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Digitalization of Power Markets and Systems Using Energy Informatics

Author : ,

ISBN10 : 3030833011

Publisher : Springer Nature

Number of Pages : 248

Category : Technology & Engineering

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Book Summary: The objective of this textbook is to introduce students and professionals to fundamental principles and techniques and emerging technologies in energy informatics and the digitalization of power markets and systems. The book covers such areas as smart grids and artificial intelligence (AI) and distributed ledger technology (DLT), with a focus on information and communication technologies (ICT) deployed to modernize the electric energy infrastructure. It also provides an overview of the smart grid and its main components: smart grid applications at transmission, distribution, and customer level, network requirements with communications technologies, and standards and protocols. In addition, the book addresses emerging technologies and trends in next-generation power systems, i.e., energy informatics, such as digital green shift, energy cyber-physical-social systems (E-CPSS), energy IoT, energy blockchain, and advanced optimization. Future aspects of digitalized power markets and systems will be discussed with real-world energy informatics projects. The book is designed to be a core text in upper-undergraduate and graduate courses such as Introduction to Smart Grids, Digitalization of Power Systems, and Advanced Power System Topics in Energy Informatics.

Cases on Green Energy and Sustainable Development

Author : Yang, Peter

ISBN10 : 1522585613

Publisher : IGI Global

Number of Pages : 583

Category : Science

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Book Summary: Despite the urgent need for action, there is a widespread lack of understanding of the benefits of using green energy sources for not only reducing carbon emissions and climate change, but also for growing a sustainable economy and society. Future citizens of the world face increasing sustainability issues and need to be better prepared for energy transformation and sustainable future economic development. Cases on Green Energy and Sustainable Development is a critical research book that focuses on the important role renewable energy and energy efficiency play in energy transition and sustainable development and covers economic and promotion policies of major renewable energy and energy-efficiency technologies. Highlighting a wide range of topics such as economics, energy storage, and transportation technologies, this book is ideal for environmentalists, academicians, researchers, engineers, policymakers, and students.

Smart Sustainable Cities of the Future

Author : Simon Elias Bibri

ISBN10 : 3319739816

Publisher : Springer

Number of Pages : 660

Category : Political Science

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Book Summary: This book is intended to help explore the field of smart sustainable cities in its complexity, heterogeneity, and breadth, the many faces of a topical subject of major importance for the future that encompasses so much of modern urban life in an increasingly computerized and urbanized world. Indeed, sustainable urban development is currently at the center of debate in light of several ICT visions becoming achievable and deployable computing paradigms, and shaping the way cities will evolve in the future and thus tackle complex challenges. This book integrates computer science, data science, complexity science, sustainability science, system thinking, and urban planning and design. As such, it contains innovative computer–based and data–analytic research on smart sustainable cities as complex and dynamic systems. It provides applied theoretical contributions fostering a better understanding of such systems and the synergistic relationships between the underlying physical and informational landscapes. It offers contributions pertaining to the ongoing development of computer–based and data science technologies for the processing, analysis, management, modeling, and simulation of big and context data and the associated applicability to urban systems that will advance different aspects of sustainability. This book seeks to explicitly bring together the smart city and sustainable city endeavors, and to focus on big data analytics and context-aware computing specifically. In doing so, it amalgamates the design concepts and planning principles of sustainable urban forms with the novel applications of ICT of ubiquitous computing to primarily advance sustainability. Its strength lies in combining big data and context–aware technologies and their novel applications for the sheer purpose of harnessing and leveraging the disruptive and synergetic effects of ICT on forms of city planning that are required for future forms of sustainable development. This is because the effects of such technologies reinforce one another as to their efforts for transforming urban life in a sustainable way by integrating data–centric and context–aware solutions for enhancing urban systems and facilitating coordination among urban domains. This timely and comprehensive book is aimed at a wide audience across science, academia industry, and policymaking. It provides the necessary material to inform relevant research communities of the state–of–the–art research and the latest development in the area of smart sustainable urban development, as well as a valuable reference for planners, designers, strategists, and ICT experts who are working towards the development and implementation of smart sustainable cities based on big data analytics and context–aware computing.

Innovations and Advances in Computing, Informatics, Systems Sciences, Networking and Engineering

Author : Tarek Sobh,Khaled Elleithy

ISBN10 : 3319067737

Publisher : Springer

Number of Pages : 629

Category : Technology & Engineering

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Book Summary: Innovations and Advances in Computing, Informatics, Systems Sciences, Networking and Engineering This book includes a set of rigorously reviewed world-class manuscripts addressing and detailing state-of-the-art research projects in the areas of Computer Science, Informatics, and Systems Sciences, and Engineering. It includes selected papers from the conference proceedings of the Eighth and some selected papers of the Ninth International Joint Conferences on Computer, Information, and Systems Sciences, and Engineering (CISSE 2012 & CISSE 2013). Coverage includes topics in: Industrial Electronics, Technology & Automation, Telecommunications and Networking, Systems, Computing Sciences and Software Engineering, Engineering Education, Instructional Technology, Assessment, and E-learning. · Provides the latest in a series of books growing out of the International Joint Conferences on Computer, Information, and Systems Sciences, and Engineering; · Includes chapters in the most advanced areas of Computing, Informatics, Systems Sciences, and Engineering; · Accessible to a wide range of readership, including professors, researchers, practitioners and students.

