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The Miracle Equation

Author : Hal Elrod

ISBN10 : 1984823728

Publisher : Harmony

Number of Pages : 256

Category : Self-Help

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Book Summary: The bestselling author of The Miracle Morning shares the secret to unlocking your full potential—all day, every day. “A simple, proven formula for creating extraordinary results in your life.”—Lewis Howes, New York Times bestselling author of The School of Greatness Even after the incredible success of his book The Miracle Morning, Hal Elrod realized that he still had more to share with the world. What he had discovered was a timeless but overlooked formula for success. The world’s top achievers have used it for centuries. He used it to thrive against seemingly insurmountable odds, from overcoming life-threatening health challenges to near financial collapse. That formula is The Miracle Equation, and it couldn’t be any simpler: Unwavering Faith + Extraordinary Effort = Miracles By establishing and maintaining Unwavering Faith that you can achieve anything you desire, and then putting forth Extraordinary Effort until you do, you’ll create results beyond what you believe to be possible. In The Miracle Equation, you’ll learn how to • Replace fear with faith • Move from resistance to acceptance • Let go of negative emotions • Turn off your stress response • Overcome your limitations to unlock your limitless potential • Develop emotional invincibility • Grow from happiness, which is fleeting, to inner peace, which is lasting And with the Miracle Equation 30-Day Challenge to guide your way, you’ll create a step-by-step plan to actualize your miracles and become the person you need to be in order to succeed. No goal is out of reach! Praise for The Miracle Equation “The Miracle Equation isn’t just a book, it’s the formula that I myself have used to achieve greatness beyond what I ever believed was possible. Hal Elrod has taken the mystery out of miracles and gives you a simple, proven formula for creating extraordinary results in your life. Highly recommended.”—Lewis Howes, New York Times bestselling author of The School of Greatness "You're only two decisions away from achieving everything you want. And my friend, Hal Elrod, has simplified these two decisions into a simple equation for achieving results. Follow it, and your success is virtually guaranteed. If you want your biggest goals to move from possible, to probable, to inevitable, you better read The Miracle Equation."—Mel Robbins, bestselling author of The 5-Second Rule

THE MIRACLE MORNING - Summarized for Busy People

Author : Goldmine Reads

ISBN10 :

Publisher : Goldmine Reads

Number of Pages : 54

Category : Business & Economics

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Book Summary: This book summary and analysis was created for individuals who want to extract the essential contents and are too busy to go through the full version. This book is not intended to replace the original book. Instead, we highly encourage you to buy the full version. Regarded as “one of the most life-changing books written,” The Miracle Morning takes only the simplest approach to live the life you deserve. What if you could wake up tomorrow and you’re finally living the life that you want? It can happen when you put the necessary effort into making it happen. The Miracle Morning provides the practices that are done by the most successful people around the globe—this morning routine has transformed the lives thousands of people around the world and this is done simply by waking up each day with more ENERGY, MOTIVATION, and FOCUS to take life by the reins and push forward. The next chapter of your life is more than what you have imagined possible. Wake up and accept your full potential! Wait no more, take action and get this book now!

The Likeability Factor

Author : Tim Sanders

ISBN10 : 0307237753

Publisher : Harmony

Number of Pages : 224

Category : Self-Help

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Book Summary: Are you wondering how you can improve your relationships with your friends and family? Are you curious how to get or keep the job of your dreams? Do you want to become a more popular person? This book will show you how to do all that by raising your likeability factor—or how much other people like you. After all, life is a series of popularity contests. The choices other people make about you determine your health, wealth, and happiness. And decades of research prove that people choose who they like. They vote for them, they buy from them, they marry them, and they spend precious time with them. The good news is that you can arm yourself for the contest and win life’s battles for preference. How? By being likeable. The more you are liked—or the higher your likeability factor—the happier your life will be. This book will show you how to raise that likeability factor by teaching you how to boost four critical elements of your personality: •Friendliness: your ability to communicate liking and openness to others •Relevance: your capacity to connect with others’ interests, wants, and needs •Empathy: your ability to recognize, acknowledge, and experience other people’s feelings •Realness: the integrity that stands behind your likeability and guarantees its authenticity What happens when you improve in these areas and boost your likeability factor? •You bring out the best in others •You survive life’s challenges •You have better health—and even improve others’ health, too •You outperform in your daily roles •You win the popularity contests that define your life Join me for a few hours and I’ll share the results of hundreds of thousands of pages of research, numerous seminars, and hundreds of interviews with people just like you! Together let’s build our likeability factor and improve our lives! Also available as a Random House AudioBook

