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Honoring the Code

Author : ,

ISBN10 : 1466567546

Publisher : CRC Press

Number of Pages : 240

Category : Computers

Viewed : 1668


Book Summary: If you want to be successful in any area of game development-game design, programming, graphics, sound, or publishing-you should know how standouts in the industry approach their work and address problems. In Honoring the Code: Conversations with Great Game Designers, 16 groundbreaking game developers share their stories and offer advice for anyone

A Game Design Vocabulary

Author : Anna Anthropy,Naomi Clark

ISBN10 : 0133155218

Publisher : Addison-Wesley Professional

Number of Pages : 240

Category : Computers

Viewed : 712


Book Summary: Master the Principles and Vocabulary of Game Design Why aren’t videogames getting better? Why does it feel like we’re playing the same games, over and over again? Why aren’t games helping us transform our lives, like great music, books, and movies do? The problem is language. We still don’t know how to talk about game design. We can’t share our visions. We forget what works (and doesn’t). We don’t learn from history. It’s too hard to improve. The breakthrough starts here. A Game Design Vocabulary gives us the complete game design framework we desperately need—whether we create games, study them, review them, or build businesses on them. Craft amazing experiences. Anna Anthropy and Naomi Clark share foundational principles, examples, and exercises that help you create great player experiences…complement intuition with design discipline…and craft games that succeed brilliantly on every level. Liberate yourself from stale clichés and genres Tell great stories: go way beyond cutscenes and text dumps Control the crucial relationships between game “verbs” and “objects” Wield the full power of development, conflict, climax, and resolution Shape scenes, pacing, and player choices Deepen context via art, animation, music, and sound Help players discover, understand, engage, and “talk back” to you Effectively use resistance and difficulty: the “push and pull” of games Design holistically: integrate visuals, audio, and controls Communicate a design vision everyone can understand

Retrogame Archeology

Author : John Aycock

ISBN10 : 3319300040

Publisher : Springer

Number of Pages : 222

Category : Computers

Viewed : 411


Book Summary: Drawing on extensive research, this book explores the techniques that old computer games used to run on tightly-constrained platforms. Retrogame developers faced incredible challenges of limited space, computing power, rudimentary tools, and the lack of homogeneous environments. Using examples from over 100 retrogames, this book examines the clever implementation tricks that game designers employed to make their creations possible, documenting these techniques that are being lost. However, these retrogame techniques have modern analogues and applications in general computer systems, not just games, and this book makes these contemporary connections. It also uses retrogames' implementation to introduce a wide variety of topics in computer systems including memory management, interpretation, data compression, procedural content generation, and software protection. Retrogame Archeology targets professionals and advanced-level students in computer science, engineering, and mathematics but would also be of interest to retrogame enthusiasts, computer historians, and game studies researchers in the humanities.

Vintage Game Consoles

Author : Bill Loguidice,Matt Barton

ISBN10 : 1135006504

Publisher : CRC Press

Number of Pages : 368

Category : Games & Activities

Viewed : 470


Book Summary: Vintage Game Consoles tells the story of the most influential videogame platforms of all time, including the Apple II, Commodore 64, Nintendo Entertainment System, Game Boy, Sega Genesis, Sony PlayStation, and many more. It uncovers the details behind the consoles, computers, handhelds, and arcade machines that made videogames possible. Drawing on extensive research and the authors’ own lifelong experience with videogames, Vintage Game Consoles explores each system’s development, history, fan community, its most important games, and information for collectors and emulation enthusiasts. It also features hundreds of exclusive full-color screenshots and images that help bring each system’s unique story to life. Vintage Game Consoles is the ideal book for gamers, students, and professionals who want to know the story behind their favorite computers, handhelds, and consoles, without forgetting about why they play in the first place – the fun! Bill Loguidice is a critically acclaimed technology author who has worked on over a dozen books, including CoCo: The Colorful History of Tandy’s Underdog Computer, written with Boisy G. Pitre. He’s also the co-founder and Managing Director for the popular Website, Armchair Arcade. A noted videogame and computer historian and subject matter expert, Bill personally owns and maintains well over 400 different systems from the 1970s to the present day, including a large volume of associated materials. Matt Barton is an associate professor of English at Saint Cloud State University in Saint Cloud, Minnesota, where he lives with his wife Elizabeth. He’s the producer of the "Matt Chat," a weekly YouTube series featuring in-depth interviews with notable game developers. In addition to the original Vintage Games, which he co-authored with Bill, he’s author of Dungeons & Desktops: The History of Computer Role-Playing Games and Honoring the Code: Conversations with Great Game Designers.

