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One by One

Author :

ISBN10 : 1501192388

Publisher : Simon and Schuster

Number of Pages : 384

Category : Fiction

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Book Summary: From Ruth Ware, the #1 New York Times bestselling author of In a Dark, Dark Wood, The Woman in Cabin 10, The Lying Game, The Death of Mrs. Westaway, and The Turn of the Key, comes her highly anticipated sixth novel. Getting snowed in at a luxurious, rustic ski chalet high in the French Alps doesn’t sound like the worst problem in the world. Especially when there’s a breathtaking vista, a full-service chef and housekeeper, a cozy fire to keep you warm, and others to keep you company. Unless that company happens to be eight coworkers…each with something to gain, something to lose, and something to hide. When the cofounder of Snoop, a trendy London-based tech startup, organizes a weeklong trip for the team in the French Alps, it starts out as a corporate retreat like any other: PowerPoint presentations and strategy sessions broken up by mandatory bonding on the slopes. But as soon as one shareholder upends the agenda by pushing a lucrative but contentious buyout offer, tensions simmer and loyalties are tested. The storm brewing inside the chalet is no match for the one outside, however, and a devastating avalanche leaves the group cut off from all access to the outside world. Even worse, one Snooper hadn’t made it back from the slopes when the avalanche hit. As each hour passes without any sign of rescue, panic mounts, the chalet grows colder, and the group dwindles further…one by one.

Master of One

Author : Jaida Jones,Dani Bennett

ISBN10 : 006294147X

Publisher : HarperCollins

Number of Pages : 544

Category : Young Adult Fiction

Viewed : 1868


Book Summary: Sinister sorcery. Gallows humor. A queer romance so glorious it could be right out of fae legend itself. Master of One is a fantasy unlike any other. Rags is a thief—an excellent one. He’s stolen into nobles' coffers, picked soldiers' pockets, and even liberated a ring or two off the fingers of passersby. Until he’s caught by the Queensguard and forced to find an ancient fae relic for a sadistic royal sorcerer. But Rags could never have guessed this “relic” would actually be a fae himself—a distractingly handsome, annoyingly perfect, ancient fae prince called Shining Talon. Good thing Rags can think on his toes, because things just get stranger from there... With the heist and intrigue of Six of Crows and the dark fairy tale feel of The Cruel Prince, this young adult fantasy debut will have readers rooting for a pair of reluctant heroes as they take on a world-ending fae prophecy, a malicious royal plot, and, most dangerously of all, their feelings for each other.

Loyal To One 2

Author : Vonna J.

ISBN10 : 1648403832

Publisher : Sullivan Group Publishing

Number of Pages : 140

Category : Fiction

Viewed : 1362


Book Summary: When Katrina goes to the doctor to find out what she’s having, her heart is shattered when she sees Trey helping a very pregnant Roxy in the clinic. After confronting Trey and getting no real answers, Katrina decides that she must let Trey go. Katrina’s baby daddy, Kevin comes to town just in time to help get her mind off of Trey for a while. He’s helping out, being nice and being a shoulder for her to lean on. It almost feels like they’re a family again and he realizes he wants that old thing back. Kevin makes up his mind to move to Atlanta in pursuit of his baby mama. Will Katrina find herself back in love with Kevin or just in a sticky situation that she should have steered clear from? Will Trey find a way back in her heart or are his ties with Roxy just too deep? Trey swears his situation with Roxy isn’t what it seems so why did he show up at her doctor’s appointment after all the hell she caused him and Katrina? Why does he care so much about her well being and is he the father of her baby? He wants to explain everything to Katrina but she's just too damn stubborn to hear him out. Now her baby daddy is back in town and Trey knows they're hiding something. When the truth comes out, will he be able to move forward with Katrina or will he walk away? Roxy is getting over Trey but it's a process. She needs his help because she’s pregnant and has a dark secret that she can't face alone. Her and Trey become close again but when she falls into a deep depression, Trey doesn't know what to do anymore and after the baby is born, it gets worse. Will Roxy finally face her demons and start living free of the skeletons in her closet? Will she let someone in before she burns all of her bridges and self destructs? Will her and Trey end up back together or are they really done this time?

