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Lab-on-a-Chip Devices and Micro-Total Analysis Systems

Author : Jaime Castillo-León,Winnie E. Svendsen

ISBN10 : 3319086871

Publisher : Springer

Number of Pages : 243

Category : Technology & Engineering

Viewed : 1808


Book Summary: This book covers all the steps in order to fabricate a lab-on-a-chip device starting from the idea, the design, simulation, fabrication and final evaluation. Additionally, it includes basic theory on microfluidics essential to understand how fluids behave at such reduced scale. Examples of successful histories of lab-on-a-chip systems that made an impact in fields like biomedicine and life sciences are also provided. This book also: · Provides readers with a unique approach and toolset for lab-on-a-chip development in terms of materials, fabrication techniques, and components · Discusses novel materials and techniques, such as paper-based devices and synthesis of chemical compounds on-chip · Covers the four key aspects of development: basic theory, design, fabrication, and testing · Provides readers with a comprehensive list of the most important journals, blogs, forums, and conferences where microfluidics and lab-on-a-chip news, methods, techniques and challenges are presented and discussed, as well as a list of companies providing design and simulation support, components, and/or developing lab-on-a-chip and microfluidic devices.


Author : Shailendra K. Saxena,S. M. Paul Khurana

ISBN10 : 9813298987

Publisher : Springer Nature

Number of Pages : 517

Category : Medical

Viewed : 846


Book Summary: This book provides a comprehensive overview of the recent trends in various Nanotechnology-based therapeutics and challenges associated with its development. Nanobiotechnology is an interdisciplinary research that has wide applications in the various fields of biomedical research. The book discusses the various facets of the application of Nanotechnology in drug delivery, clinical diagnostics, Nanomedicine and treatment of infectious and chronic diseases. The book also highlights the recent advancements on important devices and applications that are based on Nanotechnology in medicine and brief the regulatory and ethical issues related to nanomedical devices. It also reviews the toxicological profile of various nanomaterials and emphasizes the need for safe nanomaterials for clinical use. Finally, the book discusses the recent developments of potential commercial applications of Nanotechnology.

Stretchable Bioelectronics for Medical Devices and Systems

Author : John A. Rogers,Roozbeh Ghaffari,Dae-Hyeong Kim

ISBN10 : 3319286943

Publisher : Springer

Number of Pages : 314

Category : Technology & Engineering

Viewed : 1042


Book Summary: This book highlights recent advances in soft and stretchable biointegrated electronics. A renowned group of authors address key ideas in the materials, processes, mechanics, and devices of soft and stretchable electronics; the wearable electronics systems; and bioinspired and implantable biomedical electronics. Among the topics discussed are liquid metals, stretchable and flexible energy sources, skin-like devices, in vitro neural recording, and more. Special focus is given to recent advances in extremely soft and stretchable bio-inspired electronics with real-world clinical studies that validate the technology. Foundational theoretical and experimental aspects are also covered in relation to the design and application of these biointegrated electronics systems. This is an ideal book for researchers, engineers, and industry professionals involved in developing healthcare devices, medical tools and related instruments relevant to various clinical practices.


Author : Daniela Dragoman,Mircea Dragoman

ISBN10 : 3642255728

Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media

Number of Pages : 254

Category : Science

Viewed : 1850


Book Summary: This book presents the achievements in bionanoelectronics in a coherent manner. It deals with nanodevices applied to biostructures, molecular motors, molecular pumps, molecular nanoactuators and electronic biodevices, including nanodevices for sensing and imaging biomolcules. The book describes bionanoelectronics, detection of biomolecules and targets various biological applications such as detection and sequencing of DNA and early detection of various deseases and nanomedicine. Further important topics of the book are biomimetics and bioinspired electronics.The book also deals with biomolecules as building blocks of nanodevices for nanoelectronics or future computing architecture The application of scanning probe techniques to biological samples is described.

Nanotechnology: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications

Author : Management Association, Information Resources

ISBN10 : 1466651261

Publisher : IGI Global

Number of Pages : 1718

Category : Technology & Engineering

Viewed : 770


Book Summary: Over the past few decades, devices and technologies have been significantly miniaturized from one generation to the next, providing far more potential in a much smaller package. The smallest of these recently developed tools are miniscule enough to be invisible to the naked eye. Nanotechnology: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications describes some of the latest advances in microscopic technologies in fields as diverse as biochemistry, materials science, medicine, and electronics. Through its investigation of theories, applications, and new developments in the nanotechnology field, this impressive reference source will serve as a valuable tool for researchers, engineers, academics, and students alike.

