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The Muse

Author : ,

ISBN10 : 1443444995

Publisher : HarperCollins

Number of Pages : 416

Category : Fiction

Viewed : 571


Book Summary: From the bestselling author of The Miniaturist comes a captivating and brilliantly realized story of two young women—a Caribbean immigrant in 1960s London and a bohemian woman in 1930s Spain—and the powerful mystery that links them together July 1967, Mayfair, London—a painting left propped on the doorstep of the Skelton Gallery is discovered by Odelle Bastien, a Caribbean immigrant newly employed and in thrall with her enigmatic colleague, Marjorie Quick. The painting is rumoured to be the work of Isaac Robles, whose mysterious death at the burgeoning of his artistic powers has confounded the art world for decades. The excitement over the painting is only matched by the tension caused by the conflicting stories of its discovery. Odelle is unsure whom or what to believe as she finds herself drawn into a complex web of secrets and deceptions. Thirty years earlier, as Spain is on the brink of civil war, Olive Schloss, the daughter of a Viennese Jewish art dealer, follows her parents to Arazuelo, a village in the south rife with unrest. It is here Olive meets Maria Teresita, the young housekeeper, and Maria’s half-brother Isaac Robles, newly returned from the Paris salons, his head full of revolution and dreams of being a painter as famous as Picasso. Both siblings are the illegitimate offspring of the local landowner and have nothing to lose when it comes to exploiting these new guests in their poverty-stricken town. They insinuate themselves into the family, helping to hide Olive’s own artistic talents while Isaac plays at both painting and revolution. The consequences are devastating and echo into the decades to come. In vividly rendered detail, acclaimed and bestselling author Jessie Burton spins a tale of desire, ambition and the ways in which the tides of history inevitably shape and define our lives.


Author : Brittany Cavallaro

ISBN10 : 0062840274

Publisher : HarperCollins

Number of Pages : 352

Category : Young Adult Fiction

Viewed : 1867


Book Summary: American Royals meets The Winner’s Curse in the first book of a dazzling duology from New York Times bestselling author Brittany Cavallaro about revolution, love, and friendship in a reimagined American monarchy. The year is 1893, and war is brewing in the First American Kingdom. But Claire Emerson has a bigger problem. Claire’s father is a sought-after inventor, but he believes his genius is a gift granted to him by his daughter’s touch, so he keeps Claire under his control. As their province prepares for war, Claire plans to escape, even as her best friend, Beatrix, tries to convince her to stay and help with the growing resistance movement that wants to see a woman on the throne. When her father’s weapon fails to fire on the World’s Fair’s opening day, Claire is taken captive by Governor Remy Duchamp, St. Cloud’s young, untried ruler. Remy believes that Claire’s touch bestows graces he’s never had, and with political rivals planning his demise, Claire might be his only ally. The last thing that Claire has ever wanted is to be someone else’s muse, but she finally has a choice: Will she quietly remake her world from the shadows—or bring it down in flames?


Author : Angelyn Gumbs

ISBN10 : 1456797603

Publisher : Author House

Number of Pages : 168

Category : Poetry

Viewed : 1443


Book Summary: My Shoulders There are times when a pillow wont do Here is when I lend my shoulders to you So cry on my shoulders They are here for you By Angelyn Gumbs


Author : Sankha Ranjan Patra

ISBN10 :

Publisher : Clever Fox Publishing

Number of Pages : 132

Category : Poetry

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Book Summary: This is a collection of eighty-six poems as well as a gathering of thoughts. Different types of poems are included. The poet has written from the bottom of his heart. Those poems reflect the poet. Not only his love for nature but also his concern regarding society is vividly expressed. It shows how he is fond of love. Most of the poems have been written during this lockdown period. Though The negativity surpasses all. The poet remains calm. His inner agony enforces him to write. His feelings are well depicted in black and white .Society has great impact on him .It can be visualised in his poems .It has become a medium of a poet to reach others . They will easily find out the essence of the lines. Many poems are simply love poems. Some poems convey messages. Besides, He is a true lover of mankind. He tries to deliver whatever he observes silently.

