Happy Valentines Day Mouse If You Give - [PDF] Full eBook Download

Valentine Mice!

Author : Bethany Roberts

ISBN10 : 1328686043

Publisher : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Number of Pages : 32

Category : Juvenile Fiction

Viewed : 1802


Book Summary: "Skip! Hop! Zip! Nip!" The sprightly characters from "Halloween Mice!" frolic across a wintry landscape to deliver valentines to all their woodland friends. Lively rhymed text filled with sounds that are fun to say aloud, and a simple mystery -- what happened to the littlest mouse? -- that is happily solved, make this a perfect book to share with a very young audience.

Peppa's Valentine's Day (Peppa Pig)

Author : Courtney Carbone

ISBN10 : 133818489X

Publisher : Scholastic Inc.

Number of Pages : 24

Category : Juvenile Fiction

Viewed : 1931


Book Summary: Peppa Pig gets a pretty card in the mail from Zoe Zebra. It's a Valentine's Day card! Peppa learns about the meaning of Valentine's Day and decides to show all of her friends just how special they are to her. This storybook with Valentine's stickers is based on the hit animated TV show, as seen on Nick Jr.

The 12 Days of Valentine's

Author : Jenna Lettice

ISBN10 : 0399557369

Publisher : Random House Books for Young Readers

Number of Pages : 24

Category : Juvenile Fiction

Viewed : 395


Book Summary: Count the 12 days leading up to Valentine’s Day with this fun-filled picture book inspired by “The 12 Days of Christmas”—perfect for fans of Natasha Wing’s “The Night Before . . .” series! The first day of Valentine’s starts with ONE warm, fuzzy hug. On the second day, the crafts begin with TWO cups of sparkles. On the third day, let’s make our cards with THREE pink pens! Each of the 12 busy days leading up to Valentine’s Day are celebrated in this cumulative rhyming storybook based on “The 12 Days of Christmas.” Kids will love spotting all the fun ways a family gets ready for Valentine’s Day. Also available in the series: The 12 Days of Kindergarten and The 12 Days of Halloween.

A to Zoo: Subject Access to Children's Picture Books, 10th Edition

Author : Rebecca L. Thomas

ISBN10 : 1440834350

Publisher : ABC-CLIO

Number of Pages : 1636

Category : Language Arts & Disciplines

Viewed : 1450


Book Summary: Whether used for thematic story times, program and curriculum planning, readers' advisory, or collection development, this updated edition of the well-known companion makes finding the right picture books for your library a breeze. • Offers easy subject access to children's picture books • Features a user-friendly organization • Provides in-depth indexing and full bibliographic detail

Welcome to Hell Box Set

Author : Demelza Carlton

ISBN10 :

Publisher : Lost Plot Press

Number of Pages : N.A

Category : Fiction

Viewed : 1481


Book Summary: The devilishly sexy CEO. The angelic new office temp. A match made in Heaven or Hell? Four bargain-priced bestsellers in one box! This box set includes: Welcome to Hell (Mel Goes to Hell #1) See You in Hell (Mel Goes to Hell #2) Mel Goes to Hell (Mel Goes to Hell #3) Melody Angel's Guide to Heaven and Hell Welcome to Hell: "Good morning. Welcome to HELL." Mel hates job interviews - and this one's shaping up to be the interview from Hell. From the grumpy receptionist to the disturbingly demonic interview panel and the sleazy CEO, it seems landing her first job is the least of Mel's worries. Can she make it out of the office alive without selling her soul? See You in Hell: Melody Angel takes a job as a temp at the HELL Corporation. Surrounded by eternal bureaucracy gone mad, demons who love making life miserable, and dying for a decent coffee, it may take a miracle for Mel's mission to succeed. She must find out what evil plans Lucifer and his minions have in store and stop them, using any means necessary. Adding trouble and temptation to Mel's job is Luce Iblis, the damnably hot CEO, who has set his smouldering eyes on the new office angel and he's determined to claim her, body and soul. Can ultimate evil and angelic perfection escape a limbo of desire and find a paradise of their own? Mel Goes to Hell: The ultimate forbidden love - when Lucifer falls for an angel. Luce and Mel unearth an age-old conspiracy behind his fall from Heaven which could doom their love for eternity. Yet in the deepest levels of Hell lies a secret that could hold their salvation. Eternal damnation awaits any angel who descends into the Pit of Despair, but Mel will move Heaven and Earth to save Lucifer's soul. Armed with little more than the fury of a righteous angel, Mel will raise Hell in the name of love. From the heights of Heaven to the depths of Hell, can love truly conquer all? A tiny taste of what's in store: "Do you know how long you've made me wait?" Luce lifted his chin. "Close the door." Mel turned and kicked the door shut with the sole of one shoe. The click of it closing coincided with her eyes meeting Luce's once more. "Now strip and get your arse on the desk," Luce instructed. Mel stared at him. He couldn't be serious, could he? "Every other girl in this building knows how to do as she's told. Do you know how many girls I've had on this desk? You should consider yourself lucky. The last one I had in here was so quick getting undressed that I managed to give her a full fifteen minutes of my time. At this rate, you'll be lucky to have five." Mel became transfixed by the timber desktop. "Did you wipe it clean afterwards?" "What?" Luce's face reddened. Keywords: Dark comedy, Satire, new adult, supernatural, workplace romance, satirical office humour, angels and demons, paranormal romance, business and political humour, CEO secretary romance, redemption, Lucifer, Heaven, Hell

