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The New Spirit of Capitalism

Author : ,

ISBN10 : 1786633272

Publisher : Verso Books

Number of Pages : 688

Category : Political Science

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Book Summary: New edition of this major work examining the development of neoliberalism In this established classic, sociologists Luc Boltanski and Eve Chiapello get to the heart of contemporary capitalism. Delving deep into the latest management texts informing the thinking of employers, the authors trace the contours of a new spirit of capitalism. They argue that beginning in the mid-1970s, capitalism abandoned the hierarchical Fordist work structure and developed a new network-based form of organization founded on employee initiative and autonomy in the workplace—a putative freedom bought at the cost of material and psychological security. This was a spirit in tune with the libertarian and romantic currents of the period (as epitomized by dressed-down, cool capitalists such as Bill Gates and Ben and Jerry) and, as the authors argue, a more successful, pernicious, and subtle form of exploitation. In this new edition, the authors reflect on the reception of the book and the debates it has stimulated.

On Critique

Author : Luc Boltanski

ISBN10 : 0745683533

Publisher : John Wiley & Sons

Number of Pages : 200

Category : Social Science

Viewed : 1957


Book Summary: The relationship between sociology and social critique has haunted the discipline since its origins. Does critique divert sociology from its scientific project? Or is critique the ultimate goal of sociology, without which the latter would be a futile activity disconnected from the concerns of ordinary people? This issue has underpinned two divergent theoretical orientations that can be found in the discipline today: the critical sociology that was developed in its most elaborate form by Pierre Bourdieu, and the pragmatic sociology of critique developed by Luc Boltanski and his associates. In critical sociology, description in terms of power relations underscores the potency of mechanisms of oppression, the way the oppressed passively endure them, going so far in their alienation as to adopt the values that enslave them. Pragmatic sociology, by contrast, describes the actions of human beings who rebel but who are endowed with reason. It stresses their ability, in certain historical conditions, to rise up against their domination and construct new interpretations of reality in the service of critical activity. In this major new book Boltanski develops a framework that makes it possible to reconcile these seemingly antagonistic approaches - the one determinist and assigning the leading role to the enlightening science of the sociologist, the other concerned to stick as closely as possible to what people say and do. This labour of unification leads him to rework central notions such as practice, institution, critique and, finally, ‘social reality,' all with the aim of contributing to a contemporary renewal of practices of emancipation.

The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism

Author : Max Weber

ISBN10 : 0486122379

Publisher : Courier Corporation

Number of Pages : 320

Category : History

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Book Summary: Author's best-known and most controversial study relates the rise of a capitalist economy to the Puritan belief that hard work and good deeds were outward signs of faith and salvation.

Mysteries and Conspiracies

Author : Luc Boltanski

ISBN10 : 0745683444

Publisher : John Wiley & Sons

Number of Pages : 320

Category : Social Science

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Book Summary: The detective story, focused on inquiries, and in its wake the spy novel, built around conspiracies, developed as genres in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. During the same period, psychiatry was inventing paranoia, sociology was devising new forms of causality to explain the social lives of individuals and groups and political science was shifting the problematics of paranoia from the psychic to the social realm and seeking to explain historical events in terms of conspiracy theories. In each instance, social reality was cast into doubt. We owe the project of organizing and unifying this reality for a particular population and territory to the nation-state as it took shape at the end of the nineteenth century. Thus the figure of conspiracy became the focal point for suspicions concerning the exercise of power. Where does power really lie, and who actually holds it? The national authorities that are presumed to be responsible for it, or other agencies acting in the shadows - bankers, anarchists, secret societies, the ruling class? Questions of this kind provided the scaffolding for political ontologies that banked on a doubly distributed reality: an official but superficial reality and its opposite, a deeper, hidden, threatening reality that was unofficial but much more real. Crime fiction and spy fiction, paranoia and sociology - more or less concomitant inventions - had in common a new way of problematizing reality and of working through the contradictions inherit in it. The adventures of the conflict between these two realities - superficial versus real - provide the framework for this highly original book. Through an exploration of the work of the great masters of detective stories and spy novels - G.K. Chesterton, Arthur Conan Doyle, John Le Carré and Graham Greene among others - Boltanski shows that these works of fiction and imagination tell us something fundamental about the nature of modern societies and the modern state.

