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The Eden Animal Wars

Author : ,

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Publisher : Michael Kitterman

Number of Pages : 30

Category : Juvenile Fiction

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Book Summary: Hundreds of years ago man and the animals shared the planet as equals, but that peace has become threatened. It is up to one human who has become the leader of the animal world to bring peace between man and the wild kingdom. He has his work cut out for him due to some hidden enemies that are far more evil than anyone could ever imagine.

Forest Lungs

Author : Andrew G. Zubinas

ISBN10 : 1490774076

Publisher : Trafford Publishing

Number of Pages : 142

Category : Poetry

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Book Summary: Forest Lungs, the title Forest Lungs, a poem. Forest Lungs, Lithunian Miko Plauciai Forest Lungs, Lithunian Miko Broliai, Forest Lungs, given not an M.D., Ph.D. Forest Lungs, given a business publishing contract Forest lungs, healing. Forest Lungs, art.

Reinventing Eden

Author : Carolyn Merchant

ISBN10 : 1136161244

Publisher : Routledge

Number of Pages : 304

Category : Nature

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Book Summary: This revised edition of Carolyn Merchant’s classic Reinventing Eden has been updated with a new foreword and afterword. Visionary quests to return to the Garden of Eden have shaped Western Culture. This book traces the idea of rebuilding the primeval garden from its origins to its latest incarnations and offers a bold new way to think about the earth.

Losing Eden

Author : Lucy Jones

ISBN10 : 0241441544

Publisher : Penguin UK

Number of Pages : 272

Category : Nature

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Book Summary: A TIMES AND TELEGRAPH BOOK OF THE YEAR 'Beautifully written, movingly told and meticulously researched ... a convincing plea for a wilder, richer world' Isabella Tree, author of Wilding 'By the time I'd read the first chapter, I'd resolved to take my son into the woods every afternoon over winter. By the time I'd read the sixth, I was wanting to break prisoners out of cells and onto the mossy moors. Losing Eden rigorously and convincingly tells of the value of the natural universe to our human hearts' Amy Liptrot, author of The Outrun Today many of us live indoor lives, disconnected from the natural world as never before. And yet nature remains deeply ingrained in our language, culture and consciousness. For centuries, we have acted on an intuitive sense that we need communion with the wild to feel well. Now, in the moment of our great migration away from the rest of nature, more and more scientific evidence is emerging to confirm its place at the heart of our psychological wellbeing. So what happens, asks acclaimed journalist Lucy Jones, as we lose our bond with the natural world-might we also be losing part of ourselves? Delicately observed and rigorously researched, Losing Eden is an enthralling journey through this new research, exploring how and why connecting with the living world can so drastically affect our health. Travelling from forest schools in East London to the Svalbard Global Seed Vault via primeval woodlands, Californian laboratories and ecotherapists' couches, Jones takes us to the cutting edge of human biology, neuroscience and psychology, and discovers new ways of understanding our increasingly dysfunctional relationship with the earth. Urgent and uplifting, Losing Eden is a rallying cry for a wilder way of life - for finding asylum in the soil and joy in the trees - which might just help us to save the living planet, as well as ourselves.

Losing Eden

Author : Sara Dant

ISBN10 : 111893430X

Publisher : John Wiley & Sons

Number of Pages : 240

Category : History

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Book Summary: Losing Eden traces the environmental history and development of the American West and explains how the land has shaped and been shaped by the people who live there. Discusses key events and topics from the Beringia migration, Columbian Exchange, and federal territorial acquisition to post-war expansion, resource exploitation, and climate change Structures the coverage around three important themes: balancing economic success and ecological protection; avoiding "the tragedy of the commons"; and achieving sustainability Contains an accessible, up-to-date narrative written by an expert scholar and professor that supplements a variety of college-level survey or seminar courses on US, American West, or environmental history Incorporates student-friendly features, including definitions of key terms, suggested reading sections, and over 30 illustrations

Dark Eden

Author : Chris Beckett

ISBN10 : 0804138699

Publisher : Crown

Number of Pages : 448

Category : Fiction

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Book Summary: On the alien, sunless planet they call Eden, the 532 members of the Family shelter beneath the light and warmth of the Forest’s lantern trees. Beyond the Forest lie the mountains of the Snowy Dark and a cold so bitter and a night so profound that no man has ever crossed it. The Oldest among the Family recount legends of a world where light came from the sky, where men and women made boats that could cross the stars. These ships brought us here, the Oldest say—and the Family must only wait for the travelers to return. But young John Redlantern will break the laws of Eden, shatter the Family and change history. He will abandon the old ways, venture into the Dark…and discover the truth about their world. Already remarkably acclaimed in the UK, Dark Eden is science fiction as literature; part parable, part powerful coming-of-age story, set in a truly original alien world of dark, sinister beauty--rendered in prose that is at once strikingly simple and stunningly inventive.

