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Guitar Notes

Author : ,

ISBN10 : 1606843001

Publisher : Carolrhoda Lab ®

Number of Pages : 304

Category : Young Adult Fiction

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Book Summary: A "sweet story of two different loners finding their counterpoint" (School Library Journal) from a star of state master and children's choice lists making her YA debut. Clean YA with the emotional resonancy of John Green and Sarah Dessen. On odd days, Tripp Broody uses a school practice room to let loose on a borrowed guitar. Eyes closed, strumming that beat-up instrument, Tripp escapes to a world where only the music matters. On even days, Lyla Marks uses the same practice room. To Tripp, she’s trying to become even more perfect—she’s already a straight-A student and an award-winning cellist. But when Lyla begins leaving notes for him in between the strings of the guitar, his life intersects with hers in a way he never expected. What starts as a series of snippy notes quickly blossoms into the sharing of interests and secrets and dreams, and the forging of a very unlikely friendship. Challenging each other to write songs, they begin to connect, even though circumstances threaten to tear them apart. From beloved author Mary Amato comes a YA novel of wit and wisdom, both heartfelt and heart­breaking, about the power of music and the unexpected chords that draw us together.

Guitar Chords for Beginners

Author : Gareth Evans

ISBN10 : 0957650671

Publisher : Intuition Publications

Number of Pages : 31

Category : Music

Viewed : 1904


Book Summary: "A very comprehensive book containing chords from the beginning stages and beyond. Everything is very well explained with no stone left unturned. I'd highly recommend it to anyone who's starting out with the guitar." -- Nigel Elliott, Guitarist & Tutor (N.Ireland) Guitar Chords for Beginners contains 65 different chords arranged in easy fingerings. Technique: Fretting hand technique for playing guitar chords is looked at in detail with diagrams. Where necessary, some chords are taught incrementally because taking on only the harder aspects of a chord’s fingering first means our hand is freer to adjust. Other chords are shown with different fingerings for you to choose which you prefer. Playing guitar chords may seem like a contortion for the hands of the beginner so there is some basic guidance on stretching to keep the hands flexible. Audio and More: Each guitar chord has a downloadable audio example enabling you to hear if you have played it right, or to hear what you need to work towards. There is an introduction to moveable power chords and barre chords, in which barre chords are shown as easier cut-down versions of full barre chord shapes. At the back of Guitar Chords for Beginners there is a list of suggested songs that contain chords from within the book. Grab a copy today! "I like what’s been put together! The information covered in technical issues for beginners especially explaining the difference between chords on piano and guitar is great. I think starting with the small position chords for C and G etc and building up to full position is also really important for beginners. The picture diagrams of hand position is a nifty feature, I know lots of beginners respond more to visuals and will often revert to looking at the hand pictures rather than the chord diagrams. Also think the added audio clips are a great feature so students can compare the sounds of their chords with the audio for reference. There could be a couple of chord progressions at the end of each section (Apart from the song suggestions at the end of the book) and strumming patterns. That would be an added feature that I think could work nicely, although this would make for a larger book and it is only £1.99 for the eBook. Otherwise I think what’s been put together is great :)" -- Anthony Bierman, Bmus(Hons) Contemporary/Jazz Guitar (South Africa) "Looks fab. I particularly like the different ways of playing the A chord. The physical warm-up exercises for flexibility are also good. It is good that movable major and minor barre chords are shown as partial versions to make them initially easier, and beginners might find extra interest where near the back of the book easy open versions of other more exotic chords are shown, such as Dm(maj7), the "James Bond" chord." -- Campbell Murray, RGT & MU Registered Tutor (Scotland)

The Ultimate Guitar Chord Series: First Chords

Author : Don Latarski

ISBN10 : 9781457402067

Publisher : Alfred Music

Number of Pages : 56

Category : Music

Viewed : 357


Book Summary: First Chords is the ultimate basic guitar chord book. Containing over 1500 guitar chords (36 fingerings for each of the 12 keys!), this book organizes chords of each key into categories such as common, easy, alternate, barre, and moveable forms 1 and 2, making it easy for you to find the perfect chord for your needs. This is the ideal chord book, and thanks to its layout and depth, this may be the only chord book you'll ever need.

