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Shattered Mirror

Author : ,

ISBN10 : 0385729901

Publisher : Delacorte Press

Number of Pages : 240

Category : Young Adult Fiction

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Book Summary: Sarah Vida is a witch and a vampire hunter — and a loner. Christopher Ravena is a vampire trying to pass as a normal high school student who wants to know Sarah better. Drawn to him despite her better judgment, Sarah’s forced to admit that there’s room for gray in her otherwise black-and-white world of good versus evil — until she meets Nikolas, Christopher’s twin and one of the most hunted vampires in history.

Shattered Mirror

Author : Iris Johansen

ISBN10 : 1466887249

Publisher : St. Martin\'s Press

Number of Pages : 352

Category : Fiction

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Book Summary: From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Silencing Eve (January 2014) comes Shattered Mirror, a new explosive thriller featuring forensic sculptor Eve Duncan. Forensic sculptor Eve Duncan is once again thrown into a deadly game of intrigue when she receives a cryptic package containing a skull and a two sided mirror. Eve is determined to reconstruct the skull and uncover the mystery of the person’s identity, and when she does, the face of a beautiful woman begins to emerge. But who is she? As Eve gets closer and closer to finding the answer, she becomes swept up in a lethal chase that spans continents and threatens to destroy the family that she has worked so hard to bring together. Eve and her team must work quickly to discover who is behind the murder – and maybe even prevent more loss of life. But how do you fight a killer who is willing to destroy anyone as a means to an end? No one is safe in #1 New York Times bestselling author Iris Johansen’s next explosive, high-stakes thriller that will keep readers on the edge of their seat through every heart-pounding chapter.


Author : Kate Walker,Kazuko Fujita

ISBN10 : 4596282862

Publisher : Harlequin / SB Creative

Number of Pages : N.A

Category : Comics & Graphic Novels

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Book Summary: Out of nowhere, a stranger approached Eve, saying he’d never let her run away again! Anger visible in his handsome face, he tells Eve she’s his wife and that he has been looking for her since she went missing two years ago. And it was two years ago that Eve was found with memory loss. A kind nurse at the hospital offered Eve a place to live and found her a job. Eve was just starting to feel content with her life when the man appeared. Was she really married to this beautiful man? Her heart trembled at the thought.

The Shattered Mirror

Author : María Elena de Valdés

ISBN10 : 0292786824

Publisher : University of Texas Press

Number of Pages : 294

Category : Literary Criticism

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Book Summary: Popular images of women in Mexico—conveyed through literature and, more recently, film and television—were long restricted to either the stereotypically submissive wife and mother or the demonized fallen woman. But new representations of women and their roles in Mexican society have shattered the ideological mirrors that reflected these images. This book explores this major change in the literary representation of women in Mexico. María Elena de Valdés enters into a selective and hard-hitting examination of literary representation in its social context and a contestatory engagement of both the literary text and its place in the social reality of Mexico. Some of the topics she considers are Carlos Fuentes and the subversion of the social codes for women; the poetic ties between Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz and Octavio Paz; questions of female identity in the writings of Rosario Castellanos, Luisa Josefina Hernández, María Luisa Puga, and Elena Poniatowska; the Chicana writing of Sandra Cisneros; and the postmodern celebration—without reprobation—of being a woman in Laura Esquivel's Like Water for Chocolate.

The Mirror: Broken Wish

Author : Julie C. Dao

ISBN10 : 1368065147

Publisher : Disney Electronic Content

Number of Pages : N.A

Category : Juvenile Fiction

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Book Summary: Sixteen-year-old Elva has a secret. She has visions and strange powers that she will do anything to hide. She knows the warnings about what happens to witches in their small village of Hanau. She's heard the terrible things people say about the Witch of the North Woods, and the malicious hunts that follow. But when Elva accidentally witnesses a devastating vision of the future, she decides she has to do everything she can to prevent it. Tapping into her powers for the first time, Elva discovers a magical mirror and its owner-none other than the Witch of the North Woods herself. As Elva learns more about her burgeoning magic, and the lines between hero and villain start to blur, she must find a way to right past wrongs before it's too late. The Mirror: Broken Wish marks the first book in an innovative four-book fairy-tale series written by Julie C. Dao, Dhonielle Clayton, Jennifer Cervantes, and L. L. McKinney, following one family over several generations, and the curse that plagues it.

