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Positively M. A. D.

Author : Bill Treasurer

ISBN10 : 1609943732

Publisher : Berrett-Koehler Publishers

Number of Pages : 192

Category : Social Science

Viewed : 1526


Book Summary: Featuring contributions by more than 50 of Berrett-Koehler's most renowned authors, Positively M.A.D. is a collection of stories about real people making real changes, large and small, in their organizations and communities. The founder of an adoption agency specialzing in placing "unadoptable" children. A former big-city mayor, the son of a convict, who now works with the children of convicts. A psychiatrist who was able to take his severely ill patients to their first Chicago Bears game by unexpectedly tapping into the kindness of the fans. An office worker who transforms a malcontent colleague with the gift of a chocolate cake. A woman who salvages used computers and donates them to Africa. These engaging, optimistic, "can do" vignettes-organized around twelve different "lessons" that provide the chapter headings-are designed to inspire people to resolve their disillusionment by getting off the couch and doing something. As editor Bill Treasurer writes, "Regardless of our station in life, each of us is entitled, and perhaps obliged, to etch our initials onto the tree of humanity. Despite the complexity of the world's problems and inadequacies, and despite our own frustration with the current state of affairs, we can indeed Make A Difference."

Falling Awake

Author : Jon Kabat-Zinn

ISBN10 : 0316521973

Publisher : Hachette UK

Number of Pages : 208

Category : Body, Mind & Spirit

Viewed : 856


Book Summary: Think you have no time for mindfulness? Think again. "Thoughtful and provocative.... The relevance of this work is unquestionable, as it leaves us inspired and optimistic that true healing really is possible" (Sharon Salzberg). For four decades, Jon Kabat-Zinn has been teaching the tangible benefits of meditation in the mainstream. Today millions of people have taken up a formal mindfulness meditation practice as part of their everyday lives. But how do you actually go about meditating? What does a formal meditation practice look like? And how can we overcome some of the common obstacles to incorporating meditation into daily life in an age of perpetual self-distraction? Falling Awake directly answers these urgent and timely questions. Originally published in 2005 as part of a larger book titled Coming to Our Senses, it has been updated with a new foreword by the author and is even more relevant today. Science shows that the tangible benefits of a mindfulness meditation practice are impossible to ignore. Kabat-Zinn explains how to incorporate them into our hectic, modern lives. Read on for a master class from one of the pioneers of the worldwide mindfulness movement.


Author : Natasha Preston

ISBN10 : 2016273321

Publisher : Hachette Romans

Number of Pages : 400

Category : Fiction

Viewed : 941


Book Summary: Noah, c’est le nouveau du lycée. Il est beau, calme, mystérieux. Et il n’a d’yeux que pour Scarlett, chargée de l’aider à prendre ses marques au lycée. Très rapidement, elle tombe sous son charme. Et pourtant, la voix qui sommeille en elle lui crie de se méfier. Noah, si parfait, lui cache quelque chose, elle en est persuadée. Au même moment, Scarlett, qui ne se souvient de rien du tout concernant son enfance, commence à se remémorer des fragments d’un passé qui la terrorise. Un passé que ses parents lui ont caché... et un secret qui pourrait la tuer. Entre mensonges et manipulations, à qui peut-elle faire confiance ?

Combat Social Work

Author : Charles R. Figley,Jeffrey S. Yarvis,Bruce A. Thyer

ISBN10 : 0190059451

Publisher : Oxford University Press

Number of Pages : 296

Category : Social Science

Viewed : 1387


Book Summary: Social workers have a long, proud history of service in most branches of the United States military. The experiences of social workers and other human service professionals of all military ranks have an important, often profound, and lasting impact that informs not only their practice within the military but throughout their career long after they have left the combat zone. In exploring the experiences of 13 American combat social workers (CSWs)--whose role is, among other things, providing military mental health services to members in their unit--this book shares lessons from military service through the lens of social work practitioners. The text includes strategies learned about social work practice in a war zone that are highly applicable to other highly stressful contexts (e.g., crisis intervention, stress reduction procedures, suicide prevention, brief psychotherapy, and consultation on family issues). Combat Social Work is uniquely positioned to serve as a valuable resource for social workers and other mental health providers interested in the assessment and treatment of trauma with active members of the military and military veterans.

Am I Depressed And What Can I Do About It?