Extended Summary Of The Miracle Morning: The Not-So-Obvious Secret Guaranteed to Transform Your Life (Before 8AM) – Based On The Book By Hal Elrod

Author : Mentors Library

ISBN10 :

Publisher : Libros Mentores via PublishDrive

Number of Pages : 57

Category : Study Aids

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Book Summary: Extended Summary Of The Miracle Morning: The Not-So-Obvious Secret Guaranteed to Transform Your Life (Before 8AM) – Based On The Book By Hal Elrod Do you feel unhappy? Are you dissatisfied with your life? Do you need a radical change? Acquire six habits that will lead you to success and happiness. "Miracle Morning" presents a practical system to start every day as a new person. Step by step, we present a series of very simple and easy-to-acquire habits to achieve the transformation that will allow you to meet your goals and fulfill your life. What Will You Learn? You’ll learn six activities that will allow you to reach the miracle of definitely improving your life. You’ll be able to concentrate on your purposes, work in a more focused and orderly way and free time up for fun and rest. You’ll discover within yourself the potential that will lead you to success. You’ll experience positive feelings, beliefs and attitudes that will improve your relationships with others and with the world in general. Content Chapter 01: Why Is Change Necessary? Chapter 02: Where To Start? Chapter 03: How Do You Start Your Days? Chapter 04: What Is The 5-Step Strategy? Chapter 05: Six Powerful Practices For Personal Development Chapter 06: Why Is Silence Important? Chapter 07: What Is The Power Of Affirmations? Chapter 08: What Is Visualization? Chapter 09: How Will Exercise Help Me? Chapter 10: What Is The Importance Of Reading? Chapter 11: What Is The Value Of Writing? Chapter 12: How To Personalize Your Miracle Morning? Chapter 13: What’s The 6 Minutes Miracle? Chapter 14: Important Complements Chapter 15: Why Is A 30-Day Commitment Important? Chapter 16: What Is The Advantage Of Having A Partner? About Mentors Library Books are mentors. Books can guide what we do and our lives. Many of us love books while reading them and maybe they will echo with us a few weeks after but 2 years later we can’t remember if we have read it or not. And that’s a shame. We remember that at that time, the book meant a lot to us. Why is it that 2 years later we have forgotten everything? That’s not good. This summary is taken from the most important themes of the original book. Most people don’t like books. People just want to know what the book says they have to do. If you trust the source you don’t need the arguments. So much of a book is arguing its points, but often you don’t need the argument if you trust the source you can just get the point. This summary takes the effort to distill the blahs into themes for the people who are just not going to read the whole book. All this information is in the original book.