The Medium of the Video Game

Author : Mark J. P. Wolf

ISBN10 : 0292786646

Publisher : University of Texas Press

Number of Pages : 223

Category : Games & Activities

Viewed : 1965


Book Summary: Over a mere three decades, the video game has become the entertainment medium of choice for millions of people, who now spend more time in the interactive virtual world of games than they do in watching movies or even television. The release of new games or game-playing equipment, such as the PlayStation 2, generates great excitement and even buying frenzies. Yet, until now, this giant on the popular culture landscape has received little in-depth study or analysis. In this book, Mark J. P. Wolf and four other scholars conduct the first thorough investigation of the video game as an artistic medium. The book begins with an attempt to define what is meant by the term "video game" and the variety of modes of production within the medium. It moves on to a brief history of the video game, then applies the tools of film studies to look at the medium in terms of the formal aspects of space, time, narrative, and genre. The book also considers the video game as a cultural entity, object of museum curation, and repository of psychological archetypes. It closes with a list of video game research resources for further study.

Animation, Embodiment, and Digital Media

Author : K. Chow

ISBN10 : 1137283084

Publisher : Springer

Number of Pages : 204

Category : Computers

Viewed : 1972


Book Summary: Animation, Embodiment and Digital Media articulates the human experience of technology-mediated animated phenomena in terms of sensory perception, bodily action and imaginative interpretation, suggesting a new theoretical framework with analyses of exemplary user interfaces, video games and interactive artworks.

Dear Lupin

Author : Roger Mortimer,Charlie Mortimer

ISBN10 : 1250038502

Publisher : Macmillan

Number of Pages : 208

Category : Biography & Autobiography

Viewed : 1056


Book Summary: "Among the funniest [letters] ever dispatched in the vain hope of steering a black sheep onto something like the straight and narrow." —The Wall Street Journal Nostalgic, witty, and original, Dear Lupin by Roger Mortimer and Charlie Mortimer tracks the entire correspondence between a father and his only son. When the book begins, Charlie, the son, is studying at Eton, although the studying itself is not a priority, much to his father's chagrin. After Charlie graduates and moves from South America to Africa and eventually back to London, Roger continues to write regularly, offering advice (which is rarely heeded) as well as humorous updates from home ("Your mother has had the flu. Her little plan to give up spirits for Lent lasted three and a half days"). Roger's letters range from reproachful ("You may think it mildly amusing to be caught poaching in the park; I would consider it more hilarious if you were not living on the knife edge") to resigned ("I am very fond of you, but you do drive me round the bend"), but his correspondence is always filled with warmth, humor, and wisdom that offers unique insight into the relationship between father and son.

Artificial Intelligence and Games

Author : Georgios N. Yannakakis,Julian Togelius

ISBN10 : 3319635190

Publisher : Springer

Number of Pages : 337

Category : Computers

Viewed : 458


Book Summary: This is the first textbook dedicated to explaining how artificial intelligence (AI) techniques can be used in and for games. After introductory chapters that explain the background and key techniques in AI and games, the authors explain how to use AI to play games, to generate content for games and to model players. The book will be suitable for undergraduate and graduate courses in games, artificial intelligence, design, human-computer interaction, and computational intelligence, and also for self-study by industrial game developers and practitioners. The authors have developed a website (http://www.gameaibook.org) that complements the material covered in the book with up-to-date exercises, lecture slides and reading.

Innovation and Marketing in the Video Game Industry

Author : David Wesley,Gloria Barczak

ISBN10 : 1317116496

Publisher : CRC Press

Number of Pages : 280

Category : Business & Economics

Viewed : 969


Book Summary: Video games have had a greater impact on our society than almost any other leisure activity. They not only consume a large portion of our free time, they influence cultural trends, drive microprocessor development, and help train pilots and soldiers. Now, with the Nintendo Wii and DS, they are helping people stay fit, facilitating rehabilitation, and creating new learning opportunities. Innovation has played a major role in the long term success of the video game industry, as software developers and hardware engineers attempt to design products that meet the needs of ever widening segments of the population. At the same time, companies with the most advanced products are often proving to be less successful than their competitors. Innovation and Marketing in the Video Game Industry identifies patterns that will help engineers, developers, and marketing executives to formulate better business strategies and successfully bring new products to market. Readers will also discover how some video game companies are challenging normal industry rules by using radical innovations to attract new customers. Finally, this revealing book sheds light on why some innovations have attracted legions of followers among populations that have never before been viewed as gamers, including parents and senior citizens and how video games have come to be used in a variety of socially beneficial ways. David Wesley and Gloria Barczak's comparison of product features, marketing strategies, and the supply chain will appeal to marketing professionals, business managers, and product design engineers in technology intensive industries, to government officials who are under increasing pressure to understand and regulate video games, and to anyone who wants to understand the inner workings of one of the most important industries to emerge in modern times. In addition, as video games become an ever more pervasive aspect of media entertainment, managers from companies of all stripes need to understand video gaming as a way to reach potential customers.

