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Frontiers in New Media Research

Author : Francis L.F. Lee,Louis Leung,Jack Linchuan Qiu,Donna S.C. Chu

ISBN10 : 1136286845

Publisher : Routledge

Number of Pages : 326

Category : Social Science

Viewed : 1610


Book Summary: This volume puts together the works of a group of distinguished scholars and active researchers in the field of media and communication studies to reflect upon the past, present, and future of new media research. The chapters examine the implications of new media technologies on everyday life, existing social institutions, and the society at large at various levels of analysis. Macro-level analyses of changing techno-social formation – such as discussions of the rise of surveillance society and the "fifth estate" – are combined with studies on concrete and specific new media phenomena, such as the rise of Pro-Am collaboration and "fan labor" online. In the process, prominent concepts in the field of new media studies, such as social capital, displacement, and convergence, are critically examined, while new theoretical perspectives are proposed and explicated. Reflecting the inter-disciplinary nature of the field of new media studies and communication research in general, the chapters interrogate into the problematic through a range of theoretical and methodological approaches. The book should offer students and researchers who are interested in the social impact of new media both critical reviews of the existing literature and inspirations for developing new research questions.

The Ethics of Emerging Media

Author : Bruce E. Drushel,Kathleen German

ISBN10 : 1441178236

Publisher : Bloomsbury Publishing USA

Number of Pages : 288

Category : Social Science

Viewed : 990


Book Summary: The Ethics of Emerging Media engages with enduring ethical questions while addressing critical questions concerning ethical boundaries at the forefront of new media development. This collection provides a rare opportunity to ask how emerging media affect the ethical choices in our lives and the lives of people across the globe. Centering on different new media forms from eBay to Wikipedia, each chapter raises questions about how changing media formats affect current theoretical understanding of ethics. By interrogating traditional ethical theory, we can better understand the challenges to ethical decision making in an age of rapidly evolving media. Each chapter focuses on a specific case within the broader conceptual fabric of ethical theory. The case studies ground the discussion of ethics in practical applications while, at the same time, addressing moral dilemmas that have plagued us for generations. The specific applications will undoubtedly continue to unfold, but the ethical questions will endure.

Ethics & New Media Technology

Author : Ralph D. Barney,Jay Black

ISBN10 : 1135587604

Publisher : Routledge

Number of Pages : 72

Category : Language Arts & Disciplines

Viewed : 1959


Book Summary: This special issue shows that "old ethics" don't always provide ready answers to problems raised by new technology. Exploring the perplexing topic of ethics in new media, this special issue: *examines the ethics of the highly controversial 1998 Cincinnati Enquirer exposé of Chiquita Brands International; *reports on a pilot project involving online journalists and online journalism graduate students; *investigates the extent to which e-mail and listservs are--and could be--effective fora for journalists interested in exploring matters of ethics; and *provides a useful annotated webliography of information resources.

Understanding New Media

Author : Eugenia Siapera

ISBN10 : 1473943620

Publisher : SAGE

Number of Pages : 336

Category : Social Science

Viewed : 1381


Book Summary: The new media landscape touches every aspect of our social, political and cultural lives. It is more important than ever, therefore, that we are able to understand and explain the complexity of our digital world. Understanding New Media gives students the tools and the knowledge they need to make sense of the relationship between technologies, media and society. This best-selling student introduction: Makes complex ideas accessible, clearly explaining the key thinkers, theories and research students need to understand Brings theory to life with a range of new case studies, from selfies or trolling, to the app economy and algorithms in social media Gets students started on projects and essays with guided research activities, showing them how to successfully put learning into practice Provides guided further reading, helping students to navigate the literature and extend their studies beyond the chapter Understanding New Media remains the perfect guide to the past, present and future of the new media world. It is a vital resource for students across media and communication studies and sociology, and anyone exploring new media, social media or digital media.

The Routledge Companion to Media Technology and Obsolescence

Author : Mark J.P. Wolf

ISBN10 : 1315442663

Publisher : Routledge

Number of Pages : 402

Category : Social Science

Viewed : 879


Book Summary: While so many books on technology look at new advances and digital technologies, The Routledge Companion to Media Technology and Obsolescence looks back at analog technologies that are disappearing, considering their demise and what it says about media history, pop culture, and the nature of nostalgia. From card catalogs and typewriters to stock tickers and cathode ray tubes, contributors examine the legacy of analog technologies, including those, like vinyl records, that may be experiencing a resurgency. Each essay includes a brief history of the technology leading up to its peak, an analysis of the reasons for its decline, and a discussion of its influence on newer technologies.

