business relations business and development business policy issues. It is argued that whilst academic studies on Asian business have been in existence for over two decades, there is relatively little systematic integration of our knowledge and research on Asian business. The contributors, drawn from a variety of disciplines within the social sciences, aim to redress the balance with their lively, cutting-edge discussion. Serving as a timely overview of more than two decades of scholarly research, this Handbook will be an essential resource for academics, students and researchers interested in Asian business.

Global Challenges and Strategic Disruptors in Asian Businesses and Economies

Author : Ordóñez de Pablos, Patricia,Lytras, Miltiadis D.

ISBN10 : 1799847888

Publisher : IGI Global

Number of Pages : 358

Category : Business & Economics

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Book Summary: Strategic disruptors in companies and economies, including blockchain technology, big data, and artificial intelligence, can contribute to the creation of new business opportunities, jobs, and growth. Research is needed on the impacts of these disruptors in Asia, as well as analyses on new business ecosystems and policy implications. Global Challenges and Strategic Disruptors in Asian Businesses and Economies presents a rich collection of chapters that explore and discuss the state of the art, emerging topics, challenges, and success factors in business, big data, innovation, and technology in Asia. The book explores how the internet of things, big data, and artificial intelligence can provide solutions for global challenges and companies. Including topics on digital economy, strategic management, and information technologies, this book is ideal for managing directors, general managers, corporate heads of firms, politicians, executives, entrepreneurs, academicians, decision makers, policymakers, researchers, and students looking to enhance their understanding and collaboration in business, disruptive innovation, and technology in Asia.

Changing Asian Business Systems

Author : Richard Whitley,Xiaoke Zhang

ISBN10 : 0191045357

Publisher : Oxford University Press

Number of Pages : 448

Category : Business & Economics

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Book Summary: This book brings together scholars from different disciplines to examine the evolving patterns of economic organisation across Northeast and Southeast Asia against the backdrop of market liberalisation, political changes and periodic economic crises since the 1990s. More specifically, it provides an interdisciplinary account of variations, continuities and changes in the institutional structures that shape business systems and practices and govern innovation patterns, together with analyses of their impact on established systems of economic coordination and control. In line with this analytical focus, the project has three different yet interrelated objectives. In the first place, building on the comparative business systems framework, it elucidates the nature and properties of business system changes and continuities in Asia since the 1990s. Second, it develops novel theoretical propositions concerning the primary causes of these changes and continuities, representing a collective effort to theorise the changing varieties of Asian economic organisation. Finally, it explores the causal pathways through which the changing institutional structures governing business systems have shaped and reshaped innovation strategies and trajectories across the national, sectoral and firm levels of analysis.

The Oxford Handbook of Asian Business Systems

Author : Michael A. Witt,Gordon Redding

ISBN10 : 0191626554

Publisher : OUP Oxford

Number of Pages : 752

Category : Business & Economics

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Book Summary: Much of the existing literature within the "varieties of capitalism " (VOC) and "comparative business systems " fields of research is heavily focused on Europe, Japan, and the Anglo-Saxon nations. As a result, the field has yet to produce a detailed empirical picture of the institutional structures of most Asian nations and to explore to what extent existing theory applies to the Asian context. The Oxford Handbook of Asian Business Systems aims to address this imbalance by exploring the shape and consequences of institutional variations across the political economies of different societies within Asia. Drawing on the deep knowledge of 32 leading experts, this book presents an empirical, comparative institutional analysis of 13 major Asian business systems between India and Japan. To aid comparison, each country chapter follows the same consistent outline. Complementing the country chapters are eleven contributions examining major themes across the region in comparative perspective and linking the empirical picture to existing theory on these themes. A further three chapters provide perspectives on the influence of history and institutional change. The concluding chapters spell out the implications of all these chapters for scholars in the field and for business practitioners in Asia. The Handbook is a major reference work for scholars researching the causes of success and failure in international business in Asia.