Fun with Algorithms

Author : Evangelos Kranakis,DANNY KRIZANC,Flaminia Luccio

ISBN10 : 3642303471

Publisher : Springer

Number of Pages : 397

Category : Computers

Viewed : 1357


Book Summary: This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 6th International Conference, FUN 2012, held in June 2012 in Venice, Italy. The 34 revised full papers were carefully reviewed and selected from 56 submissions. They feature a large variety of topics in the field of the use, design, and analysis of algorithms and data structures, focusing on results that provide amusing, witty but nonetheless original and scientifically profound contributions to the area.

Samantha Spinner and the Super-Secret Plans

Author : Russell Ginns

ISBN10 : 152472002X

Publisher : Delacorte Books for Young Readers

Number of Pages : 256

Category : Juvenile Fiction

Viewed : 1408


Book Summary: Get ready for round-the-world adventure with Sam Spinner and her brother Nipper in the first book in a new hilarious, puzzle-packed series filled with super-secret messages! Perfect for fans of Escape From Mr. Lemoncello's Library and classics like Holes. Samantha Spinner's uncle Paul disappeared, and here's what he left: * Samantha's sister got a check for $2,400,000,000. * Samantha's brother got the New York Yankees. * And Samantha got a rusty red umbrella with a tag hanging off its worn handle. The tag says "Watch out for the RAIN." Thanks a lot, Uncle Paul. After all the strawberry waffles, stories, and puzzles they've shared, how could he just leave without saying goodbye? And what is the meaning of that mysterious message? The answer is simple. Sam knows in her heart that Uncle Paul is in danger. And if he taught her anything, it's that not everything is exactly what it seems. Which is why we should pay close attention to that rusty red umbrella, and never trust a monkey at a hula-hoop contest. The RAIN is coming and Samantha Spinner is about to find herself mixed up in some super-important, super-dangerous, super-secret plans. Praise for Samantha Spinner and the Super Secret Plans: "A winning mix of fast-paced action, fascinating facts, bathroom humor, and hidden puzzles...[that is] sure to please action-loving middle-grade readers." --Kirkus Reviews "Full of adventure and survival,...[and with] characters [that] are likable, realistic, and well rounded...[Samantha Spinner and the Super Secret Plans is] great for [readers of] series like The 39 Clues." --School Library Journal

The Minds Behind the Games

Author : Patrick Hickey, Jr.

ISBN10 : 1476631239

Publisher : McFarland

Number of Pages : 216

Category : Games & Activities

Viewed : 1959


Book Summary: Featuring interviews with the creators of 36 popular video games—including Deus Ex, Night Trap, Mortal Kombat, Wasteland and NBA Jam—this book gives a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of some of the most influential and iconic (and sometimes forgotten) games of all time. Recounting endless hours of painstaking development, the challenges of working with mega publishers and the uncertainties of public reception, the interviewees reveal the creative processes that produced some of gaming’s classic titles.

Chaos of the Senses

Author : Ahlem Mosteghanemi

ISBN10 : 1408857294

Publisher : Bloomsbury Publishing

Number of Pages : 320

Category : Fiction

Viewed : 1043


Book Summary: 'Love always sits in a seat other than the one we were expecting it to, right alongside the place where we expected love to be' In the midst of the Algerian civil war, Hayat is a young novelist trapped in a loveless marriage. While her husband, a high-ranking officer, preoccupies himself with politics, Hayat finds freedom from her highly regimented life in the world of her writing. There she weaves a passionate story for her characters. But the line between fiction and reality blurs when she falls for a man who seems to have walked straight out of the pages of her notebook, a man who seduces her, instead of her heroine, with his silence. As love on paper becomes a forbidden love lived out in the dark corners of a broken city, Hayat's country convulses with political upheaval. In a place where those who dare to write the truth are made to pay a heavy price, she and her characters will discover that no one can truly be the author of their own destiny. The second novel in the international bestselling trilogy from 'the literary phenomenon' (Elle), Ahlem Mosteghanemi, Chaos of the Senses is a powerful story of love, identity and liberation.

