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The Sure Thing

Author :

ISBN10 : 0345513045

Publisher : ESPN

Number of Pages : 272

Category : Sports & Recreation

Viewed : 1899


Book Summary: Michelle Wie couldn’t miss. No way. Big success? It was only a matter of time. At four she could drive a golf ball a hundred yards. At ten she was outdriving adult male golfers in her Honolulu hometown–from the back tees. At thirteen she won the Women’s Amateur Public Links, becoming the youngest person ever to win a USGA championship. The next year she was playing in LPGA and PGA Tour tournaments. At sixteen she was earning eight figures in endorsements. Yet by the time she turned eighteen, Michelle Wie was already branded a failure, a has-been, a victim of injuries, bad choices, and–worst of all–really terrible putting. How was it possible? How did this happen? How did she go from being the next big thing to the latest big bust? The Sure Thing is a gripping and intimate portrait of the meteoric rise, fall, and uncertain future of the greatest sports phenom of the twenty-first century. Award-winning writer Eric Adelson takes us inside Michelle Wie’s world, showing her to be a bubbly, astonishingly normal girl trapped in a world of outsize expectations. In chronicling Wie’s career, Adelson establishes a new gold standard for reporting on the growing convergence of professional sports, marketing, and mass entertainment in the Internet Age.

A Sure Thing

Author : Marie Harte

ISBN10 : 1492631868

Publisher : Sourcebooks, Inc.

Number of Pages : 352

Category : Fiction

Viewed : 764


Book Summary: Meet the Donnigans With the eldest Donnigan brothers adjusting to civilian life, their younger sister constantly in trouble, and their little brother clueless about life in general, falling in love is the last thing on anyone's mind... Can this Bossy Badass Marine... The Marine Corps was everything Landon Donnigan ever wanted in life...until a bullet sent him home with a medical discharge. Teaching a self-defense class at the gym is old-hat for a marine, but when he meets sexy Ava Rosenthal, his combat skills are useless for protecting his heart. Be her Mr. Right? Ava can take care of herself and likes quiet, bookish men-not muscular warriors who think women need to be coddled. But Landon is more than he seems, and when they come together, the results are explosive. The Donnigans series: A Sure Thing (Book 1) Just the Thing (Book 2, coming Spring 2017) Praise for Marie Harte's McCauley Brothers series: "Packed with sass, sensuality and heartwarming absolute delight!"-Romance Junkies "Funny, addicting, and full of hot sex scenes."-Booklist

A Sure Thing

Author : Vincent J. Cincotta

ISBN10 : 1664110364

Publisher : Xlibris Corporation

Number of Pages : 200

Category : Fiction

Viewed : 912


Book Summary: No author information provided. Author will provide information once done.

Sure Thing Options

Author : George Angell

ISBN10 : 0307817555

Publisher : Doubleday

Number of Pages : 268

Category : Business & Economics

Viewed : 1883


Book Summary: In recent years, record-breaking stock volume plus major new trading vehicles such as stock index futures contracts and options on futures have made Wall Street history. In ten year’ time, the new options market has grown from an idea to a major marketplace. Thos who understand how to use these new markets either for speculative gain or conservative income strategies are already reaping the financial rewards. This book, by a Chicago floor trader, tells how you too can join the boom in options trading and play the market to your advantage. “The notion that you can buy stock and hold it indefinitely is one that simply doesn’t work anymore. Today’s investor wants and needs an investment tool that will enable him to change with changing economic times. Options are flexible. They provide a suitable challenge for those who want to be master of their own destiny.”

The Next Sure Thing

Author : Richard Wagamese

ISBN10 : 1554699029

Publisher : Orca Book Publishers

Number of Pages : 144

Category : Fiction

Viewed : 1841


Book Summary: Cree Thunderboy wants nothing less than to be the next great blues man. But, playing to tiny audiences in shabby rooms like Shelly's Crab Shack, his career is stalled. Then at the race track he meets Win Hardy, a seemingly charming rogue who spots Cree's knack for picking winning horses. He offers to record his first CD and send him on tour, as long as Cree can keep coming up with the hot tips at the track. Things are looking good for Cree until he discovers Win's connections to the mob and his violent response to anything that doesn't go his way. And when things inevitably go bad, Cree discovers that in life and in gambling there is never really the next sure thing.

