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Live Beautiful

Author : ,

ISBN10 : 1683358759

Publisher : Abrams

Number of Pages : 256

Category : Design

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Book Summary: From celebrated design expert and interior designer Athena Calderone, a look into how creatives decorate their spaces Beautiful design isn’t just pleasant to look at; it improves the quality of our lives. In Live Beautiful, the highly anticipated design book by Athena Calderone, the EyeSwoon creator taps into her international network of interior decorators, fashion designers, and tastemakers to reveal how carefully crafted interiors come together. She also opens the doors to two of her own residences. With each homeowner, Calderone explores the initial spark of inspiration that incited their design journey. She then breaks down the details of the rooms—like layered textures and patterns, collected pieces, and customized vignettes—and offers helpful tips on how to bring these elevated elements into your own space. Filled with gorgeous photography by Nicole Franzen, Live Beautiful is both a showpiece of exquisite design and a guide to creating a home that’s thoughtfully put together.

Cook Beautiful

Author : Athena Calderone

ISBN10 : 1683351088

Publisher : Abrams

Number of Pages : 288

Category : Cooking

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Book Summary: The debut cookbook from Athena Calderone, creator of EyeSwoon, with 100 seasonal recipes for meals as gorgeous as they are delicious. In Cook Beautiful, Athena reveals the secrets to preparing and presenting unforgettable meals. As the voice and curator behind EyeSwoon, an online lifestyle destination for food, entertaining, fashion, and interior design, Athena cooks with top chefs, hosts incredible dinners, and designs stunning tablescapes, while emphasizing the importance of balancing the visual elements of each dish with incredible flavors. In her debut cookbook, she’s finally showing the rest of us how to achieve her impeccable yet approachable cooking style. Included are 100 recipes with step-by-step advice on everything from prep to presentation—from artfully layering a peach and burrata salad to searing a perfect steak. Recipes include Grilled Zucchini Flatbread with Ramp-Pistachio Pesto, Charred Eggplant with Zaatar and Yogurt Tahini, Mezzi Rigatoni with Radicchio and Guanciale, Stewed Pork with Squash and Walnut Gremolata, Blood Orange Bundt Cake with Orange Bitters Glaze, and more. Organized by season, each section closes with a tablescape inspired by nature, along with specific table décor and entertaining tips. Cook Beautiful is where design meets food, where culinary tradition marries food styling, where home chefs become experts. These are luscious dishes to make for friends and family, with advice that will inspire you to create visually stunning, and still wholly delicious, culinary masterpieces.

Ballet Beautiful

Author : Mary Bowers

ISBN10 : 0738215899

Publisher : Da Capo Press

Number of Pages : 272

Category : Health & Fitness

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Book Summary: Ballet-inspired fitness for every woman! You don't have to be a professional ballerina to look like one! With Mary Helen Bowers' Ballet Beautiful, forget beating yourself up in the gym and suffering through starvation diets for some unattainable goal. You can achieve your ideal body and develop the strength, grace, and elegance of a dancer by following Mary Helen's proven program--one that's got everyone from celebrities to busy moms to executives raving! Ballet Beautiful is a fitness method that blends the artistry and athleticism of ballet with an easy, accessible eating plan that works for every body - and absolutely no dance experience is required. Created by professional ballerina Mary Helen Bowers, this transformative approach to fitness and health will reshape your body and your mind! Ballet Beautiful's three-fold approach is not an extreme workout nor is it a radical diet for an overnight fix; it's a roadmap to achieving and maintaining your ideal health, shape and size--all with the elegance and strength of a ballerina. Part One of the book introduces the program's empowering mindset, the key to supporting and guiding you through lasting change. Part Two, the Ballet Beautiful Method, consists of challenging, effective, and fun workouts that sculpt and tone sleek ballet muscles and build beautiful posture. Whether you have a full hour or only 15 minutes, you can tailor the program to your own schedule and needs. Part Three shares the Ballet Beautiful Lifestyle, a healthy, balanced approach to nutrition. With meal plans, shopping tips and quick but delicious daily recipes that will satisfy and nourish your entire body, it's a stress-free, diet-free plan that will help keep you feeling as strong and healthy as you look.

