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The 1776 Report

Author : Larry P. Arnn,Carol Swain,Matthew Spalding

ISBN10 : 1641772220

Publisher : Encounter Books

Number of Pages : 128

Category : History

Viewed : 1604


Book Summary: The 1776 Report is the official report of The President's Advisory 1776 Commission. Submitted to the President and released as a public document on January 18, 2021, the report explains the core principles of the American founding and how they have shaped American history, considers the leading challenges to these principles at home and abroad, and calls on all Americans to “restore our national unity by rekindling a brave and honest love for our country and by raising new generations of citizens who not only know the self-evident truths of our founding, but act worthy of them.” This edition features the original text with the addition of notes and commentary by Chair Larry P. Arnn, Vice Chair Carol Swain, and Executive Director Matthew Spalding.

Conte d'hiver

Author : Mark Helprin

ISBN10 : 2234078369

Publisher : Stock

Number of Pages : 720

Category : Fiction

Viewed : 352


Book Summary: « J’ai été dans un autre monde et j’en suis revenu. Écoutez-moi. » Conte d’hiver est une ode à la ville que l’on traverse comme le temps, où l’on se promène à la fin du xixe siècle et autour de l’an 2000. C’est un New York fantasmé, peuplé de personnages étranges et fascinants : un cheval qui vole, un tatoueur orphelin, une femme amoureuse des mots, un gang féroce et des hommes qui rêvent d’« une ville parfaitement juste ». C’est aussi l’histoire d’un amour fou entre un voleur magnifique et une jeune fille fortunée qui, pour s’aimer, devront braver les conventions sociales et les limites de la mort. Il y a tout cela dans Conte d’hiver : la folie, le rêve, le fantastique, le comique, l’invention poétique. Un roman inclassable sous l’influence de Dick et Dickens.

La fille aux sept noms

Author : Hyeonseo Lee

ISBN10 : 2234077745

Publisher : Stock

Number of Pages : 360

Category : Fiction

Viewed : 1097


Book Summary: «Quand on quitte la Corée du Nord, on ne quitte pas un pays mais plutôt une autre galaxie. Je sais que je n’en serai jamais vraiment libérée où que j’aille.» Hyeonseo a passé son enfance en Corée du Nord, piégée comme des millions d’autres par l’une des plus secrètes et brutales dictatures. Elle grandit dans la ville de Hyesan près d’une rivière qui trace une frontière naturelle avec la Chine, un autre monde insaisissable. Au milieu des années 1990, la famine s’abat sur le pays. Chaque jour témoin de la répression et de la pauvreté, elle comprend que sa patrie ne peut être «le meilleur des mondes» qu’on lui vante depuis toujours.À 17 ans, au coeur de l’hiver, Hyeonseo décide de traverser la rivière gelée. Elle ne peut imaginer alors qu’elle ne reverra pas les siens avant longtemps. C’est un voyage sans retour. Elle apprend à survivre clandestinement en Chine, échappant à la police et aux trafi quants, grâce à un esprit de débrouillardise et une témérité incroyables. Douze ans plus tard, et presque autant de vies, elle revient à la frontière pour une mission plus périlleuse encore: faire sortir du pays sa mère et son frère et les conduire jusqu’en Corée du Sud... « Hyeonseo témoigne du lourd tribut humain résultant de l’inaction du monde vis-à-vis de la Corée du Nord. Envers et contre tout, elle s’est échappée, a survécu, et a eu le courage de parler. » Samantha Power, représentante permanente des États-Unis à l’ONU. Traduit de l’anglais par Carole Hanna

Negotiation within Domination

Author : Ethelia Ruiz Medrano,Susan Kellogg

ISBN10 : 1607320339

Publisher : University Press of Colorado

Number of Pages : 320

Category : History

Viewed : 1583


Book Summary: Although indigenous communities reacted to Spanish presence with significant acts of resistance and rebellion, they also turned to negotiation to deal with conflicts and ameliorate the consequences of colonial rule. This affected not only the development of legal systems in New Spain and Mexico but also the survival and continuation of traditional cultures. Bringing together work by Mexican and North American historians, this collection is a crucially important and rare contribution to the field. Negotiation within Domination is a valuable resource for native peoples as they seek to redefine and revitalize their identities and assert their rights relating to language and religion, ownership of lands and natural resources, rights of self-determination and self-government, and protection of cultural and intellectual property. It will be of interest primarily to specialists in the field of colonial studies and historians and ethnohistorians of New Spain.