Elvis Presley - Guitar Chord Songbook

Author : Elvis Presley

ISBN10 : 1458448762

Publisher : Hal Leonard Corporation

Number of Pages : 136

Category : Music

Viewed : 1623


Book Summary: (Guitar Chord Songbook). An amazing collection of 59 hits from "The King" with simply the lyrics and guitar chords. Includes: All Shook Up * Always on My Mind * Are You Lonesome Tonight? * Blue Suede Shoes * Burning Love * Can't Help Falling in Love * Don't Be Cruel (To a Heart That's True) * Heartbreak Hotel * Hound Dog * In the Ghetto (The Vicious Circle) * It's Now or Never * Jailhouse Rock * Kentucky Rain * Love Me Tender * Return to Sender * Suspicious Minds * (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear * That's All Right * Viva Las Vegas * and more.

Guitar Note Speller

Author : Aaron Shearer

ISBN10 : 9781457463419

Publisher : Alfred Music

Number of Pages : 32

Category : Music

Viewed : 1410


Book Summary: The purpose of this book is to simplify the process of learning the positions of the notes in music and on the guitar fingerboard.

Taylor Swift for Easy Guitar (Songbook)

Author : Taylor Swift

ISBN10 : 1458427846

Publisher : Hal Leonard Corporation

Number of Pages : 48

Category : Music

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Book Summary: (Easy Guitar). 11 of Swift's finest arranged for easy guitar, including: Our Song * Picture to Burn * A Place in This World * Should've Said No * Teardrops on My Guitar * Tim McGraw * and more.

Berklee Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary (Music Instruction)

Author : Rick Peckham

ISBN10 : 1476867410

Publisher : Hal Leonard Corporation

Number of Pages : 48

Category : Music

Viewed : 554


Book Summary: (Berklee Guide). This chord dictionary from the assistant chair of Berklee's guitar department includes 100+ chord forms, from basic 7th chords to guide tone chords and triads over bass notes. It is organized to reveal chord relationships and help guitarists learn voicings quickly and thoroughly. Includes notes, fretboard diagrams and tab for each chord.

Left-Hand Guitar Chord Book


ISBN10 : 1609742095

Publisher : Mel Bay Publications

Number of Pages : 48

Category : Music

Viewed : 577


Book Summary: Contains chord forms for all of the most commonly used chords. Chords include major, minor, altered 7ths, diminished, augmented and many more. All forms are shown in picture and diagram form for the left-handed guitarist.

Picture Chord Encyclopedia (Music Instruction)

Author : Hal Leonard Corp.

ISBN10 : 1476858934

Publisher : Hal Leonard Corporation

Number of Pages : 272

Category : Music

Viewed : 480


Book Summary: (Guitar Educational). The most comprehensive guitar chord resource ever! Beginning with helpful notes on how to use the book, how to choose the best voicings and how to construct chords, this extensive, 264-page source for all playing styles and levels features five easy-to-play voicings of 44 chord qualities for each of the twelve musical keys 2,640 chords in all! For each, there is a clearly illustrated chord frame, as well as an actual photo of the chord being played! Includes info on basic fingering principles, open chords and barre chords, partial chords and broken-set forms, and more. Great for all guitarists!

Guitar Theory For Dummies

Author : Desi Serna

ISBN10 : 1118646932

Publisher : John Wiley & Sons

Number of Pages : 320

Category : Music

Viewed : 323


Book Summary: Serious about jamming, understanding, and creating guitar-driven music? Easy. With an approachable and engaging style, Guitar Theory For Dummies goes beyond guitar basics, presenting the guidance intermediate to advanced players need to improve their improvisational and compositional skills. Plus, with access to audio tracks and video instruction online you can master the concepts and techniques covered in the book. Key content coverage includes: pentatonic and major scale patterns; the CAGED chord system, chord progressions, and playing by numbers; roots, keys, and applying scales, plus modes and modal scales; intervals and chord extensions; popular song references and theory applications that help you understand how to play popular music and contemporary guitar styles, and create music of your own. This title also features companion audio tracks and video content hosted online at The expert instruction and easy-to-digest information provides comprehensive guidance on how to apply music theory concepts to fretted instruments If you already have a handle on the basics and want to know more about the building blocks and theory behind guitar music, Guitar Theory For Dummies has you covered.