Goethe's Search for the Muse

Author : David B. Richards

ISBN10 : 9027281254

Publisher : John Benjamins Publishing

Number of Pages : 114

Category : Language Arts & Disciplines

Viewed : 1572


Book Summary: That Goethe was also a translator is a well-kept secret. However, in this study the main focus lies on these translations. Especially on his five longest and most important ones, such as Diderot’s Le Neveu de Rameau and Cellini’s Vita.Not only will the translations be discussed but – and maybe even more importantly – also will this study try to give an answer to the motivation of Goethe. Why did he devote so much time to these translations? This volume offers a complete new perspective on Goethe and his works.

The Tenth Muse

Author : Catherine Chung

ISBN10 : 0062574094

Publisher : HarperCollins

Number of Pages : 304

Category : Fiction

Viewed : 1202


Book Summary: A RECOMMENDED BOOK FROM: Los Angeles Times * USA Today * O, the Oprah Magazine * Buzzfeed * The Rumpus * Entertainment Weekly * Elle * BBC * Christian Science Monitor * Electric Literature * The Millions * LitHub * Publishers Weekly * Kirkus * Refinery29 * Thrillist * BookBub * Nylon * Bustle * Goodreads An exhilarating, moving novel about a trailblazing mathematician whose research unearths her own extraordinary family story and its roots in World War II From the days of her childhood in the 1950s Midwest, Katherine knows she is different, and that her parents are not who they seem. As she matures from a girl of rare intelligence into an exceptional mathematician, traveling to Europe to further her studies, she must face the most human of problems—who is she? What is the cost of love, and what is the cost of ambition? These questions grow ever more entangled as Katherine strives to take her place in the world of higher mathematics and becomes involved with a brilliant and charismatic professor. When she embarks on a quest to conquer the Riemann hypothesis, the greatest unsolved mathematical problem of her time, she turns to a theorem with a mysterious history that may hold both the lock and the key to her identity, and to secrets long buried during World War II. Forced to confront some of the most consequential events of the twentieth century and rethink everything she knows of herself, she finds kinship in the stories of the women who came before her, and discovers how seemingly distant stories, lives, and ideas are inextricably linked to her own. The Tenth Muse is a gorgeous, sweeping tale about legacy, identity, and the beautiful ways the mind can make us free.

The Muse #2

Author : Paul Storrie

ISBN10 : 1632943808

Publisher : StormFront Entertainment

Number of Pages : 24

Category : Comics & Graphic Novels

Viewed : 1809


Book Summary: Morgan's learning that there are some definite upsides to being a teen-aged super-type -- like riding the original winged horse, PEGASUS! Unfortunately, the downsides include stuff like a mundane museum field trip turning deadly when the savage she-spider ARACHNE comes to call! Guest-starring THE ODYSSEY's super-strong SIGMA! Morgan's learning that there are some definite upsides to being a teen-aged super-type -- like riding the original winged horse, PEGASUS! Unfortunately, the downsides include stuff like a mundane museum field trip turning deadly when the savage she-spider ARACHNE comes to call! Guest-starring THE ODYSSEY's super-strong SIGMA!


Author : Adrian Gabriel Dumitru

ISBN10 :

