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The Beginner's Bible for Little Ones

Author : ,

ISBN10 : 0310755425

Publisher : Zonderkidz

Number of Pages : 32

Category : Juvenile Nonfiction

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Book Summary: The Beginner’s Bible® has been a favorite with young children and their parents since its release in 1989 with over 25 million copies sold. With over five million copies sold, The Beginner's Bible® is the bestselling Bible storybook of our time. Now there's a condensed version for active little ones to take with them wherever they go. With a padded cover, this board book is soft, durable, and can withstand any child's energetic lifestyle. Playfully illustrated, the storybook introduces toddlers to the Bible in an imaginative way. The accompanying text is simple so that children are engaged by and can learn eight cherished Bible stories, including Creation, Noah's Ark, and the birth of baby Jesus.

My First Handy Bible

Author : Cecilie Olesen

ISBN10 : 8771327894

Publisher : Scandinavia Publishing House

Number of Pages : 63

Category : Juvenile Nonfiction

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Book Summary: Sold in more than 2 million copies! Translated into more than 45 languages! Now babies and toddlers can have their very own Bible! They will love to carry around this handy edition, beautifully illustrated and retold in simple sentences. Here are all the great Bible stories from Genesis to Revelation, all faithful to the original Scriptures.

The Beginner's Bible Bible Story Favorites

Author : Zonderkidz,

ISBN10 : 031072872X

Publisher : Zonderkidz

Number of Pages : 160

Category : Juvenile Nonfiction

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Book Summary: These Beginner’s Bible I Can Read 5-book treasuries titled The Beginner’s Bible Old Testament Heroes I Can Read Collection and The Beginner’s Bible New Testament I Can Read Collection are sure to please any young reader and parent alike. Beloved Beginner’s Bible artwork together with the easy-to-read text is a sure winner for parents looking for another way to share God’s Word with their youngsters. And with the addition of an audio reading of each of these popular Bible stories, these hard cover editions will become a favorite to read and listen to over and over. Featuring dramatic voices, music, sound effects, and even a ding to let children know it’s time to turn the page, The Beginner’s Bible Old Testament Heroes I Can Read Collection and The Beginner’s Bible New Testament I Can Read Collection are perfect additions to any family bookshelf.

The Beginner's Bible Book of Prayers

Author : ,

ISBN10 : 0310726964

Publisher : Zonderkidz

Number of Pages : 40

Category : Juvenile Nonfiction

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Book Summary: Based on The Beginner’s Bible for Toddlers, this adorable book of prayers was written specifically for young children. Each prayer is based on a different trait. From learning to be responsible to being thankful for God’s kindness, each prayer teaches children a valuable lesson. Every prayer has a suggested Bible passage you and your child can look up and read that corresponds with the prayer’s theme. Plus illustrations of your favorite characters from the Beginner’s Bible add visual interest to every story.

The Big Book of Bible Stories for Toddlers

Author : B&H Kids Editorial Staff

ISBN10 : 1462791972

Publisher : B&H Publishing Group

Number of Pages : 38

Category : Juvenile Nonfiction

Viewed : 1866


Book Summary: Favorite Bible stories for your favorite toddlers! Noah and the ark, Jonah and the big fish, David and the giant—little readers know which Bible stories are their favorites. The Big Book of Bible Stories for Toddlers is an interactive and engaging new Bible storybook designed just for toddlers. With stories from both the Old and New Testaments, this big book means big fun and learning for little ones. Go to to find this book's Parent Connection, an easy tool to help moms and dads (or anyone else who loves kids) discuss the book's message with their child. We're all about connecting parents and kids to each other and to God's Word.

Biblia para niños, Historias de Jesús / The Jesus Storybook Bible

Author : Sally Lloyd-Jones

ISBN10 : 0829768548

Publisher : Vida

Number of Pages : 352

Category : Juvenile Nonfiction

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Book Summary: La Biblia para niños – Historias de Jesús edición especial bilingüe cuenta la historia que subyace detrás de todas las otras historias de la Biblia. En el centro de la misma se encuentra un niño, el niño del cual dependería todo. Cada relato susurra su nombre. Desde los tiempos de Noé, Moisés y el gran rey David, toda historia apunta hacia él. Es como la pieza que falta en un rompecabezas... la pieza que hace que todas las demás encajen en su lugar. Desde el Antiguo Testamento hasta el Nuevo Testamento, conforme la historia se desenvuelve, los niños recogerán los indicios y armarán el rompecabezas. Siendo una Biblia como ninguna otra, la Biblia para niños – Historias de Jesús invita a los niños a unirse en la mayor de todas las aventuras para descubrir por sí mismos que Jesús está en el centro de la gran historia divina de la salvación... y en el centro de la historia de ellos también.