Author : Shirley Reynolds,Monika Parkinson

ISBN10 : 1472114566

Publisher : Hachette UK

Number of Pages : 384

Category : Psychology

Viewed : 1082


Book Summary: Depression is one of the most common mental health problems and is estimated to affect around 15% of people at some point during their life. For many people depression is a life-long disorder which starts during the teenage years -around 10% of teenagers are estimated to have an episode of depression and many more experience persistent low mood. This accessible, engaging and age-appropriate self-help guide based on current research and best practice (NICE, IAPT treatment pathways, Books on Prescription, all of which promote CBT) for young people aged 13 to 17 who experience low mood and depression, and their friends, family and health professionals. The book adopts a narrative approach with graphic elements, incorporating case studies and including some interactive exercises. It provides an essential bridge for young people who have not yet asked for professional help as well as support for those who are waiting for treatment.

Mastering Data Mining with Python – Find patterns hidden in your data

Author : Megan Squire

ISBN10 : 178588591X

Publisher : Packt Publishing Ltd

Number of Pages : 268

Category : Computers

Viewed : 1956


Book Summary: Learn how to create more powerful data mining applications with this comprehensive Python guide to advance data analytics techniques About This Book Dive deeper into data mining with Python – don't be complacent, sharpen your skills! From the most common elements of data mining to cutting-edge techniques, we've got you covered for any data-related challenge Become a more fluent and confident Python data-analyst, in full control of its extensive range of libraries Who This Book Is For This book is for data scientists who are already familiar with some basic data mining techniques such as SQL and machine learning, and who are comfortable with Python. If you are ready to learn some more advanced techniques in data mining in order to become a data mining expert, this is the book for you! What You Will Learn Explore techniques for finding frequent itemsets and association rules in large data sets Learn identification methods for entity matches across many different types of data Identify the basics of network mining and how to apply it to real-world data sets Discover methods for detecting the sentiment of text and for locating named entities in text Observe multiple techniques for automatically extracting summaries and generating topic models for text See how to use data mining to fix data anomalies and how to use machine learning to identify outliers in a data set In Detail Data mining is an integral part of the data science pipeline. It is the foundation of any successful data-driven strategy – without it, you'll never be able to uncover truly transformative insights. Since data is vital to just about every modern organization, it is worth taking the next step to unlock even greater value and more meaningful understanding. If you already know the fundamentals of data mining with Python, you are now ready to experiment with more interesting, advanced data analytics techniques using Python's easy-to-use interface and extensive range of libraries. In this book, you'll go deeper into many often overlooked areas of data mining, including association rule mining, entity matching, network mining, sentiment analysis, named entity recognition, text summarization, topic modeling, and anomaly detection. For each data mining technique, we'll review the state-of-the-art and current best practices before comparing a wide variety of strategies for solving each problem. We will then implement example solutions using real-world data from the domain of software engineering, and we will spend time learning how to understand and interpret the results we get. By the end of this book, you will have solid experience implementing some of the most interesting and relevant data mining techniques available today, and you will have achieved a greater fluency in the important field of Python data analytics. Style and approach This book will teach you the intricacies in applying data mining using real-world scenarios and will act as a very practical solution to your data mining needs.

Trois hommes dans un bateau

Author : Jerome K. Jerome

ISBN10 : 2081374234

Publisher : Flammarion

Number of Pages : 288

Category : Fiction

Viewed : 1435


Book Summary: Trois petits employés de bureau, amateurs de bistros, tire-au-flanc et hypocondriaques, entreprennent, pour prendre l’air, de remonter en canot la Tamise. Munis notamment d’un banjo et d’une poêle à frire, et accompagnés d’un fox-terrier nommé Montmorency, les voilà engagés dans le plus saugrenu des périples... Au récit hilarant de cette folle équipée s’entremêlent de savoureuses digressions sur les mérites comparés d’un voyage avec ou sans fromage dans ses valises, la vaste fumisterie des bulletins météorologiques, l’inconvénient de dormir sous le même toit qu’un couple d’amoureux, ou encore l’effet démoralisant de l’air fluvial...Trois Hommes dans un bateau, qui connut dès sa parution en 1889 un succès phénoménal, est un classique de l’humour anglais.

