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The Art and Science of Dealing with Difficult People

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ISBN10 : 1628731567

Publisher : Simon and Schuster

Number of Pages : 128

Category : Business & Economics

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Book Summary: In The Art and Science of Dealing with Difficult People, David Brown pinpoints the seven principles of relationship building that are crucial to creating a successful working environment. Brown breaks down each principle by providing easy to understand instructions and universally applicable management skills. Brown’s philosophy is to approach work place discord as a problem from both a managerial and lower level perspective. He offers advice on how to treat employees, while at the same time asking leaders to reflect and make self-adjustments which will facilitate a more efficient work space. Readers will gain a deeper understanding of how their employees view management personnel, what leadership skills are most effective, and how to ensure two-way communication. Using Brown’s tried and true tools, anyone can learn to focus on how to motivate, establish trust, and form a psychological contract. Numerous case studies throughout allow readers to observe the concrete application of Brown’s suggestions in real-life scenarios and complex situations, such as mergers and staff integration, information management, and more. In addition, The Art and Science of Dealing with Difficult People provides readers with skills drawn from an understanding of the basic fundamentals of human behavior.

How To Deal With Difficult People

Author : Gill Hasson

ISBN10 : 0857085719

Publisher : John Wiley & Sons

Number of Pages : 208

Category : Business & Economics

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Book Summary: DON’T LET PROBLEM PEOPLE GET TO YOU! Whether it’s a manager who keeps moving the goal posts, an uncooperative colleague, negative friend, or critical family member, some people are just plain hard to get along with. Often, your immediate response is to shrink or sulk, become defensive or attack. But there are smarter moves to make when dealing with difficult people. This book explains how to cope with a range of situations with difficult people and to focus on what you can change. This book will help you to: Understand what makes difficult people tick and how best to handle them Learn ways to confidently stand up to others and resist the urge to attack back Develop strategies to calmly navigate emotionally-charged situations Deal with all kinds of difficult people – hostile, manipulative and the impossible Know when to choose your battles, and when to walk away Why let someone else’s bad attitude ruin your day? How to Deal With Difficult People arms you with all the tools and tactics you need to handle all kinds of people – to make your life less stressful and a great deal easier.

Powerful Phrases for Dealing with Difficult People

Author : Renee Evenson

ISBN10 : 0814432999

Publisher : AMACOM

Number of Pages : 240

Category : Business & Economics

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Book Summary: The key to a harmonious, highly effective work environment is not by ensuring you work among carbon-copies of yourself whose personalities never clash with one another or with you. That pipe dream could not ever happen, nor would it result in a successful team collaboration even if it could. Instead, most of us are going to work today with individuals who at times come across as incompetent, lazy, spotlight-hugging, whiny, or backstabbing. And then tomorrow we go to work with them again . . . and again . . . and again.Like it or not, the bulk of our waking hours are spent with people at work--people who can grate on our nerves. Therefore, learning to interact effectively with difficult employees, colleagues, and bosses is an absolute essential for our success. With Powerful Phrases for Dealing with Difficult People, anyone can learn how to confront head-on the difficult situations that can arise when dealing with these personalities, before they fester and spread. Helpful features inside this practical and easy-to-use book include:• Thirty common personality traits, behaviors, and workplace scenarios along with the phrases that work best with each • Nonverbal communication skills to back up your words • Sample dialogues that demonstrate how phrasing improves interactions • A five-step process for moving from conflict to resolution • “Why This Works” sections that provide detailed explanationsButton-pushing situations are going to come up today at work--and tomorrow too. Don’t let them rent space inside of you and turning everything to mold. Instead, choose to deploy simple phrases to regain control and resolve conflicts. When you do, you, your colleagues, and your company will be all the better for it!