Made for Living

Author : Amber Lewis,Cat Chen

ISBN10 : 1984823922

Publisher : Clarkson Potter

Number of Pages : 288

Category : House & Home

Viewed : 1247


Book Summary: NATIONAL BESTSELLER • The trendsetting designer known for her effortless style shares the secrets of the art of layering, with more than 250 gorgeous photographs of her signature interiors. “Livability is my true north. The materials I use time and again all change with age and wear. Not only is that okay, it’s how you achieve more than a re-creation of what you’ve already seen, or what somebody else has done. You can do this, too—I promise.”—from the introduction Designing a room with all the vibes comes down to how you layer your décor. The more you can mix the elements of your room—your pillows, objects, patterns, and lighting—the more finished it’ll feel: not too new, not too old, but just right. Known for her eclectic approach that stems from her California cool, Amber Lewis trains your eye in Made for Living, offering friendly advice on everything from nailing that perfect shade of paint to mismatching patterns with wild abandon to choosing a stone finish for new countertops. These pages will help you design a home that's made to be lived in.

Beautiful Joe

Author : Marshall Saunders

ISBN10 : 1443432423

Publisher : Harper Collins

Number of Pages : 256

Category : Fiction

Viewed : 1891


Book Summary: Based on the true story of Joe, an abused mutt named from in Meaford, Ontario, at the end of the nineteenth century, Beautiful Joe is the moving tale of a dog’s rescue from a cruel owner. Beautiful Joe was written as an autobiography from the perspective of Joe himself, much like Anna Sewell’s novel, Black Beauty, which inspired author Margaret Marshall Saunders’ (pen name Marshall Saunders) approach to telling Joe’s story. Saunders first encountered the story of Beautiful Joe when paying a visit to her sister-in-law, who was rehabilitating the real Joe after her father had rescued him from his abusive owner. HarperPerennial Classics brings great works of literature to life in digital format, upholding the highest standards in ebook production and celebrating reading in all its forms. Look for more titles in the HarperPerennial Classics collection to build your digital library.

Your Own Beautiful

Author : Chelsea Crockett

ISBN10 : 0310762413

Publisher : Zondervan

Number of Pages : 208

Category : Young Adult Nonfiction

Viewed : 1004


Book Summary: Inspired by Chelsea Crockett’s popular YouTube channel, Your Own Beautiful is a life, faith, and beauty guide, filled with her trademark tips on makeup and style alongside full-color photos, how-tos, and more to help young women with all the big issues they face—from self-confidence and friendship to following your dreams. With her signature grace and wit, Chelsea tackles tough questions through uplifting messages influenced by her faith and life experiences in Your Own Beautiful. “Funny, helpful, and inspirational! This book reveals the secrets to finding inner beauty and happiness.” CHARISMA STAR, Beauty vlogger

I Live in a Beautiful World

Author : Julie Bruns

ISBN10 : 1462022421

Publisher : iUniverse

Number of Pages : 132

Category : Biography & Autobiography

Viewed : 572


Book Summary: In the 1940s outside Glenrock, Wyoming, Julie Bruns knew she would have to work hard if she expected to make her living on a homestead. At the end of a long, hard day, her tired muscles would ache, but Julie would perseverefor she was truly a pioneer. In her posthumous memoir, Bruns shares a fascinating description of day-to-day life in the wilds of Wyoming as she changed history forever and became one of the states few female homesteaders. Bruns tells how she overcame her initial fears and embarked on a new venture with a strong determination and an honest heart. After deciding to file a homestead, Bruns details how she selected a site along a tiny creek and began constructing a cabin out of green-cut, peeled logs. The days were filled with hard work, and the nights were frightening as owls hooted and coyotes yapped. But Bruns persistedbuilding much of her furniture, exploring the land around her house, and getting to know her neighbors. I Live in a Beautiful World shares the inspiring story of how Julie Bruns became a homesteader through resolve, courage, and, most importantly, the unyielding desire to make her dream come true.