Juice Manifesto

Author : Andrew Cooper

ISBN10 : 1452159173

Publisher : Chronicle Books

Number of Pages : 160

Category : Cooking

Viewed : 1191


Book Summary: Promising 100 percent natural and unprocessed nutrition, Andrew Cooper's Juicemanifesto is brimming with easy juices, smoothies, teas, tonics, and nut milks as well as energizing breakfasts and wholesome snacks. It even offers amazingly delicious ideas on what to do with the pulp! This diverse range of 120 recipes packed with beauty and health benefits—from medicinal juices that combat digestive problems to smoothies for detoxing—helps achieve and maintain optimum wellness and is super–family friendly. Rounded out with beautiful photography, a juice cleanse plan, exercise tips, and advice for better health, this is the one-stop inspiration for nourishing juices and smoothies to jump-start New Year, new you, and for sticking to those resolutions year-round.

Oswaal One for All Olympiads Previous Years Solved Papers, Class-2 Reasoning Book (For 2022 Exam)

Author : Oswaal Editorial Board

ISBN10 : 9354233694

Publisher : Oswaal Books and Learning Pvt Ltd

Number of Pages : 152

Category : Study Aids

Viewed : 1796


Book Summary: "As per the Latest Pattern issued by various Exam Conducting Bodies-*ISO, SZF, HO, UIMO, IOEL, ITHO, NSO, IEO, IRAO, NSTSE, SEAMO, IMO, IOS, IGKO, UIEO Previous years’ Solved Papers 2011 to 2020 Assessment through 3 Levels of Questions--Level 1, Level 2 & Achievers Answer Key with Explanations Amazing Facts, Fun Trivia & ‘Did You Know?’ Concept Review with Examples Latest Sample Papers with complete solutions

Oswaal One for All Olympiad Previous Years Solved Papers, Class-2 Mathematics Book (For 2022 Exam)

Author : Oswaal Editorial Board

ISBN10 : 9354233538

Publisher : Oswaal Books and Learning Pvt Ltd

Number of Pages : 176

Category : Study Aids

Viewed : 1750


Book Summary: "As per the Latest Pattern issued by various Exam Conducting Bodies-*ISO, SZF, HO, UIMO, IOEL, ITHO, NSO, IEO, IRAO, NSTSE, SEAMO, IMO, IOS, IGKO, UIEO Previous years’ Solved Papers 2011 to 2020 Assessment through 3 Levels of Questions--Level 1, Level 2 & Achievers Answer Key with Explanations Amazing Facts, Fun Trivia & ‘Did You Know?’ Concept Review with Examples Latest Sample Papers with complete solutions "

Algorithms and Architectures for Parallel Processing

Author : Shadi Ibrahim,Kim-Kwang Raymond Choo,Zheng Yan,Witold Pedrycz

ISBN10 : 3319654829

Publisher : Springer

Number of Pages : 829

Category : Computers

Viewed : 884


Book Summary: This book constitutes the proceedings of the 17th International Conference on Algorithms and Architectures for Parallel Processing, ICA3PP 2017, held in Helsinki, Finland, in August 2017. The 25 full papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from 117 submissions. They cover topics such as parallel and distributed architectures; software systems and programming models; distributed and network-based computing; big data and its applications; parallel and distributed algorithms; applications of parallel and distributed computing; service dependability and security in distributed and parallel systems; service dependability and security in distributed and parallel systems; performance modeling and evaluation.This volume also includes 41 papers of four workshops, namely: the 4th International Workshop on Data, Text, Web, and Social Network Mining (DTWSM 2017), the 5th International Workshop on Parallelism in Bioinformatics (PBio 2017), the First International Workshop on Distributed Autonomous Computing in Smart City (DACSC 2017), and the Second International Workshop on Ultrascale Computing for Early Researchers (UCER 2017).