Maritime Informatics

Author : Mikael Lind,Michalis Michaelides,Robert Ward,Richard T. Watson

ISBN10 : 3030727858

Publisher : Springer Nature

Number of Pages : 121

Category : Business & Economics

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Book Summary: Shipping is the world’s oldest sharing economy and is conducted in a self-organizing manner. Shipping is capital, energy, and information intensive, and with the growing impact of digitalization and climate change, there is a need to rethink the management and operations of this critical global industry - assisted in no small way by maritime informatics. Building upon the recently published inaugural book Maritime Informatics by Springer, this book will address some of the most recent practical developments and experiences, particularly from a global perspective. The focus of the book is to address contemporary movements to tackle global concerns and to complement Maritime Informatics.

Handbook of Research on Power and Energy System Optimization

Author : Kumar, Pawan,Singh, Surjit,Ali, Ikbal,Ustun, Taha Selim

ISBN10 : 1522539360

Publisher : IGI Global

Number of Pages : 746

Category : Technology & Engineering

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Book Summary: In recent years, the development of advanced structures for providing sustainable energy has been a topic at the forefront of public and political conversation. Many are looking for advancements on pre-existing sources and new and viable energy options to maintain a modern lifestyle. The Handbook of Research on Power and Energy System Optimization is a critical scholarly resource that examines the usage of energy in relation to the perceived standard of living within a country and explores the importance of energy structure augmentation. Featuring coverage on a wide range of topics including energy management, micro-grid, and distribution generation, this publication is targeted towards researchers, academicians, and students seeking relevant research on the augmentation of current energy structures to support existing standards of living.

Human Factors in Computing and Informatics

Author : Andreas Holzinger,Martina Ziefle,Martin Hitz,Matjaz Debevc

ISBN10 : 3642390625

Publisher : Springer

Number of Pages : 845

Category : Computers

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Book Summary: This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the First International Conference on Human Factors in Computing and Informatics, SouthCHI 2013, held in Maribor, Slovenia, in July 2013. SouthCHI is the successor of the USAB Conference series and promotes all aspects of human-computer interaction. The 38 revised full papers presented together with 12 short papers, 4 posters and 3 doctoral thesis papers were carefully reviewed and selected from 169 submissions. The papers are organized in the following topical sections: measurement and usability evaluation; usability evaluation - medical environments; accessibility methodologies; game-based methodologies; Web-based systems and attribution research; virtual environments; design culture for ageing well: designing for "situated elderliness"; input devices; adaptive systems and intelligent agents; and assessing the state of HCI research and practice in South-Eastern Europe.

Economics of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Author : Nicholas Johnson,Brendan Markey-Towler

ISBN10 : 0429771703

Publisher : Routledge

Number of Pages : 198

Category : Business & Economics

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Book Summary: This book applies cutting-edge economic analysis and social science to unpack the rich complexities and paradoxes of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The book takes the reader on a bold, refreshing, and informative tour through its technological drivers, its profound impact on human ecosystems, and its potential for sustainable human development. The overarching message to the reader is that the Fourth Industrial Revolution is not merely something to be feared or survived; rather, this dramatic collision of technologies, disciplines, and ideas presents a magnificent opportunity for a generation of new pioneers to rewrite "accepted rules" and find new avenues to empower billions of people to thrive. This book will help readers to discern the difference between disruption and transformation. The reader will come away from this book with a deeply intuitive and highly contextual understanding of the core technological advances transforming the world as we know it. Beyond this, the reader will clearly appreciate the future impacts on our economies and social structures. Most importantly, the reader will receive an insightful and actionable set of guidelines to assist them in harnessing the Fourth Industrial Revolution so that both they and their communities may flourish. The authors do not primarily seek to make prescriptions for government policy, but rather to speak directly to people about what they can do for themselves, their families, and their communities to be future-proofed and ready to adapt to life in a rapidly evolving world ecosystem.