Publisher : Adrian G Dumitru

Number of Pages : N.A

Category : Family & Relationships

Viewed : 1268


Book Summary: The Muse. A non sense need of illusions. We are looking for inspiration all around ... till we find out that the inspiration is just not coming. We look all around. We are looking for something or someone that can give us a great vibe ... everyday. And one day ... we believe we found that we are looking for. She ... is the Muse. All great people from history, great artists, politicians, leaders, writers, poets, businessmen ... all of them, at one point ... they had an amazing muse that inspired them at a great dream. The muse gave them the confidence of believing in themselves and they always thought that the inspiration came from that person. But inspiration is actually coming from the Universe, and represent the connection between us and Divinity. The muse is not ... the Divinity ... but maybe being in such a story, we understand how we can connect to the Infinite. But can we, the ordinary people, learn to connect to then Universe, just as a monk does it ... without any love story?! Can we find this power in ourselves ... to find that greatness without the help of a loved muse?! What is her sense?! Is she the one that reveals the beauty and the huge powers locked in our spirits?! Can the secret of greatness comes just by having a love story ... or we should start studying how a monk is using his powers to understand the laws of the Universe, just by connecting to himself ... and then to the Infinite?! A muse looks like a non sense illusion. But ... all great people used the trick to connect to the Universe this way. Maybe ... the need of a muse is just a preliminary stage before you understand that in fact everything is in yourself. The muse is only the one that is whispering you the great secret about yourself ... that you are an amazing human being and that you can be ... whoever you dream to be. The muse is indeed an illusion ... a beautiful one ... but one day you will just understand that everything you need is already in yourself. The real non sense that you should analyze ... and focus a lot on it ... is why we don’t believe in ourselves?! ... and why we need this adorable person to whisper beautiful words to us ... when we can think as a monk?! Just think about it!


Author : Vivika Widow

ISBN10 : 0244187088

Publisher : Lulu Press, Inc

Number of Pages : N.A

Category : Fiction

Viewed : 1526


Book Summary: Artist David has lost his inspiration. He is failing and a drug addiction is causing him to lose focus on what is important. When he meets farm girl, Julia, he believes his prayers have been answered. However, his new muse is leading him down a dark path from which there is no return.

Galileo's Muse

Author : Mark A. Peterson

ISBN10 : 0674062973

Publisher : Harvard University Press

Number of Pages : 352

Category : Science

Viewed : 474


Book Summary: Mark Peterson makes an extraordinary claim in this fascinating book focused around the life and thought of Galileo: it was the mathematics of Renaissance arts, not Renaissance sciences, that became modern science. Painters, poets, musicians, and architects brought about a scientific revolution that eluded the philosopher-scientists of the day.

Fiery Muse

Author : Teri Degler

ISBN10 : 0307368890

Publisher : Random House Canada

Number of Pages : 288

Category : Self-Help

Viewed : 1959


Book Summary: A young mother takes up meditation and discovers a hidden flair for art; a middle-aged homemaker opens to the voice of her inner spirit and develops into an internationally recognized poet; a down-and-out young actor incorporates his Native spiritual traditions into his work and eventually wins acclaim for both his acting and playwriting abilities. Many people today find themselves on a spiritual path yearning for understanding of the mysteries of life and striving for a closer connection with the Divine. As part of the spiritual process, some individuals encounter powerful compulsions to express themselves creatively. And others experience an enigmatic, wonderful, and quite inexplicable increase in their creative abilities. Teri Degler's personal and passionate exploration of the creative spiritual quest through the stories of present-day seekers is well supported by teaching from respected traditions such as Yoga, and balanced by the stories of historical creative geniuses, mystics and visionaries such as Rumi, St. Hildegard of Bingen, Walt Whitman and Johannes Brahms. Also included are exercises in creative writing and visualization that offer helpful ways to find our own expressive abilities. By increasing inspiration and stilling the critical inner voice of resistance, we open ourselves to a more joy-filled existence.