The Shattered Mirror

Author : Paula Murphy

ISBN10 : 1527565696

Publisher : Cambridge Scholars Publishing

Number of Pages : 190

Category : Performing Arts

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Book Summary: The Shattered Mirror: Irish Literature and Film, 1990-2005 is a response to changing representations of Irish identity. Interrogating the period of the 'Celtic Tiger' in Ireland, which was accompanied by widespread social change, the book draws on Lacanian psychoanalysis to explore issues such as prosperity, Europeanism, Diaspora, multi-culturalism, decline in religious faith and gender norms. Examining three writers and filmmakers in each section on narrative, drama and film, The Shattered Mirror argues that, in this fifteen years, Irish identity has changed radically.



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Publisher : Jade media group LLC

Number of Pages : 130

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Book Summary: A shattered mirror can never project a perfect image of what we want others to see in us. And somehow in this autobiography Jay Burton painted a portrait unlike any other gritty street-life legend. Jay's experience growing up in Watts California, from raising Pitbulls and Roller Pigeons. To playing sports, then trading it all in for the "Bounty Hunter Watts Bloods" And drug dealing. It's a seductive testament to him. Shattered Mirror, is the first half of a two-part autobiography. " Love, Loyalty, & Betrayal " picks up where this rollercoaster ride ends. Where Jay colors in all the consequences of the causes and effects, of manchild growing wild in search of steeet fame. That leads to a crooked L.A Sheriff's Division, crossing Jay up with a murder at the tender age of 16. This story crosses all racial and economical boundaries. The portrait is framed a posted. Readers will identify themselves, or someone they know or heard of, within this well written true story. "Love, Loyalty, and Betrayal" Part 2 is coming soon!

A Distant Mirror

Author : Barbara W. Tuchman

ISBN10 : 0307793699

Publisher : Random House

Number of Pages : 784

Category : History

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Book Summary: A “marvelous history”* of medieval Europe, from the bubonic plague and the Papal Schism to the Hundred Years’ War, by the Pulitzer Prize–winning author of The Guns of August *Lawrence Wright, author of The End of October, in The Wall Street Journal The fourteenth century reflects two contradictory images: on the one hand, a glittering age of crusades, cathedrals, and chivalry; on the other, a world plunged into chaos and spiritual agony. In this revelatory work, Barbara W. Tuchman examines not only the great rhythms of history but the grain and texture of domestic life: what childhood was like; what marriage meant; how money, taxes, and war dominated the lives of serf, noble, and clergy alike. Granting her subjects their loyalties, treacheries, and guilty passions, Tuchman re-creates the lives of proud cardinals, university scholars, grocers and clerks, saints and mystics, lawyers and mercenaries, and, dominating all, the knight—in all his valor and “furious follies,” a “terrible worm in an iron cocoon.” Praise for A Distant Mirror “Beautifully written, careful and thorough in its scholarship . . . What Ms. Tuchman does superbly is to tell how it was. . . . No one has ever done this better.”—The New York Review of Books “A beautiful, extraordinary book . . . Tuchman at the top of her powers . . . She has done nothing finer.”—The Wall Street Journal “Wise, witty, and wonderful . . . a great book, in a great historical tradition.”—Commentary NOTE: This edition does not include color images.

Shattered Memories

Author : V.C. Andrews

ISBN10 : 147679247X

Publisher : Simon and Schuster

Number of Pages : 432

Category : Fiction

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Book Summary: In this finale of the darkly gothic Mirror Sisters trilogy, one twin fears her reunion with sister dearest—from the legendary New York Times bestselling author of Flowers in the Attic and My Sweet Audrina (now Lifetime movies). For fans of Ruth Ware (The Woman in Cabin 10) and Liane Moriarty (Big Little Lies). They share an unbreakable bond... An inescapable bond. As identical twins, Haylee and Kaylee Fitzgerald have always done things in exactly the same way. Under their mother’s guidance their every outfit, every meal, and every thought was identical. But now things are different. With Kaylee back at home after her sister's betrayal, her life has been turned inside out. Both her mother and Haylee are away and Kaylee’s alone and more lost than ever. Her father suggests going to a new school where she can have a fresh start, and where no one will know about her dark past. But if Kaylee knows her sister at all, she knows that her twin isn’t through with her yet…