Asian Business Groups

Author : Michael Carney

ISBN10 : 1780632398

Publisher : Elsevier

Number of Pages : 340

Category : Business & Economics

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Book Summary: The Asian economic landscape is dominated by various types of business group. Asian Business Groups provides a comprehensive review and introduction to the different types of business group. The origins and founding context of groups from particular national settings form the basic structure of the book. Emphasis is given to both the similarities and differences in group governance and performance and the implications for Asian international competitiveness are addressed. Multidisciplinary framework that integrates managerial, sociological, and economic perspectives on business groups and permits analysis of both their positive and negative aspects Comprehensive survey of empirical findings on the financial and market performance Sensitivity to the changing historical context and major events that have shaped business group development and dynamics

Advancing Technologies for Asian Business and Economics: Information Management Developments

Author : Ura, Dasho Karma

ISBN10 : 1466602775

Publisher : IGI Global

Number of Pages : 329

Category : Business & Economics

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Book Summary: "This book offers the latest research available within the field of information management as it pertains to the Asian business market, promoting and coordinating developments in the field of Asian and Chinese studies, as well as presenting strategic roles of IT and management towards sustainable development"--

Asian Business Environment

Author : Hillary Mwendwa

ISBN10 : 3656604649

Publisher : GRIN Verlag

Number of Pages : 9

Category : Business & Economics

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Book Summary: Seminar paper from the year 2011 in the subject Economics - Case Scenarios, grade: A, University of Cambridge, language: English, abstract: The East Asian Tiger economies never really recovered from the Asian Financial Meltdown of 1997. And the changes in their economic policies and their domestic economic structures mean they never really will.” The financial crisis in East Asia is not unique from the standpoint of a region facing an economic downturn; there have literally been hundreds of economic disturbances and recessions in the last few decades. However, what is inimitable in this crisis is the region’s consistent history of high investment and savings rates, its reputation for strong growth, and fiscal stability; nations with such strengths typically do not experience economic downturns of the magnitude of the East Asian crisis. The financial crisis in the Asian-Pacific region was as much about macroeconomic and regulatory fundamentals as it was a crisis of the neo-liberal economic philosophy utilized to assist with the transition of emerging economies. Market liberalization policies had long been supported by the U.S. Treasury, World Bank, and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Such policies were a means of not only liberalizing previously controlled emerging economies, but were also implemented to allow greater access of Western business interests to such lucrative new markets. The crisis highlighted the disastrous consequences of capital account liberalization in emerging market economies lacking the macroeconomic, regulatory, and financial infrastructures to manage such monumental changes.

New Asian Emperors

Author : George T. Haley,Usha C. V. Haley,ChinHwee Tan

ISBN10 : 1118580508

Publisher : John Wiley & Sons

Number of Pages : 256

Category : Business & Economics

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Book Summary: Southeast Asia has a population of more than half a billion, yet its economy is dominated by about 40 families, most of Overseas Chinese descent. Their conglomerates span sectors as diverse as real estate, telecommunications, hotels, industrial goods, computers and sugar plantations. New Asian Emperors shows how and why Overseas Chinese companies continue to dominate the region and have extended their reach in East Asia, despite the Asian financial and SARS crises of the past decade. The authors base their conclusions on in-depth structured interviews spanning a decade with the often elusive Overseas Chinese CEOs including Li Ka-shing, Stan Shih, Victor Fung, Stephen Riady and Sukanto Tanoto, as well as on the strategic information that their companies use. The analysis of the New Asian Emperors’ present-day management techniques and practices draws on the history, culture and philosophical perspectives of the Overseas Chinese in Southeast Asia. In the midst of today’s global economic crisis, this book also takes a fresh look at the role and management practices of the Overseas Chinese as they continue to create some of Asia’s wealthiest and most successful companies. New Asian Emperors explains: The sources and characteristics of Overseas Chinese management Whether Overseas Chinese management practices will spread in the same way that Japanese management did in the 1970s Whether Western management technologies have found themselves outmaneuvered in Asia’s post-crisis arena The Overseas Chinese managers’ strategies for the informational black hole of Southeast Asia and what Western managers can learn from them The New Asian Emperors’ unique strategic perspectives and management styles revealed through exclusive, in-depth interviews The implications for successfully co-operating and competing with the Overseas Chinese of Southeast Asia New Asian Emperors offers key insights into the Overseas Chinese and the important role that cultural roots play in their dominance of Southeast Asian business.

Dynamic Asia

Author : Ian G. Cook,Marcus A. Doel,Rex Y.F. Li,Yongjiang Wang

ISBN10 : 0429866135

Publisher : Routledge

Number of Pages : 246

Category : Social Science

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Book Summary: Published in 1998, this book examines the challenges and opportunities for international business and trade in the Asia-Pacific region, highlighting the dynamic and complexities of the region.