The Muse

Author : Lauren Blakely

ISBN10 :

Publisher : Lauren Blakely Books

Number of Pages : 350

Category : Fiction

Viewed : 1342


Book Summary: Midnight in Paris meets Night at the Museum! A gorgeous standalone forbidden romance with magical elements! Fall in love with The Muse, a sweeping romance set in a modern day Paris that’s full of magic, art, mysteries, and passion from #1 NYT Bestseller Lauren Blakely! The first time a woman stepped out of a painting, I thought I was seeing things. The second time, I thought I was going mad. The night she emerged from a Renoir, I felt something else entirely — a deep stirring of desire, and the wish to get to know the brilliant beauty who’s been trapped inside a painted garden for years. She can only come out at night in the Musée d'Orsay, where I work. There, after hours, we wander through galleries, with the Van Goghs, the Monets, and the Toulouse Lautrecs the only witnesses to our midnight kisses and, soon, our trysts. She opens her heart to me, and I learn her story. But she keeps secrets too, ones I hope to unravel. Why she was trapped. Why Renoir is hunting her. And why artwork in famous museums across the world is starting to disintegrate. Why I, too, seem to be the only person who can repair the masterpieces. As I fall deeper for the woman who’s trapped in a museum, I’m caught up in another side of Paris after dark, one inhabited by forgers, ghosts of famous artists and, impossibly, by Muses. But someone is after the woman I’m falling in love with, and it’s up to me to save her…even if it means losing everything I’ve found with her.

Able Muse, Winter 2016 (No. 22 - print edition)

Author : Alexander Pepple,Bill Coyle,Mitch Dobrowner

ISBN10 : 1927409810

Publisher : Able Muse Press

Number of Pages : 172

Category : Literary Collections

Viewed : 680


Book Summary: This is the seminannual Able Muse Review (Print Edition) - Winter 2016 issue, Number 22. This issue continues the tradition of masterfully crafted poetry, fiction, essays, art & photography, and book reviews that have become synonymous with the Able Muse-online and in print. After more than a decade of online publishing excellence, Able Museprint edition maintains the superlative standard of the work presented all these years in the online edition, and, the Able Muse Anthology (Able Muse Press, 2010). ". . . [ ABLE MUSE ] fills an important gap in understanding what is really happening in early twenty-first century American poetry." - Dana Gioia. CONTENTS: WITH THE 2016 ABLE MUSE WRITE PRIZE FOR POETRY & FICTION - Includes the winning story and poems from the contest winners and finalists. EDITORIAL - Alexander Pepple. FEATURED ARTIST - Mitch Dobrowner; (Interviewed by Sharon Passmore). FEATURED POET - Bill Coyle; (Interviewed by Ernest Hilbert). FICTION - Erika Warmbrunn, Cameron MacKenzie, Vicky Mlyniec. ESSAYS - Gerry Cambridge. BOOK REVIEWS - Amit Majmudar, Brooke Clark. POETRY - Amit Majmudar, Len Krisak, Scott Ruescher, Timothy Murphy, Cody Walker, Christine de Pizan, Håkan Sandell, Anna M. Evans, Feng Zhi, Tony Barnstone, Liz Ahl, Susan McLean, Elise Hempel, Siham Karami, Maryann Corbett, Fran Markover, Colleen Carias, Julie Steiner, Elizabeth Wager, Clare Jones.

Riffing with the Muse

Author : Yvonne Kohano

ISBN10 : 1940738741

Publisher : Kochanowski Enterprises LLC/Nanokas Press

Number of Pages : 320

Category : Fiction

Viewed : 617


Book Summary: Musical muse or angel in disguise? After twenty years, Kaane Scott had nothing. Na-da. Zilch. Melodies that once flowed so easily, dried up. Words that tripped over themselves to follow, silent. He couldn’t bring himself to call it Rebellion’s farewell concert tour. Farewell meant he was done. Evangeline Reed was just beginning. “Use this gift to follow your passions, my dear, wherever they take you.” Her aunt’s words hung in the air like the lingering hint of her favorite perfume. Angel’s art, her passions, her life all felt brand new. Kaane didn’t feel done. He needed the muse to bring it back. If she came in the form of a cupid face and breathy voice, so be it. If she pushed him to face the one reality he never wanted to admit, it might be the price he had to pay. Could they create the perfect harmony together? The Flynn’s Crossing series is contemporary romance set in the northern California foothills, suspense driven by small town secrets, and complex characters in compelling stories about friendship and love. You can enjoy the books out of order without ruining their surprises!