The Billion Dollar Sure Thing

Author : Paul E. Erdman

ISBN10 : 0486835537

Publisher : Courier Dover Publications

Number of Pages : 240

Category : Fiction

Viewed : 930


Book Summary: "A brilliant novel on international finance ... you will have serious trouble putting this book down." — Forbes "The plot is pure gold." — Business Week "Delightful glimpses into the world of supermoney." — The Wall Street Journal "A genuine thriller, an unparalleled view of the top of the money world by a man who has been there.... Do not miss this one." — Library Journal "Erdman has a remarkable talent for storytelling." — Time Winner of the Edgar Award for Best First Novel, this was the first thriller set in the world money market that was written by an actual financial expert. Paul Erdman's fast-paced, suspenseful story centers on a billion-dollar, top-secret coup intended to protect the U.S. dollar. In settings that range from Washington, D.C., to London, Paris, Moscow, and Beirut, a cast of memorable characters enact a plot that brings the world to the brink of the biggest financial explosion in history.

Once Upon A Sure Thing

Author : Lauren Blakely

ISBN10 :

Publisher : Lauren Blakely Books

Number of Pages : 300

Category : Fiction

Viewed : 1571


Book Summary: Mix one charming rock star, his sweet and sassy best friend, and a lust that’s been brewing for years… My friendship with Miller is a sure thing. He’s my plus one, my emergency contact, and my shoulder to lean on. He’s also been by my side helping me raise an awesome kid who’s the center of my world. Nothing will change our easy breezy friendship. Until I have the bright idea to convince him to start a new band with me. But once we spend a week in the recording studio, our sizzling chemistry in impossible to ignore, no matter the risks.

The Sure Thing

Author : Nick Townsend

ISBN10 : 1448136148

Publisher : Random House

Number of Pages : 432

Category : Biography & Autobiography

Viewed : 1176


Book Summary: __________________ The bookies always win. But one man has been proving them wrong for four decades. In the summer of 1975 Barney Curley, a fearless and renowned gambler, masterminded one of the most spectacular gambles of all time with a racehorse called Yellow Sam. With a meticulous, entirely legal plan involving dozens of people, perfectly timed phone calls, sealed orders and months of preparation, Curley and Yellow Sam beat the bookmakers and cost them millions. They said that it could never happen again. But in May 2010, thirty-five years after his first coup, Curley staged the ultimate multi-million-pound-winning sequel. The Sure Thing tells the complete story of how he managed to organise the biggest gamble in racing history - and how he then followed up with yet another audacious scheme in January 2014.

Best Laid Plans

Author : Lauren Blakely

ISBN10 :

Publisher : Little Dog Press

Number of Pages : 300

Category : Fiction

Viewed : 1405


Book Summary: That time I had the brilliant idea to ask my good friend for lessons in sex-ploration… Awkward? Maybe. But how else is a good girl going to find out if she likes being naughty? And Gabe is charming, trustworthy, aces at seduction (or so I hear) and willing to give me lessons. But to guarantee it won’t ruin our friendship, I want these classes to be hypothetical more than hands-on. So what if he’s hella sexy? I can handle that, no problem. *** I have it bad for Arden. She’s bright, brilliant, and insanely fun. When she asks for my help, I see my chance to win her sweet heart by showing her how much fun we can have getting spicy. Trouble is, she has a different idea of what “sex-ploration” should mean. Now I’m going to have to get really clever to win her over. Good thing I know exactly how to upend her best laid plans.

Her Sure Thing

Author : Helen Brenna

ISBN10 : 1459209745

Publisher : Harlequin

Number of Pages : 288

Category : Fiction

Viewed : 1660


Book Summary: Nobody's perfect—but she's close As Mirabelle Island's only doctor, Sean Griffin is in demand—for his medical expertise. As a single guy…well, in a community this small, his social calendar isn't exactly full. Doesn't seem to matter how eligible this bachelor may be when there aren't single women around. Then Grace Kahill moves back and things are looking up. A former cover model, she definitely catches his eye! The passion ignites between them, but Sean suspects Grace is holding back. Is this about her appearance? Surely she knows he wants her for more than her looks. He'll do whatever it takes to convince Grace of that. Because he knows he's found the perfect woman to share his life.

