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The Infinite Longing for Home

Author : ,

ISBN10 : 9042016779

Publisher : Rodopi

Number of Pages : 226

Category : Literary Criticism

Viewed : 1864


Book Summary: The Infinite Longing for Homeis a groundbreaking study of Ben Okri's and K.S. Maniam's literary problematization of 'home' in relation to subjectivity and the nation within and beyond the context of Nigeria and Malaysia. Drawing on Lacan, Žižek, Laclau and Mouffe, and weaving through history, politics, philosophy and literature, this book critically examines the motives and means by which peoples forced to live together in a country love and hate each other, and overlook the truths about themselves, their actions and beliefs. It looks into why some embrace heterogeneity and open-endedness while others are internally compelled to over-identify passionately with their religion and race, and to posit theirs as irreducibly distinct from and superior to others'. The Infinite Longing for Homealso traces through Okri's and Maniam's writings a way out of today's political aporia, a path to the re-creation of a new society humbled and unified by the recognition of its participation in flawed humanity.

The Longing for Home

Author : Frederick Buechner

ISBN10 : 0061748633

Publisher : Harper Collins

Number of Pages : 192

Category : Religion

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Book Summary: In this deeply moving book of reflection and recollection, Frederick Buechner once again draws us into his deeply textured life and experience to illuminate our own understanding of home as both our place of origin and our ultimate destination. For Frederick Buechner, the meaning of home is twofold: the home we remember and the home we dream. As a word, it not only recalls the place that we grew up in and that had much to do with the people we eventually became, but also points ahead to the home that, in faith, we believe awaits us at life's end. Writing at the approach of his seventieth birthday, he describes, both in prose and in a group of poems, the one particular house that was most precious to him as a child, the books he read there, and the people he loved there. He speaks also of the lifelong search we are all engaged in to make a new home for ourselves and for our families, which is at the same time a search to find something like the wholeness and comfort of home with ourselves. As he turns his attention to our dreams of the heavenly home still to come, he sees it as both hallowing and fulfilling the charity and the peach of our original home. Writing with warmth, wisdom, and compelling eloquence, Frederick Buechner once again enables us to see more deeply into the secret places of our hearts. The Longing for Home will help to bring clarity and guidance to anyone who searches for meaning in a world that all too often seems meaningless.

Longing for Home

Author : M. Jan Holton

ISBN10 : 0300220790

Publisher : Yale University Press

Number of Pages : 224

Category : Social Science

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Book Summary: What is it about the concept of “home” that makes its loss so profound and devastating, and how should the trauma of exile and alienation be approached theologically? M. Jan Holton examines the psychological, social, and theological impact of forced displacement on communities in the Congo and South Sudan and on indigenous Batwa tribespersons in Uganda, as well as on homeless U.S. citizens and on U.S. soldiers returning from the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. She draws on ethnographic work in Africa, extensive research in practical theology, sociology, and psychology, as well as on professional work and personal experiences in America and abroad. In doing so she explores how forced displacement disrupts one’s connection with the home place and the profound characteristics it fosters that can help people lean toward flourishing spiritually and psychologically throughout their lifetime. Displacement invites a social alienation that can become deeply institutionalized, threatening the moral well being of us all. Longing For Home offers a frame for understanding how communities can respond to refugees and various homeless populations by cultivating hospitality outside of their own comfort zones. This essential study addresses an urgent interreligious global concern and Holton’s thoughtful and compelling work offers a constructive model for a sustained practical response.

Longing for Home and Other Short Stories

Author : Jay Thomas Willis

ISBN10 : 166320330X

Publisher : iUniverse

Number of Pages : 208

Category : Fiction

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Book Summary: I have written this book of eighteen short stories. A representation of my longing for the past, yet I realize one can never go back into the past. Each story contains approximately 2,500 words. They will take all of us back into our own private past. They imply that you can never go back home; because, home will be different after all these years. But in some cases, home can be better than it was at one time, if you can afford to add modifications to your environment. You will thoroughly enjoy and be well entertained.