Dealing With Difficult People

Author : Dr. Rick Brinkman,Dr. Rick Kirschner

ISBN10 : 9780071487153

Publisher : McGraw Hill Professional

Number of Pages : 128

Category : Business & Economics

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Book Summary: Explains how to: Identify 10 bothersome behaviors and deal successfully with each of them Understand why people become difficult Use sophisticated techniques to neutralize whining, negativity, attacks, tantrums and more Cultivate the nine "take-charge" skills that prevent people from becoming difficult

Dealing with Difficult People (HBR Emotional Intelligence Series)

Author : Harvard Business Review,Tony Schwartz,Mark Gerzon,Holly Weeks,Amy Gallo

ISBN10 : 163369609X

Publisher : Harvard Business Press

Number of Pages : 160

Category : Business & Economics

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Book Summary: Learn how to deal with difficult colleagues and clients. At the heart of dealing with difficult people is handling their--and your own--emotions. How do you stay calm in a tough conversation? How do you stay unruffled in the face of passive-aggressive comments? And how do you know if you're difficult to work with? This book explains the research behind our emotional response to awful colleagues and shows how to build the empathy and resilience to make those relationships more productive. Books in this series are based on the work of experts including: Daniel Goleman Tony Schwartz Nick Morgan Daniel Gilbert This collection of articles includes "To Resolve a Conflict, First Decide: Is It Hot or Cold?" by Mark Gerzon; "Taking the Stress Out of Stressful Conversations," by Holly Weeks; "The Secret to Dealing with Difficult People: It's About You," by Tony Schwartz; "How to Deal with a Mean Colleague," by Amy Gallo; "How To Deal with a Passive-Aggressive Colleague," by Amy Gallo; "How to Work with Someone Who's Always Stressed Out," by Rebecca Knight; "How to Manage Someone Who Thinks Everything Is Urgent," by Liz Kislik; and "Do You Hate Your Boss?" by Manfred F. R. Kets de Vries. HOW TO BE HUMAN AT WORK. The HBR Emotional Intelligence Series features smart, essential reading on the human side of professional life from the pages of Harvard Business Review. Each book in the series offers proven research showing how our emotions impact our work lives, practical advice for managing difficult people and situations, and inspiring essays on what it means to tend to our emotional well-being at work. Uplifting and practical, these books describe the social skills that are critical for ambitious professionals to master.

The Art and Science of Personalising Care with Older People with Diabetes

Author : Trisha Dunning

ISBN10 : 3319743600

Publisher : Springer

Number of Pages : 187

Category : Medical

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Book Summary: This unique book is intended for all health professionals caring for older people with diabetes such as specialist and general nurses, doctors, primary care practioners and dieteticians. Although there is an increasing body of work about personalised care, no publications were identified that encompass the focus and scope of the proposed book. The global population is ageing and increasing age is a key risk factor for diabetes. Older people with diabetes are often vulnerable, have complex care needs and often have cognitive changes, which makes personalising care challenging for health professionals. Thus, this is an internationally relevant book filling a gap in the current literature. This is a practical and updated book that will use an engaging and easy to read narrative style. It challenges readers to reflect in and on their practice. It encompasses people with diabetes’ and authors’ stories, which are known to have a special interest to readers, make it easier to apply the information to practice, enhance learning, and hence the relevance and value of the book. It is relevant to advocacy organisations as well as managers and service planners. Researchers and scientists may find relevant information on grant and ethics applications, research protocols, plain language statements for potential participants and operationalising research protocols.

Coping with Difficult People

Author : Robert M. Bramson, Ph.D.

ISBN10 : 0307831213

Publisher : Dell

Number of Pages : 240

Category : Self-Help

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Book Summary: Bosses, friends, family members, they've made your life hell -- until now! Based on fourteen years of research and observation, Dr. Robert Bramson's proven-effective techniques are guaranteed to help you right the balance and take charge of your life. Learn how to: Stand up to anyone -- without fighting. Blunt a sniper's attack. Get a clam to talk. Cut off a Sherman tank at the pass. Manage bulldozers. Get stallers off the dime. Move a complainer into a problem-solving mode. Learn the six basic steps that allow you to cope with just about anyone. Reclaim the power the rightfully belongs to you in any relationship!