RNA Nanotechnology

Author : Bin Wang

ISBN10 : 9814411655

Publisher : CRC Press

Number of Pages : 466

Category : Medical

Viewed : 1972


Book Summary: In the past few decades there has been incredible growth in "bionano"-related research, which has been accompanied by numerous publications in this field. Although various compilations address topics related to deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) and protein, there are few books that focus on determining the structure of ribonucleic acid (RNA) and using RNA as building blocks to construct nanoarchitectures for biomedical and healthcare applications. RNA Nanotechnology is a comprehensive volume that details both the traditional approaches and the latest developments in the field of RNA-related technology. This book targets a wide audience: a broad introduction provides a solid academic background for students, researchers, and scientists who are unfamiliar with the subject, while the in-depth descriptions and discussions are useful for advanced professionals. The book opens with reviews on the basic aspects of RNA biology, computational approaches for predicting RNA structures, and traditional and emerging experimental approaches for probing RNA structures. This section is followed by explorations of the latest research and discoveries in RNA nanotechnology, including the design and construction of RNA-based nanostructures. The final segment of the book includes descriptions and discussions of the potential biological and therapeutic applications of small RNA molecules, such as small/short interfering RNAs (siRNAs), microRNAs (miRNAs), RNA aptamers, and ribozymes.

Curiosity And Passion For Science And Art

Author : Uwe B Sleytr

ISBN10 : 9813141832

Publisher : World Scientific

Number of Pages : 496

Category : Science

Viewed : 1468


Book Summary: This book describes the accomplishments of a curious and imaginative scientist, and his endeavours to translate or even to extrapolate scientific insights into the world of art.The science section in this volume concerns studies on S-layers, a very important class of proteins found on the surface of numerous Bacteria and nearly all Archaea. S-layer proteins are one of the most abundant biopolymers on our planet, and assemble into the simplest type of biological membrane. Moreover, they are unique building blocks and patterning elements for the production of complex supramolecular structures and nanoscale devices in nanobiotechnology, molecular nanotechnology, synthetic biology, biomimetics and nanomedicine.In the second part of this book the author goes on to passionately describe how his scientific activities stimulated his art work, which in particular concerns the visualization of results and the potential of synthetic biology and evolutionary events induced by genetic manipulations. Most importantly, the engagement in art allowed him to leave the rather curtailed canon of science and reach a mental state of unlimited freedom of thoughts. Mask-like sculptures are used as examples to visualize the intersection between science and art, and in particular the unpredictability and mystery of scientific visions.


Author : Anqi Zhang,Gengfeng Zheng,Charles M. Lieber

ISBN10 : 3319419811

Publisher : Springer

Number of Pages : 321

Category : Technology & Engineering

Viewed : 1885


Book Summary: This book provides a comprehensive summary of nanowire research in the past decade, from the nanowire synthesis, characterization, assembly, to the device applications. In particular, the developments of complex/modulated nanowire structures, the assembly of hierarchical nanowire arrays, and the applications in the fields of nanoelectronics, nanophotonics, quantum devices, nano-enabled energy, and nano-bio interfaces, are focused. Moreover, novel nanowire building blocks for the future/emerging nanoscience and nanotechnology are also discussed.Semiconducting nanowires represent one of the most interesting research directions in nanoscience and nanotechnology, with capabilities of realizing structural and functional complexity through rational design and synthesis. The exquisite control of chemical composition, morphology, structure, doping and assembly, as well as incorporation with other materials, offer a variety of nanoscale building blocks with unique properties.

Biomimetic Medical Materials

Author : Insup Noh

ISBN10 : 9811304459

Publisher : Springer

Number of Pages : 399

Category : Medical

Viewed : 1268


Book Summary: This volume outlines the current status in the field of biomimetic medical materials and illustrates research into their applications in tissue engineering. The book is divided into six parts, focusing on nano biomaterials, stem cells, tissue engineering, 3D printing, immune responses and intellectual property. Each chapter has its own introduction and outlines current research trends in a variety of applications of biomimetic medical materials. The biomimetic medical materials that are covered include functional hydrogels, nanoparticles for drug delivery and medicine, the 3D bioprinting of biomaterials, sensor materials, stem cell interactions with biomaterials, immune responses to biomaterials, biodegradable hard scaffolds for tissue engineering, as well as other important topics, like intellectual property. Each chapter is written by a team of experts. This volume attempts to introduce the biomimetic properties of biomedical materials within the context of our current understanding of the nanotechnology of nanoparticles and fibres and the macroscopic aspects of 3D bioprinting.