Media and New Capitalism in the Digital Age

Author : E. Fisher

ISBN10 : 0230106064

Publisher : Springer

Number of Pages : 259

Category : Social Science

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Book Summary: This book explores the new terrain of network capitalism through the transformations of the discourse on technology. Rather than viewing such discourse as either a true or false reflection of reality, Fisher evaluates the ideological role that technology discourse plays in the legitimation of a new form of capitalism. Based on an extensive empirical analysis, the book argues that contemporary technology discourse at one and the same time promises more personal empowerment through network technology and legitimates a more privatized, flexible, and precarious economic constellations. Such discourse signals a new tradeoff in the political culture of capitalism, from a legitimation discourse which emphasizes the capacity of technology and technique to bring about social emancipation (through equality, stability, and security) to a legitimation discourse which focuses on the capacity of technology to bring about individual emancipation (through individual empowerment, authenticity, creativity, and cooperation). Contrary to the prevailing assumption that sees network technology as liberating from the rigidity and pitfalls of a stifling, Fordist capitalism, the book offers a theoretical framework which sees contemporary technology discourse as an ideology that legitimates the economic, social, and political arrangements of the new capitalism.

Justification, Evaluation and Critique in the Study of Organizations

Author : Charlotte Cloutier,Jean-Pascal Gond,Bernard Leca

ISBN10 : 1787143791

Publisher : Emerald Group Publishing

Number of Pages : 416

Category : Business & Economics

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Book Summary: This volume explores how mobilizing Boltanski and Thévenot’s economies of worth framework, and its associated concepts of justification, evaluation and critique, help address questions regarding the premises and dynamics of coordinated action, both within and across organizations, and by so doing help advance our understanding.

Finance Reconsidered

Author : Bernard Paranque,Roland Perez

ISBN10 : 1785609793

Publisher : Emerald Group Publishing

Number of Pages : 440

Category : Business & Economics

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Book Summary: This volume argues the need for a radical break with the methodological individualism that dominates economics, management and finance, asking 'How should we (re)define the concept of value?' and serving as a stepping stone for the rethinking of academic finance.

The Hacker Ethic

Author : Pekka Himanen

ISBN10 : 0307529584

Publisher : Random House

Number of Pages : 256

Category : Business & Economics

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Book Summary: You may be a hacker and not even know it. Being a hacker has nothing to do with cyberterrorism, and it doesn’t even necessarily relate to the open-source movement. Being a hacker has more to do with your underlying assumptions about stress, time management, work, and play. It’s about harmonizing the rhythms of your creative work with the rhythms of the rest of your life so that they amplify each other. It is a fundamentally new work ethic that is revolutionizing the way business is being done around the world. Without hackers there would be no universal access to e-mail, no Internet, no World Wide Web, but the hacker ethic has spread far beyond the world of computers. It is a mind-set, a philosophy, based on the values of play, passion, sharing, and creativity, that has the potential to enhance every individual’s and company’s productivity and competitiveness. Now there is a greater need than ever for entrepreneurial versatility of the sort that has made hackers the most important innovators of our day. Pekka Himanen shows how we all can make use of this ongoing transformation in the way we approach our working lives.

Le nouvel esprit de Marseille

Author : André Donzel

ISBN10 : 2336360586

Publisher : Editions L\'Harmattan

Number of Pages : 180

Category : Social Science

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Book Summary: Depuis quelques décennies, Marseille et son aire métropolitaine sont entrées dans un intense processus de changement. Mais l'heure est cependant venue pour elle d'envisager un autre mode de développement. Son paysage institutionnel est en pleine recomposition et elle connaît parallèlement un essor culturel sans précédent.Cet ouvrage dresse un état complet de ces transformations, il en évalue la portée et les limites, avec en filigrane, une interrogation sur les processus de métropolisation dans le contexte français.