Author : Iris Johansen

ISBN10 : 1429920165

Publisher : St. Martin\'s Press

Number of Pages : 384

Category : Fiction

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Book Summary: The #1 bestselling author Iris Johansen delivers the first in a trilogy that will begin to answer questions that have haunted her legion of fans for over a decade, in her newest novel of breathtaking suspense Eve Duncan's mission in life is to bring closure to the families who have experienced the agony of a missing child. As a forensic sculptor, she is able to piece together bones, create a face, and bring an identity to a child who would have otherwise gone unidentified...maybe forever. Eve is brilliant, and driven, and tormented--because her own daughter, Bonnie, was taken from her years ago. And Eve has never discovered what happened to her. But now a name from the past resurfaces, thanks to CIA agent Catherine Ling who knows all too well what it's like to lose a child. After teaming up with Agent Ling to find her missing son, Eve and Catherine share a bond forged by their mutual pain. Now, Catherine challenges Eve with a name: John Gallo. A man from Eve's past. A man, seemingly raised from the dead, whose whereabouts are unknown. Could Gallo be the missing piece to the puzzle that has haunted Eve for years? Why was he in Atlanta just before Bonnie's disappearance? With a brilliant narrative that goes back to Eve Duncan's early life, exploring her history and motivations like no other novel before, Eve reveals long-guarded secrets and is guaranteed to leave Johansen fans panting for more.

Trick Mirror

Author : Jia Tolentino

ISBN10 : 0525510559

Publisher : Random House

Number of Pages : 320

Category : Literary Collections

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Book Summary: NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • “From The New Yorker’s beloved cultural critic comes a bold, unflinching collection of essays about self-deception, examining everything from scammer culture to reality television.”—Esquire Book Club Pick for Now Read This, from PBS NewsHour and The New York Times • “A whip-smart, challenging book.”—Zadie Smith • “Jia Tolentino could be the Joan Didion of our time.”—Vulture FINALIST FOR THE NATIONAL BOOK CRITICS CIRCLE’S JOHN LEONARD PRIZE FOR BEST FIRST BOOK • NAMED ONE OF THE TEN BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY THE NEW YORK PUBLIC LIBRARY AND HARVARD CRIMSON AND ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY The New York Times Book Review • Time • Chicago Tribune • The Washington Post • NPR • Variety • Esquire • Vox • Elle • Glamour • GQ • Good Housekeeping • The Paris Review • Paste • Town & Country • BookPage • Kirkus Reviews • BookRiot • Shelf Awareness Jia Tolentino is a peerless voice of her generation, tackling the conflicts, contradictions, and sea changes that define us and our time. Now, in this dazzling collection of nine entirely original essays, written with a rare combination of give and sharpness, wit and fearlessness, she delves into the forces that warp our vision, demonstrating an unparalleled stylistic potency and critical dexterity. Trick Mirror is an enlightening, unforgettable trip through the river of self-delusion that surges just beneath the surface of our lives. This is a book about the incentives that shape us, and about how hard it is to see ourselves clearly through a culture that revolves around the self. In each essay, Tolentino writes about a cultural prism: the rise of the nightmare social internet; the advent of scamming as the definitive millennial ethos; the literary heroine’s journey from brave to blank to bitter; the punitive dream of optimization, which insists that everything, including our bodies, should become more efficient and beautiful until we die. Gleaming with Tolentino’s sense of humor and capacity to elucidate the impossibly complex in an instant, and marked by her desire to treat the reader with profound honesty, Trick Mirror is an instant classic of the worst decade yet. FINALIST FOR THE PEN/DIAMONSTEIN-SPIELVOGEL AWARD FOR THE ART OF THE ESSAY

In the Forests of the Night

Author : Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

ISBN10 : 0375897143

Publisher : Laurel Leaf

Number of Pages : 176

Category : Young Adult Fiction

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Book Summary: I was born to the name of Rachel Weatere in the year 1684, more than three hundred years ago. The one who changed me named me Risika, and Risika I became, though I never asked what it meant. I continue to call myself Risika, even though I was transformed into what I am against my will. By day, Risika sleeps in a shaded room in Concord, Massachusetts. By night, she hunts the streets of New York City. She is used to being alone. But now someone is following Risika. Someone has left her a black rose, the same sort of rose that sealed her fate three hundred years ago. Three hundred years ago Risika had a family -- a brother and a sister who loved her. Three hundred years ago she was human. Now she is a vampire, a powerful one. And her past has come back to torment her. This atmospheric, haunting tale marks the stunning debut of a promising fourteen-year-old novelist.