The American Catholic Experience

Author : Jay P. Dolan

ISBN10 : 0307553892

Publisher : Image

Number of Pages : 504

Category : Religion

Viewed : 976


Book Summary: Catholicism has had a profound and lasting influence on the shape, the meaning, and the course of American history. Now, in the first book to reflect the new communal and social awakening which emerged from Vatican Council II, here is a vibrant and compelling history of the American Catholic experience—one that will surely become the standard volume for this decade, and decades to come. Spanning nearly five hundred years, the narrative eloquently describes the Catholic experience from the arrival of Columbus and the other European explorers to the present day. It sheds fascinating new light on the work of the first vanguard of missionaries, and on the religious struggles and tensions of the early settlers. We watch Catholicism as it spread across the New World, and see how it transformed—and was transformed by—the land and its people. We follow the evolution of the urban ethnic communities and learn about the vital contributions of the immigrant church to Catholicism. And finally, we share in the controversy of the modern church and the extraordinary changes in the Catholic consciousness as it comes to grips with such contemporary social and theological issues as war and peace and the arms race, materialism, birth control and abortion, social justice, civil rights, religious freedom, the ordination of women, and married clergy. The American Catholic Experience is not just the history of an institution, but a chronicle of the dreams and aspirations, the crises and faith, of a thriving, ever-evolving religious community. It provides a penetrating and deeply thoughtful look at an experience as diverse, as exciting, and as powerful as America itself.

The Civil Engineering of Canals and Railways before 1850

Author : Michael M. Chrimes

ISBN10 : 1351892630

Publisher : Routledge

Number of Pages : 416

Category : History

Viewed : 1306


Book Summary: Between 1750 and 1850 the British landscape was transformed by a transport revolution which involved engineering works on a scale not seen in Europe since Roman times. While the economic background of the canal and railway ages are relatively well known and many histories have been written about the locomotives which ran on the railways, relatively little has been published on how the engineering works themselves were made possible. This book brings together a series of papers which seek to answer the questions of how canals and railways were built, how the engineers responsible organised the works, how they were designed and what the role of the contractors was in the process.

The Comanche Empire

Author : Pekka Hamalainen

ISBN10 : 0300145136

Publisher : Yale University Press

Number of Pages : 510

Category : History

Viewed : 305


Book Summary: A groundbreaking history of the rise and decline of the vast and imposing Native American empire. In the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, a Native American empire rose to dominate the fiercely contested lands of the American Southwest, the southern Great Plains, and northern Mexico. This powerful empire, built by the Comanche Indians, eclipsed its various European rivals in military prowess, political prestige, economic power, commercial reach, and cultural influence. Yet, until now, the Comanche empire has gone unrecognized in American history. This compelling and original book uncovers the lost story of the Comanches. It is a story that challenges the idea of indigenous peoples as victims of European expansion and offers a new model for the history of colonial expansion, colonial frontiers, and Native-European relations in North America and elsewhere. Pekka Hämäläinen shows in vivid detail how the Comanches built their unique empire and resisted European colonization, and why they fell to defeat in 1875. With extensive knowledge and deep insight, the author brings into clear relief the Comanches’ remarkable impact on the trajectory of history. 2009 Winner of the Bancroft Prize in American History “Cutting-edge revisionist western history…. Immensely informative, particularly about activities in the eighteenth century.”—Larry McMurtry, The New York Review of Books “Exhilarating…a pleasure to read…. It is a nuanced account of the complex social, cultural, and biological interactions that the acquisition of the horse unleashed in North America, and a brilliant analysis of a Comanche social formation that dominated the Southern Plains.”—Richard White, author of The Middle Ground: Indians, Empires, and Republics in the Great Lakes Region, 1650-1815