Be Obsessed or Be Average

Author : Grant Cardone

ISBN10 : 1101981075

Publisher : Penguin

Number of Pages : 240

Category : Business & Economics

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Book Summary: From the millionaire entrepreneur and New York Times bestselling author of The 10X Rule comes a bold and contrarian wake-up call for anyone truly ready for success. One of the 7 best motivational books of 2016, according to Inc. Magazine. Before Grant Cardone built five successful companies (and counting), became a multimillionaire, and wrote bestselling books... he was broke, jobless, and drug-addicted. Grant had grown up with big dreams, but friends and family told him to be more reasonable and less demanding. If he played by the rules, they said, he could enjoy everyone else’s version of middle class success. But when he tried it their way, he hit rock bottom. Then he tried the opposite approach. He said NO to the haters and naysayers and said YES to his burning, outrageous, animal obsession. He reclaimed his obsession with wanting to be a business rock star, a super salesman, a huge philanthropist. He wanted to live in a mansion and even own an airplane. Obsession made all of his wildest dreams come true. And it can help you achieve massive success too. As Grant says, we're in the middle of an epidemic of average. The conventional wisdom is to seek balance and take it easy. But that has really just given us an excuse to be unexceptional. If you want real success, you have to know how to harness your obsession to rocket to the top. This book will give you the inspiration and tools to break out of your cocoon of mediocrity and achieve your craziest dreams. Grant will teach you how to: · Set crazy goals—and reach them, every single day. · Feed the beast: when you value money and spend it on the right things, you get more of it. · Shut down the doubters—and use your haters as fuel. Whether you're a sales person, small business owner, or 9-to-5 working stiff, your path to happiness runs though your obsessions. It's a simple choice: be obsessed or be average.

The Miracle Morning (Tamil)

Author : Hal Elrod

ISBN10 : 9389143950

Publisher : Manjul Publishing

Number of Pages : 228

Category : Self-Help

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Book Summary: நீங்கள் கற்பனை செய்து வைத்திருக்கும் வாழ்க்கையை விரைவாக அடைய இதோ ஓர் எளிய வழி! காலையில் நீங்கள் வழக்கமாக எழுந்திருப்பதைவிட ஒரு மணிநேரம் முன்னதாக எழுந்து, பத்து நிமிடங்களுக்கு ஒரு நடவடிக்கை என்ற கணக்கில் வெறும் ஆறு நடவடிக்கைகளை மட்டும் மேற்கெள்ளுவதன் மூலம் உங்கள் வாழ்க்கையில் உங்களால் அதிசயங்களை நிகழ்த்த முடியும் என்று யாராவது சொன்னால் நீங்கள் நம்புவீர்களா? ஆனால் அது முற்றிலும் உண்மை. இந்நூலின் ஆசிரியர் ஹால் எல்ராடின் வாழ்க்கையே அதற்கு சாட்சி. சாவின் விளிம்புவரை அவரை அழைத்துச் சென்ற ஒரு கோர விபத்து அவருடைய உடலையும் மூளையையும் பாதித்ததோடு மட்டுமல்லாமல் மனத்தளவிலும் அவரைப் படுகுழியில் தள்ளியது. இந்நூலில் நீங்கள் கற்றுக் கொள்ளவிருக்கும் அதே உத்திகளைப் பயன்படுத்தி அவர் தன்னுடைய மோசமான நிலையிலிருந்து மீண்டதோடு மட்டுமல்லாமல், குறுகிய காலத்திற்குள் சர்வதேசப் புகழ் பெற்ற ஒரு நூலாசிரியராகவும், ஓர் ஆலோசனையாளராகவும், ஒரு வெற்றிகரமான தொழிலதிபராகவும் உயர்ந்துள்ளார். அந்த உத்திகளை இவ்வுலகிலுள்ள பிறருடன் பகிர்ந்து கொள்ளுவதற்காகவே அவர் இந்நூலை எழுதியுள்ளார்.

The School of Greatness

Author : Lewis Howes

ISBN10 : 162336597X

Publisher : Rodale Books

Number of Pages : 272

Category : Self-Help

Viewed : 1789


Book Summary: When a career-ending injury left elite athlete and professional football player Lewis Howes out of work and living on his sister's couch, he decided he needed to make a change for the better. He started by reaching out to people he admired, searching for mentors, and applying his past coaches' advice from sports to life off the field. Lewis did more than bounce back: He built a multimillion-dollar online business and is now a sought-after business coach, speaker, and podcast host. In The School of Greatness, Howes shares the essential tips and habits he gathered in interviewing "the greats" on his wildly popular podcast of the same name. In discussion with people like Olympic gold medalist Shawn Johnson and Pencils of Promise CEO Adam Braun, Howes figured out that greatness is unearthed and cultivated from within. The masters of greatness are not successful because they got lucky or are innately more talented, but because they applied specific habits and tools to embrace and overcome adversity in their lives. A framework for personal development, The School of Greatness gives you the tools, knowledge, and actionable resources you need to reach your potential. Howes anchors each chapter with a specific lesson he culled from his greatness "professors" and his own experiences to teach you how to create a vision, develop hustle, and use dedication, mindfulness, joy, and love to reach goals. His lessons and practical exercises prove that anyone is capable of achieving success and that we can all strive for greatness in our everyday lives.