A Critical Lexicon and Concordance to the English and Greek New Testament

Author : E. W. Bullinger

ISBN10 : 9780825494451

Publisher : Kregel Academic

Number of Pages : 1040

Category : Religion

Viewed : 883


Book Summary: This classic lexicon and concordance is now back in print based on popular demand! English words appear in alphabetical order along with the equivalent Greek words, their literal and derivative meanings, and a list of passages in which they appear. Includes a comprehensive Greek-English index.

Structural Information and Communication Complexity

Author : Thomas Moscibroda,Adele A. Rescigno

ISBN10 : 3319035789

Publisher : Springer

Number of Pages : 362

Category : Computers

Viewed : 699


Book Summary: This book constitutes the thoroughly refereed post-conference proceedings of the 20th International Colloquium on Structural Information and Communication Complexity, SIROCCO 2013, held in Ischia, Italy, in July 2013. The 28 revised full papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from 67 submissions. SIROCCO is devoted to the study of communication and knowledge in distributed systems. Special emphasis is given to innovative approaches and fundamental understanding, in addition to efforts to optimize current designs. The typical areas include distributed computing, communication networks, game theory, parallel computing, social networks, mobile computing (including autonomous robots), peer to peer systems, communication complexity, fault tolerant graph theories and randomized/probabilistic issues in networks.


Author : P.N. JANI

ISBN10 : 8120349857

Publisher : PHI Learning Pvt. Ltd.

Number of Pages : 632

Category : Business & Economics

Viewed : 1866


Book Summary: The primary objective of this text is to help students to think clearly and critically and apply the knowledge of Business Statistics in decision making when solving business problems. The book introduces the need for quantitative analysis in business and the basic procedures in problem solving. Following an application-based theory approach, the book focuses on data collection, data presentation, summarizing and describing data, basic probability, and statistical inference. A separate chapter is devoted to show how Microsoft Excel can be used to solve problems and to make statistical analyses. It contains specimen Excel Worksheets illustrating how the problems of each chapter are solved using Excel functions and formulas. A large number of real–world business problems from various business professions such as finance, medical, psychology, sociology, and education are also included. This textbook is primarily intended for the undergraduate and postgraduate students of management and postgraduate students of commerce. The text helps students to: • Understand the meaning and use of statistical terms used in business statistics • Use graphical and descriptive statistics to identify the need for statistical inference techniques • Perform statistical analyses • Interpret the results of statistical analyses • Apply statistical inference techniques in business situations • Use computer spreadsheet software to perform statistical analysis on data • Choose the appropriate statistical tool from the collection of standard analytic methods

A Dictionary of Confusable Phrases

Author : Yuri Dolgopolov

ISBN10 : 0786459956

Publisher : McFarland

Number of Pages : 403

Category : Literary Criticism

Viewed : 1732


Book Summary: Covering over 10,000 idioms and collocations characterized by similarity in their wording or metaphorical idea which do not show corresponding similarity in their meanings, this dictionary presents a unique cross-section of the English language. Though it is designed specifically to assist readers in avoiding the use of inappropriate or erroneous phrases, the book can also be used as a regular phraseological dictionary providing definitions to individual idioms, clichés, and set expressions. Most phrases included in the dictionary are in active current use, making information about their meanings and usage essential to language learners at all levels of proficiency.

The Arithmetic of Al-Uqlīdisī

Author : A.S. Saidan

ISBN10 : 9400997728

Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media

Number of Pages : 492

Category : Science

Viewed : 951


Book Summary: The purpose of presenting this book to the scholarly world is twofold. In the first place, I wish to provide for the English reader a translation of the earliest extant Arabic work of Hindi arithmetic. It shows this system at its earliest stages and the first steps in its development, a subject not yet well known except for readers of some Arabic publications by the present writer. This book is therefore of particular importance for students of the history of mathematical techniques. The medieval author, AI-UqHdisI, was, it seems, not noticed by bibliographers; neither was his work, which lay hardly noticed by modern scholars until 1960 when I happened to see a microfilm copy of it in the Institute of Arabic Manu scripts in Cairo. A steady labour immediately followed to make a comparative study of the text together with over twenty other texts, some of them not yet known to scholars. This pursuit resulted in (i) a doctoral degree awarded to me in 1966 by the University of Khartoum, (ii) the publication of several texts in Arabic including the text here translated, and (iii) the publication of several articles in Arabic and English on the history of arithmetic in the Middle Ages. The second purpose of this book is to make the main results of my study available to the English reader.

