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The Palgrave Handbook of Managing Fossil Fuels and Energy Transitions

Author : Geoffrey Wood,Keith Baker

ISBN10 : 3030280764

Publisher : Springer Nature

Number of Pages : 647

Category : Technology & Engineering

Viewed : 1903


Book Summary: This Handbook is the first volume to comprehensively analyse and problem-solve how to manage the decline of fossil fuels as the world tackles climate change and shifts towards a low-carbon energy transition. The overall findings are straight-forward and unsurprising: although fossil fuels have powered the industrialisation of many nations and improved the lives of hundreds of millions of people, another century dominated by fossil fuels would be disastrous. Fossil fuels and associated greenhouse gas emissions must be reduced to a level that avoids rising temperatures and rising risks in support of a just and sustainable energy transition. Divided into four sections and 25 contributions from global leading experts, the chapters span a wide range of energy technologies and sources including fossil fuels, carbon mitigation options, renewables, low carbon energy, energy storage, electric vehicles and energy sectors (electricity, heat and transport). They cover varied legal jurisdictions and multiple governance approaches encompassing multi- and inter-disciplinary technological, environmental, social, economic, political, legal and policy perspectives with timely case studies from Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, South America and the Pacific. Providing an insightful contribution to the literature and a much-needed synthesis of the field as a whole, this book will have great appeal to decision makers, practitioners, students and scholars in the field of energy transition studies seeking a comprehensive understanding of the opportunities and challenges in managing the decline of fossil fuels.

Scots and the Union

Author : Prof. Christopher A Whatley

ISBN10 : 0748628762

Publisher : Edinburgh University Press

Number of Pages : 440

Category : Political Science

Viewed : 1955


Book Summary: This book traces the background to the Treaty of Union of 1707, explains why it happened and assesses its impact on Scottish society, including the bitter struggle with the Jacobites for acceptance of the union in the two decades that followed its inauguration. The book offers a radical new interpretation of the causes of union. The idea that the Scots were 'bought and sold for English gold' is largely rejected. Instead, emphasis is placed upon the international, dynastic and religious contexts in which the union was negotiated. The aggressive France of Louis XIV, the imagined threat posed by the church of Rome, and the real one represented by the Stuart pretender, loomed large in the consciousnesses of Scots who sought union. The principles of the Glorious Revolution, and the persistence from that time on of key political figures in Scotland in their determination to secure a treaty with England were crucial. Unionists too concerned themselves with Scotland's ailing economy, and aspired to the kind of civic society that Holland had become and that they saw in London. They were as patriotic as many of their opponents and believed that union offered the Scots what they were unable to obtain as a small independent state, with the country's interests defended with what John Clerk called Scotland's 'phantom' Parliament. The complex and shifting opinions of the Scottish people outside Parliament are also examined, as well as the effect this had on proceedings within. Key featuresNew controversial interpretation - challenges currently dominant view that the Scots were 'bought and sold for English gold', and bullied into union with England. Wide-ranging; topic coverage comprehensive - looks more widely at Scottish society and its economy, culture etc. than the competitionTimely/topical: contemporary interest in this event in Scottish/British history, especially 2007

To the Ends of the Earth

Author : T. M. Devine

ISBN10 : 0241960649

Publisher : Penguin UK

Number of Pages : 416

Category : History

Viewed : 894


Book Summary: SPECTATOR, NEW STATESMAN, SCOTLAND ON SUNDAY and THE HERALD BOOKS OF THE YEAR The Scots are one of the world's greatest nations of emigrants. For centuries, untold numbers of men, women and children have sought their fortunes in every conceivable walk of life and in every imaginable climate across the British Empire, the United States and elsewhere, from finance to industry, philosophy to politics. To the Ends of the Earth puts this extraordinary epic centre stage, taking many famous stories and removing layers of myth and sentiment to reveal the no less startling truth, paying particular attention to the exceptional Scottish role as traders, missionaries and soldiers. This major new book is also a study of the impact of this global world on Scotland itself and the degree to which the Scottish economy was for many years an imperial economy, with intimate, important links through shipping, engineering, jute and banking to the most remote of settlements. Filled with fascinating stories and with an acute awareness of the poverty and social inequality that provoked so much emigration, To the Ends of the Earth will make its readers think about the world in quite a different way.