A Shore Thing

Author : Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi

ISBN10 : 1451623763

Publisher : Simon and Schuster

Number of Pages : 304

Category : Fiction

Viewed : 1073


Book Summary: It’s a summer to remember . . . at the Jersey Shore. Giovanna “Gia” Spumanti and her cousin Isabella “Bella” Rizzoli are going to have the sexiest summer ever. While they couldn’t be more different—pint-size Gia is a carefree, outspoken party girl and Bella is a tall, slender athlete who always holds her tongue—for the next month they’re ready to pouf up their hair, put on their stilettos, and soak up all that Seaside Heights, New Jersey, has to offer: hot guidos, cool clubs, fried Oreos, and lots of tequila. So far, Gia’s summer is on fire. Between nearly burning down their rented bungalow, inventing the popular “tan-tags” at the Tantastic Salon where she works, and rescuing a shark on the beach, she becomes a local celebrity overnight. Luckily, she meets the perfect guy to help her keep the flames under control. Firefighter Frank Rossi is exactly her type: big, tan, and Italian. But is he tough enough to handle Gia when things really heat up? Bella is more than ready for some fun in the sun. Finally free of her bonehead ex-boyfriend, she left home in Brooklyn with one goal in mind: hooking up with a sexy gorilla for a no-strings-attached summer fling. In no time, she lands a job leading “Beat Up the Beat” dance classes at a local gym, and is scooped up by Beemer-driving, preppy Bender Newberry. Only problem: Bella can’t get her romantic and ripped boss Tony “Trouble” Troublino out of her head. He’s relationship material. Suddenly, Bella’s not sure what she wants. The cousins soon realize that for every friend they make on the boardwalk, there are also rivals, slummers, and frenemies who will do anything to ruin their summer—and try their relationship. Before July ends, the bonds of family and friendship will be stretched to the breaking point. Will the haters prevail, or will Gia and Bella find love at the Shore? For everyone who loves MTV’s hit reality show, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi’s sweet, funny, and sexy novel perfectly captures the heat, the energy, the fun, and the drama of Jersey Shore.

All in the Timing

Author : David Ives

ISBN10 : 0307772616

Publisher : Vintage

Number of Pages : 336

Category : Drama

Viewed : 1829


Book Summary: The world according to David Ives is a very add place, and his plays constitute a virtual stress test of the English language -- and of the audience's capacity for disorientation and delight. Ives's characters plunge into black holes called "Philadelphias," where the simplest desires are hilariously thwarted. Chimps named Milton, Swift, and Kafka are locked in a room and made to re-create Hamlet. And a con man peddles courses in a dubious language in which "hello" translates as "velcro" and "fraud" comes out as "freud." At once enchanting and perplexing, incisively intelligent and side-splittingly funny, this original paperback edition of Ives's plays includes "Sure Thing," "Words, Words, Words," "The Universal Language," "Variations on the Death of Trotsky," "The Philadelphia," "Long Ago and Far Away," "Foreplay, or The Art of the Fugue," "Seven Menus," "Mere Mortals," "English Made Simple," "A Singular Kinda Guy," "Speed-the-Play," "Ancient History," and "Philip Glass Buys a Loaf of Bread."

A Brain-Focused Foundation for Economic Science

Author : Richard B. McKenzie

ISBN10 : 3319768107

Publisher : Springer

Number of Pages : 219

Category : Business & Economics

Viewed : 1626


Book Summary: This book argues that Lionel Robbins’s construction of the economics field’s organizing cornerstone, scarcity—and all that has been derived from it from economists in Robbins’s time to today—no longer can generate general consent among economists. Since Robbins’ Essay, economists have learned more than Robbins and his cohorts could have imagined about human decision making and about the human brain that is the lynchpin of human decision making. This book argues however that behavioral economists and neuroeconomists, in pointing to numerous ways people fall short of perfectly rational decisions (anomalies, biases, and downright errors), have saved conventional economics from such self-contradictions in what could be viewed as a wayward approach. This book posits that the human brain is the ultimate scarce resource, and that a focus on the brain can bring a new foundation for economics and can save the discipline from hostile criticisms from a variety of non-economists (many psychologists).

Organizations Behaving Badly

Author : Daniel J. Svyantek

ISBN10 : 1648023568

Publisher : IAP

Number of Pages : 229

Category : Business & Economics

Viewed : 387


Book Summary: Organizational science profits from taking new perspectives using a simple model to understand why behaviors of particular types occur within them. This volume provides readers with a rich source of casestudies and empirical studies of the role played by the interaction between individual actors, organizational contexts, and the actual behaviors being performed the actors. These chapters each seek to describe how these three interact in to create organizational practices with negative effects on either internal members of the organization or external stakeholders (e.g,. clients). The chapters provide insight into how organizations may control these negative behaviors with basic Human Resource Management practices. It is this volume’s hope that these chapters may provide insight into the important role these three factors plays in understanding negative organizational behavior within organizations across the world.