The Tragic Muse

Author : Henry James

ISBN10 : 177658273X

Publisher : The Floating Press

Number of Pages : 678

Category : Fiction

Viewed : 902


Book Summary: What is the true function of the artist in society? Do fame and acclaim help or hinder the artist's pursuit of creative expression? These are the timeless questions underpinning this classic novel from American literary legend Henry James. The story follows the parallel career trajectories of two artists: Nick Dormer, who is trying to juggle both a political career and his love of painting, and Miriam Rooth, an ambitious young actress who will do anything to achieve success.

The Companion to The Mechanical Muse: The Piano, Pianism and Piano Music, c.1760–1850

Author : Derek Carew

ISBN10 : 1317037669

Publisher : Routledge

Number of Pages : 338

Category : Music

Viewed : 645


Book Summary: Intended as a supplement to The Mechanical Muse: The Piano, Pianism and Piano Music, c.1760-1850, this Companion provides additional information which, largely for reasons of space but also of continuity, it was not possible or desirable to include in that volume. The book is laid out alphabetically and full biographical entries are provided for all musical figures mentioned, including composers, performers, theoreticians and teachers, as well as piano makers and publishers of music, within the period covered by The Mechanical Muse. There are also entries on figures of importance from outside the period but whose influence is palpably important within it, such as J.S. Bach. As well as biographical information, all these entries contain lists of principal works and a section on further reading so that readers can follow up people and matters of particular interest. Also included in The Companion are entries devoted to particular works and other information of relevance, such as descriptions of musical forms, characteristics of dances and so on, as well as some technical information on music and explanations of technical terms pertaining to keyboard instruments themselves and to ways of playing them. This Companion is not intended to replace existing reference books such as Grove or Musik in Geschichte und Gegenwart, but will be useful for those who desire to know more about a particular topic and do not necessarily have access to more specialist reference works, or time to visit large or specialist libraries. As such it is indispensable to users of The Mechanical Muse.

Courting the Muse

Author : Brigid Raven-Hart

ISBN10 : 166550952X

Publisher : AuthorHouse

Number of Pages : 96

Category : Poetry

Viewed : 1460


Book Summary: A collection of verse leading with a tale of Christmas in America and flowing on to touch on the power of the past on each of us, the dreams and challenges of the present and our hopes for a future.

Betting on the Muse

Author : Charles Bukowski

ISBN10 : 0061860697

Publisher : Harper Collins

Number of Pages : 416

Category : Poetry

Viewed : 1278


Book Summary: Betting on the Muse is a combination of hilarious poetry and stories. Charles Bukowski writes about the real life of a working man and all that comes with it.

10th Muse #2 Volume 2

Author : Darren G. Davis

ISBN10 : 1620985284

Publisher : Bluewater Productions

Number of Pages : 22

Category : Comics & Graphic Novels

Viewed : 747


Book Summary: All the experience, all the training, never prepared the Tenth Muse for Tragedy. Her life is falling apart and she can't stop the steep spiral into despair ... abandoned by her closest friends, facing a prison sentence and the return from the "dead" of her arch nemesis Grayson Bishop, and it is only Monday. Is this a tragedy of her own making or are there great dark forces at work?

The Philosophizing Muse

Author : David Konstan,Myrto Garani

ISBN10 : 1443869856

Publisher : Cambridge Scholars Publishing

Number of Pages : 382

Category : Literary Criticism

Viewed : 1016


Book Summary: PIERIDES III, Editors: Myrto Garani and David Konstan Despite the Romans' reputation for being disdainful of abstract speculation, Latin poetry from its very beginning was deeply permeated by Greek philosophy. Philosophical elements and commonplaces have been identified and appreciated in a wide range of writers, but the extent of the Greek philosophical influence, and in particular the impact of Pythagorean, Empedoclean, Epicurean and Stoic doctrines, on Latin verse has never been fully in...