Summary, Analysis & Review of Hal Elrod’s The Miracle Morning by Eureka

Author : Eureka

ISBN10 : 1943427933

Publisher : Eureka

Number of Pages : 32

Category : Self-Help

Viewed : 601


Book Summary: Summary, Analysis & Review of Hal Elrod’s The Miracle Morning by Eureka Preview: The Miracle Morning: The Not-So-Obvious Secret Guaranteed to Transform Your Life Before 8am, by Hal Elrod, is a self-help book that explores the key point that the start of a person’s day not only sets the tone for that day, but also has a profound impact on the rest of a person’s life. Indeed, Elrod explains that ninety-five percent of people struggle their entire lives because they fail to work on personal development, fail to start their day off right, and fail to choose to live differently… This companion to The Miracle Morning includes: Overview of the book Important People Key Takeaways Analysis of Key Takeaways and much more!

The 5 A.M. Miracle

Author : Jeff Sanders

ISBN10 : 1612435335

Publisher : Simon and Schuster

Number of Pages : 156

Category : Self-Help

Viewed : 850


Book Summary: THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO SUPERCHARGING YOUR PRODUCTIVITY, DEMOLISHING YOUR TO-DO LIST, AND MAKING TIME FOR YOUR PASSION PROJECTS The 5 AM Miracle offers you a plan to focus on what matters most, and get more done. It shows how to reap the incredible benefits of early rising, from demolishing your to-do list to making time for your passion projects. With its 7-step system, this easy-to-follow guide teaches you how to systematically create a healthy, balanced lifestyle and achieve your grandest goals. Packed with tips, tricks and proven strategies for success, The 5 AM Miracle explains how and why you should: • Create an evening boundary for work • Plan tomorrow on paper tonight • Boost energy all day • Drink 1 liter of water and a green smoothie every morning • Organize annual goals in 3-month chunks • Use a task manager to track projects

The Story of Edgar Sawtelle

Author : David Wroblewski

ISBN10 : 0307371891

Publisher : Bond Street Books

Number of Pages : 576

Category : Fiction

Viewed : 1799


Book Summary: A riveting family saga, The Story of Edgar Sawtelle explores the deep and ancient alliance between humans and dogs, and the power of fate through one boy’s epic journey into the wild. Born mute, speaking only in sign, Edgar Sawtelle leads an idyllic life with his parents on their farm in remote northern Wisconsin. For generations, the Sawtelles have raised and trained a fictional breed of dog whose thoughtful companionship is epitomized by Almondine, Edgar's lifelong companion. But with the unexpected return of Claude, Edgar's uncle, turmoil consumes the Sawtelle's once-peaceful home. When Edgar's father dies suddenly, Claude insinuates himself into the life of the farm – and into Edgar's mother’s affections. Grief-stricken and bewildered, Edgar tries to prove Claude played a role in his father's death, but his plan backfires, spectacularly. Edgar flees into the vast wilderness lying beyond the farm. He comes of age in the wild, fighting for his survival and that of the three yearling dogs who follow him. But his need to face his father’s murderer, and his devotion to the Sawtelle dogs, turn Edgar ever homeward. Wroblewski is a master storyteller, and his breathtaking scenes – the elemental north woods, the sweep of seasons, an iconic American barn, a ghost made of falling rain – create a family saga that is at once a brilliantly inventive retelling of Hamlet, an exploration of the limits of language, and a compulsively readable modern classic.