Martin Bauman

Author : David Leavitt

ISBN10 : 0547995113

Publisher : HarperCollins

Number of Pages : 402

Category : Fiction

Viewed : 1403


Book Summary: David Leavitt's deliciously sharp novel is a multilayered dissection of literary and sexual mores in the get-ahead eighties, when outrageous success lay seductively within reach of any young writer ambitious enough to grab it. At the dawn of the Reagan era, Martin Bauman -- nineteen, clever, talented, and insecure -- is enrolled at a prestigious college with a hard-won place under the tutelage of the legendary and enigmatic Stanley Flint, a man who can make or break careers with the flick of a weary hand. Martin is poised on the brink of the writing life, and his twin desires, equally urgent, are to get into print and find his way out of the closet. As he makes his way through the wilderness of New York -- falling in love, going to parties, and coming to terms with the emerging chaos of AIDS -- Martin matures from brilliant student, to apprentice in a Manhattan publishing house, to one of the golden few to be anointed by the highly regarded magazine in which it is every young writer's dream to be published. Yet despite his apparent success, his emotional and creative desires stubbornly refuse to be satisfied, and his every achievement is haunted by that austere and troubling image of literary perfection, his elusive mentor, Stanley Flint. An irresistibly entertaining epic, erotic, honest, and funny, MARTIN BAUMAN lays bare the life of the artist, in all his venal, envious, poignant glory.

Planning Based on Decision Theory

Author : Giacomo Della Riccia,Rudolf Kruse,Didier Dubois,Hans-J. Lenz

ISBN10 : 3709125308

Publisher : Springer

Number of Pages : 165

Category : Computers

Viewed : 1709


Book Summary: Planning of actions based on decision theory is a hot topic for many disciplines. Seemingly unlimited computing power, networking, integration and collaboration have meanwhile attracted the attention of fields like Machine Learning, Operations Research, Management Science and Computer Science. Software agents of e-commerce, mediators of Information Retrieval Systems and Database based Information Systems are typical new application areas. Until now, planning methods were successfully applied in production, logistics, marketing, finance, management, and used in robots, software agents etc. It is the special feature of the book that planning is embedded into decision theory, and this will give the interested reader new perspectives to follow-up.

One Thing for Certain, Two Things for Sure

Author : Craig Stewart

ISBN10 : 0692442049

Publisher : Impeccable Works, LLC

Number of Pages : 240

Category : Biography & Autobiography

Viewed : 1686


Book Summary: In Craig Stewart’s, One Thing for Certain, Two Things for Sure he reminds us that there are no mistakes or accidents in life—that everything happens as it should. Through the dissolution of a sordid affair with a married man, friendships, and personal setbacks he teaches us the art of letting go, and adapting to whatever comes our way. Stewart allows us, the reader, an intimate look into his personal life through stories that center on dating, love, fear, fate and destiny. “I hope my story, these words, will help navigate the lives of men and women everywhere.” Craig Stewart’s groundbreaking debut memoir, Words Never Spoken transcended race, gender and sexuality. Dubbed a literary piece of artwork, Words Never Spoken gave voice to men and women who are conflicted sexually, and frustrated by the complexities of being gay, bisexual or trans. Stewart returns with the long awaited sequel, One Thing for Certain, Two Things for Sure, A Memoir continued. “I promised myself years ago that I wouldn’t be the kind of writer, artist, who puts out a project because people want to hear more from me. Rather, I’d be the kind of artist that only puts out a work because I have something to say, and I’ve kept that promise.”

Making Better Decisions

Author : Itzhak Gilboa

ISBN10 : 144432814X

Publisher : John Wiley & Sons

Number of Pages : 232

Category : Business & Economics

Viewed : 841


Book Summary: Making Better Decisions introduces readers to some of theprincipal aspects of decision theory, and examines how these mightlead us to make better decisions. Introduces readers to key aspects of decision theory andexamines how they might help us make better decisions Presentation of material encourages readers to imagine asituation and make a decision or a judgment Offers a broad coverage of the subject including major insightsfrom several sub-disciplines: microeconomic theory, decisiontheory, game theory, social choice, statistics, psychology, andphilosophy Explains these insights informally in a language that hasminimal mathematical notation or jargon, even when describing andinterpreting mathematical theorems Critically assesses the theory presented within the text, aswell as some of its critiques Includes a web resource for teachers and students