David McCullough Library E-book Box Set

Author : David McCullough

ISBN10 : 1451658257

Publisher : Simon and Schuster

Number of Pages : 4656

Category : History

Viewed : 1390


Book Summary: Perfect for David McCullough fans and history lovers alike, this eBook boxed set features all of his bestselling titles, from 1776 to Mornings on Horseback. This e-book box set includes all of David McCullough’s bestselling backlist titles: · 1776: The riveting story of George Washington, the men who marched with him, and their British foes in the momentous year of American independence. · Brave Companions: Profiles of exceptional men and women who shaped history, among them Alexander von Humboldt, Harriet Beecher Stowe, and Charles and Anne Lindbergh. · The Great Bridge: The remarkable, enthralling story of the planning and construction of the Brooklyn Bridge, which linked two great cities and epitomized American optimism, skill, and determination. · John Adams: The magisterial, Pulitzer Prize-winning biography of the independent, irascible Yankee patriot, one of our nation’s founders and most important figures, who became our second president. · The Johnstown Flood: The classic history of an American tragedy that became a scandal in the age of the Robber Barons, the preventable flood that destroyed a town and killed 2,000 people. · Mornings on Horseback: The brilliant National Book Award-winning biography of young Theodore Roosevelt’s metamorphosis from sickly child to a vigorous, intense man poised to become a national hero and then president. · Path Between the Seas: The epic National Book Award-winning history of the heroic successes, tragic failures, and astonishing engineering and medical feats that made the Panama Canal possible. · Truman: The Pulitzer Prize-winning biography of Harry Truman, the complex and courageous man who rose from modest origins to make momentous decisions as president, from dropping the atomic bomb to going to war in Korea. · Special Bonus: The Course of Human Events: In this Jefferson Lecture in the Humanities, David McCullough draws on his personal experience as a historian to acknowledge the crucial importance of writing in history’s enduring impact and influence, and he affirms the significance of history in teaching us about human nature through the ages.


Author : Marc Leepson

ISBN10 : 1429906472

Publisher : Macmillan

Number of Pages : 352

Category : History

Viewed : 1136


Book Summary: The thirteen-stripe, fifty-star flag is as familiar an American icon as any that has existed in the nation's history. Yet the history of the flag, especially its origins, is cloaked in myth and misinformation. Flag: An American Biography rectifies that situation by presenting a lively, comprehensive, illuminating look at the history of the American flag from its beginnings to today. Journalist and historian Marc Leepson uncovers scores of little-known, fascinating facts as he traces the evolution of the American flag from the colonial period to the twenty-first century. Flag sifts through the historical evidence to---among many other things---uncover the truth behind the Betsy Ross myth and to discover the true designer of the Stars and Stripes. It details the many colorful and influential Americans who shaped the history of the flag. "Flag," as the novelist Nelson DeMille says in his preface, "is not a book with an agenda or a subjective point of view. It is an objective history of the American flag, well researched, well presented, easy to read and understand, and very informative and entertaining." "Our love for the flag may be incomprehensible to others, but at least we now have a comprehensive guide to its unfolding." ---The Wall Street Journal "The fascination of history is in its details, and the author of Flag: An American Biography knows how to find them and turn them into compelling reading.... This book brings out the irony, humor, myth, and behind-the-scenes happenings that make our flag's 228-year history so fascinating." ---The Saturday Evening Post "Timely and insightful." ---The Dallas Morning News

Notice rouge

Author : Bill Browder,Renaud Bombard

ISBN10 : 2366580886

Publisher : Kero

Number of Pages : 491

Category : Social Science

Viewed : 1203


Book Summary: Haute finance, complot, meurtre... Ce livre est un incroyable thriller. Pourtant tout est vrai. « Mon grand-père était le secrétaire général du parti Communiste américain ; j’ai décidé d’être le premier capitaliste en Russie. » Bill Browder l’a fait : en pariant sur la gigantesque campagne de privatisation des entreprises russes, son fonds d’investissement a atteint quatre milliards de dollars. Mais le 1er novembre 2009, Sergueï Magnitski, son avocat, est conduit dans une cellule d’isolation d’une prison de Moscou, menotté puis battu à mort par huit policiers. Son crime ? Avoir défendu Bill Browder contre le ministère de l’Intérieur impliqué dans une escroquerie d’un montant de 230 millions de dollars. Bill Browder abandonne alors les affaires pour se lancer dans un combat à corps perdu pour la liberté et la justice. Notice rouge nous emmène dans un voyage explosif depuis les hauts lieux de la finance new-yorkaise, en passant par sa guerre contre les oligarques, jusqu’au cœur du Kremlin. Bienvenue dans une plongée glaçante dans les eaux troubles du système Poutine.

Titus Andronicus

Author : William Shakespeare

ISBN10 :

Publisher : Good Press

Number of Pages : 157

Category : Drama

Viewed : 605


Book Summary: "Titus Andronicus", de William Shakespeare, traduit par François Guizot. Publié par Good Press. Good Press publie un large éventail d'ouvrages, où sont inclus tous les genres littéraires. Les choix éditoriaux des éditions Good Press ne se limitent pas aux grands classiques, à la fiction et à la non-fiction littéraire. Ils englobent également les trésors, oubliés ou à découvrir, de la littérature mondiale. Nous publions les livres qu'il faut avoir lu. Chaque ouvrage publié par Good Press a été édité et mis en forme avec soin, afin d'optimiser le confort de lecture, sur liseuse ou tablette. Notre mission est d'élaborer des e-books faciles à utiliser, accessibles au plus grand nombre, dans un format numérique de qualité supérieure.