The Preschooler's Bible

Author : V. Gilbert Beers

ISBN10 : 0781408490

Publisher : David C Cook

Number of Pages : 432

Category : Juvenile Nonfiction

Viewed : 338


Book Summary: The classic, best-selling The Preschooler’s Bible offers the ideal follow-up to The Toddler’s Bible. Over 100 stories include classics, such as the flood, and less-often told stories, such as Solomon’s request for wisdom. With thoughtful questions and captivating writing, this book suits story time, bedtime, or family devotions. And vibrant new illustrations by Tammy Lyon add even more opportunity for Bible discovery. More than a Bible story book, The Preschooler’s Bible offers parents and Church workers a resource that takes little hearts beyond just hearing the Bible’s stories to learning to discover God’s truths for themselves.

The Beginner's Bible People of the Bible

Author : Zondervan,

ISBN10 : 0310765048

Publisher : Zonderkidz

Number of Pages : 224

Category : Juvenile Nonfiction

Viewed : 1340


Book Summary: The beloved The Beginner’s Bible® brand is the bestselling Bible storybook of our time, with more than 25 million products sold. Dig deeper with The Beginner’s Bible People of the Bible, the perfect way to introduce young readers to key Bible characters. Children will learn about over 30 men, women, and children from the Old and New Testaments, including Noah, David, Esther, Jesus, and more. With interesting facts, cool stories, and text written for new readers, this book is packed with learning and fun! The book also features a padded cover, vibrant, 3-D art, and tons of great takeaways for children learning about the Bible. Little ones will love the bright art and timeless stories, and parents will love helping their children grow closer to God.

Beginner's Bible e-book, Vol. 2

Author : Zondervan,

ISBN10 : 0310739365

Publisher : Zonderkidz

Number of Pages : 86

Category : Juvenile Nonfiction

Viewed : 1445


Book Summary: Introduce children to the stories and characters of the Bible with this best-loved Bible storybook. Children six and under will enjoy the fun illustrations and compelling text from The Beginner’s Bible, just like millions of children before. This eBook edition includes captivating narration enhanced with music and sound effects that help bring the following sixteen stories to life: Ten Plagues (The Israelites leave Egypt)The Red Sea (God delivers the Israelites)Food From Heaven (God feeds the Israelites in the desert)Ten Commandments Twelve Spies (Spies search the promised land)Joshua and the Spies (Two spies escape from Jericho)The Battle of Jericho Deborah Leads the Way (Deborah the Prophetess)Gideon’s Battle (God saves his people through Gideon)SamsonRuth and NaomiHannah’s Prayer (God blesses Hannah with Samuel) A Voice in the Night (God calls to Samuel)Israel’s First King (Saul is named king)A Good Heart (David is chosen as the next king)David and Goliath

Text, Image, and Otherness in Children's Bibles

Author : Caroline Vander Stichele,Hugh S. Pyper

ISBN10 : 1589836626

Publisher : Society of Biblical Lit

Number of Pages : 378

Category : Religion

Viewed : 410


Book Summary: Children’s Bibles are often the first encounter people have with the Bible, shaping their perceptions of its stories and characters at an early age. The material under discussion in this book not only includes traditional children’s Bibles but also more recent phenomena such as manga Bibles and animated films for children. The book highlights the complex and even tense relationship between text and image in these Bibles, which is discussed from different angles in the essays. Their shared focus is on the representation of “others”—foreigners, enemies, women, even children themselves—in predominantly Hebrew Bible stories. The contributors are Tim Beal, Ruth B. Bottigheimer, Melody Briggs, Rubén R. Dupertuis, Emma England, J. Cheryl Exum, Danna Nolan Fewell, David M. Gunn, Laurel Koepf, Archie Chi Chung Lee, Jeremy Punt, Hugh S. Pyper, Cynthia M. Rogers, Mark Roncace, Susanne Scholz, Jaqueline S. du Toit, and Caroline Vander Stichele.