Longing for Home

Author : Kathryn Springer

ISBN10 : 1459219872

Publisher : Harlequin

Number of Pages : 224

Category : Fiction

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Book Summary: It seems like the perfect solution: hotel mogul Alex Porter will manage his sister's small-town bed-and-breakfast while she honeymoons. But he gets more than he bargained for when he finds himself clashing with feisty café owner Kate Nichols. Suddenly he's organizing church outings and playing surrogate dad to the foster children Kate takes in. Alex is used to taking charge—but not like this! If he isn't careful, this big-city executive just might lose his heart to Mirror Lake's favorite hometown girl.


Author : Ryan Hediger

ISBN10 : 1452959390

Publisher : U of Minnesota Press

Number of Pages : 352

Category : Literary Criticism

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Book Summary: Introducing a posthumanist concept of nostalgia to analyze steadily widening themes of animality, home, travel, slavery, shopping, and war in U.S. literature after 1945 In the Anthropocene, as climate change renders environments less stable, the human desire for place underscores the weakness of the individual in the face of the world. In this book, Ryan Hediger introduces a distinctive notion of homesickness, one in which the longing for place demonstrates not only human vulnerability but also intersubjectivity beyond the human. Arguing that this feeling is unavoidable and characteristically posthumanist, Hediger studies the complex mix of attitudes toward home, the homely, and the familiar in an age of resurgent cosmopolitanism, especially eco-cosmopolitanism. Homesickness closely examines U.S. literature mostly after 1945, including prominent writers such as Annie Proulx, Marilynne Robinson, and Ernest Hemingway, in light of the challenges and themes of the Anthropocene. Hediger argues that our desire for home is shorthand for a set of important hopes worth defending—serious and genuine relationships to places and their biotic regimes and landforms; membership in vital cultures, human and nonhuman; resistance to capital-infused forms of globalization that flatten differences and turn life and place into mere resources. Our homesickness, according to Hediger, is inevitable because the self is necessarily constructed with reference to the material past. Therefore, homesickness is not something to dismiss as nostalgic or reactionary but is rather a structure of feeling to come to terms with and even to cultivate. Recasting an expansive range of fields through the lens of homesickness—from ecocriticism to animal studies and disability studies, (eco)philosophy to posthumanist theory—Homesickness speaks not only to the desire for a physical structure or place but also to a wide range of longings and dislocations, including those related to subjectivity, memory, bodies, literary form, and language.

The Longing for Less

Author : Kyle Chayka

ISBN10 : 1635572118

Publisher : Bloomsbury Publishing USA

Number of Pages : 272

Category : House & Home

Viewed : 1586


Book Summary: New York Times Book Review Editor's Choice "More than just a story of an abiding cultural preoccupation, The Longing For Less peels back the commodified husk of minimalism to reveal something surprising and thoroughly alive." -Jenny Odell, author of How to Do Nothing “Less is more”: Everywhere we hear the mantra. Marie Kondo and other decluttering gurus promise that shedding our stuff will solve our problems. We commit to cleanse diets and strive for inbox zero. Amid the frantic pace and distraction of everyday life, we covet silence-and airy, Instagrammable spaces in which to enjoy it. The popular term for this brand of upscale austerity, “minimalism,” has mostly come to stand for things to buy and consume. But minimalism has richer, deeper, and altogether more valuable gifts to offer. Kyle Chayka is one of our sharpest cultural observers. After spending years covering minimalist trends for leading publications, he now delves beneath this lifestyle's glossy surface, seeking better ways to claim the time and space we crave. He shows that our longing for less goes back further than we realize. His search leads him to the philosophical and spiritual origins of minimalism, and to the stories of artists such as Agnes Martin and Donald Judd; composers such as John Cage and Julius Eastman; architects and designers; visionaries and misfits. As Chayka looks anew at their extraordinary lives and explores the places where they worked-from Manhattan lofts to the Texas high desert and the back alleys of Kyoto-he reminds us that what we most require is presence, not absence. The result is an elegant new synthesis of our minimalist desires and our profound emotional needs.