The Works of Thomas Jefferson

Author : Thomas Jefferson

ISBN10 : 1616401966

Publisher : Cosimo, Inc.

Number of Pages : 534

Category : Biography & Autobiography

Viewed : 1862


Book Summary: Few men stand with as towering a stature in the annals of American legend as THOMAS JEFFERSON (1743-1826). Author of the Declaration of Independence and third president of the United States, he ranks as one of the most significant of the United States' Founding Fathers, his political philosophies continuing to impact the nation to this day. In the late 19th century American biographer PAUL LEICESTER FORD (1865-1902) assembled this collection of Jefferson's most important, most influential, and most revealing writings. This replica of the 12-volume "Federal Edition" of 1904 is considered a masterpiece of historical scholarship, praised for its attention to detail as well as its objective dispassion toward its subject. Here, in Volume II, discover: [ more correspondence and miscellaneous writings, 1760-1774 [ drafts of the Declaration of Independence [ notes on rules for the Continental Congress [ drafts of numerous bills [ correspondence to George Washington [ and much more.

Mensonges et vérités. Une loyauté à toute épreuve

Author : James Comey

ISBN10 : 2081440148

Publisher : Flammarion

Number of Pages : 383

Category : Biography & Autobiography

Viewed : 414


Book Summary: Comment rester loyal envers les valeurs que vous avez défendues toute votre vie, même quand cette loyauté peut entraîner votre perte ? Le jour où Donald Trump a congédié James Comey, alors directeur du FBI, en mai 2017, il a déclenché un gigantesque incendie politique. Celui qui s’est retrouvé au cœur des flammes a gardé le silence – jusqu’à aujourd’hui. Dans ce livre très attendu, l’ancien patron du FBI raconte pour la première fois le rôle historique qu’il a joué lors de l’élection présidentielle de 2016. Tout au long de sa carrière, il s’est illustré en prenant des décisions cruciales dans les affaires criminelles les plus controversées, qu’il s’agisse des conflits avec la mafia, de la lutte contre le terrorisme après les attentats du 11 septembre, des positions de Dick Cheney et George Bush sur la torture ou de l’enquête sur les courriels classifiés d’Hillary Clinton durant les derniers mois de l’administration Obama. Mais surtout James Comey revient en détail sur ses différentes rencontres avec le président Donald Trump à qui il a refusé les gages de « loyauté » qui lui étaient demandés – un geste qui lui a coûté très cher. Tout au long de cet ouvrage exceptionnel, fourmillant de révélations, il témoigne de l’importance vitale qu’il y a pour tous les dirigeants comme pour chaque citoyen à encourager une culture qui place la vérité au sommet de leur échelle de valeurs.

Globalizing Cricket

Author : Dominic Malcolm

ISBN10 : 1849665613

Publisher : A&C Black

Number of Pages : 208

Category : Sports & Recreation

Viewed : 849


Book Summary: Globalizing Cricket examines the global role of the sport - how it developed and spread around the world. The book explores the origins of cricket in the eighteenth century, its establishment as England's national game in the nineteenth, the successful (Caribbean) and unsuccessful (American) diffusion of cricket as part of the development of the British Empire and its role in structuring contemporary identities amongst and between the English, the British and postcolonial communities. Whilst empirically focused on the sport itself, the book addresses broader issues such as social development, imperialism, race, diaspora and national identities. Tracing the beginnings of cricket as a 'folk game' through to the present, it draws together these different strands to examine the meaning and social significance of the modern game. This book is a must-read for anyone interested in the role of sport in both colonial and post-colonial periods; the history and peculiarities of English national identity; or simply intrigued by the game and its history.

Anges et démons

Author : Dan Brown

ISBN10 : 2709637413

Publisher : JC Lattès

Number of Pages : 600

Category : Fiction

Viewed : 455


Book Summary: Robert Langdon, le célèbre professeur d’histoire de l’art, spécialiste de symbologie religieuse, à Harvard, est convoqué au CERN, en Suisse, pour déchiffrer un symbole gravé au fer rouge sur la poitrine d’un éminent homme de science qui a été assassiné. Il fait alors une découverte incroyable : il s’agirait d’un crime commis par une très ancienne société secrète, les Illuminati, laquelle s’est également emparée d’un conteneur renfermant une substance très dangereuse. La secte, qui vient de resurgir après une éclipse de quatre siècles, a juré d’anéantir l’Eglise catholique. Langdon ne dispose que de quelques heures pour sauver le Vatican qu’une terrifiante bombe à retardement menace ! Dans cette folle course contre la montre, Langdon aura comme alliée, Vittoria, une ravissante jeune scientifique qui l’aidera à décrypter d’archaïques symboles qui d’églises en places romaines le mèneront jusqu’à l’antre des Illuminati...