Intelligent Nanomaterials

Author : Ashutosh Tiwari,Yogendra Kumar Mishra,Hisatoshi Kobayashi,Anthony P. F. Turner

ISBN10 : 1119242797

Publisher : John Wiley & Sons

Number of Pages : 592

Category : Technology & Engineering

Viewed : 922


Book Summary: Overall, this book presents a detailed and comprehensive overview of the state-of-the-art development of different nanoscale intelligent materials for advanced applications. Apart from fundamental aspects of fabrication and characterization of nanomaterials, it also covers key advanced principles involved in utilization of functionalities of these nanomaterials in appropriate forms. It is very important to develop and understand the cutting-edge principles of how to utilize nanoscale intelligent features in the desired fashion. These unique nanoscopic properties can either be accessed when the nanomaterials are prepared in the appropriate form, e.g., composites, or in integrated nanodevice form for direct use as electronic sensing devices. In both cases, the nanostructure has to be appropriately prepared, carefully handled, and properly integrated into the desired application in order to efficiently access its intelligent features. These aspects are reviewed in detail in three themed sections with relevant chapters: Nanomaterials, Fabrication and Biomedical Applications; Nanomaterials for Energy, Electronics, and Biosensing; Smart Nanocomposites, Fabrication, and Applications.

Bioelectronic Nose

Author : Tai Hyun Park

ISBN10 : 9401786135

Publisher : Springer Science & Business

Number of Pages : 290

Category : Medical

Viewed : 1344


Book Summary: The “bioelectronic nose”, the device which has a similar function to the human smell sensing system, can be realized by combining the olfactory cells or receptors with nanotechnology. In the last two decades, much has been learned about the smell sensing mechanism in biological systems. With knowledge about the biological olfactory system and the techniques for the expression of biological receptor proteins, we are able to utilize biological materials and systems to mimic the biological olfactory system. In addition to the advances in biological and biotechnological area, nanotechnology has progressed to a great degree. The bioelectronic nose is a good example of the integration of biotechnology and nanotechnology. This book describes basic biological sciences of the olfactory system, biotechnology for the production of olfactory biological elements, and nanotechnology for the development of various sensing devices. The purpose of this book is to provide the reader with a concept, basic sciences, fundamental technologies, applications, and perspectives of the bioelectronic nose.


Author : Itamar Willner,Eugenii Katz

ISBN10 : 3527604189

Publisher : John Wiley & Sons

Number of Pages : 492

Category : Science

Viewed : 504


Book Summary: Medicine, chemistry, physics and engineering stand poised to benefit within the next few years from the ingenuity of complex biological structures invented and perfected by nature over millions of years. This book provides both researchers and engineers as well as students of all the natural sciences a vivid insight into the world of bioelectronics and nature's own nanotechnological treasure chamber.


Author : M. H. Fulekar

ISBN10 : 1402088809

Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media

Number of Pages : 247

Category : Science

Viewed : 1895


Book Summary: Bioinformatics, computational biology, is a relatively new field that applies computer science and information technology to biology. In recent years, the discipline of bioinformatics has allowed biologists to make full use of the advances in Computer sciences and Computational statistics for advancing the biological data. Researchers in life sciences generate, collect and need to analyze an increasing number of different types of scientific data, DNA, RNA and protein sequences, in-situ and microarray gene expression including 3D protein structures and biological pathways. This book is aiming to provide information on bioinformatics at various levels. The chapters included in this book cover introductory to advanced aspects, including applications of various documented research work and specific case studies related to bioinformatics. This book will be of immense value to readers of different backgrounds such as engineers, scientists, consultants and policy makers for industry, government, academics and social and private organisations.

Conducting Polymers, Fundamentals and Applications

Author : Prasanna Chandrasekhar

ISBN10 : 3319693786

Publisher : Springer

Number of Pages : 810

Category : Technology & Engineering

Viewed : 660


Book Summary: The second edition of this popular textbook thoroughly covers the practical basics and applications of conducting polymers. It also addresses materials that have gained prominence since the first edition of this book was published, namely carbon nanotubes and graphene. The features of this new edition include: New and updated chapters on novel concepts in conducting polymers Details on interdisciplinary applications of conducting polymers An in depth description of classes of conducting polymers


Author : Yi Ge,Songjun Li,Shenqi Wang,Richard Moore

ISBN10 : 1461421403

Publisher : Springer

Number of Pages : 413

Category : Science

Viewed : 957


Book Summary: Increasing demand for and awareness of the applications of nanotechnology in medicine has resulted in the emergence of a new fast-growing multidisciplinary area - nanomedicine. This book offers comprehensive knowledge of and diverse perspectives on nanomedicine through two independent volumes. It aims to bridge the gap between nanotechnology and medicine through contributions by world-renowned experts from wide range of backgrounds including academia, industry, professional consultancy, and government agencies. Each contribution integrates knowledge from a wide range of areas to present the fundamentals of new applications and products of nanomedicine, as well as an outlook for the future. This book can well serve as a reference and guide for students, academics, researchers, scientists, engineers, clinicians, government researchers, and healthcare professionals.