Harry's Hiccups

Author : Jean Little

ISBN10 : 1459815645

Publisher : Orca Book Publishers

Number of Pages : 32

Category : Juvenile Fiction

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Book Summary: Harry tries and tries to get rid of his hiccups. He tries drinking a glass of water upside down, he tries putting an ice-cold key down his back, he gleefully tries eating a spoonful of sugar. But nothing works! In this charming picture book, written by children's literature legend Jean Little and illustrated by award-winning illustrator Joe Weissmann, Harry is afflicted with a case of the hopeless hiccups. It's not until Harry has a surprise encounter with a different sort of neighbor that it seems like Harry might finally get some relief...hiccup, hiccup...

Finding Our Way Back to Eden

Author : Zo Owen

ISBN10 : 9781440131752

Publisher : iUniverse

Number of Pages : 112

Category : Literary Collections

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Book Summary: Eden or paradise is not a place, nor has it even been a place, but rather is a metaphor for an inner experience of a paradisaical state of inner unity. It is the home we miss and long for, and yet it is the home we have never left, nor has 'It' ever left us..

Martin Eden

Author : London, Jack

ISBN10 : 1773137700

Publisher : Aegitas

Number of Pages : 364

Category : Fiction

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Book Summary: Martin Eden is a 1909 novel by American author Jack London about a young proletarian autodidact struggling to become a writer. It was first serialized in The Pacific Monthly magazine from September 1908 to September 1909 and published in book form by Macmillan in September 1909.

Flight to Eden

Author : Bill Schlondrop

ISBN10 : 9781469114248

Publisher : Xlibris Corporation

Number of Pages : 116

Category : Fiction

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Book Summary: Its time. Its starting in earnest with the increasing rain and earthquakes. Global warming is crashing through the myriad doors of Mother Earths mansion. The Gaian concept says the Earth is alive, and shes pissed. The planet Earth has been sick for a long while. Mother Nature has been leaving subtle clues to that effect. Mankind has caused the sickness, but humans ignored the fact. Natures announcements, noticed by only a few concerned scientists, have been largely disregarded by the rest of Earths population. More noteworthy, however, the economy has continued to improve over the decades. The first scientific base became operational on the Moon. As the lives of the people on Earth prospered, orbital habitats were built, and Mans quest to journey into space continued. People didnt give a damn about a few picky signals from their home planet. My science fiction story, Flight to Eden, takes a searching, powerful, and thought- provoking look at a world suffering for years from a disease completely ignored by humans: Pollution! In a self-initiated treatment, Mother Nature wages war in her own unique way against the ravages of Mankind. In the process, she prescribes the medication, and then cures herself! The extent of the healing, and the ultimate destiny of the worlds former inhabitants, comes at a terrible though fascinating cost for Mankind. The story spans a millennium, covers the progress, the devastation, and then the reconstruction in three increments: The one hundred seventy prosperous years up until the time of The Healing; the 800 years after The Healing, while Mother Nature, and the population adjust to the cure; and a brief time near the millenniums end, when three divergent groups of humans attempt a reoccupation of Earths, now healed, and clean surface, with surprising consequences. The last page of the book will astound you. Pollution, the mephitic toxicity of the air humans sucked into their lungs, continued to thicken and worsen. The average annual temperature continued to rise. Large chunks of polar ice, from both Arctic and Antarctic regions, fell into the oceans. Aircraft and ships reported an increase in the number of icebergs. Water levels along coastlines rose slowly but steadily. A significant number of the populations sought cleaner pastures, their primary objective: Flee from the polluted atmosphere surrounding Earth. Some migrated off-world to live in space, others chose to join the exodus to live underground, and yet, most humans, for whatever the reasons, choose to remain on the surface and make the best of things. As the delicate balance of Earths ecology had continued to change, Mother Nature became sick and tired of being sick and tired from all of Mankinds abuse, caused by ignorance, apathy, and greed. The human population had picked away at the weary world, until there remained little else for it to do, but begin a massive healing process. In particular, the increase in pollution, acid rain, and Mans continued destruction of the rain forests, finally tipped the scales. It became time for drastic action. In order to save itself, Earth fought back the only way her military force, Mother Nature, knew how: Environmental clean up crews mustered to the call for healing. Self-preservation, and a clean environment were her generals. Like huge macrophages, horrendous weather, accompanied by earthquakes, flooding, vulcanism, and pestilence, scoured the surface. Resembling advancing armies, these weapons went to work mending the cancerous damage. The armies fought relentlessly, but before the Earth would be cured, a significant amount of healing had to take place. It did not happen overnight. A period known as, The Healing, began with torrential rains, greatly exceeding the 40-day biblical epoch. It rained almost every day for more than three years, beginning a process of global cleansing never before witnessed by huma