Probabilistic Lattices

Author : Louis Narens

ISBN10 : 9814630438

Publisher : World Scientific

Number of Pages : 208

Category : Mathematics

Viewed : 1115


Book Summary: There are many books on lattice theory in the field, but none interfaces with the foundations of probability. This book does. It also develops new probability theories with rigorous foundations for decision theory and applies them to specific well-known problematic examples. There is only one other book that attempts this. It uses quantum probability theory from physics. The new probability theories developed in this book are different; they are not borrowed from physics but are explicitly designed for decision theory. Contents:IntroductionBasic Lattice TheoryPseudo Complemented Distributive LatticesProbability and CoherenceRationality, Heuristics, and Human Judgments of ProbabilityOrthomodular Modeling of Psychological Paradigms Readership: Researchers in probability theory, logic and mathematical psychology. Key Features:Systematic, foundational development of probability theories based on Boolean and non-Boolean algebrasNew theoretical foundations for theories of belief that emphasize the logical structure of event spacesNew methods for modeling the Kahnemann and Tversky heuristics and other psychological paradigms based on intuitionistic logic and a generalization of quantum logicKeywords:Probability on Lattices;Decision Theory;Intuitionistic Logic;Lattice Theory

Tech Smart

Author : John R. Connelly

ISBN10 : 1480885355

Publisher : Archway Publishing

Number of Pages : 220

Category : Business & Economics

Viewed : 1027


Book Summary: If you want to make money in the stock market, all the information in the world will not help unless you do some research, devise a game plan, and stay focused. John Connelly shares formulas that can help you determine the trend – bullish or bearish – of an index or security in this trading guide. His system will help you take advantage of price momentum and limit exposure when momentum moves against you. By using the strategies in this guide, you’ll be able to: • identify sector leaders that will likely outperform the S&P 500 index; • find free tools and technical indicators to use in your research; • remove emotional aspects of investing that reduce returns. The book tracks five major markets and fifty-five different indexes around the world by region and country. It also highlights how options, calls, and puts can maximize your chance to make money while minimizing risk. By focusing on when an index or security changes direction and confirming the change has occurred, you can capture the majority of moves. Find out how to do it step by step and start walking down a path that leads to stock market riches.

Can You Outsmart an Economist?

Author : Steven E. Landsburg

ISBN10 : 1328489825

Publisher : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Number of Pages : 306

Category : Business & Economics

Viewed : 1511


Book Summary: “Will delight and inform anyone who enjoys rigorous thinking and the unexpected conclusions it delivers.” — Jamie Whyte, author of Crimes Against Logic “This ingenious gallop through the mind of Steven Landsburg enables you to think like an economist without incurring a Keynesian headache or a huge student loan. You may even end up ‘smarter than Google.’ But you will not readily put down this exhilarating adventure in ideas.” —George Gilder, author of Knowledge and Power and Life After Google Can you outsmart an economist? Steven Landsburg, acclaimed author and professor of economics, dares you to try. In this whip-smart, entertaining, and entirely unconventional economics primer, he brings together over one hundred puzzles and brain teasers that illustrate the subject’s key concepts and pitfalls. From warm-up exercises to get your brain working, to logic and probability problems, to puzzles covering more complex topics like inferences, strategy, and irrationality, Can You Outsmart an Economist? will show you how to do just that by expanding the way you think about decision making and problem solving. Let the games begin! “Entertaining as well as edifying. Read it, expand your mind, and have fun!” —N. Gregory Mankiw, Robert M. Beren Professor of Economics, Harvard University


Author : Wayne Whitaker

ISBN10 : 151271464X

Publisher : WestBow Press

Number of Pages : 178

Category : Religion

Viewed : 1495


Book Summary: Evangelism is a word that strikes fear in the hearts of even the most faithful Christians. Though believers realize their responsibility to connect others to Christ, many feel intimidated by the task. A plethora of programs and processes have been developed to aid believers in evangelism; however, these can often feel impersonal, inauthentic, or awkward. In frustration, many believers have given up hope of ever feeling adequate to share their faith with others. What if evangelism was not meant to be a process? What if it was never intended to be boiled down to step-by-step programs or processes? What if introducing others to Jesus is actually as easy as sharing life with others and having a few intentional conversations? Through this book, readers will learn an approach to evangelism that leverages relationality while minimizing much of the anxiety that accompanies sharing ones faith. Rather than a new approach, this simple, straight-forward perspective is a return to the evangelism modeled by the first believers. There are no flowcharts, presentations, or acronyms. All that is required is a reliance on the Holy Spirit, Gods Word, and a desire to cultivate and build intentional relationships for the sake of the gospel. The ultimate goal is to see every believer equipped, encouraged, and empowered to do his part to fulfill the Great Commission of Christ.