Home Matters

Author : R. Rubenstein

ISBN10 : 0312299753

Publisher : Springer

Number of Pages : 210

Category : Fiction

Viewed : 1378


Book Summary: Despite its typically regressive associations with homesickness, the longing associated with nostalgia may also function progressively as a vehicle for imaginatively 'fixing' the past in two senses: securing and mending or repairing. Considering fiction by two British and six American women writers of different generations and ethnicities, this study explores tensions between home and exile, insider and outsider, longing and belonging, loss and recovery. Rubenstein argues that nostalgia functions narratively as a strategy for interrogating not only notions of home, homesickness, and homeland but also cultural historical dislocation, aging, and moral responsibility. These narratives re-frame a significant locus of concern in contemporary (female) experience: personal and/or cultural dis-placement and longing for home are ultimately transmuted - imaginatively, at least - by a restorative vision that enables healing and emotional repair.

Longing for Home

Author : Jeong In-taek

ISBN10 : 8993360537

Publisher : Literature Translation Institute of Korea

Number of Pages : 20

Category : Literary Collections

Viewed : 1881


Book Summary: An ailing young writer falls in love with the kind, brave Yumie in Tokyo. Yumie moves to Seoul to be with the writer, but refuses to marry him without her family’s approval. Her family in Tokyo, whom she’d been the sole provider for, sends her a long, tearful letter detailing their troubles since her departure. The dutiful Yumie returns to Tokyo to look after her family, but promises the young writer that she would return before the spring of the following year. The young writer’s health quickly worsens as he eagerly awaits Yumie’s return.

Antiemetic for Homesickness

Author : Romalyn Ante

ISBN10 : 1473566967

Publisher : Random House

Number of Pages : 96

Category : Poetry

Viewed : 1951


Book Summary: *Longlisted for the Swansea University Dylan Thomas prize 2021* *Longlisted for the Jhalak Prize 2021* *An Irish Times and Poetry School Book of the Year 2020* 'A day will come when you won't miss the country na nagluwal sa 'yo.' - 'Antiemetic for Homesickness' The poems in Romalyn Ante's luminous debut build a bridge between two worlds: journeying from the country 'na nagluwal sa 'yo' - that gave birth to you - to a new life in the United Kingdom. Steeped in the richness of Filipino folklore, and studded with Tagalog, these poems speak of the ache of assimilation and the complexities of belonging, telling the stories of generations of migrants who find exile through employment - through the voices of the mothers who leave and the children who are left behind. With dazzling formal dexterity and emotional resonance, this expansive debut offers a unique perspective on family, colonialism, homeland and heritage: from the countries we carry with us, to the places we call home. 'Moving, witty and agile' Observer 'By turns playful and tender, offering a formally-various exploration of migration, community, and nursing... there is honesty, musicality, a powerful heart' Irish Times


Author : Jenna Woginrich

ISBN10 : 1603427759

Publisher : Storey Publishing

Number of Pages : 184

Category : Biography & Autobiography

Viewed : 456


Book Summary: With humor and poise, Jenna Woginrich describes her adventurous self-education in homesteading. Poignant offbeat observations on learning to farm by trial and error punctuate the story of her quest to find a permanent home for herself and her livestock: chickens, geese, sheep, ducks, rabbits, a goat, and a turkey. Alone and on a shoestring budget, Woginrich takes on cranky neighbors and small-town politics without ever losing her trademark humility or comedic style.