The Ethnobotany of Eden

Author : Robert A. Voeks

ISBN10 : 022654785X

Publisher : University of Chicago Press

Number of Pages : 336

Category : Science

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Book Summary: In the mysterious and pristine forests of the tropics, a wealth of ethnobotanical panaceas and shamanic knowledge promises cures for everything from cancer and AIDS to the common cold. To access such miracles, we need only to discover and protect these medicinal treasures before they succumb to the corrosive forces of the modern world. A compelling biocultural story, certainly, and a popular perspective on the lands and peoples of equatorial latitudes—but true? Only in part. In The Ethnobotany of Eden, geographer Robert A. Voeks unravels the long lianas of history and occasional strands of truth that gave rise to this irresistible jungle medicine narrative. By exploring the interconnected worlds of anthropology, botany, and geography, Voeks shows that well-intentioned scientists and environmentalists originally crafted the jungle narrative with the primary goal of saving the world’s tropical rainforests from destruction. It was a strategy deployed to address a pressing environmental problem, one that appeared at a propitious point in history just as the Western world was taking a more globalized view of environmental issues. And yet, although supported by science and its practitioners, the story was also underpinned by a persuasive mix of myth, sentimentality, and nostalgia for a long-lost tropical Eden. Resurrecting the fascinating history of plant prospecting in the tropics, from the colonial era to the present day, The Ethnobotany of Eden rewrites with modern science the degradation narrative we’ve built up around tropical forests, revealing the entangled origins of our fables of forest cures.

The Amoeba in the Room

Author : Nicholas P. Money

ISBN10 : 0199941327

Publisher : Oxford University Press

Number of Pages : 208

Category : Science

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Book Summary: A cup of seawater contains 100 million cells, which are preyed upon by billions of viruses. Fifty million tons of fungal spores are released into the atmosphere every year. And the human gut is home to somewhere between 500 and 1,000 species of bacteria. The more we learn about microbial biodiversity, the clearer it becomes that the vast majority of life has long gone unseen, and unobserved. The flowering of microbial science is revolutionizing biology and medicine in ways unimagined only a few years ago, and is inspiring a new view of what it means to be alive. In The Amoeba in the Room, Nicholas Money explores the extraordinary breadth of the microbial world and the vast swathes of biological diversity that can be detected only using molecular methods. Although biologists have achieved a remarkable level of understanding about the way multicellular organisms operate, Money shows that most people continue to ignore the fact that most of life isn't classified as either plant or animal. Significant discoveries about the composition of the biosphere are making it clear that the sciences have failed to comprehend the full spectrum of life on earth, which is far more diverse than previously imagined. Money's engaging work considers this diversity in all its forms, exploring environments from the backyard pond to the ocean floor to the "mobile ecosystem" of our own bodies. A revitalized vision of life emerges from Money's lively narrative of the lowly, one in which we are challenged to reconsider our existence in proper relationship to the single-celled protists, bacteria, and viruses that constitute most of life on earth. Proposing a radical reformulation of biology education and research in the life sciences, The Amoeba in the Room is a compelling romp through the least visible and yet most prodigiously magnificent aspects of life on earth.