Proceedings of the Assembly of the Lower Counties on Delaware, 1770-1776, of the Constitutional Convention of 1776, and of the House of Assembly of the Delaware State, 1776-1781

Author : New Castle (County) House of Representatives

ISBN10 : 9780874132847

Publisher : University of Delaware Press

Number of Pages : 612

Category : History

Viewed : 1448


Book Summary: Makes important documents available to the public and to researchers for the first time about the state's role in the American Revolution and about Delaware's patriot statesmen.

Conduct Under Fire

Author : John A. Glusman

ISBN10 : 1101117842

Publisher : Penguin

Number of Pages : 608

Category : History

Viewed : 635


Book Summary: The fierce, bloody battles of Bataan and Corregidor in the Philippines are legendary in the annals of World War II. Those who survived faced the horrors of life as prisoners of the Japanese. In Conduct Under Fire, John A. Glusman chronicles these events through the eyes of his father, Murray, and three fellow navy doctors captured on Corregidor in May 1942. Here are the dramatic stories of the fall of Bataan, the siege of “the Rock,” and the daily struggles to tend the sick, wounded, and dying during some of the heaviest bombardments of World War II. Here also is the desperate war doctors and corpsmen waged against disease and starvation amid an enemy that viewed surrender as a disgrace. To survive, the POWs functioned as a family. But the ties that bind couldn’t protect them from a ruthless counteroffensive waged by American submarines or from the B-29 raids that burned Japan’s major cities to the ground. Based on extensive interviews with American, British, Australian, and Japanese veterans, as well as diaries, letters, and war crimes testimony, this is a harrowing account of a brutal clash of cultures, of a race war that escalated into total war. Like Flags of Our Fathers and Ghost Soldiers, Conduct Under Fire is a story of bravery on the battlefield and ingenuity behind barbed wire, one that reveals the long shadow the war cast on the lives of those who fought it.

Trump par Trump - Autobiographie

Author : Donald Trump

ISBN10 : 2809822093

Publisher : L\'Archipel

Number of Pages : 250

Category : Biography & Autobiography

Viewed : 727


Book Summary: Il fascine, irrite, effraie, intrigue... Adulé par certains, vilipendé par d'autres, Donald Trump ne laisse personne indi érent. Il a surtout déjoué tous les pronostics. Personne ne le voyait franchir les portes de la Maison Blanche le 20 janvier 2017. Lui a toujours cru en ses chances: tel un rouleau compresseur, il a éliminé ses concurrents un à un. Les secrets de sa réussite? Avoir foi en soi, en ses projets, ne jamais renoncer, tout mettre en oeuvre pour atteindre son but. Ces mêmes techniques, il les appliquait déjà dans ses a aires dans les années 1980. À plusieurs reprises, le magnat de l'immobilier a subi des revers, mais il s'est toujours relevé pour aller plus haut. À l'image des gratte-ciel qu'il a érigés à Manhattan et ailleurs. Parue alors qu'il avait 40 ans, cette autobiographie permet de comprendre comment Donald Trump plani e ses coups, attaque, recule... pour mieux tordre le bras de ses adversaires. Une lecture indispensable pour décoder le comportement de l'homme qui est désormais à la tête de la première puissance mondiale.

The Counter-Revolution of 1776

Author : Gerald Horne

ISBN10 : 1479808725

Publisher : NYU Press

Number of Pages : 363

Category : History

Viewed : 1456


Book Summary: The successful 1776 revolt against British rule in North America has been hailed almost universally as a great step forward for humanity. But the Africans then living in the colonies overwhelmingly sided with the British. In this trailblazing book, Gerald Horne shows that in the prelude to 1776, the abolition of slavery seemed all but inevitable in London, delighting Africans as much as it outraged slaveholders, and sparking the colonial revolt. Prior to 1776, anti-slavery sentiments were deepening throughout Britain and in the Caribbean, rebellious Africans were in revolt. For European colonists in America, the major threat to their security was a foreign invasion combined with an insurrection of the enslaved. It was a real and threatening possibility that London would impose abolition throughout the colonies—a possibility the founding fathers feared would bring slave rebellions to their shores. To forestall it, they went to war. The so-called Revolutionary War, Horne writes, was in part a counter-revolution, a conservative movement that the founding fathers fought in order to preserve their right to enslave others. The Counter-Revolution of 1776 brings us to a radical new understanding of the traditional heroic creation myth of the United States.