The Scottish Nation

Author : T. M. Devine

ISBN10 : 0718196732

Publisher : Penguin UK

Number of Pages : 784

Category : History

Viewed : 1619


Book Summary: The Scottish Nation examines the social, political, religious and economic factors that have shaped modern Scotland. Drawing on extensive research and exploring everything from the high politics of the devolved parliament to the everyday effects of huge and growing levels of social inequality, Devine places Scotland firmly within an international context and provides a key focus for the ongoing debate regarding Scotland's future.

Gender in Scottish History Since 1700

Author : Lynn Abrams

ISBN10 : 0748626395

Publisher : Edinburgh University Press

Number of Pages : 288

Category : Social Science

Viewed : 1087


Book Summary: Scottish history is undergoing a renaissance. Everyone agrees that an understanding of our nation's history is integral to our experience of its present and the shaping of the future. But the story of Scotland's past is being told with little reference to gendered identities. Not only are women largely missing from these grand narratives, but men's experience has tended to be sublimated in intellectual, political and economic agendas. Neither femininities nor masculinities have been given much of a place in Scotland's past or in the process of nation-making. Gender in Scottish History offers a new perspective on Scotland's past since around 1700, viewing some of the main themes with a gendered perspective. It starts from the assumption that gender is integral to our understanding of the ways in which societies in the past were organised and that national histories have a tendency to be gender blind. Each chapter engages with one key theme from Scottish historiography, asking what happens when women are added to the story and how the story changes when the meanings of gendered understandings and assumptions are probed. Addressing politics, culture, religion, science, education, work, the family and identity, Gender in Scottish History proposes an alternative reading of the Scottish past which is both inclusive and recognisable.

Making British Culture

Author : David Allan

ISBN10 : 1135895031

Publisher : Routledge

Number of Pages : 340

Category : History

Viewed : 335


Book Summary: Making British Culture explores an under-appreciated factor in the emergence of a recognisably British culture. Specifically, it examines the experiences of English readers between around 1707 and 1830 as they grappled, in a variety of circumstances, with the great effusion of Scottish authorship – including the hard-edged intellectual achievements of David Hume, Adam Smith and William Robertson as well as the more accessible contributions of poets like Robert Burns and Walter Scott – that distinguished the age of the Enlightenment.

History of Everyday Life in Scotland, 1600 to 1800

Author : Elizabeth Foyster

ISBN10 : 0748629068

Publisher : Edinburgh University Press

Number of Pages : 352

Category : History

Viewed : 1007


Book Summary: This book explores the ordinary daily routines, behaviours, experiences and beliefs of the Scottish people during a period of immense political, social and economic change. It underlines the importance of the church in post-Reformation Scottish society, but also highlights aspects of everyday life that remained the same, or similar, notwithstanding the efforts of the kirk, employers and the state to alter behaviours and attitudes.Drawing upon and interrogating a range of primary sources, the authors create a richly coloured, highly-nuanced picture of the lives of ordinary Scots from birth through marriage to death. Analytical in approach, the coverage of topics is wide, ranging from the ways people made a living, through their non-work activities including reading, playing and relationships, to the ways they experienced illness and approached death.This volume:*Provides a rich and finely nuanced social history of the period 1600-1800 *Gets behind the politics of Union and Jacobitism, and the experience of agricultural and industrial 'revolution'*Presents the scholarly expertise of its contributing authors in a accessible way*Includes a guide to further reading indicating sources for further study

Capital in the Twenty-First Century

Author : Thomas Piketty

ISBN10 : 0674982932

Publisher : Harvard University Press

Number of Pages : 816

Category : Business & Economics

Viewed : 1976


Book Summary: The main driver of inequality—returns on capital that exceed the rate of economic growth—is again threatening to generate extreme discontent and undermine democratic values. Thomas Piketty’s findings in this ambitious, original, rigorous work will transform debate and set the agenda for the next generation of thought about wealth and inequality.