Management in the Age of Digital Business Complexity

Author : Bill McKelvey

ISBN10 : 1000393828

Publisher : Routledge

Number of Pages : 286

Category : Business & Economics

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Book Summary: Management in the Age of Digital Business Complexity focuses on how the digital age is changing management and vastly speeding up complexity dynamics. The recent coevolution of technologies has dramatically changed in just a few years how people and firms learn, communicate, and behave. Consequently, the process of how firms coevolve and the speed at which they coevolve has been dramatically changed in the digital age, and managerial methods are lagging way behind. Combining his own expertise with that of a number of specialist and international co-authors, McKelvey conveys how companies that fall behind digitally can quickly be driven out of business. The book has been created for academics seeking to upgrade management thinking into the modern digital age and vastly improve the change capabilities of firms facing digital-oriented competition.

International Conference on Digital Libraries (ICDL) 2013

Author : Shantanu Ganguly,P. K. Bhattacharya

ISBN10 : 817993554X

Publisher : The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI)

Number of Pages : 1178

Category : Language Arts & Disciplines

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Book Summary: ICDL conferences are recognized on of the most important platform in the world where noted expert share their experiences. Many DL experts have contributed thought provoking papers in ICDL 2013. These important papers are reviewed and conceptualized into ICDL on different areas of DL proceedings. The Proceedings have two volumes and has over 1100 pages.

Soft Computing in Condition Monitoring and Diagnostics of Electrical and Mechanical Systems

Author : Hasmat Malik,Atif Iqbal,Amit Kumar Yadav

ISBN10 : 9811515328

Publisher : Springer Nature

Number of Pages : 496

Category : Technology & Engineering

Viewed : 831


Book Summary: This book addresses a range of complex issues associated with condition monitoring (CM), fault diagnosis and detection (FDD) in smart buildings, wide area monitoring (WAM), wind energy conversion systems (WECSs), photovoltaic (PV) systems, structures, electrical systems, mechanical systems, smart grids, etc. The book’s goal is to develop and combine all advanced nonintrusive CMFD approaches on a common platform. To do so, it explores the main components of various systems used for CMFD purposes. The content is divided into three main parts, the first of which provides a brief introduction, before focusing on the state of the art and major research gaps in the area of CMFD. The second part covers the step-by-step implementation of novel soft computing applications in CMFD for electrical and mechanical systems. In the third and final part, the simulation codes for each chapter are included in an extensive appendix to support newcomers to the field.

Smart Grid as a Solution for Renewable and Efficient Energy

Author : Ahmad, Ayaz

ISBN10 : 1522500731

Publisher : IGI Global

Number of Pages : 415

Category : Science

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Book Summary: As the need for proficient power resources continues to grow, it is becoming increasingly important to implement new strategies and technologies in energy distribution to meet consumption needs. The employment of smart grid networks assists in the efficient allocation of energy resources. Smart Grid as a Solution for Renewable and Efficient Energy features emergent research and trends in energy consumption and management, as well as communication techniques utilized to monitor power transmission and usage. Emphasizing developments and challenges occurring in the field, this book is a critical resource for researchers and students concerned with signal processing, power demand management, energy storage procedures, and control techniques within smart grid networks.

Advances in Carbon Management Technologies

Author : Subhas K. Sikdar,Frank Princiotta

ISBN10 : 100022015X

Publisher : CRC Press

Number of Pages : 366

Category : Science

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Book Summary: Volume 2 of Advances in Carbon Management Technologies has 21 chapters. It presents the introductory chapter again, for framing the challenges that confront the proposed solutions discussed in this volume. Section 4 presents various ways biomass and biomass wastes can be manipulated to provide a low-carbon footprint of the generation of power, heat and co-products, and of recovery and reuse of biomass wastes for beneficial purposes. Section 5 provides potential carbon management solutions in urban and manufacturing environments. This section also provides state-of the-art of battery technologies for the transportation sector. The chapters in section 6 deals with electricity and the grid, and how decarbonization can be practiced in the electricity sector. The overall topic of advances in carbon management is too broad to be covered in a book of this size. It was not intended to cover every possible aspect that is relevant to the topic. Attempts were made, however, to highlight the most important issues of decarbonization from technological viewpoints. Over the years carbon intensity of products and processes has decreased, but the proportion of energy derived from fossil fuels has been stubornly stuck at about 80%. This has occurred despite very rapid development of renewable fuels, because at the same time the use of fossil fuels has also increased. Thus, the challenges are truly daunting. It is hoped that the technology choices provided here will show the myriad ways that solutions will evolve. While policy decisions are the driving forces for technology development, the book was not designed to cover policy solutions.

Handbook of Research on Novel Soft Computing Intelligent Algorithms

Author : Pandian Vasant

ISBN10 : 1466644516

Publisher : IGI Global

Number of Pages : 1004

Category : Technology & Engineering

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Book Summary: "This book explores emerging technologies and best practices designed to effectively address concerns inherent in properly optimizing advanced systems, demonstrating applications in areas such as bio-engineering, space exploration, industrial informatics, information security, and nuclear and renewable energies"--Provided by publisher.