C++ Game Development By Example

Author : Siddharth Shekar

ISBN10 : 1789537347

Publisher : Packt Publishing Ltd

Number of Pages : 420

Category : Computers

Viewed : 441


Book Summary: Explore modern game programming and rendering techniques to build games using C++ programming language and its popular libraries Key Features Learn how you can build basic 2D and complex 3D games with C++ Understand shadows, texturing, lighting, and rendering in 3D game development using OpenGL Uncover modern graphics programming techniques and GPU compute methods using the Vulkan API Book Description Although numerous languages are currently being used to develop games, C++ remains the standard for fabricating expert libraries and tool chains for game development. This book introduces you to the world of game development with C++. C++ Game Development By Example starts by touching upon the basic concepts of math, programming, and computer graphics and creating a simple side-scrolling action 2D game. You'll build a solid foundation by studying basic game concepts such as creating game loops, rendering 2D game scenes using SFML, 2D sprite creation and animation, and collision detection. The book will help you advance to creating a 3D physics puzzle game using modern OpenGL and the Bullet physics engine. You'll understand the graphics pipeline, which entails creating 3D objects using vertex and index buffers and rendering them to the scene using vertex and fragment shaders. Finally, you'll create a basic project using the Vulkan library that'll help you get to grips with creating swap chains, image views, render passes, and frame buffers for building high-performance graphics in your games. By the end of this book, you’ll be ready with 3 compelling projects created with SFML, the Vulkan API, and OpenGL, and you'll be able take your game and graphics programming skills to the next level. What you will learn Understand shaders and how to write a basic vertex and fragment shader Build a Visual Studio project and add SFML to it Discover how to create sprite animations and a game character class Add sound effects and background music to your game Grasp how to integrate Vulkan into Visual Studio Create shaders and convert them to the SPIR-V binary format Who this book is for If you’re a developer keen to learn game development with C++ or get up to date with game development, this book is for you. Some knowledge of C++ programming is assumed.

Android App開發者必修16堂課:最強範例!經典得獎程式碼完全解析

Author : 趙令文

ISBN10 : 9861993983

Publisher : PCuSER電腦人

Number of Pages : N.A

Category : Computers

Viewed : 708


Book Summary: ※電子書不附範例檔案。 名家解說一看就懂!幫助程式初學者立即進入狀況。 真正實例參照!程式設計者馬上取得想要的功能模組。 別再複製貼上了!學習完整的開發觀念,才能開發完整的App專案。 本書搶先介紹Google Maps V3導入Android開發應用! 最完整詳盡介紹Android+Web Server+SQL Server的互動結合! 經典、熱門、得獎專案範例全公開! 1、BombKing炸彈超人(Google play休閒遊戲百大熱門) 2、BradSignature個性簽名板 3、BricksFighter磚塊王(2012中華電信優勝) 4、LodeRunner掏金沙(2012中區國稅局佳作) 5、RunnerMapEditor掏金沙關卡編輯器 6、BradSnackSnake點心蛇

The A-Z of Atari 8-bit Games: Volume 1

Author : Kieren Hawken

ISBN10 : 1785386913

Publisher : Andrews UK Limited

Number of Pages : 192

Category : Games & Activities

Viewed : 1685


Book Summary: The A-Z of Atari 8-bit Games: Volume 1 features reviews of three different games for each letter of the alphabet. The games range from the very earliest releases in the late 70s to the modern homebrew games of today. This book shows you just how diverse the library of titles is for the Atari 8-bit computers and how it became one of the popular computers of all time.

The A-Z of Atari ST Games: Volume 2

Author : Kieren Hawken

ISBN10 : 1785389122

Publisher : Andrews UK Limited

Number of Pages : 193

Category : Games & Activities

Viewed : 567


Book Summary: The A-Z of Atari ST Games: Volume 2 features reviews of three different games for each letter of the alphabet. The games range from the very earliest releases in the mid 80s to the modern homebrew games of today. This book shows you just how diverse the library of titles is for the Atari ST range and how it became one of the most popular home computers of all time.

The A-Z of Colecovision Games: Volume 1

Author : Kieren Hawken

ISBN10 : 1785387219

Publisher : Andrews UK Limited

Number of Pages : 188

Category : Games & Activities

Viewed : 769


Book Summary: The A-Z of ColecoVision Games features reviews of three different games for each letter of the alphabet. The games range from the very earliest releases in the mid-eighties to the modern homebrew games of today. This book shows you just how diverse the library of titles is for the ColecoVision and how it’s become one of the most collectable consoles out there.