Seeing Beautiful Again

Author : Lysa TerKeurst

ISBN10 : 1400218934

Publisher : Thomas Nelson

Number of Pages : 288

Category : Religion

Viewed : 933


Book Summary: In the middle of the pain you didn't cause, the change you didn't want, the reality you didn't know was coming . . . your life can still be beautiful. We all have stories full of sorrow and celebration because of situations we've faced. But with God, there's always more than we see being worked out behind the scenes. In Seeing Beautiful Again, New York Times bestselling author Lysa TerKeurst shares how she processed seasons of disappointment and heartbreak, while inviting you to hope again. Lysa assures us that the aching pain we feel is proof there's a beautiful remaking already in process if we don't give up. Through these 50 devotions, Scriptures, prayer prompts, and personal notes from Lysa, you will: Gain healthier ways to process your pain and learn to see your situations through truth-based perspectives. Disempower the lie that how you feel about your life is the full story by remembering with God there's always something more true, lovely, and good right now. Stop feeling alone in your struggles by spending guided time with God each day alongside Lysa, a friend who will bear witness to your hurts but also help you move on. While there's no denying there are parts of our story we'd love to edit out, what if those circumstances are the unlikely ingredients God is using to weave together a greater good we'd never want to miss out on? Together we'll discover the indescribable gift of our God, who breathes life into even the shattered pieces of our stories, creating something new and more beautiful than ever before.

Social Inequities and Contemporary Struggles for Collective Health in Latin America

Author : Emily E Vasquez,Amaya G. Perez-Brumer,Richard Parker

ISBN10 : 1000071596

Publisher : Routledge

Number of Pages : 292

Category : Social Science

Viewed : 596


Book Summary: This book explores the legacy of the Latin American Social Medicine and Collective Health (LASM-CH) movements and other key approaches—including human rights activism and popular opposition to neoliberal governance—that have each distinguished the struggle for collective health in Latin America during the twentieth and now into the twnety-first century. At a time when global health has been pushed to adopt increasingly conservative agendas in the wake of global financial crisis and amidst the rise of radical-right populist politics, attention to the legacies of Latin America’s epistemological innovations and social movement action are especially warranted. This collection addresses three crosscutting themes: First, how LASM-CH perspectives have taken root as an element of international cooperation and solidarity in the health arena in the region and beyond, into the twenty-firstcentury. Second, how LASM-CH perspectives have been incorporated and restyled into major contemporary health system reforms in the region. Third, how elements of the LASM-CH legacy mark contemporary health social movements in the region, alongside additional key influences on collective action for health at present. Working at the nexus of activism, policy, and health equity, this multidisciplinary collection offers new perspective on struggles for justice in twenty-first-century Latin America. The chapters in this book were originally published as a special issue of the journal, Global Public Health.

KJV, Beautiful Word Bible, eBook

Author : Zondervan,

ISBN10 : 0310003741

Publisher : Zondervan

Number of Pages : 1472

Category : Bibles

Viewed : 1338


Book Summary: Be drawn into God’s Word through a fresh, creative expression of the beautiful words of Scripture. Crafted on high-quality paper and balanced with inspiring full-color art and blank space for your own drawings and journaling, the KJV Beautiful Word Bible will encourage a deeper and more authentic quiet time. With 500 verses illustrated to help you see the rich diversity of stories, characters, prophecies, rewards, and hope contained within Scripture, you will discover wisdom to sustain you in every season, drawing you deeper into God’s life-changing Word. This King James Version edition of the popular journaling Bible will encourage and inspire your own creative explorations of the ways each verse speaks to you. Features: Complete text of the King James Version (KJV) 500 full-color illustrated verses Wide margins and high-quality paper for notes, journal entries or artwork Single-column format Index of illustrated Scripture passages Words of Christ in red

Happiness, Health, and Beauty

Author : Debra Dean Murphy

ISBN10 : 162032511X

Publisher : Wipf and Stock Publishers

Number of Pages : 110

Category : Religion

Viewed : 983


Book Summary: What are human beings created for? How can we experience the well-being made possible in Christ? What does it mean to love God and our neighbor wholly? These questions go to the heart of what it means to live the Christian life. Happiness, Health, and Beauty explores these questions by putting Wesleyan doctrine in conversation with voices from the wider Christian tradition: theologians, philosophers, social critics, scientists, and poets. The guiding themes for this inquiry into the nature of the Christian life are happiness--how we flourish together in the goodness of God; health--the intrinsic connection between bread and bodies in the Eucharist; and beauty--the disposition to benevolence that is the hallmark of our being fully human.