Difficult Personalities

Author : Helen McGrath,Hazel Edwards

ISBN10 : 1615191151

Publisher : The Experiment

Number of Pages : 358

Category : Psychology

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Book Summary: An indispensable guide to understanding―and living or working with―people whose behavior leaves you frustrated and confused. We all have people in our lives who frustrate, annoy, or hurt us: workplace bullies, those who always claim to be right, or those with anxious or obsessive personalities. And most of us hurt others occasionally, too. Now, authors Dr. Helen McGrath, a clinical psychologist and professor, and Hazel Edwards, a professional writer, offer this highly readable, extremely practical guide to dealing with the difficult personalities we encounter every day―in others, and in ourselves. Taking the American Psychiatric Association’s widely used Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV-TR) as its starting point, Difficult Personalities helpfully outlines over a dozen different personality traits and types, detailing their common characteristics and underlying motivations. It also equips readers with numerous strategies for dealing with difficult behavior, including: • Anger and conflict management • Optimism and assertion training • Rational and empathic thinking • Reexamining your own personality. Readers will also benefit from sections on making difficult decisions and maintaining romantic relationships. Perfect for anyone who has ever wished that other people came with a handbook, Difficult Personalities illuminates the personality differences that so often serve as barriers to cooperation in the workplace and harmony at home. Praise for Difficult Personalities “A no-frills resource that is both easy to understand and highly informative…. McGrath and Edwards have avoided scientific jargon and created a handbook people can put to use immediately. There’s nothing difficult about this book, except for the subject it gracefully explicates.”—Publishers Weekly

The Art And Science Of Real Estate Negotiation

Author : Gabrielle Dahms

ISBN10 : 1733147357

Publisher : Booksmart Press LLC

Number of Pages : 216

Category : Business & Economics

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Book Summary: The Sky’s the Limit! The Art and Science of Real Estate Negotiation addresses a practice that is indispensable to real estate success: negotiation. Negotiation principles and fundamentals affect real estate buyers', sellers', and investors' results. Read this book and be(come) a powerful real estate investor who nets results and dollars. You may also find that your everyday communications improve. The Art and Science of Real Estate Negotiation is the third volume in The Real Estate Investor Manuals. It draws upon the author’s knowledge base and her 20-year experience as a real estate professional and a real estate investor. So why not hone your skills with knowledge and experience captured in this book written by an industry veteran? Topics include: Real estate-specific negotiating. Negotiation principles. The real estate negotiation process. How to establish rapport. Discerning the other party’s motivation. Solve problems. Get results. Negotiation strategies and tactics. Avoiding negotiation traps and pitfalls. And much, much more... Whether you want to be a better negotiator, close more real estate deals, or increase your bottom line, this book is for you! Read it now!

Handling Difficult People

Author : Jon P Bloch

ISBN10 : 1440563284

Publisher : Simon and Schuster

Number of Pages : 150

Category : Self-Help

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Book Summary: Practical advice for interacting with toxic personalities. At one point or another, you'll encounter someone who is inconsiderate, irate, or aggressive and you'll need to know how to effectively manage the situation. Handling Difficult People helps you deal with the toxic personalities in all areas of your life, including in the workplace, at home, and during everyday interactions. Inside, you'll find the strategies and tools you need to spot the ten most common personality types and information on why these people behave in such an irritating manner. This book also teaches you what you should do when you're confronted by a difficult person as well as how to avoid these types of people altogether. With the time-tested advice and techniques in Handling Difficult People, you'll confidently manage any toxic situation--and learn what you can do to help yourself.

The Art and Science of Applied Leadership

Author : Dag Heward-Mills

ISBN10 : 1613953445

Publisher : Dag Heward-Mills

Number of Pages : N.A

Category : Religion

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Book Summary: A valuable and timely resource for any minister - A must-read for any genuine Christian leader - A useful working document for all kinds of leaders -Easy-to-read, excellent reference, A practical guide for all ministers, Leadership principles from a uniquely-anointed global christian leader with many decades of outstanding fruits

How to Manage Difficult People

Author : Alan Fairweather

ISBN10 : 1848034385

Publisher : How To Books

Number of Pages : 160

Category : Business & Economics

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Book Summary: Dealing with difficult people - from awkward customers at work to irritating neighbours at home - is a challenge many people face on a day-to-day basis. This book will show you how to: - Defuse and deal with difficult customers, both on the phone and face to face; - Manage problems with colleagues in the workplace, including a manipulative boss; - Handle difficult day-to-day interactions with any people we come into contact anywhere; - Identify and manage behaviours which can turn a person into a `problem?;Improve necessary listening and communication skills; - Increase self confidence and develop rapport building skills. This book contains some proven techniques for managing yourself as well as managing difficult people. If you gain a better understanding of yourself, build your confidence and use these techniques, then you?ll make your life a whole lot easier.