Les quatre accords toltèques

Author : Don Miguel Ruiz

ISBN10 : 288911435X

Publisher : Jouvence

Number of Pages : 128

Category : Health & Fitness

Viewed : 1826


Book Summary: Découvrez ou redécouvrez Les quatre accords toltèques, et prenez comme des millions de lecteurs en France et à travers le monde, la voie de la liberté personnelle. Dans ce livre, Don Miguel révèle la source des croyances limitatrices qui nous privent de joie et créent des souffrances inutiles. Il montre en des termes très simples comment on peut se libérer du conditionnement collectif - le "rêve de la planète", basé sur la peur - afin de retrouver la dimension d'amour inconditionnel qui est à notre origine et constitue le fondement des enseignements toltèques que Castenada fut le premier à faire découvrir au grand public. Don Miguel révèle ici 4 clés simples pour transformer sa vie et ses relations, tirées de la sagesse toltèque. Leur application au quotidien permet de transformer rapidement notre vie en une expérience de liberté, de vrai bonheur et d'amour. Les quatre accords toltèques : 1 - Que ta parole soit impeccable ; 2 - Ne réagis à rien de façon personnelle ; 3 - Ne fais aucune supposition ; 4 - Fais toujours de ton mieux. Nouvelle édition tant attendue en format poche de ce best-seller ! 750'000 exemplaires vendus en France de ce texte de référence en développement personnel. UN EVENEMENT !

Les 500 exercices de grammaire + corrigés (A2)

Author : Anne Akyüz,Bernadette Bazelle-Shahmaei,Joëlle Bonenfant,Marie-Françoise Gliemann

ISBN10 : 2011558484

Publisher : Hachette Français Langue Etrangère

Number of Pages : 224

Category : Foreign Language Study

Viewed : 1306


Book Summary: Des exercices pour s'entraîner en français, utilisables en classe ou en autonomie. Les exercices de grammaire niveau A2 propose : - une démarche d'observation et de découverte de la règle associée à un entraînement intensif. - plus de 500 exercices avec des contenus conformes au référentiel du niveau A2 du Cadre Européen commun de référence. Pour chaque chapitre : - des corpus acompagnés d'activités simples pour faire deviner la règle, - des illustrations pour faciliter la compréhension, des exercices variés, progressifs et contextualisés, - un vocabulaire adapté au niveau des apprenants, - un bilan en fin de chapitre. En fin d'ouvrage : - un précis grammatical, - un index des notions grammaticales, - les corrigés.

Le Bizarre incident du chien pendant la nuit

Author : Mark HADDON

ISBN10 : 2841116441

Publisher : Nil

Number of Pages : 200

Category : Fiction

Viewed : 1313


Book Summary: Christopher a quinze ans. Il comprend les mathématiques et la théorie de la relativité. Ce qu'il ne comprend pas bien, ce sont les autres êtres humains. Il aime les listes, les plans et la vérité. Il déteste le jaune et le marron. Il n'est jamais allé plus loin que le bout de sa rue tout seul. Pourtant, lorsqu'il découvre le chien de sa voisine transpercé d'une fourche, il décide de partir à la recherche du meurtrier et de s'en inspirer pour écrire un roman policier. Mais son enquête va bouleverser le délicat équilibre de l'univers qu'il s'était construit... "Pour vous faire une idée de ce roman, pensez à des livres tels Le Bruit et la Fureur, L'Attrape-coeurs ou l'un des récits d'Oliver Sacks." New York Times "Une oeuvre exceptionnelle." Sunday Telegraph "Un écrivain empreint de sagesse et d'humour noir, doué d'une rare qualité de compassion. Un succès sans précédent." Ian McEwan

Critical Reflections on Public Private Partnerships

Author : Jasmine Gideon,Elaine Unterhalter

ISBN10 : 1000297136

Publisher : Routledge

Number of Pages : 264

Category : Business & Economics

Viewed : 358


Book Summary: This book argues that despite the hype within many policy circles, there is actually very little evidence to support the presumed benefits of Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) in reducing poverty and addressing inequalities in the provision of and access to public services. Taking a cross-sectoral comparative approach, this book investigates how PPPs have played out in practice, and what the implications have been for inequalities. Drawing on a range of empirical case studies in education, healthcare, housing and water, the book picks apart the roles of PPPs as financing mechanisms in several international and national contexts and considers the similarities and differences between sectors. The global COVID-19 pandemic has raised significant questions about the future of social provision and through its analysis of the emergence and expansion of the role of PPPs, the book also makes a vital contribution to current discussion over this rapidly changing landscape. Overall, this wide-ranging guide to understanding and evaluating the role of PPPs in the Global South will be useful to researchers within development, international relations, economics, and related fields, as well as to policy makers and practitioners working in development-related policy.