NIV, Beautiful Word Bible, eBook

Author : Zondervan,

ISBN10 : 0310444284

Publisher : Zondervan

Number of Pages : 1472

Category : Bibles

Viewed : 1947


Book Summary: Be drawn into God’s Word through a fresh, creative expression of the beautiful words of Scripture. Featuring inspiring full-color art, the NIV Beautiful WordTM Bible will encourage a deeper and more authentic quiet time. With 500 verses illustrated to help you see the rich diversity of stories, characters, prophecies, rewards, and hope contained within Scripture, you will discover wisdom to sustain you in every season, drawing you deeper into God’s life-changing Word. Features: Complete text of the accurate, readable, and clear New International Version (NIV) 500 Full-color illustrated verses Index of illustrated Scripture passages

NKJV, Beautiful Word Bible, eBook

Author : Zondervan,

ISBN10 : 0310003709

Publisher : Zondervan

Number of Pages : 1504

Category : Bibles

Viewed : 493


Book Summary: Be drawn into God’s Word through a fresh, creative expression of the beautiful words of Scripture. Featuring inspiring full-color art, the NKJV Beautiful WordTM Bible will encourage a deeper and more authentic quiet time. With 500 verses illustrated to help you see the rich diversity of stories, characters, prophecies, rewards, and hope contained within Scripture, you will discover wisdom to sustain you in every season, drawing you deeper into God’s life-changing Word. Features: Complete text of the New King James Version (NKJV) 500 Full-color illustrated verses Index of illustrated Scripture passages

Wayward Lives, Beautiful Experiments: Intimate Histories of Riotous Black Girls, Troublesome Women, and Queer Radicals

Author : Saidiya Hartman

ISBN10 : 0393285685

Publisher : W. W. Norton & Company

Number of Pages : 464

Category : Social Science

Viewed : 1581


Book Summary: Winner of the 2019 National Book Critics Circle Award in Criticism "Exhilarating…A rich resurrection of a forgotten history." —Parul Sehgal, New York Times Beautifully written and deeply researched, Wayward Lives, Beautiful Experiments examines the revolution of black intimate life that unfolded in Philadelphia and New York at the beginning of the twentieth century. In wrestling with the question of what a free life is, many young black women created forms of intimacy and kinship indifferent to the dictates of respectability and outside the bounds of law. They cleaved to and cast off lovers, exchanged sex to subsist, and revised the meaning of marriage. Longing and desire fueled their experiments in how to live. They refused to labor like slaves or to accept degrading conditions of work. Here, for the first time, these women are credited with shaping a cultural movement that transformed the urban landscape. Through a melding of history and literary imagination, Wayward Lives, Beautiful Experiments recovers these women’s radical aspirations and insurgent desires.

A Beautiful Life in Berlin, New Hampshire

Author : Henry R. Lambert

ISBN10 : 9781449037697

Publisher : AuthorHouse

Number of Pages : 108

Category : Biography & Autobiography

Viewed : 1307


Book Summary: At the time of the depression the president of United States Roosevelt did very good to help the people and keep the family healthy by having people working with WPA also to keep the young man off the streets by having civil concentration camp to help the families also.

Beauty Rehab

Author : Coni Masciave

ISBN10 : 9781462891986

Publisher : Xlibris Corporation

Number of Pages : 178

Category : Self-Help

Viewed : 1652


Book Summary: Simple, meaningful and insightful, Beauty Rehab goes beyond the how of being beautiful to consider the deep internal issues surrounding your perception of your own beauty. Coni Masciave takes you step-by-step on an emotional journey to recover your self-image as she shares her client´s transformation stories, her own journey, and beauty tips. This unique, achievable, inspiring process will make a real, permanent change in how you feel about your appearance and help you transform your life to feel beautiful, sexy and confident every day.

You're Either Walking The Walk Or Just Running Your Mouth!