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Coping with Difficult People

Author : Arlene Uhl

ISBN10 : 1440696942

Publisher : Penguin

Number of Pages : 336

Category : Business & Economics

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Book Summary: Easy ways of dealing with difficult people. Psychotherapist Arlene Matthews Uhl offers the most effective strategies for dealing with difficult peopl, from strangers and co-workers to friends and family, by characterizing the four major types and revealing specific methods to cope with them in every aspect of life. ?Jargon-free, practical advice and strategies, for home and at work ?Unique approach based on behavioral patterns, not simply personality types ?Includes tactics on diffusing tense encounters in any situation ?Features tips for 'cutting the cord' when personal relationships become too difficult

Roald Hoffmann on the Philosophy, Art, and Science of Chemistry

Author : Jeffrey Kovac,Michael Weisberg

ISBN10 : 0199921075

Publisher : Oxford University Press

Number of Pages : 416

Category : Science

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Book Summary: Nobel laureate Roald Hoffmann's contributions to chemistry are well known. Less well known, however, is that over a career that spans nearly fifty years, Hoffmann has thought and written extensively about a wide variety of other topics, such as chemistry's relationship to philosophy, literature, and the arts, including the nature of chemical reasoning, the role of symbolism and writing in science, and the relationship between art and craft and science. In Roald Hoffmann on the Philosophy, Art, and Science of Chemistry, Jeffrey Kovac and Michael Weisberg bring together twenty-eight of Hoffmann's most important essays. Gathered here are Hoffmann's most philosophically significant and interesting essays and lectures, many of which are not widely accessible. In essays such as "Why Buy That Theory," "Nearly Circular Reasoning," "How Should Chemists Think," "The Metaphor, Unchained," "Art in Science," and "Molecular Beauty," we find the mature reflections of one of America's leading scientists. Organized under the general headings of Chemical Reasoning and Explanation, Writing and Communicating, Art and Science, Education, and Ethics, these stimulating essays provide invaluable insight into the teaching and practice of science.

The Art and Science of Mentoring

Author : Linda J. Searby,Ellen H. Reames

ISBN10 : 1648022871

Publisher : IAP

Number of Pages : 195

Category : Education

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Book Summary: The Art and Science of Mentoring is a collection of chapters and vignettes that honors one of the leading experts of mentoring, Fran Kochan. Her amazing role of being able to blend theory and practice in regards to mentoring is captured in these pages. As one prote ge said, “She practices what she preaches.” The volume is divided into an introduction, Part II, which explores important concepts and ideas in regards to mentoring and then Part III which are essays from individuals whom Fran Kochan mentored throughout her life. In closing, Fran Kochan lives and breathes her words. Even today, she continues to work with scholars, practitioners and others she meets. She offers a guiding hand, she uplifts and she supports all that she meets. Please enjoy this volume of highlights of research from top mentoring experts who are peers of Dr. Kochan, as well as the tributes from a sampling of individuals she has mentored to successful careers. You will be inspired to learn how Dr. Fran Kochan masters both the art and science of mentoring. We honor her in this book as scholar, mentor, and friend.

The Art and Science of Working Together

Author : Christine Thornton

ISBN10 : 0429594291

Publisher : Routledge

Number of Pages : 280

Category : Psychology

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Book Summary: The Art and Science of Working Together: Practising Group Analysis in Teams and Organizations is a primary resource for anyone wishing to learn more about the complex unconscious dynamics of organizations, providing a practical guide for organizational work, a guide to how to improve things, and a strong theoretical foundation in the group analytic concept of the ‘tripartite matrix’. Group analysis is a highly developed science of group relationships, which allows complexity and systems perspectives to be held in mind alongside organizational psychology, strategic development and business wisdom. Organized into eight sections, the book describes the essence of organizational group analysis, including the art of conversation, leadership, ethical issues in team working, and working with whole organizations. It addresses issues such as ‘us-and-them’ dynamics, the nature of systems boundaries, and the relationship between an organization and its context. Leaders and leading consultants give case studies, describing their thinking as they work, to illustrate the theory in action. This essential new resource will allow clinically trained practitioners to extend their scope into organizational work, and all coaches and leaders to benefit from knowledge of the group analytic discipline. It is essential reading for consultants and coaches working with teams and organizations, and for leaders within organizations.

Who are These People and Why are They Yelling at me?