The Snow Queen

Author : Hans Christian Andersen

ISBN10 : 1443440337

Publisher : HarperCollins

Number of Pages : 25

Category : Juvenile Fiction

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Book Summary: With a single kiss, a young maid saves her beloved from the Snow Queen’s icy imprisonment. When splinters from an evil troll’s magic mirror get into the heart and eye of Kai, he is tricked into accompanying the Snow Queen to her palace, and only the innocence and kindness of Gerda’s heart can save him. The inspiration for Frozen, Hans Christian’s Andersen’s “The Snow Queen” is one of the most beloved fairy tales in history. HarperPerennialClassics brings great works of literature to life in digital format, upholding the highest standards in ebook production and celebrating reading in all its forms. Look for more titles in the HarperPerennial Classics collection to build your digital library.

The Mirrors Shattered

Author : AJ Hartley

ISBN10 : 1912979527

Publisher : UCLan Publishing

Number of Pages : N.A

Category : Reference

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Book Summary: THE THIRD BOOK IN A GRIPPING NEW FANTASY ADVENTURE SERIES FROM NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR A. J. HARTLEY. For Darwen Arkwright, being able to travel through mirrors makes him special. But what if his gift won’t last for ever? When the world beyond the mirror is threatened, Darwen Arkwright, together with friends Rik and Alex, must go in search of allies to join the fight to defeat Greyling and his growing army of monsters. But in a world of mirrors things may not always be as they first appear, and when the battle lines are drawn, how will Darwen know who are his friends and who are his enemies? The problem with doors is that they open both ways. There are monsters inside, and some of them are trying to get out . . . “Magical, inventive and hugely entertaining. This is a wonderfully written, delightful story, full of diverse characters, from a hugely talented author. Highly welcome and recommended” - Bali Rai

The Films of Martin Scorsese, 1978-99

Author : L. Grist

ISBN10 : 1137302046

Publisher : Springer

Number of Pages : 357

Category : Performing Arts

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Book Summary: A detailed, theoretically attuned analysis of all of the Scorsese-directed features from The Last Waltz to Bringing Out the Dead . Grist illuminates Scorsese's authorship, but also reflects back upon a range of informing contexts.

Feminist Film Theory and Cléo from 5 to 7

Author : Hilary Neroni

ISBN10 : 1501313703

Publisher : Bloomsbury Publishing USA

Number of Pages : 192

Category : Performing Arts

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Book Summary: The Film Theory in Practice series fills a gaping hole in the world of film theory. By marrying the explanation of a film theory with the interpretation of a film, the volumes provide discrete examples of how film theory can serve as the basis for textual analysis. Feminist Film Theory and Cléo from 5 to 7 offers a concise introduction to feminist film theory in jargon-free language and shows how this theory can be deployed to interpret Agnes Varda's critically acclaimed 1962 film Cléo from 5 to 7. Hilary Neroni employs the methodology of looking for a feminist alternative among female-oriented films. Through three key concepts-identification, framing the woman's body, and the female auteur-Neroni lays bare the debates and approaches within the vibrant history of feminist film theory, providing a point of entry to feminist film theory from its inception to today. Picking up one of the currents in feminist film theory - that of looking for feminist alternatives among female-oriented films - Neroni traces feminist responses to the contradictions inherent in most representations of women in film, and she details how their responses have intervened in changing what we see on the screen.

Music and the Modern Condition: Investigating the Boundaries

Author : Ljubica Ilic

ISBN10 : 1317092317

Publisher : Routledge

Number of Pages : 132

Category : Music

Viewed : 1334


Book Summary: Two crucial moments in the formation and disintegration of musical modernity and the musical canon occurred at the turn of the seventeenth and the first half of the twentieth century. Dr Ljubica Ilic provides a fresh and close look at these moments, exploring the ways musical compositions shift to and away from ideological structures identified with modernity. The focus is on European art music whose grand narrative, defined by tonality and teleological development, begins in the seventeenth century and ends with twentieth-century modernisms. This particular musical "language game" coincides with historical changes in the phenomenological understanding of space and selfhood. A key concept of the book concerns musical compositions that remain without proper conclusions: if the wholesome (musical) work is a manifestation of wholesome subjectivity, the pieces Ilic explores deny it, reflecting conflict of the individual with previous beliefs, with contexts, and even within the self as the basic modern condition. The musical work is, in this case, still bounded and well-defined, but fractured by the incapability or refusal to satisfactorily conclude: the implicit cut forced upon it changes the expected musical flow or - speaking in spatial terms - it influences the musical form. By using the metaphor of space, Ilic explores: how the existence of a separate self as a primary feature of Western modernity becomes negotiated through awareness of the subject's own independence and individuality; innerness as something entirely separate from its surroundings; and the collective space of social interaction. Seeing musical storytelling as a metaphoric representation of selfhood, and modernity as a historical continuum, Ilic examines the boundaries and relationships between the musical work, the subject, and modern European history.