Author : Todd Linn

ISBN10 : 1735084425

Publisher : Preaching Truth

Number of Pages : 245

Category : Religion

Viewed : 1575


Book Summary: Reads Like A Modern-Day Teaching Of The Book Of James! “This is a wonderful verse-by-verse study of the Book of James! It will serve as a valuable resource for the pastor who preaches through James or the teacher leading a small group Bible study. Dr. Linn outlines the passages and provides very helpful exegetical insights. I will certainly use this excellent work in my own preaching and teaching!” —Daniel L. Akin President, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary “Practical, insightful, exegetically sound, and delightfully written, Todd Linn’s exposition of James is a joy to read and makes me want to preach through this book all over again! I know of no other book that combines the clear and careful analysis of a scholar with the deft insights of a seasoned pastor like this one.” —Hershael H. York Professor of Preaching at Southern Seminary; author of Preaching With Bold Assurance You’re Either Walking delivers a singular blessing rarely found in similar books: a combination of material that is both scholarly and practical. Verse-by-Verse Treatment Engaging and Applicable Remarkably Practical and Theological Thoughtful Study Questions Throughout In You’re Either Walking, the author carefully and pastorally explains and applies each verse of what is arguably the most action-packed, imperative-filled letter of the New Testament! Unlike typical commentaries written in the rigid style of academia, Your’e Either Walking weaves faithful, verse-by-verse treatment with engaging narrative, producing a book that is at once trustworthy and refreshing. Containing helpful headings throughout twenty-four chapters, readers will enjoy a consistent pattern of explanation, illustration, and application of the entire text of James. Each chapter concludes with a helpful “What About You?” section containing questions for further reflection and action. Use in small group settings or individual study. Great for pastors, teachers, and any person interested in a faithful study of the Book of James! Todd Linn is a minister with over 23 years of pastoral experience. He has a pastor’s heart and a love for the Word. While having earned his PhD from the highly acclaimed Southern Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky, Linn writes in a popular style that combines scholarship, humor, and practical application. You will enjoy You’re Either Walking The Walk Or Just Running Your Mouth!

The Lazy Girl's Guide to Living a Beautiful Life

Author : Matilda Rice

ISBN10 : 1760639737

Publisher : Allen & Unwin

Number of Pages : 208

Category : Health & Fitness

Viewed : 1793


Book Summary: Written in her chatty and approachable style, this is a refreshing, positive guide to life for young women. Matilda emphasises having fun and being yourself. She includes her favourite recipes and some great exercises and workouts you can do easily at home plus heaps of great advice on skincare, beauty and fashion. This is an essential guide to living a happy and fulfilled life.

The Other Side of Beauty

Author : Leah Darrow

ISBN10 : 071809073X

Publisher : Thomas Nelson

Number of Pages : 224

Category : Religion

Viewed : 301


Book Summary: “Leah Darrow uses her experience in the beauty industry to help the women of our culture see what true beauty looks like.” —Jennifer Fulwiler, host of The Jennifer Fulwiler Show and author of Something Other than God Do you feel like you’re never good enough? Like you should be living a more Instagram-worthy life? Are you exhausted by the impossible quest for physical beauty but still yearn for the validation of being chosen, valued, and deemed beautiful? Drawing on her experience on America’s Next Top Model and her work as a fashion model, Leah Darrow exposes the lies we are told about our worth being tied to our appearance and instead invites us to look again at the real meaning of beauty. She shows how we can reclaim true and lasting beauty—the kind that doesn’t depend on self-doubt, exploitation, or comparison—when we reflect God’s glory and embrace our value as he made us to be: strong, brave, and free. Only when we learn to see ourselves as God does can we leave behind our culture’s definitions and demands and find joy in The Other Side of Beauty.

Live and Let Live Under One G-O-D

Author : Devidas (Dev) Tahiliani

ISBN10 : 1480966215

Publisher : Dorrance Publishing

Number of Pages : 448

Category : Religion

Viewed : 1903


Book Summary: Live and Let Live Under One G-O-D by Devidas (Dev) Tahiliani Why have so many wars been fought in the name of Religion? How can we eradicate the extremists of all religions? The answer is to teach young people about Humanity and Spirituality (Universal Religion). The author has written this book to be adopted as a textbook in high schools all over the world. Our world today is dominated by religions that require blind faith and obedience. Humans will continue to abuse each other until we understand that we share a responsibility to ourselves and to each other. The power of our inner spirituality is called humanism. We can each follow our own path and share our faith with others without hatred, scorn, or violence, and accept other paths as equally valid to our own. It is good to have some kind of faith, but we must follow it with reason.