Solve Your Child's Sleep Problems: Revised Edition

Author : Richard Ferber

ISBN10 : 9780743217668

Publisher : Simon and Schuster

Number of Pages : 464

Category : Family & Relationships

Viewed : 943


Book Summary: Does your child Have difficulty falling asleep? Wake in the middle of the night? Suffer sleep terrors, sleepwalking, or nighttime fears? Have difficulty waking for school or staying awake in class? Snore, wet the bed, or head bang? In the first major revision of his bestselling, groundbreaking classic since it was published twenty years ago, Dr. Richard Ferber, the nation's foremost authority on children's sleep problems, delivers safe, sound ideas for helping your child fall and stay asleep at night and perform well during the day. Incorporating new research, Dr. Ferber provides important basic information that all parents should know regarding the nature of sleep and the development of normal sleep and body rhythms throughout childhood. He discusses the causes of most sleep problems from birth to adolescence and recommends an array of proven solutions for each so that parents can choose the strategy that works best for them. Topics covered in detail include: Bedtime difficulties and nighttime wakings Effective strategies for naps Sleep schedule abnormalities A balanced look at co-sleeping New insights into the nature of sleep terrors and sleepwalking Problems in setting limits Sleep apnea, narcolepsy, bed-wetting, and head banging Solve Your Child's Sleep Problems offers priceless advice and concrete help for a whole new generation of anxious, frustrated, and overtired parents.

Les Rêves et les moyens de les diriger

Author : Léon d’Hervey de Saint-Denys

ISBN10 :

Publisher : FV Éditions

Number of Pages : 270

Category : Body, Mind & Spirit

Viewed : 1322


Book Summary: Les rêves ne sont-ils pas la tierce partie de notre existence ? Pour ceux qui cherchent, le phénomène du rêve n’est-il pas étroitement lié à ce grand mystère de la dualité psycho-corporelle, qu’on ne se lassera jamais de sonder ? Parmi ceux qui se sentent vivre, enfin, en est-il un qui ne garde, au moins vaguement, le souvenir de quelque vision enchanteresse, ayant laissé dans sa mémoire une douce et ineffaçable impression ? Malgré tout ce qui s’est publié de savant et d’ingénieux sur ce sujet du sommeil et des rêves, agité depuis qu’il existe des livres, il reste encore pour l’observateur pratique un monde entier à conquérir que cet ouvrage se propose d'éclaircir à l'aide de nombreux exemples.

Beyond Certification

Author : Scott Poynton

ISBN10 : 1351274112

Publisher : Routledge

Number of Pages : 76

Category : Business & Economics

Viewed : 1534


Book Summary: This book is free to download in PDF and EPub formats. Is certification the solution? Can it deliver urgently needed improvements to complex problems like deforestation and the exploitation of people? In this controversial new book, Scott Poynton, founder of The Forest Trust, makes a compelling case for a new approach to social and environmental problems that goes "beyond certification".Certification emerged from the 1992 Rio Earth Summit amidst great hope. Since then, despite a proliferation of certification schemes in twenty-five industry sectors, the destructive and irresponsible exploitation of natural and human resources has grown still worse. Beyond Certification reviews the positive aspects of certification, of which there are many, but argues that we can no longer afford to gloss over its failures. The book offers an alternative model, VT-TV, based on Values, Transparency, Transformation and Verification, which the author has been exploring and implementing with over 70 companies and industries around the world. These companies are transforming the story of the raw materials they use – wood, palm oil, pulp and paper, stone, charcoal, soy, beef, sugar, dairy, rubber, coffee, cocoa and coconut. Mining companies are also exploring this approach, making decisions aligned with fundamental values and what they know to be right.The results? Trust is emerging as former combatants awake to the importance of working together. Guns have been removed from forests, land set aside for protection, worker rights and conditions improved and long-standing conflicts have been resolved as people confront their legacies. Beyond Certification does not claim that this VT-TV model is the only solution. Rather, it shows how new and seemingly radical thinking can catalyze positive change. Included: the limits of roundtable certification illustrated with real, practical examples; the intricacies of the change process – how companies move from destructive to more responsible practices; how to implement more holistic, economically effective, durable systems to better protect people and the environment.