Author : Carlos Rojas

ISBN10 : 0674286979

Publisher : Harvard University Press

Number of Pages : N.A

Category : Literary Criticism

Viewed : 1154


Book Summary: Carlos Rojas focuses on the trope of “homesickness” in China—discomfort caused not by a longing for home but by excessive proximity to it. This inverse homesickness marks a process of movement away from the home, conceived of as spaces associated with the nation, family, and individual body, and gives rise to the possibility of long-term health.


Author : Elyse Fitzpatrick

ISBN10 : 1441230440

Publisher : Baker Books

Number of Pages : 240

Category : Religion

Viewed : 824


Book Summary: Heaven Is the Home You've Been Waiting For In this world of fear, trials, and loneliness we often feel adrift--like we're still searching for a place where we can truly make ourselves at home. There's a longing for something more, something that makes us feel like we belong, something that resonates perfectly with who we were made to be. This longing is no small thing to be brushed off and forgotten--it's a guidepost letting us know we were made for another world. Earth is not our home. But it's close. What we long for is the new earth, the place God has been preparing for our eternity with him. In Home, Elyse Fitzpatrick explores heaven and the afterlife, demonstrating that our final destination is not some dull, featureless space in the clouds, but rather a perfected earth. It's a real, physical place that we'll explore with real bodies. A place of beauty and wonder and free of all death and decay. No need to chase a bucket list. On the new earth there will be no end of glorious sites and amazing activities, and we'll never run out of time to do them all. Includes questions for group discussion.

The Book of Unknown Americans

Author : Cristina Henríquez

ISBN10 : 0385680740

Publisher : Bond Street Books

Number of Pages : 320

Category : Fiction

Viewed : 902


Book Summary: A dazzling, heartbreaking page-turner destined for breakout status: a novel that gives voice to millions of Americans as it tells the story of the love between a Panamanian boy and a Mexican girl: teenagers living in an apartment block of immigrant families like their own. After their daughter Maribel suffers a near-fatal accident, the Riveras leave Mexico and come to America. But upon settling at Redwood Apartments, a two-storey cinderblock complex just off a highway in Delaware, they discover that Maribel's recovery--the piece of the American Dream on which they've pinned all their hopes--will not be easy. Every task seems to confront them with language, racial and cultural obstacles. At Redwood also lives Mayor Toro, a high school sophomore whose family arrived from Panama fifteen years ago. Mayor sees in Maribel something others do not: that beyond her lovely face, and beneath the damage she's sustained, is a gentle, funny and wise spirit. But as the two grow closer, violence casts a shadow over all their futures in America. Peopled with deeply sympathetic characters, the novel unfolds during a single transformative year, telling a riveting and poignant story of unflinching honesty and humanity and an unforgettable, wholly unsentimental tale of young love; and offering a new, resonant definition of what it means to be an American. An instant classic is born.

Longing For Home

Author : R.K

ISBN10 : 6233380596

Publisher : CV Jejak (Jejak Publisher)

Number of Pages : 300

Category : Antiques & Collectibles

Viewed : 1063


Book Summary: Rainata Harus meninggalkan orang yang kita cintai demi kebahagiaan orang lain bukanlah hal yang mudah. Tapi aku melakukan itu. Dan itu semua hanya karena aku tidak ingin apa yang aku alami dulu di alami oleh bayi mungil yang tidak bersalah itu. Bayi yang hadir karena kesalahan orang tuanya. Aku tahu, keputusan ini sepihak. Maafkan aku Ethan. Ethan Ditinggalkan begitu saja oleh wanita yang kita cintai bukanlah hal yang mudah. Apalagi kalau ditinggal hanya dengan secarik kertas. Rasanya terlalu menyakitkan. Seribu pertanyaan bermain-main dikepala Ethan, kenapa, kenapa dan kenapa. Sampai akhirnya dia berada di sebuah titik yang memaksanya berpikir bahwa dia telah dikhianati. Sejak saat itu dia membenci Raina tapi juga mencintainya. Menyibukkan dirinya di dalam pekerjaan adalah caranya melupakan Raina. Sampai pada suatu saat, takdir mempertemukan mereka dan meruntuhkan semuanya.