When Scotland Was Jewish

Author : Elizabeth Caldwell Hirschman,Donald N. Yates

ISBN10 : 9780786455225

Publisher : McFarland

Number of Pages : 264

Category : History

Viewed : 1339


Book Summary: The popular image of Scotland is dominated by widely recognized elements of Celtic culture. But a significant non–Celtic influence on Scotland’s history has been largely ignored for centuries? This book argues that much of Scotland’s history and culture from 1100 forward is Jewish. The authors provide evidence that many of the national heroes, villains, rulers, nobles, traders, merchants, bishops, guild members, burgesses, and ministers of Scotland were of Jewish descent, their ancestors originating in France and Spain. Much of the traditional historical account of Scotland, it is proposed, rests on fundamental interpretive errors, perpetuated in order to affirm Scotland’s identity as a Celtic, Christian society. A more accurate and profound understanding of Scottish history has thus been buried. The authors’ wide-ranging research includes examination of census records, archaeological artifacts, castle carvings, cemetery inscriptions, religious seals, coinage, burgess and guild member rolls, noble genealogies, family crests, portraiture, and geographic place names.

The coal question

Author : W.S. Jevons

ISBN10 : 5876553018

Publisher : Рипол Классик

Number of Pages : N.A

Category : History

Viewed : 714


Book Summary: The coal question. An enquiry concerning the progress of the nation, and the probable exhaustion of our coal-mines. Editer by A. W. Flux. Third edition, revised.

National Identity, Popular Culture and Everyday Life

Author : Tim Edensor

ISBN10 : 100018367X

Publisher : Routledge

Number of Pages : 224

Category : Social Science

Viewed : 385


Book Summary: The Millennium Dome, Braveheart and Rolls Royce cars. How do cultural icons reproduce and transform a sense of national identity? How does national identity vary across time and space, how is it contested, and what has been the impact of globalization upon national identity and culture?This book examines how national identity is represented, performed, spatialized and materialized through popular culture and in everyday life. National identity is revealed to be inherent in the things we often take for granted - from landscapes and eating habits, to tourism, cinema and music. Our specific experience of car ownership and motoring can enhance a sense of belonging, whilst Hollywood blockbusters and national exhibitions provide contexts for the ongoing, and often contested, process of national identity formation. These and a wealth of other cultural forms and practices are explored, with examples drawn from Scotland, the UK as a whole, India and Mauritius. This book addresses the considerable neglect of popular cultures in recent studies of nationalism and contributes to debates on the relationship between ‘high' and ‘low' culture.

Scottish Diaspora

Author : Tanja Bueltmann

ISBN10 : 0748650628

Publisher : Edinburgh University Press

Number of Pages : 272

Category : History

Viewed : 1324


Book Summary: This introductory history of the Scottish diaspora (c.1700 to 1945) explores migration, Scots' experiences where they landed and the reverse impact of this migration on Scotland. It examines the geographies of the diaspora and key theories, concepts and t

Lord Mansfield

Author : Norman S. Poser

ISBN10 : 0773589805

Publisher : McGill-Queen\'s Press - MQUP

Number of Pages : 432

Category : Law

Viewed : 1920


Book Summary: In the first modern biography of Lord Mansfield (1705-1793), Norman Poser details the turbulent political life of eighteenth-century Britain's most powerful judge, serving as chief justice for an unprecedented thirty-two years. His legal decisions launched England on the path to abolishing slavery and the slave trade, modernized commercial law in ways that helped establish Britain as the world's leading industrial and trading nation, and his vigorous opposition to the American colonists stoked Revolutionary fires. Although his father and brother were Jacobite rebels loyal to the deposed King James II, Mansfield was able to rise through English society to become a member of its ruling aristocracy and a confidential advisor to two kings. Poser sets Mansfield's rulings in historical context while delving into Mansfield's circle, which included poets (Alexander Pope described him as "his country's pride"), artists, actors, clergymen, noblemen and women, and politicians. Still celebrated for his application of common sense and moral values to the formal and complicated English common law system, Mansfield brought a practical and humanistic approach to the law. His decisions continue to influence the legal systems of Canada, Britain, and the United States to an extent unmatched by any judge of the past. An illuminating account of one of the greatest legal minds, Lord Mansfield presents a vibrant look at Britain's Age of Reason through one of its central figures.