The Russian Trilogy, Book 1 (Lust, Money & Murder Series)

Author : Mike Wells

ISBN10 : 1310189803

Publisher : Mike Wells Books

Number of Pages : 220

Category : Fiction

Viewed : 323


Book Summary: The Cat always lands on his feet! After being kicked over a cliff into the Mediterranean Sea, Italian criminal mastermind Giorgio Cattoretti has lost everything...including his left eye. Join Cattoretti on his quest for revenge as he hides out on the island of Cyprus, avoids the Russian mafia, and painstakingly plans the biggest art crime in history. The Cat is back! Note - this book was previously titled: Lust, Money & Murder, Book 4 - Cattoretti's Return "Another great read from this author who is the master of cliff hangers. Lots of interesting plot points and surprises that shock and amaze the reader." - Sandy Penny "The storyline picks back up where Lust, Money & Murder left off, with intrigue and mystery. Absolutely spellbinding, Wells has brought another can't put down to the library shelves" - Sheena West Jennings "Mike Wells is the consummate writer who can create a character that his readers love to hate. Once you begin one of his books there is no turning back. This is another page turner of the first degree." - Janice Spina "This novel will keep your adrenaline pumping and you stalking Mike Wells' Website for when the next Lust, Money & Murder book is coming so you can find out what happens next. If you love to hate a bad guy, do not miss out on this fantastic read!" - Christine Raggio "Wells does it again, grabbing you in the first couple of pages and holding you tight through the brilliant plot twists until you are left lying awake in bed at 2am cursing that you have to be up soon for work, but yet still wanting more!" - Dax M Tucker Fans of Sidney Sheldon and Jackie Collins will enjoy this book. Keywords: thriller, suspense, crime, mystery, short books, long books, series, Russia, Italy, Mafia, Secret Service, spy novel, spy thriller, espionage, female sleuth, female agent, kick ass female, FBI, counterfeiting, revenge, danger, dramatic, intrigue, provocative, racy, breathtaking, cliff-hanger, page-turner, gripping, captivating, fascinating, box set, bargain, discount, discounted, half-price, bargain-basement, bargain-counter, budget, cheap, good buy, competitive, cut-price, cut-rate, depreciated, easy on the pocketbook, economical, half-priced, low tariff, low-cost, low-priced, lowered, marked down, on sale, reduced, reduced price, special price, holiday special, Christmas special, New Year’s special, winter sale, on sale, slashed, budget, low budget, low cost books, seasonal, seasonal pricing, seasonal discount, fifty percent off, 50 percent off, savings, cost savings

Le silence de Mélodie

Author : Sharon m Draper

ISBN10 : 2749925401

Publisher : Michel Lafon

Number of Pages : 212

Category : Juvenile Fiction

Viewed : 1101


Book Summary: Quand j'ai eu deux ans, tous mes souvenirs avaient des mots, et tous mes mots avaient une signification. Mais seulement dans ma tête. Je n'ai jamais prononcé un seul mot. J'ai bientôt onze ans. Trouver sa voix Coup de cœur de John Green : " Enfermée dans son corps, mais l'esprit libre, Mélodie nous raconte son histoire avec tant de force que vous aurez l'impression de la vivre avec elle. "

Zero K

Author : Don DeLillo

ISBN10 : 1501135406

Publisher : Simon and Schuster

Number of Pages : 288

Category : Fiction

Viewed : 1783


Book Summary: A New York Times Notable Book A New York Times bestseller, “DeLillo’s haunting new novel, Zero K—his most persuasive since his astonishing 1997 masterpiece, Underworld” (The New York Times), is a meditation on death and an embrace of life. Jeffrey Lockhart’s father, Ross, is a billionaire in his sixties, with a younger wife, Artis Martineau, whose health is failing. Ross is the primary investor in a remote and secret compound where death is exquisitely controlled and bodies are preserved until a future time when biomedical advances and new technologies can return them to a life of transcendent promise. Jeff joins Ross and Artis at the compound to say “an uncertain farewell” to her as she surrenders her body. “We are born without choosing to be. Should we have to die in the same manner? Isn’t it a human glory to refuse to accept a certain fate?” These are the questions that haunt the novel and its memorable characters, and it is Ross Lockhart, most particularly, who feels a deep need to enter another dimension and awake to a new world. For his son, this is indefensible. Jeff, the book’s narrator, is committed to living, to experiencing “the mingled astonishments of our time, here, on earth.” Don DeLillo’s “daring…provocative…exquisite” (The Washington Post) new novel weighs the darkness of the world—terrorism, floods, fires, famine, plague—against the beauty and humanity of everyday life; love, awe, “the intimate touch of earth and sun.” “One of the most mysterious, emotionally moving, and rewarding books of DeLillo’s long career” (The New York Times Book Review), Zero K is a glorious, soulful novel from one of the great writers of our time.