The Philosopher Responds

Author : Abu Hayyan al-Tawhidi,Abu 'Ali Miskawayh

ISBN10 : 1479886998

Publisher : NYU Press

Number of Pages : N.A

Category : Philosophy

Viewed : 1168


Book Summary: Questions and answers from two great philosophers Why is laughter contagious? Why do mountains exist? Why do we long for the past, even if it is scarred by suffering? Spanning a vast array of subjects that range from the philosophical to the theological, from the philological to the scientific, The Philosopher Responds is the record of a set of questions put by the litterateur Abu Hayyan al-Tawhidi to the philosopher and historian Abu 'Ali Miskawayh. Both figures were foremost contributors to the remarkable flowering of cultural and intellectual life that took place in the Islamic world during the reign of the Buyid dynasty in the fourth/tenth century. The correspondence between al-Tawhidi and Miskawayh holds a mirror to many of the debates and preoccupations of the time and reflects the spirit of rationalistic inquiry that animated their era. It also provides insight into the intellectual outlooks of two thinkers who were divided as much by their distinctive temperaments as by the very different trajectories of their professional careers. Alternately whimsical and tragic, wondering and brooding, trivial and profound, al-Tawhidi’s questions provoke an interaction as interesting in its spiritedness as in its content. This new edition of The Philosopher Responds is accompanied by the first full-length English translation of this important text, bringing this interaction to life for the English reader.

Longing for Nothingness

Author : Andrew Stein

ISBN10 : 9780765707253

Publisher : Jason Aronson

Number of Pages : 194

Category : Psychology

Viewed : 1564


Book Summary: Longing for Nothingness demonstrates how conflict between a life and death drive structures desire and the formation of the symptom and how this conceptual framework can be used to treat men and women in the nursing home. In the process, Andrew Stein presents a surprising and novel reading of such important psychoanalytic thinkers as Sigmund Freud, Jacques Lacan, and Melanie Klein.

Longing for Running Water

Author : Ivone Gebara

ISBN10 : 9781451409901

Publisher : Fortress Press

Number of Pages : 240

Category : Social Science

Viewed : 1463


Book Summary: Gebara's succinct yet moving statement of her principles of ecofeminism shows how intertwined are the tarnished environment around her and the poverty that afflicts her neighbors. From her experiences with the Brazilian poor women's movement she develops a gritty urban ecofeminism and indeed articulates a whole worldview. She shows how the connections between Western thought, partriachal Christianity, and environmental destruction necessitate personal conversion to "an new relationship with the earth and with the entire cosmos."

Longing for Daddy

Author : Monique Robinson

ISBN10 : 0307457532

Publisher : WaterBrook

Number of Pages : 208

Category : Religion

Viewed : 914


Book Summary: Where Was Daddy When You Needed Him? The absence of fathers is an epidemic plaguing our society, affecting families from every corner of our world and from all walks of life. Whether our fathers left us entirely during our childhood or were physically present but emotionally distant, those who missed out on an affirming, intimate father-love continue to experience the devastating consequences of that loss. • Are you angry at the world and don’t know why? • Do you inadvertently sabotage relationships or smother those closest to you? • Do you rarely take risks or step out on faith? • Is there an undercurrent of anxiety in most tasks you perform? • Do you struggle to connect with God? • Do you have little or no self-confidence–or minimal self-worth? For women who answer yes to these questions, the common denominator is often an absent father. Far too many daughters have been stripped of a healthy relationship with their earthly dad. But real healing is within your reach. Discover how the absence of your father has impacted your entire life–your attitude, your actions, your beliefs, your decisions, and your identity–and learn how you can stop resulting negative behaviors, beak free, and experience a confidence-building, empowering love that will heal your hurts and fulfill your deepest longings.