The Forest Lord

Author : Susan Krinard

ISBN10 : 1504062744

Publisher : Open Road Media

Number of Pages : 272

Category : Fiction

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Book Summary: The New York Times–bestselling author “takes readers to a realm where Faerie and mortal worlds intersect and spins a darkly magical story” (Library Journal). After eloping with her mysterious cousin Cornelius, Eden Fleming discovers he is, in reality, a powerful, otherworldly being, a guardian of the forest, and she was “given” to him by her father in a bargain for the latter’s life. Though her feelings for the forest lord are real, Eden flees—only to learn she is pregnant with his halfling child. Years later, following a loveless marriage, Eden returns to the dilapidated estate where she last saw Cornelius. And when he finds her there, a devastating lie will be exposed—one that will reveal Cornelius’s true heart, heal Eden’s shattered soul, and save the magical realm they have both come to love. Based on the ancient English legend of Herne the Hunter, The Forest Lord is “sheer magic . . . utterly romantic and impossible to put down” (Mary Balogh). “Magical, mystical, and moving, Krinard’s book has a surprise villain and a nice twist at the end. Fans of Nora Roberts’ Irish trilogy [Jewels of the Sun, Tears of the Moon, Heart of the Sea] and Karen Fox’s Buttercup Baby will be delighted by this fantasy and its underlying ecological message.” —Booklist

Dark Eden Enhanced Edition

Author : Patrick Carman

ISBN10 : 0062184776

Publisher : Harper Collins

Number of Pages : 336

Category : Young Adult Fiction

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Book Summary: When Will Besting approaches Fort Eden for the first time, he knows something isn’t right. With more terrifying secrets at every turn he discovers a hidden fear deep inside himself, a dark mystery a thousand years in the making, and the unexpected girl of his dreams. But can he save everyone from the dangers of Fort Eden before it’s too late? This enhanced edition contains the full text of the novel, plus the following bonus content: Seven live-action video clips depicting scenes from the book Patrick Carman’s Top Ten Scariest Things Q&A with author Patrick Carman Sneak peek at Dark Eden 2: Eve of Destruction Links to the downloadable Dark Eden app that started it all

Out of Eden

Author : Beth Ciotta

ISBN10 : 1460301781

Publisher : Harlequin

Number of Pages : 384

Category : Fiction

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Book Summary: Sometimes paradise isn't all it's cracked up to be That's what I, Kylie McGraw, have discovered since sacrificing my dreams of traveling the world to run the family shoe store. But if I have my way, peaceful Eden, Indiana, is in for a major shake-up…. It all began on my birthday, when I got drunk and disorderly all over Eden's hunky new police chief (and my former high school crush), Jack Reynolds. Then I may have, in my Cosmo haze, witnessed a murder in progress. Now I'm almost certain I'm being stalked by the mob, while he-of-the-distracting-abs Jack continues to think I'm nuts. However, there comes a time when a girl has to kick off her sensible shoes (size 7, cushion insoles) and go after what she wants. So if I can just survive long enough to put on my sexy new red heels, that's exactly what I intend to do….

Irrigated Eden

Author : Mark Fiege

ISBN10 : 9780295989747

Publisher : University of Washington Press

Number of Pages : 320

Category : Technology & Engineering

Viewed : 704


Book Summary: Irrigation came to the arid West in a wave of optimism about the power of water to make the desert bloom. Mark Fiege�s fascinating and innovative study of irrigation in southern Idaho�s Snake River valley describes a complex interplay of human and natural systems. Using vast quantities of labor, irrigators built dams, excavated canals, laid out farms, and brought millions of acres into cultivation. But at each step, nature rebounded and compromised the intended agricultural order. The result was a new and richly textured landscape made of layer upon layer of technology and intractable natural forces�one that engineers and farmers did not control with the precision they had anticipated. Irrigated Eden vividly portrays how human actions inadvertently helped to create a strange and sometimes baffling ecology. Winner of the Idaho Library Association Book Award, 1999 Winner of the Charles A. Weyerhaeuser Award, Forest History Society, 1999-2000

South of Eden

Author : Earl Murray

ISBN10 : 0765388340

Publisher : Forge Books

Number of Pages : 304

Category : Fiction

Viewed : 990


Book Summary: With the Twentieth Century just underway, the establishment of the Forest Service has brought change and upheaval to the intermountain West. Cattle barons who once allowed their herds to graze unchecked across the open range are now chafing at the introduction of forest-saving restrictions. With power and fortunes at stake, secret meetings and strategy sessions are the order of the day. Three people in particular are wrestling with the changes in the land. Ellis Burke, a cowboy turned natural resource specialist, is sent to Routt National Forest to oversee these changes. He faces massive resistance from the livestock companies--and a possible threat to his life. Cassie Waddell is the determined daughter of a cattle baron--determined to see her father suffer for what he's done to her family. She enlists former Pinkerton detective Stark Preston to help her wrest the family company from his grasp. And Preston has his own agenda: he's determined, for reasons that seem a bit too personal, to see Burke fail in his mission to save Colorado's native grasslands. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.