Not Your Mother's Rules

Author : Ellen Fein,Sherrie Schneider

ISBN10 : 1455512575

Publisher : Grand Central Publishing

Number of Pages : 272

Category : Family & Relationships

Viewed : 1585


Book Summary: How long should I wait to respond to his text message? Can I friend him on Facebook? Why did he ask for my number but never call me? When The Rules was published in 1995, its message was straightforward: be mysterious. But for women looking for love today, it's not quite so simple. In a world of instant messaging, location check-ins, and status updates, where hook-ups have become the norm and formal one-on-one dates seem a thing of the past, it's difficult to retain the air of mystery that keeps men interested. Now, with help from their daughters, the original Rules Girls Ellen Fein and Sherrie Schneider share their thoroughly modern, fresh take on dating that will help women in today's information age create the happy love lives they want and deserve. Whether you're a 20-something dating for the first time, a 30-something tired of being single, a 40-something giving advice to your daughter, or a 50-something getting back in the dating game, this book has the answers you've been waiting for. The Rules include: DIV MARGIN: 0in 0pt?Stay Away from his Facebook Profile/div DIV MARGIN: 0in 0pt?Make Yourself Invisible and Other Ways to Get Out of Instant Messaging/div DIV MARGIN: 0in 0pt?Stop Dating a Guy Who Cancels More than Once/div DIV MARGIN: 0in 0pt?Text-Back Times Chart/div DIV MARGIN: 0in 0pt?Don't Just Hang Out or See Him 24/7/div DIV MARGIN: 0in 0pt?TTYL: Always End Everything First-- Get Out of There!/div DIV MARGIN: 0in 0pt?And much, much more! /div Providing the dos and don'ts you need to stop making mistakes and start finding romance, NOT YOUR MOTHER'S RULES will revolutionize dating today just as The Rules did nearly 20 years ago!

The Storytime Handbook

Author : Nina Schatzkamer Miller

ISBN10 : 1476603537

Publisher : McFarland

Number of Pages : 280

Category : Language Arts & Disciplines

Viewed : 1378


Book Summary: Fresh, fun ideas for children’s storytime fill this book. The author, a long-time storytime facilitator, has put together 52 weekly themes plus additional plans for holidays, all with detailed instructions for talking about the theme and choosing the books, crafts, songs, poems, games and snacks. Each storytime idea is illustrated with photographs of a suggested craft and snack for easy reference. Libraries, bookstores, preschools and parents alike can use this book to offer themed storytimes that include discussion, literature, art, music, movement and food. Options are provided for each storytime, so the ideas can be used year after year.