Nanomaterials in Drug Delivery, Imaging, and Tissue Engineering

Author : Ashutosh Tiwari,Atul Tiwari

ISBN10 : 1118644743

Publisher : John Wiley & Sons

Number of Pages : 576

Category : Science

Viewed : 1402


Book Summary: This groundbreaking, multidisciplinary work is one of the first books to cover Nanotheragnostics, the new developmental edge of nanomedicine. Through a collection of authoritative chapters, the book reports on nanoscopic therapeutic systems that incorporate therapeutic agents, molecular targeting, and diagnostic imaging capabilities. An invaluable reference for researchers in materials science, bioengineering, pharmacy, biotechnology, and nanotechnology, this volume features four main parts on biomedical nanomaterials, advanced nanomedicine, nanotheragnostics, and nanoscaffolds technology.

BioMEMS and Biomedical Nanotechnology

Author : Abraham P. Lee,James Lee

ISBN10 : 0387258426

Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media

Number of Pages : 520

Category : Technology & Engineering

Viewed : 931


Book Summary: blends materials, fabrication, and structure issues of developing nanobio devices in a single volume. treats major nanobio application areas such as drug delivery, molecular diagnostics, and imaging. chapters written by the leading researchers in the field.

Paper Based Sensors

Author : N.A

ISBN10 : 044464346X

Publisher : Elsevier

Number of Pages : 478

Category : Science

Viewed : 986


Book Summary: Paper Based Sensors, Volume 89, the latest release in this comprehensive series that gathers the most important issues relating to the design and application of these cost-effective devices used in many industries, including health and environment diagnostics, safety and security, chemistry, optics, electrochemistry, nanoscience and nanotechnologies, presents the latest updates in the field. Chapters in this new release include Exploring paper as a substrate for electrochemical micro-devices, Paper-based sensors for application in biological compound detection, Printed paper-based (bio)sensors: design, fabrication and applications, Paper-based electrochemical sensing devices, Multifarious aspects of electrochemical paper-based (bio)sensors, Paper Based Biosensors for Clinical and Biomedical Applications, and more. Provides updates on the latest design in paper-based sensors using various nano and micromaterials Includes optical/electrical-based detection modes integrated within paper-based platforms Covers applications of paper-based platforms in diagnostics and other industries

Nanobiomaterial Engineering

Author : Pranjal Chandra,Rajiv Prakash

ISBN10 : 9813298405

Publisher : Springer Nature

Number of Pages : 294

Category : Medical

Viewed : 1672


Book Summary: This book comprehensively documents the application of Nanobiomaterials in the field of bio-medicine and diagnostics technologies by involving classical concepts/examples. Nanobiotechnology is an emerging area which encompasses all the facets of research of nano and biomaterials with their interaction with biological systems. The book briefly summarizes the various types of Nanomaterial’s, and highlights the recent developments in the synthesis of the nanomaterials for the diagnostic and therapeutic biomedical applications. It skilfully reviews the utilization of the nanomaterials alone or in combination with other bio-molecules as a contrast enhancer in in-vivo imaging, Nano-Theranostics, drug delivery, and sensing transducer matrix. It also discusses the current research on designing of the new Nanobiomaterials and their implementation in numerous fields including bio-medicine and diagnostics. Finally, it summarizes the future prospects and the commercial viability of Nanobiomaterials in the human health care.​

Biomedical Materials and Diagnostic Devices

Author : Ashutosh Tiwari,Murugan Ramalingam,Hisatoshi Kobayashi,Anthony P. F. Turner

ISBN10 : 1118522931

Publisher : John Wiley & Sons

Number of Pages : 640

Category : Science

Viewed : 1490


Book Summary: The functional materials with the most promising outlook have the ability to precisely adjust the biological phenomenon in a controlled mode. Engineering of advanced bio- materials has found striking applications in used for biomedical and diagnostic device applications, such as cell separation, stem-cell, drug delivery, hyperthermia, automated DNA extraction, gene targeting, resonance imaging, biosensors, tissue engineering and organ regeneration.