The Beginner's Bible

Author : Zondervan,

ISBN10 : 0310750288

Publisher : Zonderkidz

Number of Pages : 512

Category : Juvenile Nonfiction

Viewed : 1007


Book Summary: Millions of children and their parents can’t be wrong. The bright and vibrant illustrations enhance every word of The Beginner’s Bible® to produce one of the most moving and memorable Bible experiences a young child can have. The Beginner’s Bible is where a child’s journey towards a lifelong love of God’s Word begins. Kids will enjoy reading the story of Noah’s Ark as they see Noah helping the elephant onto the big boat. They will learn about the prophet Jonah as they see him praying inside the fish. And they will follow along with the text of Jesus’ ministry as they see a man in need of healing lowered down through the roof of a house. Parents, teachers, pastors, and children will rediscover these beloved parables and so much more as they read more than 90 stories in The Beginner's Bible, just like millions of children before. The Beginner’s Bible® brand has been trusted for nearly 30 years, with more than 25 million products sold. From First Communions to birthdays, Christmas to Easter, The Beginner’s Bible is not only a wonderful gift for any child, it is one of the most trusted Christian resources for Sunday school and homeschooling. The Beginner’s Bible: Has been a favorite with young children and their parents for nearly 30 years Is redesigned with fresh, new art for a new generation of readers Contains easy-to-read text that has been parent-tested and children-approved Features bright, full-color illustrations on every page Includes more than 90 memorable Bible stories Is built tough to withstand rough handling and frequent classroom use Is a highly-trusted, highly-recommended addition to the Beginner’s Bible brand, with over 25 million products sold.

Beginner's Bible e-book, Vol. 6

Author : Zondervan,

ISBN10 : 0310739721

Publisher : Zonderkidz

Number of Pages : 88

Category : Juvenile Nonfiction

Viewed : 360


Book Summary: Introduce children to the stories and characters of the Bible with this best-loved Bible storybook. Children six and under will enjoy the fun illustrations and compelling text from The Beginner’s Bible, just like millions of children before. This eBook edition includes captivating narration enhanced with music and sound effects that help bring the following fifteen stories to life: A Poor Widow’s Gift Washing the Disciples’ FeetThe Last SupperJesus Is Arrested and CrucifiedJesus Is Risen!Jesus Returns (Jesus appears to the disciples)A Net Full of FishJesus Goes to HeavenThe Holy Spirit ComesThe First ChurchThe Lame Man (God heals a lame beggar)A Changed Man (Saul believes in Jesus)Paul’s Journeys Earthquake in Prison (God frees Paul and Silas from prison)Jesus Is Coming! (John’s vision of heaven)

Beginner's Bible e-book, Vol. 5

Author : Zondervan,

ISBN10 : 0310739691

Publisher : Zonderkidz

Number of Pages : 94

Category : Juvenile Nonfiction

Viewed : 367


Book Summary: Introduce children to the stories and characters of the Bible with this best-loved Bible storybook. Children six and under will enjoy the fun illustrations and compelling text from The Beginner’s Bible, just like millions of children before. This eBook edition includes captivating narration enhanced with music and sound effects that help bring the following fifteen stories to life: A Fishermen’s Net Jesus Feeds ThousandsJesus Walks on WaterJesus Heals a Blind BeggarMoney in a Fish (Jesus pays the temple tax) The Good SamaritanMary and MarthaThe Lost SheepThe Lost SonTen Lepers (Jesus heals ten lepers)Jesus and the Children A Short Man (Zacchaeus meets Jesus)Lazarus Lives Again (Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead)A Gift for Jesus (Mary anoints Jesus with oil)The True King (Jesus rides into Jerusalem)

Ur in the Twenty-First Century CE

Author : ,

ISBN10 : 1646021509

Publisher : Penn State Press

Number of Pages : 568

Category : History

Viewed : 937


Book Summary: The city of Ur—now modern Tell el-Muqayyar in southern Iraq, also called Ur of the Chaldees in the Bible—was one of the most important Sumerian cities in Mesopotamia during the Early Dynastic Period in the first half of the third millennium BCE. The city is known for its impressive wealth and artistic achievements, evidenced by the richly decorated objects found in the so-called Royal Cemetery, which was excavated by the British Museum and the University of Pennsylvania from 1922 until 1934. Ur was also the cult center of the moon god, and during the twenty-first century BCE, it was the capital of southern Mesopotamia. With contributions from both established and rising Assyriologists from ten countries and edited by three leading scholars of Assyriology, this volume presents thirty-two essays based on papers delivered at the 62nd Rencontre Assyriologique Internationale held in Philadelphia in 2016. Reflecting on the theme “Ur in the Twenty-First Century CE,” the chapters deal with archaeological, artistic, cultural, economic, historical, and textual matters connected to the ancient city of Ur. Three of the chapters are based on plenary lectures by senior scholars Richard Zettler, Jonathan Taylor, and Katrien De Graef. The remainder of the essays, arranged alphabetically by author, highlight innovative new directions for research and represent a diverse array of topics related to Ur in various periods of Mesopotamian history. Tightly focused in theme, yet broad in scope, this collection will be of interest to Assyriologists and archaeologists working on Iraq.