The distortion of media roles by new media technologies

Author : Lutendo Nendauni

ISBN10 : 366836236X

Publisher : GRIN Verlag

Number of Pages : 6

Category : Computers

Viewed : 754


Book Summary: Essay from the year 2014 in the subject Communications - Multimedia, Internet, New Technologies, University of Venda, course: Journalism, language: English, abstract: This paper defines new media communications from a wide array perspective, it further outline various roles of the media in today's world, the paper went on to explain how new media technologies are impacting on the roles of the media both positively and negatively.

Social Theory after the Internet

Author : Ralph Schroeder

ISBN10 : 178735122X

Publisher : UCL Press

Number of Pages : 208

Category : Social Science

Viewed : 910


Book Summary: The internet has fundamentally transformed society in the past 25 years, yet existing theories of mass or interpersonal communication do not work well in understanding a digital world. Nor has this understanding been helped by disciplinary specialization and a continual focus on the latest innovations. Ralph Schroeder takes a longer-term view, synthesizing perspectives and findings from various social science disciplines in four countries: the United States, Sweden, India and China. His comparison highlights, among other observations, that smartphones are in many respects more important than PC-based internet uses. Social Theory after the Internet focuses on everyday uses and effects of the internet, including information seeking and big data, and explains how the internet has gone beyond traditional media in, for example, enabling Donald Trump and Narendra Modi to come to power. Schroeder puts forward a sophisticated theory of the role of the internet, and how both technological and social forces shape its significance. He provides a sweeping and penetrating study, theoretically ambitious and at the same time always empirically grounded.The book will be of great interest to students and scholars of digital media and society, the internet and politics, and the social implications of big data.

Technology and Digital Media in the Early Years

Author : Chip Donohue

ISBN10 : 1317931092

Publisher : Routledge

Number of Pages : 270

Category : Education

Viewed : 1398


Book Summary: A Co-Publication of Routledge and NAEYC Technology and Digital Media in the Early Years offers early childhood teacher educators, professional development providers, and early childhood educators in pre-service, in-service, and continuing education settings a thought-provoking guide to effective, appropriate, and intentional use of technology with young children. This book provides strategies, theoretical frameworks, links to research evidence, descriptions of best practice, and resources to develop essential digital literacy knowledge, skills and experiences for early childhood educators in the digital age. Technology and Digital Media in the Early Years puts educators right at the intersections of child development, early learning, developmentally appropriate practice, early childhood teaching practices, children’s media research, teacher education, and professional development practices. The book is based on current research, promising programs and practices, and a set of best practices for teaching with technology in early childhood education that are based on the NAEYC/FRC Position Statement on Technology and Interactive Media and the Fred Rogers Center Framework for Quality in Children’s Digital Media. Pedagogical principles, classroom practices, and teaching strategies are presented in a practical, straightforward way informed by child development theory, developmentally appropriate practice, and research on effective, appropriate, and intentional use of technology in early childhood settings. A companion website ( provides additional resources and links to further illustrate principles and best practices for teaching and learning in the digital age.

Handbook of Research on Digital Media and Creative Technologies

Author : Harrison, Dew

ISBN10 : 146668206X

Publisher : IGI Global

Number of Pages : 554

Category : Computers

Viewed : 1932


Book Summary: Emerging technologies enable a wide variety of creative expression, from music and video to innovations in visual art. These aesthetics, when properly explored, can enable enhanced communication between all kinds of people and cultures. The Handbook of Research on Digital Media and Creative Technologies considers the latest research in education, communication, and creative social expression using digital technologies. By exploring advances in art and culture across national and sociological borders, this handbook serves to provide artists, theorists, information communication specialists, and researchers with the tools they need to effectively disseminate their ideas across the digital plane.


Author : John Allen Hendricks,Robert E. Denton, Jr.

ISBN10 : 0739141074

Publisher : Lexington Books

Number of Pages : 188

Category : Political Science

Viewed : 577


Book Summary: Communicator-in-Chief examines the role of new media technologies such as e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, blogs, video games, texting and the Internet in the historic 2008 presidential campaign. Politicians of the twenty-first century will use the Obama campaign's new media technology strategy to not only communicate with the electorate, but also raise money and motivate voters to go to the polling places on election day.