The Other Rise of the Novel in Eighteenth-Century French Fiction

Author : Olivier Delers

ISBN10 : 1611495822

Publisher : Rowman & Littlefield

Number of Pages : 220

Category : Literary Criticism

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Book Summary: The Other Rise of the Novel relies on new research concerning the relevance of bourgeois values and ideals in the early modern period in France to question the extent to which characters in works of fiction portray the rise of individualistic and self-interested behavior.

The Occupy Handbook

Author : Janet Byrne

ISBN10 : 0316220205

Publisher : Little, Brown

Number of Pages : 560

Category : Business & Economics

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Book Summary: Analyzing the movement's deep-seated origins in questions that the country has sought too long to ignore, some of the greatest economic minds and most incisive cultural commentators - from Paul Krugman, Robin Wells, Michael Lewis, Robert Reich, Amy Goodman, Barbara Ehrenreich, Gillian Tett, Scott Turow, Bethany McLean, Brandon Adams, and Tyler Cowen to prominent labor leaders and young, cutting-edge economists and financial writers whose work is not yet widely known - capture the Occupy Wall Street phenomenon in all its ragged glory, giving readers an on-the-scene feel for the movement as it unfolds while exploring the heady growth of the protests, considering the lasting changes wrought, and recommending reform. A guide to the occupation, THE OCCUPY HANDBOOK is a talked-about source for understanding why 1% of the people in America take almost a quarter of the nation's income and the long-term effects of a protest movement that even the objects of its attack can find little fault with.

The Political Economy of Household Services in Europe

Author : Clément Carbonnier

ISBN10 : 113747372X

Publisher : Springer

Number of Pages : 288

Category : Political Science

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Book Summary: This edited volume assesses from a variety of perspectives the policies introduced to support the development of household services across Europe. It highlights the impact of these costly policies on the creation of low quality jobs and on labour market dualisation, and questions their social and economic outcomes.

Digital Labour and Prosumer Capitalism

Author : Mathieu O'Neil,Olivier Frayssé

ISBN10 : 1137473908

Publisher : Springer

Number of Pages : 232

Category : Social Science

Viewed : 1941


Book Summary: In the digital age tasks are increasingly modularised and consumers are increasingly becoming prosumers. Replacing digital labour and prosumption within an American context and the wider political economy, this volume presents a critical account of the forces which shape contemporary subjects, networks, and labour practices.

The Spirit of Luc Boltanski

Author : Simon Susen,Bryan S. Turner

ISBN10 : 1783082976

Publisher : Anthem Press

Number of Pages : 850

Category : Social Science

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Book Summary: What is the relevance of Luc Boltanski’s ‘pragmatic sociology of critique’ to central issues in contemporary social and political analysis? In seeking to respond to this question, this book contains critical commentaries from prominent social theorists attempting to map out the influence and broad scope of Boltanski’s oeuvre.

Théorie de la communication et éthique relationnelle (Collection forme et sens)

Author : FOURNOUT Olivier

ISBN10 : 2746282968

Publisher : Lavoisier

Number of Pages : 282

Category : ,

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Book Summary: Théorie de la communication et éthique relationnelle montre, à travers des études de cas, que les discours sur la communication sont marqués d'une structure relationnelle qui prend son origine dans la perception de l'espace, dans le langage, dans l'esprit, mais aussi dans les formes graphiques et mises en page textuelles en circulation dans la société. Cet ouvrage met cette matrice relationnelle à l'épreuve, notamment, de la pensée systémique, de la complexité en science, du dialogisme en littérature, du traitement journalistique des conflits, de l'éthique managériale, des méthodes d'apprentissage de la communication, de campagnes de publicité, d'oeuvres d'artistes, de scénographies, de communications par internet.