Improve Your Guitar Chord Playing

Author : Brent Robitaille

ISBN10 : 1775193705

Publisher : Kalymi Music

Number of Pages : 200

Category : Music

Viewed : 1140


Book Summary: In Improve Your Guitar Chord Playing - Chord Switching Tips, Tricks & Exercises, you will learn the essential skills required to master the most frequently used guitar chords. Discover important lessons and exercises to play faster precise sounding chords and an improved 3-way visual chord learning system with tests to help remember chords by shape. Inside you'll find the essential chords to play thousands of songs, simplified easy to play chords for beginners, another 35 of the most commonly used chords, 16 sharp and flat chords, 8 main types of barre chords, and rock power chords. More than just another book full of chords: 12 Tips, tricks, and exercises to improve your chord switching. Step-by-step chord switching exercises–excellent for beginners and all levels. 45 of the most useful chord progressions in pop, rock, folk, and blues. 7 Barre chord tips with strengthening exercises. Master the fingerboard with unique triangle patterns and diagrams. Key and capo charts to transpose from key to key. Strumming and fingerstyle patterns. 10 classic songs with notes and tablature in two keys. How to read music and improve your rhythm. Improve Your Guitar Chord Playing is perfect for players wanting to advance to the next level.

Knack Guitar for Everyone

Author : Dick Weissman

ISBN10 : 0762766360

Publisher : Rowman & Littlefield

Number of Pages : 256

Category : Reference

Viewed : 1531


Book Summary: Knack Guitar for Everyone is a self-instruction book for beginners to intermediates, fully illustrated with 350 full-color photographs and more than fifty exercises and songs in musical notation. By Dick Weismann, who is the author of numerous successful music books and has performed on the Today Show, it covers everything one needs to know about the instrument itself—the parts, different kinds of guitars, care for guitars—and provides the basics of reading guitar music and playing. Lessons are geared toward achievable results, and sidebars address various styles and techniques. Plus, there are a book's worth of play-along audio tracks available for free at

Guitar Lessons for Kids - Book 1

Author :,Gary Turner,Andrew Scott

ISBN10 : 9825320036

Publisher :

Number of Pages : 99

Category : Music

Viewed : 657


Book Summary: Teach how to play guitar for kids with our easy guitar lessons for kids. ***Comes with online access to free guitar videos and audio demonstrating all examples. See and hear how each one is played by a teacher, then play along with the backing band. Also includes music score animation for easy music learning.*** "This children's book is a positive learning experience for introducing music reading to young guitarists. The [audio] is extremely helpful as the child can point out the notes in the book while listening. The sound effects seem to capture the child's imagination and attention well. I use this book for 5 year olds to 9. Highly recommended." - Alan J. Grundy [Amazon] Progressive Guitar Method for Young Beginners - Book 1 contains all you need to know to start teaching kids to play guitar - in one easy-to-follow, lesson-by-lesson children’s guitar tutorial. Suitable for children aged 4 to 8 years and all types of guitars including acoustic guitar and electric guitar. No prior knowledge of how to read music or playing the guitar is required to teach a child to learn to play guitar from this book. Teach your child: • How to play guitar chords for kids and guitar strumming patterns • How to play guitar notes for kids and guitar scales for kids • All the fundamental techniques of guitar playing including correct posture, hand position and fingering technique for 5 beginner guitar notes and 4 beginner guitar chords • Basic guitar theory for kids including how to read music • Guitar tips for kids that every child should know when learning guitar • Shortcuts for how to learn guitar fast by getting the most from guitar practice sessions Contains everything you need to know about how to teach a child to play guitar today. Features include: • Progressive step-by-step easy guitar lessons written by a professional children’s guitar teacher • Beautifully illustrated in full color throughout • Easy-to-read guitar music for kids, guitar chords for kids • Guitar chord chart • 57 great sounding guitar exercises, guitar chord progressions and popular easy guitar music for kids Kids guitar lessons have never been this easy for parents and teachers who want to teach children to learn how to play the guitar, fast.'s guitar lessons for kids are used by children’s guitar teachers worldwide to teach how to play guitar for kids. For over 30 years, our team of professional authors, composers and musicians have crafted guitar lesson books that are a cut above the rest. We offer a large selection of music lessons for kids that cover many different instruments in print, eBook and app formats. Awarded the 'Quality Excellence Design' (QED) seal of approval for eBook innovation, continues to set the standard for quality children’s music education resources.

Comprehensive Guitar Note Reading Guide, Volume 1


ISBN10 : 1619111969

Publisher : Mel Bay Publications

Number of Pages : 140

Category : Music

Viewed : 1131


Book Summary: An exhaustive and complete guide to leaning to read notes on the guitar. This text was drawn from all the best of William Bay's Modern Guitar Method/Expanded Version, Mastering the Guitar and First Lessons/Guitar books. If you want to master note reading on the guitar fingerboard, this is the book for you.