The Desire of Every Living Thing

Author : Don Gillmor

ISBN10 : 0307363651

Publisher : Vintage Canada

Number of Pages : 288

Category : Biography & Autobiography

Viewed : 1334


Book Summary: At the age of eighty, Don Gillmor's grandmother let slip the defining secret of her life: her twin sister Jean was not her twin, but her aunt, and her family had emigrated from Scotland to Winnipeg to escape the stigma of her illegitimacy. That revelation set Gillmor off on what seemed at first like the most personal of quests: to track down his ancestors. The Desire of Every Living Thing is also the story of the New World, the story of Winnipeg, the story of this country. Both an evocative family memoir and a brilliant feat of historical imagination, the book's most moving theme is how the discarded past haunts and shapes our lives without us even noticing.

Risk, Ambiguity and Decision

Author : Daniel Ellsberg

ISBN10 : 1136711988

Publisher : Routledge

Number of Pages : 336

Category : Philosophy

Viewed : 928


Book Summary: Ellsberg elaborates on "Risk, Ambiguity, and the Savage Axioms" and mounts a powerful challenge to the dominant theory of rational decision in this book.

Maximum Entropy and Bayesian Methods

Author : C.R. Smith,G. Erickson,Paul O. Neudorfer

ISBN10 : 9401722196

Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media

Number of Pages : 474

Category : Computers

Viewed : 1201


Book Summary: Bayesian probability theory and maximum entropy methods are at the core of a new view of scientific inference. These `new' ideas, along with the revolution in computational methods afforded by modern computers, allow astronomers, electrical engineers, image processors of any type, NMR chemists and physicists, and anyone at all who has to deal with incomplete and noisy data, to take advantage of methods that, in the past, have been applied only in some areas of theoretical physics. This volume records the Proceedings of Eleventh Annual `Maximum Entropy' Workshop, held at Seattle University in June, 1991. These workshops have been the focus of a group of researchers from many different fields, and this diversity is evident in this volume. There are tutorial papers, theoretical papers, and applications in a very wide variety of fields. Almost any instance of dealing with incomplete and noisy data can be usefully treated by these methods, and many areas of theoretical research are being enhanced by the thoughtful application of Bayes' theorem. The contributions contained in this volume present a state-of-the-art review that will be influential and useful for many years to come.

The Miracle of Alvito

Author : David H. Brandin

ISBN10 : 1465325492

Publisher : Xlibris Corporation

Number of Pages : 132

Category : Fiction

Viewed : 1136


Book Summary: Why did the town of Alvito, Italy rename its church The Church of the Miracle in World War II? What happens when an airline misplaces a passenger? Is it gambling if theres no risk? Who was the Greatest RomanEver? Whats the easiest way to steal an identity? The author explores these and other questions in this eclectic and fun-filled mix of fiction, science fiction, and historical fiction and fantasy stories.

The Wrong Stuff

Author : Truman Smith

ISBN10 : 0806183500

Publisher : University of Oklahoma Press

Number of Pages : 368

Category : Biography & Autobiography

Viewed : 1577


Book Summary: Between April and July 1944, Truman Smith Flew thirty-five bombing missions over France and Germany. He was only twenty years old. Although barely adults, Smith and his peers worried about cramming a lifetime’s worth of experience into every free night, each knowing he probably would not survive the next bombing mission. Written with blunt honesty, wry humor, and insight, The Wrong Stuff is Smith’s gripping memoir of that time. In a new preface, the author comments with equal honesty and humor on the impact this book has had on his life.

Fair Prey

Author : William Campbell Gault

ISBN10 : 1453273417

Publisher : Open Road Media

Number of Pages : 152

Category : Fiction

Viewed : 1591


Book Summary: A golf ace on the verge of glory stumbles over a country-club corpse Denny Burke knows that a golfer’s best resource isn’t a putter or a three iron, but the ability to shut out the rest of the world and focus on the game. Burke has been doing that since he was a kid, rising from poverty to a scholarship at the University of Southern California. After graduation, he takes a job at a country club’s pro shop, to rake in easy money while he considers joining the professional tour. It’s here that he falls in love with Judy Faulkner, and his ability to ignore the outside world disappears. Burke is hunting for a ball in the rough when he finds Bud Venier, priggish scion of one of the town’s wealthiest families, lying dead in the chaparral. As the murder investigation turns the club upside down, Burke doesn’t know if his next stop will be on the pro tour, or in the electric chair.