Guardians of Universe

Author : Thaddeus Hutyra

ISBN10 : 3736820909

Publisher : BookRix

Number of Pages : 285

Category : Poetry

Viewed : 889


Book Summary: ' American Skies ' Have you ever seen so many wonders ? Snowy Mount McKinley under the Alaska skies Mount Saint Elias, majestic Rocky Mountains Wildcat Mountain of White County in Georgia and all those grandiose skies above them from British Columbia to New Mexico, so different and as far as the Oregon and Idaho skies Utah and Arizona skies as well, rainbow alike mirroring nature as if the world were Amazonia only a wishful thinking but yes, just stand for nature !! We're camping for a while in Grand Canyon at the side of the Colorado River in Arizona Nights are splashed with shimmering stars days showing skies playing a heavenly music to the tunes of Chopin's polonaises and waltzes Skies differ from the very blue to rainbow alike constantly on the move, slower or faster, rhythmic Numerous hawks adding to this their own music and of course we ourselves, in our spasms of love which fly up the sky like those hawks are doing We're leaving yet for another long ride through vast spaces of American land as always under the magic and magnetic skies with all their splendid repertoire of music from Chopin to Beethoven's Appassionata from a country music to a modern pop & rock Days are a ride, nights are passionate love Join us whoever you are and as a reward you shall join the stars on the nightly sky as yet another star, perhaps the brightest one Traveling all the way from fabulous California to magic New Jersey perhaps, we don't care bathing lovingly in the Sun on the way with our car speeding on the speedway under American skies tributing Stars and Stripes from Idaho via Nebraska to the Florida's skies Sleeping yet under the great Oklahoma skies and the Mississippi skies, catching stars staying overnight under so many other skies Finally arriving in Miami, basked in the Sun ' American Skies ' by Thaddeus Tadeusz Hutyra Copyright © Thaddeus Hutyra All Rights Reserved

Performing Shakespeare. The Use of Properties in Early Modern Performances

Author : Julia Holleber

ISBN10 : 3346211924

Publisher : GRIN Verlag

Number of Pages : 12

Category : Literary Collections

Viewed : 698


Book Summary: Seminar paper from the year 2019 in the subject English Language and Literature Studies - Other, grade: 1,0, University of Würzburg, language: English, abstract: The aim of this scholarly exposition is to give a brief introduction into how the various places of performances affected the use of properties on the Early Modern Stage. After introducing the two main playhouses of Shakespeare’s company the King’s Men, the Globe and the Blackfriars, the properties commonly used by the players will be examined. When thinking of Early Modern Theatre, the Globe is one of the first things that come to mind, being "an icon of English dramatic and literary history and one of the most famous buildings in the world". The outdoor playhouse, built by the company the Lord Chamberlain's Men of which Shakespeare was a member, opened in 1599 and was located at the south bank of the River Thames in London. Even though many of the company's performances took place there, this was not the only location they used for staging Shakespeare's plays. By 1611, the company which was now called the King’s Men, also performed in the indoor playhouse Blackfriars, at court or in private houses by invitation. Additionally, the company went touring through the country. As the actors performed in many different locations, they had to adapt the staging of the play to the changing circumstances.

The Ethnic Restaurateur

Author : Krishnendu Ray

ISBN10 : 1472520246

Publisher : Bloomsbury Publishing

Number of Pages : 264

Category : Social Science

Viewed : 1713


Book Summary: Academic discussions of ethnic food have tended to focus on the attitudes of consumers, rather than the creators and producers. In this ground-breaking new book, Krishnendu Ray reverses this trend by exploring the culinary world from the perspective of the ethnic restaurateur. Focusing on New York City, he examines the lived experience, work, memories, and aspirations of immigrants working in the food industry. He shows how migrants become established in new places, creating a taste of home and playing a key role in influencing food cultures as a result of transactions between producers, consumers and commentators. Based on extensive interviews with immigrant restaurateurs and students, chefs and alumni at the Culinary Institute of America, ethnographic observation at immigrant eateries and haute institutional kitchens as well as historical sources such as the US census, newspaper coverage of restaurants, reviews, menus, recipes, and guidebooks, Ray reveals changing tastes in a major American city between the late 19th and through the 20th century. Written by one of the most outstanding scholars in the field, The Ethnic Restaurateur is an essential read for students and academics in food studies, culinary arts, sociology, urban studies and indeed anyone interested in popular culture and cooking in the United States.