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Amateur Radio HF Antennas

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ISBN10 : 0991696867

Publisher : Claude Jollet

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Category : Technology & Engineering

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Book Summary: Imagine! You are suddenly getting 59+ signal reports. You proudly answer that you are running “barefoot” and using a homemade HF antenna. You're in amateur radio heaven. Nothing compares to the intense satisfaction that the amateur radio operator derives from having built a fully functional homemade amateur radio HF antenna. Planning, gathering the parts, assembling, adapting, testing and, finally, making memorable contacts with your homemade antenna are priceless moments in an amateur's life. The rewards are many, as you will see. This e-book is designed to help you reach that level of satisfaction.

Antenna Toolkit

Author : Joseph Carr,Joe Carr

ISBN10 : 9780080493886

Publisher : Elsevier

Number of Pages : 288

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Book Summary: Joe Carr has provided radio amateurs and short-wave listeners with the definitive design guide for sending and receiving radio signals with Antenna Toolkit 2nd edition. Together with the powerful suite of CD software, the reader will have a complete solution for constructing or using an antenna - bar the actual hardware! The software provides a simple Windows-based aid to carrying out the design calculations at the heart of successful antenna design. All the user needs to do is select the antenna type and set the frequency - a much more fun and less error prone method than using a conventional calculator to solve formulae. The new edition has been revised to include further cases of propagation, additional antennas and also two new chapters - Small Loop Antennas (a topic of considerable interest, which has been the subject of much recent debate in the amateur radio press); and Yagi Beam Antennas (widely used at HF and VHF). The CD software has also been updated. Joe Carr's expertise in the area of antenna design is legendary. Antenna designers, whether hobbyist or technician, can be assured they need look no further than Antenna Toolkit for the complete guide to understanding the practicalities of using and designing antennas today. A complete solution for antenna design in one package. Includes free CD-ROM with state of the art software for all design calculations. The definitive guide to antenna design for radio amateurs and short-wave listeners.

CubeSat Antenna Design

Author : Nacer Chahat

ISBN10 : 1119692709

Publisher : John Wiley & Sons

Number of Pages : 352

Category : Technology & Engineering

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Book Summary: Presents an overview of CubeSat antennas designed at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) CubeSats—nanosatellites built to standard dimensions of 10cm x 10 cm x cm—are making space-based Earth science observation and interplanetary space science affordable, accessible, and rapidly deployable for institutions such as universities and smaller space agencies around the world. CubeSat Antenna Design is an up-to-date overview of CubeSat antennas designed at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), covering the systems engineering knowledge required to design these antennas from a radio frequency and mechanical perspective. This authoritative volume features contributions by leading experts in the field, providing insights on mission-critical design requirements for state-of-the-art CubeSat antennas and discussing their development, capabilities, and applications. The text begins with a brief introduction to CubeSats, followed by a detailed survey of low-gain, medium-gain, and high-gain antennas. Subsequent chapters cover topics including the telecommunication subsystem of Mars Cube One (MarCO), the enabling technology of Radar in a CubeSat (RainCube), the development of a one-meter mesh reflector for telecommunication at X- and Ka-band for deep space missions, and the design of multiple metasurface antennas. Written to help antenna engineers to enable new CubeSate NASA missions, this volume: Describes the selection of high-gain CubeSat antennas to address specific mission requirements and constraints for instruments or telecommunication Helps readers learn how to develop antennas for future CubeSat missions Provides key information on the effect of space environment on antennas to inform design steps Covers patch and patch array antennas, deployable reflectarray antennas, deployable mesh reflector, inflatable antennas, and metasurface antennas CubeSat Antenna Design is an important resource for antenna/microwave engineers, aerospace systems engineers, and advanced graduate and postdoctoral students wanting to learn how to design and fabricate their own antennas to address clear mission requirements.

Antenna Theory and Design, 3rd Edition

Author : Warren L. Stutzman,Gary A. Thiele

ISBN10 : 1118213475

Publisher : Wiley Global Education

Number of Pages : 822

Category : Technology & Engineering

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Book Summary: This introduction to antenna theory and design is suitable for senior undergraduate and graduate courses on the subject. Its emphasis on both principles and design makes it perfect both as a college text and as a reference to the practicing engineer. The final three chapters on computational electromagnetics for antennas are suitable for graduate work. Stutzman provides more of a pedagogical approach than its competitors, placing a greater emphasis on a concise easily understandable presentation of fundamentals and applications as well as computational methods. This third edition has been completely revised. New topics have been added on antennas for personal and mobile communications and base station antennas. Coverage of systems applications of antennas, arrays, microstrip and low-profile antennas, and antenna measurements has been updated and expanded, including more examples applied to modern applications.