New Media

Author : Kelli Fuery

ISBN10 : 1137072504

Publisher : Macmillan International Higher Education

Number of Pages : 184

Category : Social Science

Viewed : 1069


Book Summary: New media is becoming integral to our lives. But for how long can we refer to emerging media as new in this fast-moving digital age? What makes it 'new'? And what problems do interactive media create for us, as cultural beings? This book investigates the culture and context of new media. Exploring and critiquing debates drawn from media and cultural theory, Fuery clearly explores and defines the concepts of new media and interactivity. With a clear and structured approach, the book questions existing ideas about digital culture and explains the problems that emerging technologies can present to our culture, from issues of surveillance and power to the digitalisation of the body. In particular, the book includes: • a variety of perspectives and approaches to the idea of the 'new' • consideration and evaluation of work from key media theorists, from Foucault to Bourdieu • relevant and innovative examples that bring the complexities of new media to life • a glossary for quick reference and explanation of complex concepts New Media: Culture and Image interrogates the key concepts, models and approaches surrounding the formation and evolution of new media. It will encourage all students of Cultural Studies and Media Studies to question and reconsider their ideas about media and cultural theory.

Introduction to Digital Media

Author : Alessandro Delfanti,Adam Arvidsson

ISBN10 : 1119276403

Publisher : John Wiley & Sons

Number of Pages : 192

Category : Social Science

Viewed : 1569


Book Summary: New and updated English translation of the highly successful book on digital media This book introduces readers to the vast and rich world of digital media. It provides a strong starting point for understanding digital media’s social and political significance to our culture and the culture of others—drawing on an emergent and increasingly rich set of empirical and theoretical studies on the role and development of digital media in contemporary societies. Touching on the core points behind the discipline, the book addresses a wide range of topics, including media economics, online cooperation, open source, social media, software production, globalization, brands, marketing, the cultural industry, labor, and consumption. Presented in six sections—Media and Digital Technologies; The Information Society; Cultures and Identities; Digital Collaboration; Public Sphere and Power; Digital Economies—the book offers in-depth chapter coverage of new and old media; network infrastructure; networked economy and globalization; the history of information technologies; the evolution of networks; sociality and digital media; media and identity; collaborative media; open source and innovation; politics and democracy; social movements; surveillance and control; digital capitalism; global inequalities and development; and more. Delivers a reliable, compact and quick introduction to the core issues analyzed by digital culture studies and sociology of information societies Interweaves main topics and theories with several examples and up-to-date case studies, often linked to our everyday lives on the internet, as well as suggestions for further readings Anchors examples to discussions of the main sociological, political, and anthropological theoretical approaches at stake to help students make sense of the changes brought about by digital media Uses critical sociological and political theory alongside every day examples to discuss concepts such as online sociality, digital labor, digital value creation, and the reputation economy Clear and concise throughout, Introduction to Digital Media is an excellent primer for those teaching and studying digital culture and media.

Contemporary Publics

Author : P. David Marshall,Glenn D'Cruz,Sharyn McDonald,Katja Lee

ISBN10 : 1137533242

Publisher : Springer

Number of Pages : 312

Category : Social Science

Viewed : 399


Book Summary: If the twentieth century has been dominated by discussions of the public, public life, and the public sphere, Contemporary Publics argues that, in the twenty-first century, we must complicate the singularity of that paradigm and start thinking of our world in terms of multiple, overlapping, and competing publics. In three distinct streams—art, media and technology, and the intimate life—this volume offers up the intellectual and political significance of thinking through the plurality of our publics. “Countering Neoliberal Publics: Screen and Space,” explores how different artistic practices articulate the challenges and desires of multiple publics. “Making and Shaping Publics: Discourse and Technology” showcases how media shape publics, and how new and emerging publics use these technologies to construct identities. “Commodifying Public Intimacies” examines what happens to the notion of the private when intimacies structure publics, move into public spaces, and develop value that can be exchanged and circulated.