Women, Practice, Architecture

Author : Naomi Stead

ISBN10 : 1317755057

Publisher : Routledge

Number of Pages : 264

Category : Architecture

Viewed : 1371


Book Summary: The image of the architect is undeniably gendered. While the male architect might be celebrated as the ideal man in Hollywood romantic comedies, blessed with practicality and creativity in equal measure to impeccable taste and an enviable lifestyle, the image of the woman architect is not so clear cut. While women have been practicing and excelling in architecture for more than a hundred years, their professional identity, as constructed in the media, is complex and sometimes contradictory. This book explores the working lives and aspirations of women in architectural practice, but more than this it explores how popular media – newspapers, magazines, and websites – serve to define and describe who a woman architect should be, what she should look like and how she should behave. Looking further, into the way that professional characteristics are reinforced through awards like the Pritzker Prize, the book demonstrates how idealised characteristics such as sensitivity and vision are seen to be neither entirely masculine nor feminine, but instead a complex hybrid owing much to historic concepts of genius. Drawing on history, sociology, media analysis and feminist theories of architectural practice, the book will be of interest to all of those who seek to better understand the image and identity of the architect. This book was published as a double special issue of Architectural Theory Review.

Networks, Trust and Social Capital

Author : Sokratis M. Koniordos

ISBN10 : 1351915193

Publisher : Routledge

Number of Pages : 312

Category : Social Science

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Book Summary: The concepts of social networks, social capital and trust play an increasingly central role in the social sciences. They have become indispensable conceptual tools for the analysis of post-industrial/late-modern societies, which are characterized by such features as the relative decline of formal hierarchies, the development of flexible social arrangements in the sphere of production and the extreme mobility of capital. This is the first book to study the interrelationships between these important concepts both theoretically and empirically. Drawing on empirical investigations from a range of diverse European social contexts, the contributors develop an economic sociology that builds on and extends established theoretical perspectives. The book opens with an introduction to the theoretical ideas: relating social capital to reciprocity, trust and social networks in line with current debates. The authors go on to discuss the concept of social embededdness, addressing the economic effects of social capital by examining the network and trust foundations of labour markets and investigating the structural limits of trusting networks. They conclude with an exploration of the impact of networking and the functioning of trust and social capital on the economic arrangements and performance of nascent capitalist economies in post-Communist Europe. This thematically unified collection by a team of distinguished contributors from across Europe provides an innovative and distinctive contribution to an expanding area of research.

In Search of the Liberal Moment

Author : S. Sawyer,Iain Stewart

ISBN10 : 1137581263

Publisher : Springer

Number of Pages : 222

Category : History

Viewed : 1464


Book Summary: This book explores a series of challenging new perspectives on the origins, development, and legacy of France's 'liberal moment' during the second half of the twentieth century. It surveys a significant shift in interest regarding socio-political philosophy and culture, with the 1970s emergence of a blossoming French curiosity about liberalism and liberal thought. While liberalism had played an important role in French political debate prior to this period, liberal voices were often disregarded. It was not until this newfound fascination with liberalism by French intellectuals—spanning from the second left to the new right—that a French liberal revival truly occurred. In Search of the Liberal Moment addresses this revival, its resultant resuscitation of nineteenth-century authors like Tocqueville and Constant, its relationship with the contemporary rise of neoliberalism in Britain and the US, and how its adherents used liberalism to rethink the past, present, and future of modern democracy.

Michel Houellebecq

Author : Douglas Morrey

ISBN10 : 1781387664

Publisher : Oxford University Press

Number of Pages : 212

Category : Literary Criticism

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Book Summary: Michel Houellebecq is perhaps the single most successful and controversial of all contemporary novelists writing in French. Houellebecq has become a global publishing phenomenon: his books have been translated worldwide, three film adaptations of his work have been produced, and the author has been the subject of million-euro publishing deals and of successive media scandals in France. If Houellebecq is unique in contemporary French writing, it is thanks not only to his extraordinary success, but to the unparalleled scope of his narrative ambition. In the work which most forcefully marked his breakthrough to the mainstream - Les Particules élémentaires - Houellebecq made a significant appeal to the science-fiction genre in order to undergird his critique of contemporary society. For Houellebecq presents humanity - at least modern, western humanity - as in a terminal state of decadence and decline and ripe for replacement by its post-human successor. His novels narrate a metaphysical mutation or paradigm shift through which humanity as we know it ceases to be the over-riding value or focus of our world when it comes into conflict with a competitor in the form of a post-human or neo-human species. It is the aim of this book to appraise the global significance of Houellebecq's novelistic visions while at the same time situating them within the context of French literature, culture and society.