The Prospect of Industry 5.0 in Biomanufacturing

Author : Pau Loke Show,Kit Wayne Chew,Tau Chuan Ling

ISBN10 : 1000407411

Publisher : CRC Press

Number of Pages : 326

Category : Technology & Engineering

Viewed : 1766


Book Summary: This is the first book to present the idea of Industry 5.0 in biomanufacturing and bioprocess engineering, both upstream and downstream. The Prospect of Industry 5.0 in Biomanufacturing details the latest technologies and how they can be used efficiently and explains process analysis from an engineering point of view. In addition, it covers applications and challenges. FEATURES Describes the previous Industrial Revolution, current Industry 4.0, and how new technologies will transition toward Industry 5.0 Explains how Industry 5.0 can be applied in biomanufacturing Demonstrates new technologies catered to Industry 5.0 Uses worked examples related to biological systems This book enables readers in industry and academia working in the biomanufacturing engineering sector to understand current trends and future directions in this field.

Optimizing and Measuring Smart Grid Operation and Control

Author : Recioui, Abdelmadjid,Bentarzi, Hamid

ISBN10 : 179984028X

Publisher : IGI Global

Number of Pages : 400

Category : Technology & Engineering

Viewed : 1618


Book Summary: Smart grid (SG), also called intelligent grid, is a modern improvement of the traditional power grid that will revolutionize the way electricity is produced, delivered, and consumed. Studying key concepts such as advanced metering infrastructure, distribution management systems, and energy management systems will support the design of a cost-effective, reliable, and efficient supply system, and will create a real-time bidirectional communication means and information exchange between the consumer and the grid operator of electric power. Optimizing and Measuring Smart Grid Operation and Control is a critical reference source that presents recent research on the operation, control, and optimization of smart grids. Covering topics that include phase measurement units, smart metering, and synchrophasor technologies, this book examines all aspects of modern smart grid measurement and control. It is designed for engineers, researchers, academicians, and students.

Handbook of Research on Strategic Performance Management and Measurement Using Data Envelopment Analysis

Author : Osman, Ibrahim H.

ISBN10 : 1466644753

Publisher : IGI Global

Number of Pages : 735

Category : Business & Economics

Viewed : 1706


Book Summary: Organizations can use the valuable tool of data envelopment analysis (DEA) to make informed decisions on developing successful strategies, setting specific goals, and identifying underperforming activities to improve the output or outcome of performance measurement. The Handbook of Research on Strategic Performance Management and Measurement Using Data Envelopment Analysis highlights the advantages of using DEA as a tool to improve business performance and identify sources of inefficiency in public and private organizations. These recently developed theories and applications of DEA will be useful for policymakers, managers, and practitioners in the areas of sustainable development of our society including environment, agriculture, finance, and higher education sectors.

Optimizing Current Strategies and Applications in Industrial Engineering

Author : Sahoo, Prasanta

ISBN10 : 152258224X

Publisher : IGI Global

Number of Pages : 382

Category : Technology & Engineering

Viewed : 1280


Book Summary: The field of industrial engineering continues to advance at a rapid rate due to innovative technologies such as robotics and automation that improve performance and efficiencies. Emerging research on these latest trends, strategies, and techniques is needed to ensure that industry professionals remain up to date on the best practices for success. Optimizing Current Strategies and Applications in Industrial Engineering is a pivotal reference source that provides vital research on the development, improvement, implementation, and evaluation of integrated systems in engineering. While highlighting topics such as engineering economy, material handling, and operations management, this book is ideally designed for engineers, policymakers, educators, researchers, and practitioners.

Local Electricity Markets

Author : Tiago Pinto,Zita Vale,Steve Widergren

ISBN10 : 0128226668

Publisher : Academic Press

Number of Pages : 472

Category : Business & Economics

Viewed : 896


Book Summary: Local Electricity Markets introduces the fundamental characteristics, needs, and constraints shaping the design and implementation of local electricity markets. It addresses current proposed local market models and lessons from their limited practical implementation. The work discusses relevant decision and informatics tools considered important in the implementation of local electricity markets. It also includes a review on management and trading platforms, including commercially available tools. Aspects of local electricity market infrastructure are identified and discussed, including physical and software infrastructure. It discusses the current regulatory frameworks available for local electricity market development internationally. The work concludes with a discussion of barriers and opportunities for local electricity markets in the future. Delineates key components shaping the design and implementation of local electricity market structure Provides a coherent view on the enabling infrastructures and technologies that underpin local market expansion Explores the current regulatory environment for local electricity markets drawn from a global panel of contributors Exposes future paths toward widespread implementation of local electricity markets using an empirical review of barriers and opportunities Reviews relevant local electricity market case studies, pilots and demonstrators already deployed and under implementation