New Technologies and the Media

Author : Gerard Goggin

ISBN10 : 0230393306

Publisher : Macmillan International Higher Education

Number of Pages : 160

Category : History

Viewed : 1070


Book Summary: The landscape of the media is changing - and at an ever-increasing pace. New technologies are fast transforming the way we consume information, and the way we live our lives. New Technologies and the Media by Proffessor Gerard Goggin (University of Sydney) is an authoritative exploration of the impact of the internet, the iPad, and Wikileaks on contemporary news, journalism and broadcasting. Steering clear of technological jargon, this is a short, sharp, simple guide through this complex subject. This book is essential reading for all media students and researchers - and for anyone interested in getting to grips with the ways in which media is becoming a progressively more pervasive, intimate and powerful part of life in the 2010s. It engagingly examines the the issues raised by the presence of new technologies across news, television, internet and mobiles. Under discusson are: new audiences forming around user-generated content; the future of news and journalism; the rapid shape-shifting of broadcasting in the face of the internet; an explosion of devices; the viewer as "couch-commander"; blogging, social media and citizen journalism and public-service media; the cultural politics of digital cultures and technologies. Featuring fascinating case studies of modern phenomena such as the iPhone, this book examines current cutting-edge technologies by situating them within the broader context of communications and media history. Written by an expert in the field, it cuts through the controversial and confusing debate surrounding the use of new technologies in the media and gives a clear, considered account of the major issues involved. By accessibly introducing the key theories of technology, this book will equip its readers with a solid critical approach that they can use across their studies, invesitigations and work in media. It provides the tools needed by students and researchers to accurately analyse and effectively evaluate how new technologies shape, and are shaped by, media. New Technology and the Media offers an excellent insight into an important, exciting, expanding area of interest.

Lights, Camera, War

Author : Johanna Neuman

ISBN10 : 0312140045

Publisher : Johanna Neuman

Number of Pages : 327

Category : Political Science

Viewed : 1692


Book Summary: Assesses the influence of worldwide media coverage on political decisions, and discusses how the political process adapts to new technologies

Media and Communications Technologies

Author : Stephen Lax

ISBN10 : 1137076445

Publisher : Macmillan International Higher Education

Number of Pages : 248

Category : Social Science

Viewed : 1361


Book Summary: Complex technology is now widely available and commonplace, with new developments emerging almost every day. So how are we to keep up with and make sense of technological changes behind media and communication systems? Do new technologies change society, or are new media the products of social forces? This book examines how media and communication technologies work and considers the society that develops and uses them. From the telegraph to the future of mobile communication, Stephen Lax takes the reader through a critical examination of the most important technologies to come out of the past century. Each chapter is filled with insightful case studies and thought-provoking examples that clearly explain key concepts, whilst exploring historical context and chronological developments to show that 'new' technology depends upon its history. Assuming no prior technical knowledge, the book addresses both technical and social aspects of these developments, explaining bandwidths and frequencies alongside issues of policy and regulation. Illustrated with clear diagrams, boxes and tables, Media and Communication Technologies helps students to confront and make sense of the technological changes taking place in communications today.

Immersive Longform Storytelling

Author : David Dowling

ISBN10 : 0429948468

Publisher : Routledge

Number of Pages : 208

Category : Language Arts & Disciplines

Viewed : 1417


Book Summary: A deep dive into the world of online and multimedia longform storytelling, this book charts the renaissance in deep reading, viewing and listening associated with the literary mind, and the resulting implications of its rise in popularity. David O. Dowling argues that although developments in media technology have enabled the ascendance of nonfictional storytelling to new heights through new forms, it has done so at the peril of these intensely persuasive designs becoming deployed for commercial and political purposes. He shows how traditional boundaries separating genres and dividing editorial from advertising content have fallen with the rise of media hybridity, drawing attention to how the principle of an independent press can be reformulated for the digital ecosystem. Immersive Longform Storytelling is a compelling examination of storytelling, covering multimedia features, on-demand documentary television, branded digital documentaries, interactive online documentaries, and podcasting. This book’s focus on both form and effect makes it a fascinating read for scholars and academics interested in storytelling and the rise of new media.

Youth Practices in Digital Arts and New Media: Learning in Formal and Informal Settings

Author : J. Black,J. Castro,C. Lin

ISBN10 : 113747517X

Publisher : Springer

Number of Pages : 127

Category : Social Science

Viewed : 791


Book Summary: The authors examine youths' practices in digital culture affecting social change, pedagogy, and creative learning practices. Knowledge about these practices is discussed, in which learning, knowledge sharing, distinct social contexts, pedagogical relationships, and artistic creative inquiry are examined in diverse formal and informal environments.

Kurdish Identity, Discourse, and New Media

Author : J. Sheyholislami

ISBN10 : 0230119301

Publisher : Springer

Number of Pages : 252

Category : Political Science

Viewed : 387


Book Summary: Informed by the interdisciplinary approach of Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA) and theories of identity, nation, and media, the study investigates the ways Kurds, the world's largest stateless nation, use satellite television and Internet to construct their identities. This book examines the complex interrelationships between ethno-national identities, discourses, and new media. Not only offers the first study of discursive constructions of Kurdish identity in the new media, this book also the first CDA informed comparative study of the contents of the two media. The study pushes the boundaries of the growing area of studies of identity, nationalism and transnationalism, discourse studies, minority language, and digital media.