The Wind Chill Factor

Author : Thomas Gifford

ISBN10 : 1453266070

Publisher : Open Road Media

Number of Pages : 436

Category : Fiction

Viewed : 1754


Book Summary: A man is endangered by his family’s long-ago Nazi ties in this “riveting” thriller by a New York Times–bestselling author (Rolling Stone). His marriage destroyed by drinking, John Cooper returns to Cambridge, Massachusetts, trying to recapture the joy he felt as an undergraduate in Harvard University’s sacred halls. He is just beginning to piece his life together when he gets a telegram calling him home to Minnesota. The message comes from Buenos Aires, and with Cooper’s family history, that can mean only one thing: The Nazis are staging a comeback. To John and his brother, their grandfather was a kind, distinguished old man. But to the American people, he was the worst kind of traitor. An industrialist who spent the 1930s in business with Fascists, he became infamous as “America’s Number One Nazi.” When Hitler’s old lieutenants decide to get together a Fourth Reich, the Coopers are the first family they call. John hasn’t even made it to Minnesota when the first attempt on his life comes—a message that if he isn’t ready to honor his family legacy, he will die for it.

A Dictionary of Catch Phrases

Author : Eric Partridge

ISBN10 : 1134929986

Publisher : Routledge

Number of Pages : 412

Category : Foreign Language Study

Viewed : 1446


Book Summary: A catch phrase is a well-known, frequently-used phrase or saying that has `caught on' or become popular over along period of time. It is often witty or philosophical and this Dictionary gathers together over 7,000 such phrases.

Love In Moments

Author : Scarlett Cole

ISBN10 : 1838246940

Publisher : Kadelo Group Limited

Number of Pages : 248

Category : Fiction

Viewed : 1201


Book Summary: “Count on Scarlett Cole to give you everything you want in romance! A must-read by one of my favorite authors!” ~ Carly Phillips, New York Times best selling author. Opposites attract in this steamy new sports romance standalone from Scarlett Cole. Swedish hockey player, Anders “Iceberg” Berg, is counting the days until he’s an unrestricted free agent and can land the contract he’s worth. Yet, instead of recovering and resting at home so he can play to impress his dream organization, he’s in Denver for his brother’s wedding at a gin distillery, watching the pretty brunette who organized the whole thing. Olivia Dyer can’t wait to put the year behind her. Her father died, and the event hall she ran at her family’s distillery was destroyed. The cost to the business and her mental health more than she could ever afford to repay. Rebuilding both takes every ounce of effort leaving little time for anything else. Except for a single night of fun with the hot hockey player who’s been watching her every move. When a kitchen catastrophe throws Anders and Liv together, it ends with an evening neither of them can forget. It was only meant to be one night. But when Anders is unexpectedly traded to see out the rest of his contract with the Denver Rush, and his plans to leave as quickly as possible are disrupted by the sultry brunette who defines courage, their only option is to give in to the attraction they feel for one another. Yet with Liv stuck in the past and Anders firmly focused on the future, can they put aside their differences and allow themselves to find love in the present? Read this standalone opposites attract sports romance now.

Ring Game

Author : Pete Hautman

ISBN10 : 1480406236

Publisher : Open Road Media

Number of Pages : 420

Category : Fiction

Viewed : 1007


Book Summary: To save a friend’s daughter from a bad marriage, Joe Crow confronts cultists, carnies, and cocaine wackos Poker-playing ex-cop Joe Crow has been dealt some rotten hands in his life, but he’s survived them all. When Axel Speeter starts begging for help, Crow suspects his luck is about to run out. A taco-dealing former poker pro, Speeter’s worried about his girlfriend’s daughter Carmen. She’s the sexiest trouble magnet the state of Omaha has ever seen, and she’s about to drag Crow down with her. Carmen has just gotten engaged to Hyatt Hilton, a onetime drug pusher who’s currently scratching out a living selling bootlegged Evian. Speeter wants Crow to make sure he’s staying on the straight-and-narrow. And it looks like Hilton’s involved in something much more dangerous than designer water. He’s about to cross the Amaranthine Church of the One—a New Age cult convinced that it’s found the secret to immortality, and doesn’t mind killing to prove it.

The Lady of the Aroostook

Author : William Dean Howells

ISBN10 : 1633555240

Publisher : Simon and Schuster

Number of Pages : 202

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Book Summary: William Dean Howells (1837-1920) was an American realist author and literary critic. He wrote his first novel, Their Wedding Journey, in 1871, but his literary reputation really took off with the realist novel A Modern Instance, published in 1882, which describes the decay of a marriage. His 1885 novel The Rise of Silas Lapham is perhaps his best known, describing the rise and fall of an American entrepreneur in the paint business. His social views were also strongly reflected in the novels Annie Kilburn (1888) and A Hazard of New Fortunes (1890). While known primarily as a novelist, his short story "Editha" (1905) - included in the collection Between the Dark and the Daylight (1907) - appears in many anthologies of American literature. Howells also wrote plays, criticism, and essays about contemporary literary figures such as Ibsen, Zola, Verga, and, especially, Tolstoy, which helped establish their reputations in the United States. He also wrote critically in support of many American writers. It is perhaps in this role that he had his greatest influence.