Famine in Scotland - the 'Ill Years' of the 1690s

Author : Karen Cullen

ISBN10 : 074864184X

Publisher : Edinburgh University Press

Number of Pages : 232

Category : Social Science

Viewed : 484


Book Summary: This book examines the climatic and economic origins of the last national famine to occur in Scotland, the nature and extent of the crisis which ensued, and what the impact of the famine was upon the population in demographic, economic and social terms. Current published knowledge about the causes, extent, and impact of the famine in Scotland is limited and many conclusions have been speculative in the absence of extensive research. Despite the critical importance of this crisis, one of the four disasters of the 1690s, which are widely acknowledged to have contributed to the economic arguments in favour of the Union of the Parliaments in 1707, the topic has been largely neglected and even underplayed by historians. This is the first full study of the famine, providing a unique scholarly examination of the causes, course, characteristics and consequences of the crisis. A comprehensive study of agricultural, climatic, economic, social and demographic issues, the book seeks to establish answers to the fundamental question concerning the event. How serious was it? Using detailed statistical and qualitative analysis, it discusses the regional factors that defined the famine, the impact on the population, and the interconnected causes of this traumatic event.

Britain Since 1707

Author : Hamish Fraser,Callum G. Brown

ISBN10 : 1317867505

Publisher : Routledge

Number of Pages : 704

Category : History

Viewed : 1548


Book Summary: Britain since 1707 is the first single-volume book to cover the complex and multi-layered history of Great Britain from its inception until 2007. Bringing together political, economic, social and cultural history, the book offers a reliable and balanced account of the nation over a 300 year period. It looks at major developments – such as the Enlightenment, the growth of democracy and gender change – while also tracing the distinctive experience of different, the book’s additional features include: social and ethnic groups through the decades. Fully integrating Scotland, Wales and the Irish experience, the book’s comprehensive sweep includes coverage of the industrial revolution, the British Empire, the two world wars and today’s multicultural society. Ideally structured to support courses and classes on British history · ‘Focus On’ sections with original documents and sources · Timelines and tables to aid understanding · Historical sources and further reading suggestions at the end of each chapter · Illuminating contemporary illustrations From Queen Anne to Gordon Brown, this wide-ranging and accessible book provides a complete and up-to-date history of Britain. Offering a coherent account of the evolution of the nation and its people, it will be essential reading for all students of British history.

Anti-Catholicism in Britain and Ireland, 1600–2000

Author : Claire Gheeraert-Graffeuille,Geraldine Vaughan

ISBN10 : 3030428826

Publisher : Springer Nature

Number of Pages : 309

Category : History

Viewed : 1328


Book Summary: This edited collection brings together varying angles and approaches to tackle the multi-dimensional issue of anti-Catholicism since the Protestant Reformation in Britain and Ireland. It is of course difficult to infer from such geographically and historically diverse studies one single contention, but what the book as a whole suggests is that there can be no teleological narration of anti-Catholicism – its manifestations were episodic, more or less rooted in common worldviews, and its history does not end today.

Fever 1793

Author : Laurie Halse Anderson

ISBN10 : 1442443073

Publisher : Simon and Schuster

Number of Pages : 272

Category : Juvenile Fiction

Viewed : 518


Book Summary: It's late summer 1793, and the streets of Philadelphia are abuzz with mosquitoes and rumors of fever. Down near the docks, many have taken ill, and the fatalities are mounting. Now they include Polly, the serving girl at the Cook Coffeehouse. But fourteen-year-old Mattie Cook doesn't get a moment to mourn the passing of her childhood playmate. New customers have overrun her family's coffee shop, located far from the mosquito-infested river, and Mattie's concerns of fever are all but overshadowed by dreams of growing her family's small business into a thriving enterprise. But when the fever begins to strike closer to home, Mattie's struggle to build a new life must give way to a new fight-the fight to stay alive.

Marriage in Europe, 1400-1800

Author : Silvana Seidel Menchi

ISBN10 : 144262549X

Publisher : University of Toronto Press

Number of Pages : 424

Category : History

Viewed : 1583


Book Summary: Drawing on the extensive and underused body of legal records on marriage that exist in Europe’s ecclesiastical and secular archives, Marriage in Europe, 1400–1800 examines the institution not just as it was theorized by jurists and theologians, but as it was lived in reality. A comparative history that examines England, France, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, the Low Countries, and Sweden, this volume features the extensive and meticulous research of twelve leading international experts in the field. Their essays make use of material from thirty-one European archives, as well as a range of canons and decretals, poems, letters, novels, and treatises, to offer a history of marriage, both Catholic and Protestant. Edited by Silvana Seidel Menchi, this collection is an essential resource for those interested in the history of marriage in Christian Europe.