The Explosion Chronicles

Author : Yan Lianke

ISBN10 : 0802190014

Publisher : Open Road + Grove/Atlantic

Number of Pages : 464

Category : Fiction

Viewed : 1383


Book Summary: Man Booker International finalist Yan Lianke has been lauded for his imaginative satire and insightful cultural critique as "one of China’s greatest living authors" (Guardian). His internationally bestselling new novel, The Explosion Chronicles, follows the excessive expansion of a rural community from small village to megalopolis. With the Yi River on one side and the Balou Mountains on the other, the village of Explosion was founded more than a millennium ago by refugees fleeing a seismic volcanic eruption. But in the post-Mao era the name takes on a new significance as the community grows explosively from a small village to a vast metropolis. Behind this rapid expansion are members of the community’s three major families, including the four Kong brothers; Zhu Ying, the daughter of the former village chief; and Cheng Qing, who starts out as a secretary and goes on to become a powerful political and business figure. Linked together by a complex web of loyalty, betrayal, desire, and ambition, these figures are the driving force behind their hometown’s transformation into an urban superpower. Brimming with absurdity, intelligence, and wit, The Explosion Chronicles considers the high stakes of passion and power, the consequences of corruption and greed, the polarizing dynamics of love and hate between families, as well as humankind’s resourcefulness through the vicissitudes of life.


Author : Robert Glazer

ISBN10 : 1728217490

Publisher : Sourcebooks, Inc.

Number of Pages : 168

Category : Business & Economics

Viewed : 1717


Book Summary: NOW A USA TODAY AND WALL STREET JOURNAL BESTSELLER! What are your limits? Care to break them? To inspire change in yourself and your team, you must break free from what's holding you down. In Elevate, Robert Glazer reveals four life-changing principles — or capacities — that will allow you to overcome self-limiting beliefs, establish positive habits, and find your "why." As we look to elevate ourselves, we mean so much more than beating the competition. After all, our greatest competition is ourselves! We need to find ways to consistently outperform ourselves and our own expectations. Robert Glazer has built a career on accelerating productivity and careers. ELEVATE is based on his five foundational elements necessary for increasing our capacity: Finding Your Why, Overcoming Self-Limiting Beliefs, Setting Goals and Creating Accountability, Maintaining Health and Wellness, and Establishing Routine and Positive Habits. The key is elevating yourself beyond the edge of your current abilities. Challenge yourself, and the result will inspire others to rise along with you. It's time to break free of your limits.

Miguel Street

Author : V. S. Naipaul

ISBN10 : 0307370615

Publisher : Vintage Canada

Number of Pages : 224

Category : Fiction

Viewed : 462


Book Summary: To the residents of Miguel Street, a derelict corner of Trinidad’s capital, their neighbourhood is a complete world, where everybody is quite different from everybody else. There’s Popo the carpenter, who neglects his livelihood to build “the thing without a name;” Man-man, who goes from running for public office to staging his own crucifixion; Big Foot, the dreaded bully with glass tear ducts; and the lovely Mrs. Hereira, in thrall to her monstrous husband. Their lives (and the legends their neighbours construct around them) are rendered by V. S. Naipaul with Dickensian verve and Chekhovian compassion in this tender, funny novel.

No Way Home

Author : Tyler Wetherall

ISBN10 : 1250112206

Publisher : St. Martin\'s Press

Number of Pages : 320

Category : Biography & Autobiography

Viewed : 662


Book Summary: One of PureWow's "20 Books We Can’t Wait to Read in 2018" and "Books to Read in April" • One of InStyle UK's "Best New Books to Read in 2018" • One of LitHub's 20 Books You Should Read This April • One of Bustle's "5 Gripping Memoirs Under 300 Pages To Read In One Weekend" A memoir of growing up on the run—and what happens when it comes to a stop. "Lucid, tender, exquisitely re-imagined, and compulsively readable." —Jessica Nelson, author of If Only You People Could Follow Directions "In this wondrous and richly detailed coming of age story, Tyler Wetherall follows the breadcrumbs of her childhood to discover a family home that is unlike any other." —Katy Lederer, author of Poker Face Tyler had lived in thirteen houses and five countries by the time she was nine. A willful and curious child, she never questioned her strange upbringing, that is, until Scotland Yard showed up outside her ramshackle English home, and she discovered her family had been living a lie: Her father was a fugitive and her name was not her own. In sunny California, ten years earlier, her father’s criminal organization first came to the FBI’s attention. Soon after her parents were forced on the run taking their three young children with them, and they spent the following years fleeing through Europe, assuming different identities and hiding out in a series of far-flung places. Now her father was attempting one final escape—except this time, he couldn’t take her with him. In this emotionally compelling and gripping memoir, Tyler Wetherall brings to life her fugitive childhood, following the threads that tie a family together through hardship, from her parents’ first meeting in 1960s New York to her present life as a restless writer unpacking the secrets of her past. No Way Home is about love, loss, and learning to tell the story of our lives.