The SAGE Handbook of the Philosophy of Social Sciences

Author : Ian C Jarvie,Jesus Zamora-Bonilla

ISBN10 : 1446209717

Publisher : SAGE

Number of Pages : 772

Category : Social Science

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Book Summary: - what is the relationship between the social sciences and the natural sciences? - where do today's dominant approaches to doing social science come from? - what are the main fissures and debates in contemporary social scientific thought? - how are we to make sense of seemingly contrasting approaches to how social scientists find out about the world and justify their claims to have knowledge of it? In this exciting handbook, Ian Jarvie and Jesús Zamora-Bonilla have put together a wide-ranging and authoritative overview of the main philosophical currents and traditions at work in the social sciences today. Starting with the history of social scientific thought, this handbook sets out to explore that core fundamentals of social science practice, from issues of ontology and epistemology to issues of practical method. Along the way it investigates such notions as paradigm, empiricism, postmodernism, naturalism, language, agency, power, culture, and causality. Bringing together in one volume leading authorities in the field from around the world, this book will be a must-have for any serious scholar or student of the social sciences.

Every Bet’s a Sure Thing

Author : Thomas B. Dewey

ISBN10 : 1479406686

Publisher : Wildside Press LLC

Number of Pages : 179

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Book Summary: "Thomas B. Dewey is one of detective fiction's severely underrated writers!" -- Bill Pronzini In his second adventure, Mac is hired to tail a mother and her two kids on the train from Chicago to Los Angeles. All is going well until he is thrown off of the train -- while it's moving at high speed! "Mac has been called one of the most believable and humane PI's in crime fiction. He is reluctant to use either his gun or his fists, but will do so when the situation demands it, or in self-defense; he doesn't merely solve his clients' cases, but provides moral support and sympathy as well; and perhaps most notable of all, Mac feels, and is not afraid to show itópain, loss, sorrow, loneliness."

One Man's Revenge

Author : Mimi Paris

ISBN10 : 1440185514

Publisher : iUniverse

Number of Pages : 244

Category : Fiction

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Book Summary: THEYRE HERE! Terrorists are in southeastern Florida. The plan is to blow up certain bridges along the Intracoastal Waterway from Jacksonville to Miami. Their goal is to arouse fear in every person in the United States. When will they strike? What bridges? Is anyone safe from these nonreligious, Middle Eastern mercenaries who worship only money? Characters aren't always who they seem to be. Greed, mistrust and hatred surprise the reader. Sex is sometimes used for exploitation, yet true love exists. Suspense surges--to the last page.

Things Your Father Would Have Told You

Author : Warren McDowell

ISBN10 : 1973686589

Publisher : WestBow Press

Number of Pages : 116

Category : Religion

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Book Summary: Growing into manhood has been challenging as men often don’t talk about the steps they take. What makes it harder is when there is no man around to lead by example. This book gives solid examples of young men as they grow and the traps that await. It also lets the reader learn that true wisdom is the ability to learn from other peoples mistakes as well as your own.

A Woman at Bay

Author : Nicholas Carter

ISBN10 : 1479458066

Publisher : Wildside Press LLC

Number of Pages : 246

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Book Summary: Nick Carter faces off against Black Madge.

Microeconomic Foundations I

Author : David M. Kreps

ISBN10 : 140084536X

Publisher : Princeton University Press

Number of Pages : 584

Category : Business & Economics

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Book Summary: Microeconomic Foundations I develops the choice, price, and general equilibrium theory topics typically found in first-year theory sequences, but in deeper and more complete mathematical form than most standard texts provide. The objective is to take the reader from acquaintance with these foundational topics to something closer to mastery of the models and results connected to them. Provides a rigorous treatment of some of the basic tools of economic modeling and reasoning, along with an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of these tools Complements standard texts Covers choice, preference, and utility; structural properties of preferences and utility functions; basics of consumer demand; revealed preference and Afriat's Theorem; choice under uncertainty; dynamic choice; social choice and efficiency; competitive and profit-maximizing firms; expenditure minimization; demand theory (duality methods); producer and consumer surplus; aggregation; general equilibrium; efficiency and the core; GET, time, and uncertainty; and other topics Features a free web-based student's guide, which gives solutions to approximately half the problems, and a limited-access instructor's manual, which provides solutions to the rest of the problems Contains appendixes that review most of the specific mathematics employed in the book, including a from-first-principles treatment of dynamic programming