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APA Guidelines in Tables (Quick Study APA)

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Publisher : CreativeCloud Publications

Number of Pages : 17

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Book Summary: Quick and easy to understand guidelines on APA formatting in tables for students. Quick reference tables can speed up your academic writing process allowing you to focus on the quality of the paper to succeed in studying. Guidelines include introduction to APA, general rules, running head, title page, table of contents, abstract page, body (introduction, discussion, conclusion), headings, in-text citations, and reference list general formatting guidelines with examples.

Women in Early British and Irish Astronomy

Author : Mary Brück

ISBN10 : 9789048124732

Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media

Number of Pages : 277

Category : Science

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Book Summary: Careers in astronomy for women (as in other sciences) were a rarity in Britain and Ireland until well into the twentieth century. The book investigates the place of women in astronomy before that era, recounted in the form of biographies of about 25 women born between 1650 and 1900 who in varying capacities contributed to its progress during the eighteenth, nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. There are some famous names among them whose biographies have been written before now, there are others who have received less than their due recognition while many more occupied inconspicuous and sometimes thankless places as assistants to male family members. All deserve to be remembered as interesting individuals in an earlier opportunity-poor age. Placed in roughly chronological order, their lives constitute a sample thread in the story of female entry into the male world of science. The book is aimed at astronomers, amateur astronomers, historians of science, and promoters of women in science, but being written in non-technical language it is intended to be of interest also to educated readers generally.

MOOCs and Open Education in the Global South

Author : Ke Zhang,Curtis J. Bonk,Thomas C. Reeves,Thomas H. Reynolds

ISBN10 : 0429677537

Publisher : Routledge

Number of Pages : 358

Category : Business & Economics

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Book Summary: With e-learning technologies evolving and expanding at high rates, organizations and institutions around the world are integrating massive open online courses (MOOCs) and other open educational resources (OERs). MOOCs and Open Education in the Global South explores the initiatives that are leveraging these flexible systems to educate, train, and empower populations previously denied access to such opportunities. Featuring contributors leading efforts in rapidly changing nations and regions, this wide-ranging collection grapples with accreditation, credentialing, quality standards, innovative assessment, learner motivation and attrition, and numerous other issues. The provocative narratives curated in this volume demonstrate how MOOCs and OER can be effectively designed and implemented in vastly different ways in particular settings, as detailed by experts from Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, the Pacific/Oceania, and the Caribbean. This comprehensive text is an essential resource for policy makers, instructional designers, practitioners, administrators, and other MOOC and OER community stakeholders.

Research in Psychology

Author : Kerri A. Goodwin,C. James Goodwin

ISBN10 : 1119342260

Publisher : Wiley Global Education

Number of Pages : 476

Category : Psychology

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Book Summary: An approachable, coherent, and important text, Research in Psychology: Methods and Design, 8th Edition continues to provide its readers with a clear, concise look at psychological science, experimental methods, and correlational research in this newly updated version. Rounded out with helpful learning aids, step-by-step instructions, and detailed examples of real research studies makes the material easy to read and student-friendly.

The Concise APA Handbook

Author : Paul Iida,Rachael Ruegg,Mark de Boer,Naoko Araki,Mary Frances Agnello

ISBN10 : 1648021859

Publisher : IAP

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Book Summary: Most students struggle with learning how to find references, use them effectively, and cite them appropriately in a required format. One of the most common formats is that of APA. The authors all have vast experience teaching writing courses to various levels of students from undergraduates to graduates in other countries. However, there was lacking a book that could explain the basics of APA in simple, easy-to-understand language for non-native speakers of English, who are often unfamiliar with using references and formatting an essay in a particular method. In order to offer English Learner student writers a source of information that is appropriate for their level, and is cost-effective, this updated APA 7th edition guidebook provides students with important information in clear, concise, user-friendly language, as well as to offer practical examples that will help them grasp the concept of secondary research writing. Much of the published materials on the market targets native speakers of English. The problem with this is that they present the nitpicky details of APA in ways that do not make sense to native speakers of English, let alone to those for whom English is not their first language, because the information is presented in very technical terms that are not easy to understand. This handbook presents the same information in simplified terms with images and step-by-step instructions in ways that make sense to both native and non-native English speaking student writers. Additionally, student writers often struggle with understanding the concept of plagiarism, as well as how to find sources, evaluate the appropriateness of sources, and use sources in effective ways (e.g., how to integrate quotes, when to paraphrase, among others). This book provides this important information that is concise and easy to understand. NOTE: This is a REVISED edition of our original The Concise APA Handbook, which has been updated for APA 7th edition, which was issued in the fall, 2019.


Author : 吳清山,林雍智

ISBN10 : 9861919317

Publisher : 心理

Number of Pages : 259

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Book Summary: 要寫好一篇論文,除了需具備原創性題材與寫作者的熱忱外,還要能正確使用寫作格式,才能讓論文順利面世,讀者也才有機會閱讀到這份作品。我國教育學門各領域所遵行的寫作規範為APA格式,其係指由美國心理學會在所發行的出版指引中,對教育與心理學門論文寫作進行規範之格式。APA格式自1929年刊出第一版以來,目前已修訂至第七版,也已成多國在教育、心理等人文、社會科學領域,以及護理學等自然科學領域上的寫作格式標準。 因此,在撰寫教育學門論文前,即需掌握APA格式的內涵以及在中文上的轉換等用法。本書透過介紹APA格式在論文寫作上之應用,協助寫作者對主題設定、文獻引用、表與圖製作與參考文獻的寫法有更清楚的認識,俾能在撰文時依循該格式,進一步提高學術研究的品質。