Acoustic Guitar for Beginners

Author : Peter F. Sheldon

ISBN10 :

Publisher : The Greenwich Publishing Company Ltd

Number of Pages : 121

Category : Music

Viewed : 390


Book Summary: If you’ve always loved the sound of the guitar and longed to play it, then you’ve come to right place. With this book, you’ll learn the magic of music and musical instruments. Every modern band has at least one guitar in the group. The guitar is not only easy to play, but it is also versatile. And who doesn’t love a great guitar solo? The guitar can fill in the tones ranging from the lows of the bass guitar to the highs of the lead guitar. In this book, you’ll learn about the different types of guitars, the material used to make them, and the kind of music you can play. Underlying music is the theory that defines the arrangement of notes and the way you play chords. Learning this will help you understand how the world of music connects each instrument and forms a song. You can open magical doors by understanding how to transition between notes and use chords. In this book you’ll discover… How to choose the best guitar How to care for and maintain your guitar Gadget, tips, and tricks to help you refine your playing Basic major and minor chords found in most songs Diminished, slashed and inverted chords The basics of playing songs for beginners Everything you need to know about guitar music is here. You can start making music today!

Fingerstyle Jazz Guitar Chord Soloing


ISBN10 : 1619110253

Publisher : Mel Bay Publications

Number of Pages : 148

Category : Music

Viewed : 1833


Book Summary: This book is designed to teach the guitarist the technique of chord soloing. This technique is extremely valuable to all guitarists because chords and melodies are played together; there is no need for an accompanying instrument. Each chapter focuses on a different aspect of chord soloing. I would recommend that novice guitarists start at the beginning and work through the book slowly. Intermediate players may want to find a chapter that looks challenging and start at that point. By the end of this book, you will be able to take any lead sheet and turn it into a guitar arrangement. Enjoy the journey into the fascinating world of chord soloing.

Music Theory Workbook for Guitar

Author : Bruce E. Arnold

ISBN10 : 1890944521

Publisher : muse eek publishing

Number of Pages : 188

Category : Music

Viewed : 1471


Book Summary: The exercises included here require students to write out examples using staff notation and then to find these notes on the guitar fretboard. Other exercises include simple interval to highly complex chords.

White Boys, White Noise: Masculinities and 1980s Indie Guitar Rock

Author : Matthew Bannister

ISBN10 : 1351218018

Publisher : Routledge

Number of Pages : 228

Category : Music

Viewed : 1373


Book Summary: To what extent do indie masculinities challenge the historical construction of rock music as patriarchal? This key question is addressed by Matthew Bannister, involving an in-depth examination of indie guitar rock in the 1980s as the culturally and historically specific production of white men. Through textual analysis of musical and critical discourses, Bannister provides the first book-length study of masculinity and ethnicity within the context of indie guitar music within US, UK and New Zealand 'scenes'. Bannister argues that past theorisations of (rock) masculinities have tended to set up varieties of working-class deviance and physical machismo as 'straw men', oversimplifying masculinities as 'men behaving badly'. Such approaches disavow the ways that masculine power is articulated in culture not only through representation but also intellectual and theoretical discourse. By re-situating indie in a historical/cultural context of art rock, he shows how masculine power can be rearticulated through high, avant-garde, bohemian culture and aesthetic theory: canonism, negation (Adorno), passivity, voyeurism and camp (Andy Warhol and the Velvet Underground), and primitivism and infantilism (Lester Bangs, Simon Reynolds). In a related vein, he also assesses the impact of Freud on cultural theory, arguing that reversing binary conceptions of gender by associating masculinities with an essentialised passive femininity perpetuates patriarchal dualism. Drawing on his own experience as an indie musician, Bannister surveys a range of indie artists, including The Smiths, The Jesus and Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine and The Go-Betweens; from the US, R.E.M., The Replacements, Dinosaur Jr, Hüsker Dü, Nirvana and hardcore; and from NZ, Flying Nun acts, including The Chills, The Clean, the Verlaines, Chris Knox, Bailter Space, and The Bats, demonstrating broad continuities between these apparently disparate scenes, in terms of gender, aesthetic theory and approaches to popular musical history. The result is a book which raises some important questions about how gender is studied in popular culture and the degree to which alternative cultures can critique dominant representations of gender.