All That Glitters

Author : Danielle Steel

ISBN10 : 0399179690

Publisher : Dell

Number of Pages : 288

Category : Fiction

Viewed : 1214


Book Summary: NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • In Danielle Steel’s dazzling new novel, a young woman must overcome tremendous adversity in her quest to find herself and achieve real happiness. Nicole “Coco” Martin is destined to have it all. As the only child of doting and successful parents, she has been given every opportunity in life. Having inherited her mother’s stunning beauty and creativity, along with her father’s work ethic and diligence, she has the world at her feet. Her graduation from Columbia is fast approaching, and with it the summer job of her dreams working at a magazine. Between work, leisurely weekends at her family’s home in Southampton, and spending as much time as possible with her best friend, Sam, life couldn’t be better—until tragedy strikes. Coco’s beloved parents are killed in a terrorist attack while on vacation in France. Now devastated and alone, Coco must find a way to move forward and make her way in the world without the family she loved. Determined to forge her own path and make her parents proud, Coco pursues her dreams, dazzled by exciting opportunities that come her way. Her goals are to think outside the box—and always play by her own rules. As she finds herself drawn to charismatic, fascinating men, each relationship will teach Coco new lessons, some delightful, some painful. She will come to realize what matters, and how strong she truly is—and in the end, she will discover herself. Richly exploring one woman’s poignant journey through life, All That Glitters is a compelling tale of challenges, heartbreak, discovery, and triumph, a powerful reminder that all that glitters is not the essence of life. And what is truly worth having was right there in our hands all along.

Great Leaders Have No Rules

Author : Kevin Kruse

ISBN10 : 1635652170

Publisher : Rodale Books

Number of Pages : 256

Category : Business & Economics

Viewed : 1453


Book Summary: As a serial entrepreneur, Kevin Kruse has seen time and again that the leadership practices that actually work are the opposite of what is commonly taught and implemented. Close Your Open Door Policy shows how a contrarian approach can be a better, faster, and easier way to succeed as a leader. Chapter by chapter, Kruse focuses on a piece of popular wisdom, then shows with real-world case studies and quantitative research that the opposite approach will lead to better results, encouraging leaders to play favorites, stay out of meetings, and, of course, close their open doors.

Transcending the Levels of Consciousness

Author : David R. Hawkins, M.D./Ph.D.

ISBN10 : 140194549X

Publisher : Hay House, Inc

Number of Pages : 407

Category : Body, Mind & Spirit

Viewed : 578


Book Summary: Explores the ego's expressions and inherent limitations and gives detailed explanations and instructions on how to transcend them. It expands the understanding of the levels of consciousness as presented in the widely-acclaimed Map of Consciousness. The book focuses on the individual, and studies the experiential subjective blocks to the advancement of awareness, at each level of consciousness. This leads to progressive spiritual awareness and on to higher levels of consciousess, providing specific steps for transcending each level, preparatory to advanced states such as Enlightenment itself. By analyzing the various obstacles and levels to be transcended, certain principles that support spiritual evolution are self-revealing. This book is therefore a practical manual rather than a comprehensive analysis.