The Valentine Two-Step & The Color of Courage

Author : RaeAnne Thayne,Patricia Davids

ISBN10 : 1488028427

Publisher : Harlequin

Number of Pages : 512

Category : Fiction

Viewed : 1907


Book Summary: LOVE IS IN THE AIR… Single father Matt Harte learned the hard way not to trust women. His wife left him because she couldn’t deal with ranch life—so the last thing he wants to do is plan the annual Valentine’s Day dance. His daughter, Lucy, has plans for her father; she’s determined to get him to fall for beautiful vet and recent Salt River transplant Ellie Webster. Ellie knows that Matt doesn’t want her in his town, let alone on the too-small dance committee of two. It’s not as if she wants to spend all that one-on-one time with the rugged rancher, imagining what it would be like to be his partner—for real… BONUS BOOK INCLUDED IN THIS VOLUME! The Color of Courage by USA TODAY bestselling author Patricia Davids Desperate to save her brother’s injured horse, Sergeant Lindsey Mandel must place her trust in handsome veterinarian Brian Cutter. He’s inspired by her commitment to kin and country, but can he learn to put his faith in love? Previously published.

1,500 Great Gift Ideas

Author : Lorraine Bodger

ISBN10 : 1449441807

Publisher : Andrews McMeel Publishing

Number of Pages : 416

Category : Business & Economics

Viewed : 1703


Book Summary: 1,500 Great Gift Ideas, Lorraine Bodger's fifth list book, is packed with terrific gift suggestions from the logical to the whimsical, from the practical to the downright extravagant. It's organized for maximum efficiency and fun and divided into sensible categories like Old-Fashioned Gifts, Seasonal Gifts, Gifts for Looking and Feeling Attractive, Technogifts, Outdoorsy Gifts, Travel Gifts, Stash-and-Store Last-Minute Gifts, and many, many more. It's also loaded with extra sidebar features such as tips on wrapping, the art of the gift certificate, great gift-buying strategies, and getting the most from catalog shopping. With this handy guide, you'll never again be stumped at birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, or other occasions. Instead, you'll be hearing the words every gift giver wants to hear: "I love this! It's perfect!"

Numagician: Awaken The Super Creative Artist Within You

Author : Fususu

ISBN10 :

Publisher : Nguyen Chu Nam Phuong

Number of Pages : 224

Category : Juvenile Fiction

Viewed : 846


Book Summary: “Every child is an artist,” Pablo Picasso said, “the problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” Do you remember the relaxed feeling when holding the new crayon in your hands? Could you feel the freedom when imagining everything on that paper? When I was a kid, my favorite subject was drawing. I could draw everywhere, including the tabletops, the chair, or even in my books and notebooks. I thought I was born to draw. If someone saw my masterpieces, they would exclaim, “Did Picasso paint that?” When the teacher saw them, she said, “Whom let you scribble in my class? Give me your hand!” Then she hit my hands with a ruler. Once bitten, twice shy. Since that day, I was afraid of drawing; my dream of becoming a great artist had gone. To satisfy the teacher and my parents, I focused on the core subjects such as Math, Physics, and Chemistry, etc. After years of studying hard, I got into a top university with a very high entrance score: 28/30! You know, the more high scores I got in those subjects (Maths, Physics, and Chemistry), the worse my drawing skill has become. At that time, if you asked me to draw an animal, then you would get a monster. My imagining ability was also worse than ever. If you asked me to think of a dreamy lake, all I saw in my mind was a universe with no stars! Now... Now, not only can I vividly imagine a beautiful lake, but I also feel the cool sensation when putting my feet in that lake in my mind. Despite graduating from primary school with a score of 4/10 in the Literature final exam, I was able to publish six books, including a 550-page novel. I made many readers say, “That’s unthinkable!” What made the difference? On the journey to train my brain, I came across Wordtoons. The author mastered the art of drawing animals from words and sold those pictures for hundreds of dollars. I was so excited about his book for days and came up with an idea. If you can draw animals from words, how about drawing from numbers? I googled and saw plenty of results, but most people could draw from number 1 to number 10, sometimes up to 20. Drawing from numbers will not only activate both of the hemispheres of your brain but also help you become a magician in everyone’s eyes. Therefore, in the next five years, I dedicated myself to drawing from numbers and created 100 number-pictures known as Numagician! My long road could become your shortcut! Instead of 5 years, now you need only 1 hour. In this book, you will find 100 number-pictures along with their funny stories. They will help you relax and enable 100 memory hooks within to help you memorize everything quickly. You can find more detailed instructions in my first book “Numagician: Awake The Memory Wizard Within.” See you in the book! Fususu,