Trust and Antitrust in Asian Business Alliances

Author : John B. Kidd,Frank-Jürgen Richter

ISBN10 : 0230523579

Publisher : Springer

Number of Pages : 418

Category : Business & Economics

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Book Summary: This book reviews the deep historical roots of Asian business ethics and firmly places these into the modern context. From this analysis the various authors review the role of trust in alliances - in general, and in operational detail in several countries in South and East Asia: Malaysia, Japan, Singapore and Korea are featured. Finally we note the need to develop trust looking at the obstacles of understanding these aspects.

Catalyst for Change

Author : Thomas Menkhoff,Hans-Dieter Evers,Yue Wah Chay,Chang Yau Hoon

ISBN10 : 9814452432

Publisher : World Scientific Publishing Company

Number of Pages : 508

Category : Business & Economics

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Book Summary: This book serves as a textbook for courses on Asian studies with a focus on ethnic Chinese entrepreneurs and business management in Asia. It provides a comprehensive Asian perspective on the organizational peculiarities and changing business practices of ethnic Chinese businesses and their leaders who continue to form the backbone of Asia's dynamic economies. The book features selected chapters written by reputable scholars on Chinese business, covering diverse and yet closely related topics such as the role of ethnic identity, trust, guanxi, Chineseness, leadership, change management, learning and knowledge management in organizations owned and managed by ethnic Chinese.

Global Business Strategy: Asian Perspective

Author : Moon Hwy-chang

ISBN10 : 9813107510

Publisher : World Scientific Publishing Company

Number of Pages : 348

Category : Business & Economics

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Book Summary: Given the rise of Asia in the global economy in recent decades, it is important to understand the uniqueness of Asian business. This book first introduces the core strategies prevalent in Western business, and then explains how they can be applied or adapted to Asian business. When necessary, modified or new business models (as developed by the author) are utilized to better explain Asian business. Furthermore, this book deals not just with the theory, but also with practice. Several real-life case studies and examples are discussed in order to compare and contrast the Asian and Western perspectives on global business strategy. Readers will therefore gain an enhanced understanding of Asian business and formulation of Asian business strategy.

Chinese Business in Southeast Asia

Author : Terence E. Gomez,Hsin-Huang Michael Hsiao

ISBN10 : 1136849424

Publisher : Routledge

Number of Pages : 208

Category : Social Science

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Book Summary: Presents empirical findings from different South-East Asian countries to demonstrate that Chinese businessmen employ a variety of strategies in their networking, entrepreneurship and organisational and firm development; and concludes that much more research is needed in order to provide a full understanding of Chinese business success.

The Global Rise of Asian Transformation

Author : P. Hoontrakul,C. Balding,R. Marwah

ISBN10 : 1137412364

Publisher : Springer

Number of Pages : 271

Category : Business & Economics

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Book Summary: Asian countries are catching up with the West by transforming their primarily agrarian societies into industrial powerhouses. Manufacturing is driving innovation, productivity growth, and higher standards of living for billions of Asians. In the colonial past, the Asian production and supply chains served Western consumers. The world is now poised to evolve, led by a unified Asian business landscape capable of driving sustainable global growth within industries and markets. The Global Rise of Asian Transformation provides insights into the complex process of macro-political and economic dynamics reshaping the business landscape throughout Asia. This edited collection lays bare the megatrends that are challenging the region, including emerging consumers, urbanization, infrastructure, climate change, and energy megatrends that will further bolster the region's world standing if governments and businesses handle them adeptly. Case studies of major international companies, such as Sony, Lenovo, and Tata Motors, are also included.

Culture and Business in Asia

Author : Maureen Guirdham

ISBN10 : 1137036583

Publisher : Macmillan International Higher Education

Number of Pages : 320

Category : Business & Economics

Viewed : 1978


Book Summary: Culture and Business in Asia is an analytical, comparative guide to modern Asian business. Using in-depth interviews, it describes the links between culture and business in India, China (including Hong Kong), Japan, Taiwan and Singapore. Each chapter examines the influence of business culture on decision-making in the areas of ownership, finance, governance, organisation, management and strategy. Key benefits: • Gives a vivid view of how Asian business decision-makers experience the world of work • Includes a unique focus on India • Encourages critical thinking • Examines the relationship of social, political and economic cultures to business. • Provides a cultural platform for business in the profitable but competitive markets of Asia.