Author : David R. Hardy

ISBN10 : 1525556274

Publisher : FriesenPress

Number of Pages : 333

Category : Business & Economics

Viewed : 1945


Book Summary: Have you ever had to speak in a public meeting about your company’s or agencies plans, projects or programs? Have you attended a public meeting where people’s emotions were high? Do you want to learn how professional meeting facilitators deliver best outcomes? Professional facilitator, Dave Hardy, shares his unique insights learned from facilitating over 1,500 meetings. What are the techniques facilitators use to avoid an angry public meeting? How do they manage these meetings when they know many people will be angry? What are some of the unique situations that arise and how should you address them? In “Who Are These People and Why Are They Yelling at Me? The art and science of managing large angry public meetings” Hardy provides lessons for engaging the public in a meaningful manner. He gives essential tips for preparing for potential angry meetings and takes you step by step through the dynamics of how to help the group achieve dialogue. Essential facilitation tools and techniques are presented to support ‘extreme facilitator training’. Hardy teaches these facilitation techniques through real examples, academic insight and humour.

The Art and Science of Digital Compositing

Author : Ron Brinkmann

ISBN10 : 0080879268

Publisher : Morgan Kaufmann

Number of Pages : 704

Category : Computers

Viewed : 1545


Book Summary: The classic reference, with over 25,000 copies in print, has been massively expanded and thoroughly updated to include state-of-the-art methods and 400+ all-new full color images! "At ILM, compositing is one of the most important tools we use. If you want to learn more, this excellent 2nd-edition is detailed with hundreds of secrets that will help make your comps seamless. For beginners or experts, Ron walks you through the processes of analysis and workflows - linear thinking which will help you become deft and successfully tackle any shot." --Dennis Muren ASC, Senior Visual Effects Supervisor, Industrial Light & Magic "Ron Brinkman's book is the definitive work on digital compositing and we have depended on this book as a critical part of our in-house training program at Imageworks since the 1999 Edition. We use this book as a daily textbook and reference for our lighters, compositors and anyone working with digital imagery. It is wonderful to see a new edition being released and it will certainly be required reading for all our digital artists here at Imageworks." --Sande Scoredos, Executive Director of Training & Artist Development, Sony Pictures Imageworks The Art and Science of Digital Compositing is the only complete overview of the technical and artistic nature of digital compositing. It covers a wide range of topics from basic image creation, representation and manipulation, to a look at the visual cues that are necessary to create a believable composite. Designed as an introduction to the field, as well as an authoritative technical reference, this book provides essential information for novices and professionals alike. 17 new case-studies provide in-depth looks at the compositing work done on films such as Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, The Golden Compass, The Incredibles, King Kong, The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, Sin City, Spider-Man 2, Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit, and Star Wars: Episode 3 – Revenge of the Sith. Includes new sections on 3D compositing, High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging, Rotoscoping, and much more! All disc-based content for this title is now available on the Web. 17 new case-studies provide in-depth looks at the compositing work done on films such as Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, The Golden Compass, The Incredibles, King Kong, The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, Sin City, Spider-Man 2, Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit, and Star Wars: Episode 3 – Revenge of the Sith. Includes new sections on 3D compositing, High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging, Rotoscoping, and much more!

Thanks for the Feedback

Author : Douglas Stone,Sheila Heen

ISBN10 : 1101614277

Publisher : Penguin

Number of Pages : 368

Category : Business & Economics

Viewed : 1228


Book Summary: The bestselling authors of the classic Difficult Conversations teach us how to turn evaluations, advice, criticisms, and coaching into productive listening and learning We swim in an ocean of feedback. Bosses, colleagues, customers—but also family, friends, and in-laws—they all have “suggestions” for our performance, parenting, or appearance. We know that feedback is essential for healthy relationships and professional development—but we dread it and often dismiss it. That’s because receiving feedback sits at the junction of two conflicting human desires. We do want to learn and grow. And we also want to be accepted just as we are right now. Thanks for the Feedback is the first book to address this tension head on. It explains why getting feedback is so crucial yet so challenging, and offers a powerful framework to help us take on life’s blizzard of off-hand comments, annual evaluations, and unsolicited advice with curiosity and grace. The business world spends billions of dollars and millions of hours each year teaching people how to give feedback more effectively. Stone and Heen argue that we’ve got it backwards and show us why the smart money is on educating receivers— in the workplace and in personal relationships as well. Coauthors of the international bestseller Difficult Conversations, Stone and Heen have spent the last ten years working with businesses, nonprofits, governments, and families to determine what helps us learn and what gets in our way. With humor and clarity, they blend the latest insights from neuroscience and psychology with practical, hard-headed advice. The book is destined to become a classic in the world of leadership, organizational behavior, and education.