Shut Up and Sing

Author : Laura Ingraham

ISBN10 : 1621571491

Publisher : Simon and Schuster

Number of Pages : 360

Category : Political Science

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Book Summary: Feisty radio sensation Laura Ingraham is tired of the Hollywood Left--and she has all the answers in this pugnacious, funny, and devastating critique of the liberals who hate America.

Children’s Bibles in America

Author : Russell W. Dalton

ISBN10 : 0567660176

Publisher : Bloomsbury Publishing

Number of Pages : 304

Category : Religion

Viewed : 1095


Book Summary: Children's Bibles have been among the most popular and influential types of religious publications in the United States, providing many Americans with their first formative experiences of the Bible and its stories. In Children's Bibles in America, Russell W. Dalton explores the variety of ways in which children's Bibles have adapted, illustrated, and retold Bible stories for children throughout U.S. history. This reception history of the story of Noah as it appears in children's Bibles provides striking examples of the multivalence and malleability of biblical texts, and offers intriguing snapshots of American culture and American religion in their most basic forms. Dalton demonstrates the ways in which children's Bibles reflect and reveal America's diverse and changing beliefs about God, childhood, morality, and what must be passed on to the next generation. Dalton uses the popular story of Noah's ark as a case study, exploring how it has been adapted and appropriated to serve in a variety of social agendas. Throughout America's history, the image of God in children's Bible adaptations of the story of Noah has ranged from that of a powerful, angry God who might destroy children at any time to that of a friendly God who will always keep children safe. At the same time, Noah has been lifted up as a model of virtues ranging from hard work and humble obedience to patience and positive thinking. Dalton explores these uses of the story of Noah and more as he engages the fields of biblical studies, the history of religion in America, religious education, childhood studies, and children's literature.

Read and Learn Bible

Author : American Bible Society

ISBN10 : 054569423X

Publisher : Scholastic Inc.

Number of Pages : 544

Category : Juvenile Nonfiction

Viewed : 705


Book Summary: Timeless stories from the Bible for children and parents to share. Parents and children can deepen their understanding of the Bible by reading Bible stories together. The Read and Learn Bible features stories from the Old and New Testament including: Genesis, Noah and the Flood, Exodus, Daniel in the Lion's Den, The Story of Queen Esther, The Nativity, Jesus the Teacher, Jesus Comes to Jerusalem, and many more. Illustrated in full color with callouts to help deepen the meaning of the stories, and parent pages to help in discussion, this is a Bible that children can share with their parents, and that parents will want to share with their children.


Author : David Dickinson

ISBN10 : 0718847997

Publisher : ISD LLC

Number of Pages : 180

Category : Literary Criticism

Viewed : 981


Book Summary: No story can guarantee being able to do this. Yet novelists can tell stories that make us think about what we believe about God and why. Despite repeated predictions of the death of the novel, thousands of works of fiction are published and read in Britain each year. Although Western society is less religiously observant than it was, many 21st-century novelists persist in pursuing theological, religious and spiritual themes. Make-Believe seeks to explain why. With chapters offering analyses of novels from several genres - so-called literary fiction, historical fiction, science fiction, fantasy and dystopia - David Dickinson discusses a wide spectrum of novelists. Authors who are avowedly atheistic and authors who have a vested interest in perpetuating biblical stories are both featured. Well-known writers such as Rushdie, McEwan, McCarthy and Martell rub shoulders with some you may be meeting for the first time. Appealing to literature students and people who simply enjoy reading, whether Christian or not, this study of God in novels invites us to open our minds and allow aspects of our culture to shape our understanding of God and to change our ways of talking about the divine.

Kabbalah for Beginners

Author : Michael Laitman

ISBN10 : 097323153X

Publisher : Laitman Kabbalah Publishers

Number of Pages : 64

Category : Body, Mind & Spirit

Viewed : 464


Book Summary: The Kabbalist Rabbi Laitman, who was the student and personal assistant to Rabbi Baruch Ashlag from 1979-1991, follows in the footsteps of his rabbi in passing on the wisdom of Kabbalah to the world. This book is based on sources that were passed down by Rabbi Baruch's father, Rabbi Yehuda Ashlag (Baal HaSulam), the author of 'the Sulam', the commentaries on The Book of Zohar, who continued the ways of the Ari and Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai and many great Kabbalists throughout the generations before them. The goal of this book is to assist individuals in confronting the first stages of the spiritual realm. This unique method of study, which encourages sharing this wisdom with others, not only helps overcome the trials and tribulations of everyday life, but initiates a process in which individuals extend themselves beyond the standard limitations of today's world.