Le Passeur

Author : Lois Lowry

ISBN10 : 2211222404

Publisher : Ecole des Loisirs

Number of Pages : 224

Category : Juvenile Fiction

Viewed : 448


Book Summary: Dans le monde où vit Jonas, la guerre, la pauvreté, le chômage, le divorce n'existent pas. Les inégalités n'existent pas. la désobéissance et la révolte n'existent pas. L'harmonie règne dans les cellules familiales constituées avec soin par le comité des sages. Les personnes trop âgées, ainsi que les nouveaux-nés inaptes sont élargis, personne ne sait exactement ce que cela veut dire. Dans la communauté, une seule personne détient véritablement le savoir : c'est le dépositaire de la mémoire. Lui seul sait comment était le monde, des générations plus tôt, quand il y avait encore des animaux, quand l'oeil humain pouvait encore voir les couleurs, quand les gens tombaient amoureux. Dans quelques jours, Jonas aura douze ans. Au cours d'une grande cérémonie, il se verra attribuer, comme tous les enfants de son âge, sa future fonction dans la communauté. Jonas ne sait pas encore qu'il est unique. Un destin extraordinaire l'attend. Un destin qui peut le détruire. Ce livre a fait l'objet d'une adaptation cinéma, sortie le 29 octobre 2014 en France. Il a aussi reçu le Prix « Tam Tam » décerné par le salon du Livre de Jeunesse de Montreuil en 1994, le Prix « Lecture Jeunesse » en 1995, le Prix des Jeunes Lecteurs organisé par la bibliothèque Municipale de Thorigny 1996 et le Prix Farniente 2001 (Belgique).

La semaine de 4 heures

Author : Timothy Ferriss

ISBN10 : 2326050916

Publisher : Pearson

Number of Pages : 400

Category : Business & Economics

Viewed : 460


Book Summary: Vous rêvez d'échapper à la routine du métro-boulot-dodo, de gagner de l'argent sans vous épuiser à la tâche, ou tout simplement de vivre mieux en travaillant moins ? Alors, voici ce que vous apprendra ce livre : • comment vous organiser pour gagner en un mois, à raison de 4 heures par semaine, le salaire que vous gagnez jusqu’à présent en un an ; • comment rejoindre les Nouveaux Bienheureux, qui réalisent leurs rêves et jouissent de la vie sans attendre une hypothétique retraite. Plus de bon temps, plus d’argent, plus de mobilité : ce livre est un véritable manifeste pour un changement radical de mode de vie. La recette de Timothy Ferriss est fondée sur sa propre expérience. Il vous démontrera qu’il est possible de diviser par deux sa masse de travail en identifiant les tâches essentielles et les plus rentables, d’utiliser l’assistanat à distance pour mettre en place un « management par l’absence », de cultiver l’ignorance sélective grâce à une diète d’informations... et ceci dans un unique but : mener une belle carrière d’entrepreneur en travaillant seulement 4 heures par semaine ! Cette nouvelle édition contient les témoignages de lecteurs qui ont doublé leurs revenus, délégué la plus grande partie de leurs tâches et réinventé leur vie après avoir lu ce livre. Vous y trouverez des procédures types pour vous libérer de votre dépendance aux mails, apprendre à négocier avec vos clients difficiles, ou rédiger une proposition de télétravail à l’attention de votre patron... Ainsi que les dernières astuces de Timothy Ferriss pour vivre comme un diplomate ou un millionnaire, sans être ni l’un ni l’autre !


Author : Priyanka Bhatt

ISBN10 : 1644292807

Publisher : Notion Press

Number of Pages : 150

Category : Fiction

Viewed : 373


Book Summary: When I asked him to be the poetry I could write about, he kissed me softly and left. Since then, my words have been oozing pain. Today’s instant make-up, instant break-up generation have no time to spare time at all. They prefer enjoying eternity in moments to waiting eternally for that moment. Hence, these micro tales have become the latest fad. Minuscule is a collection of unique micro tales and short stories that are spread over various themes. From horror to social issues to romance, these tales leave no topic unwritten about, no emotion unexplored. Though told with brevity, the impact of these stories can be more lingering than that of novels. To-the-point, poignant, relatable - this micro fiction book can be read by anyone in today’s time - a teenager and an adult alike. Its varied range of themes is the cherry on the cake. Minuscule is a book that is sure to bring a smile to your face and tears to your eyes – and stay with you for a very long time. May the stories make a home in your heart! Don’t leave me the way you leave others. Some things are permanent indeed. Like love, like regret. And trust me honey, I’ll be your both.