Computer Recognition Systems 2

Author : Marek Kurzynski,Edward Puchala,Michal Wozniak,Andrzej Zolnierek

ISBN10 : 3540751750

Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media

Number of Pages : 864

Category : Computers

Viewed : 1430


Book Summary: This book presents the results of the 5th International Conference on Computer Recognition Systems CORES’07 held 22-25 October 2007 in Hotel Tumski, Wroclaw, Poland. It brings together original research results in both methodological issues and different application areas of pattern recognition. The contributions cover all topics in pattern recognition including, for example, classification and interpretation of text, video, and voice.

Our Knowledge of the External World

Author : Bertrand Russell

ISBN10 : 1537814095

Publisher : Jovian Press

Number of Pages : 270

Category : Fiction

Viewed : 1756


Book Summary: Philosophy, from the earliest times, has made greater claims, and achieved fewer results, than any other branch of learning. Ever since Thales said that all is water, philosophers have been ready with glib assertions about the sum-total of things; and equally glib denials have come from other philosophers ever since Thales was contradicted by Anaximander. I believe that the time has now arrived when this unsatisfactory state of things can be brought to an end.

Differential Topology

Author : Amiya Mukherjee

ISBN10 : 3319190458

Publisher : Birkhäuser

Number of Pages : 349

Category : Mathematics

Viewed : 500


Book Summary: This book presents a systematic and comprehensive account of the theory of differentiable manifolds and provides the necessary background for the use of fundamental differential topology tools. The text includes, in particular, the earlier works of Stephen Smale, for which he was awarded the Fields Medal. Explicitly, the topics covered are Thom transversality, Morse theory, theory of handle presentation, h-cobordism theorem and the generalised Poincaré conjecture. The material is the outcome of lectures and seminars on various aspects of differentiable manifolds and differential topology given over the years at the Indian Statistical Institute in Calcutta, and at other universities throughout India. The book will appeal to graduate students and researchers interested in these topics. An elementary knowledge of linear algebra, general topology, multivariate calculus, analysis and algebraic topology is recommended.

Me n Mine-English-A-Term-2

Author : Kusum Wadhwa, Anju Loomba, Surender Verma, Neena Sinha, Anita Marwah, Vibha Arora, Anju Sachdeva, Sushma Sardana, Late Dr Madan Mohan Sharma, Vinita Gupta, Snehlata Aggarwal, Niti Arora, Dr Nirmal Dalal, Amla Thukral, Umesh Kumari, Kaumudi Sharma, C K Naidu, Vijay Jyoti, Manish Aggarwal

ISBN10 : 9350414597

Publisher : New Saraswati House India Pvt Ltd

Number of Pages : N.A

Category : Education

Viewed : 1433


Book Summary: A text book on English

Computational Geometry

Author : Alberto Márquez,Pedro Ramos,Jorge Urrutia

ISBN10 : 3642341918

Publisher : Springer

Number of Pages : 283

Category : Computers

Viewed : 1572


Book Summary: This Festschrift volume is published in honor of Ferran Hurtado on the occasion of his 60th birthday; it contains extended versions of selected communications presented at the XIV Spanish Meeting on Computational Geometry, held at the University of Alcalá, Spain, in June 2011. Ferran Hurtado has played a central role in the Spanish community of Computational Geometry since its very beginning, and the quantity and quality of the international participants in the conference is an indisputable proof of his relevance in the international level. The 26 revised full papers were carefully reviewed and selected from numerous submissions. The papers present original research in computational geometry, in its broadest sense. Topics included are discrete and combinatorial geometry, linear programming applied to geometric problems, geometric algorithms and data structures, theoretical foundations of computational geometry, questions of interest in the implementation of geometric algorithms, and applications of computational geometry.