Work the System

Author : Sam Carpenter

ISBN10 : 1608320529

Publisher : Greenleaf Book Group

Number of Pages : 250

Category : Business & Economics

Viewed : 499


Book Summary: A Simple Mindset Tweak Will Change Your Life. After a fifteen-year nightmare operating a stagnant service business, Sam Carpenter developed a down-to-earth methodology that knocked his routine eighty-hour workweek down to a single hour—while multiplying his bottom-line income more than twenty-fold. In Work the System, Carpenter reveals a profound insight and the exact uncomplicated, mechanical steps he took to turn his business and life around without turning it upside down. Once you “get” this new vision, success and serenity will come quickly. You will learn to: • Make a simple perception adjustment that will change your life forever. • See your world as a logical collection of linear systems that you can control. • Manage the systems that produce results in your business and your life. • Stop fire-killing. Become a fire-control specialist! • Maximize profit, create client loyalty, and develop enthusiastic employees who respect you. • Identify insidious “errors of omission.” • Maximize your biological and mechanical “prime time” so that you are working at optimum efficiency. • Design the life you want—and then, in the real world, quickly create it! You can keep doing what you have always done, and continue getting mediocre, unsatisfactory results. Or you can find the peace and freedom you’ve always wanted by transforming your business or corporate department into a finely tuned machine that runs on autopilot!

Resumo Estendido: O Milagre Da Manhã (The Miracle Morning) - Baseado No Livro De Hal Elrod

Author : Mentors Library

ISBN10 : 3968581741

Publisher : Mentors Library

Number of Pages : 54

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Book Summary: RESUMO ESTENDIDO: O MILAGRE DA MANHÃ (THE MIRACLE MORNING) - BASEADO NO LIVRO DE HAL ELROD-Você não está feliz? Está insatisfeito com sua vida? Você precisa de uma mudança radical?Adquira os seis hábitos que o levarão ao sucesso e à felicidade.O Milagre Da Manhã apresenta um sistema prático para começar todos os dias como uma nova pessoa. Passo a passo, uma série de hábitos muito simples e fáceis de adquirir são apresentados para alcançar a transformação que lhe permitirá atingir seus objetivos e alcançar uma vida plena.-CONTEÚDOPor Que A Mudança É Necessária?Onde Começar?Como Você Começa Os Seus Dias?O Que É A Estratégia De 5 Passos?Seis Práticas Poderosas Para O Desenvolvimento PessoalPor Que O Silêncio É Importante?Qual É O Poder Das Afirmações?O Que É Visualização?Como O Exercício Me Ajudará?Qual A Importância Da Leitura?Qual O Valor Da Escrita?Como Para Personalizar Sua Manhã Milagrosa?O Que É O Milagre Dos 6 Minutos?Complementos ImportantesPor Que A Importância De Um Compromisso De 30 Dias?Qual A Vantagem De Ter Um Parceiro?-SOBRE MENTORS LIBRARYOS LIVROS SÃO MENTORES. Eles podem orientar o que fazemos em nossas vidas e como fazemos. Muitos de nós amamos os livros e vários deles até permanecem na nossa memória algumas semanas depois de lidos, mas depois de 2 anos não podemos mais nos lembrar se o lemos de fato ou não. E isso não é bom. Lembramos que, na época, tal livro significava muito para nós. Por que é que esquecemos tudo depois? Este resumo expressa as ideias mais importantes do livro original. Muitas pessoas não gostam de ler, só querem saber o que o livro diz que elas devem fazer. Se você confia no autor, não precisa dos argumentos. A maioria dos livros são argumentos para as ideias do leitor, mas muitas vezes não precisamos de argumentos se confiamos na fonte. Podemos entender a ideia imediatamente. Toda esta informação está no livro original. Este resumo faz o esforço de reduzir redundâncias e transformá-las em instruções diretas para as pessoas que não pretendem ler o livro em sua totalidade. Esta é a missão do MENTORS LIBRARY.

Journey to the Heart

Author : Melody Beattie

ISBN10 : 0062291122

Publisher : Harper Collins

Number of Pages : 384

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Book Summary: Journey to the Heart by New York Times bestselling author of Codependent No More, Beyond Codependency, and Lessons of Love, contains 365 insightful daily meditations that inspire readers to unlock their personal creativity and discover their divine purposes in life. “Melody Beattie gives you the tools to discover the magnificence and splendor of your being.” –Deepak Chopra, author of Jesus and Buddha