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The Carousel

Author : ,

ISBN10 : 146682493X

Publisher : St. Martin\'s Paperbacks

Number of Pages : 240

Category : Fiction

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Book Summary: Celebrate life's journeys with the beloved author whose stories of life and love have touched the world. Return to the sun-drenched settings of The Shell Seekers and the rich emotion of Coming Home, as Rosamunde Pilcher takes you on an unforgettable journey of the heart. It is the passage of a young woman from a relationship that has become too tame and predictable to the excitement of a new life brimming with possibilities and the thrilling promise of love. And along the way, all the hopes, secrets, and desires that enrich us unite a joyous carousel of life that only Rosamunde Pilcher can create.

The Carousel

Author : Belva Plain

ISBN10 : 0307789454

Publisher : Dell

Number of Pages : 448

Category : Fiction

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Book Summary: In public, Oliver Grey is a devoted father, prominent public figure, humanitarian, and respected businessman. But in private, there's a much darker side to Oliver Grey; a side so dark that someone is driven to kill him... Though the Greys appear to be an enviable upper class family, they are not without problems. Ian, the older son, is a womanizer and compulsive gambler; Clive, the younger son, is an odd man barely five feet tall with no life outside his work as an accountant; and Amanda, Oliver's niece, whom he raised after her parents died in a plane crash, has been twice divorced and has had a difficult life. Dan, Amanda's brother, is the only Grey who appears to have no problems—except with his six-year-old daughter Caroline, whose behavior reminds him more and more of his troubled sister Amanda. The trouble had started with Oliver Grey's decision to divide his nationally known business, Grey's Food, among Ian, Clive, and Dan. Amanda, bitter about being left out of the business, arrives from California to straighten out her financial holdings in the company. On a visit to Ellen, Dan's wife, Amanda sees a silver carousel much like the one Oliver gave her when she was a child. Ellen says the carousel was a gift to Caroline from Oliver. Amanda breaks down and tells Ellen that Oliver had given her the carousel to keep her from telling the truth about the unspeakable things he had done to her. Ellen, horrified by this revelation, finally understands why her daughter has been acting so strangely and why a therapist had raised the possibility that Caroline may have been sexually abused. Ellen goes to Oliver Grey's home that evening to confront him. And when she leaves he is dead. Belva Plain breaks new ground in this stunning new novel. A family drama with a strong strain of mystery, The Carousel confirms her standing as one of today's most compelling and popular writers.

The Carousel

Author : Stefani Deoul

ISBN10 : 1612940900

Publisher : Bywater Books

Number of Pages : 234

Category : Fiction

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Book Summary: A bone-weary, emotionally drained woman shows up one morning at a diner and gas station in a small Northeast town. Intending to refuel on gas and coffee and just keep driving, she is drawn instead to a pile of discarded carousel horses at the junkyard next door. Her find begins a ripple of gossip, mystery, and a restorative journey for the horses, herself, and the curious collection of townspeople joining her on the tumultuous ride of hope, patience and a chance to grab the brass ring.

The Carousel

Author : Juliana Stone

ISBN10 : 1988474183

Publisher : Juliana Stone Publishing

Number of Pages : 341

Category : Fiction

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Book Summary: An emotional journey of four women joined by blood, love, loss and time. Pruett Fontaine is at a crossroads. Divorced, she’s lost herself and is struggling to find her place. When her estranged mother dies unexpectedly, she’s drawn back to Louisiana, to a family and town she left behind twenty years ago. With no choice but to deal with her mother’s estate, a father she doesn’t know anymore, and the woman her mother left them for, she brings her teenage daughter to Sweetwater and collides with a past she’s been running from since she was eighteen. Her mother’s journals open her eyes to a woman she barely knew, and she can’t outrun the sins of the past. Secrets are exposed, tragedies are revealed, and temptation rears its head over the course of one long, hot Louisiana summer.

The Carousel of Time

Author : Bernard Ancori

ISBN10 : 1119681448

Publisher : John Wiley & Sons

Number of Pages : 304

Category : Philosophy

Viewed : 1503


Book Summary: Based around the image of a carousel, this book uses epistemological theory to tackle the paradoxical acceleration and deceleration of time that is experienced by many. The consequence of this paradox is the observance of the past, present and future coinciding, where acceleration is combined with perfect immobility. The Carousel of Time proposes a model that focuses on a complex network of individual actors, and their relation to the analysis, structure and evolution of our socio-cognitive space–time. The first part of the book, "Foundations", presents the key bases of this model, as well as the notions that must be understood and integrated. The book then analyzes the concept of "Space", defining the parameters of the network’s boundaries, and finishes with an exploration of "Time". This third part links the temporality of the network to its spatial characteristics and studies its evolution.

Skary Childrin and the Carousel of Sorrow

Author : Katy Towell

ISBN10 : 0375899316

Publisher : Knopf Books for Young Readers

Number of Pages : 272

Category : Juvenile Fiction

Viewed : 1851


Book Summary: Twelve years ago, for 12 days straight, the town of Widowsbury suffered a terrible storm, which tore open a gate through which escaped all sorts of foul, rotten things. Strange things and strange people were no longer welcomed in Widowsbury, for one could never be sure of what secrets waited under the surface . . . Adelaide Foss, Maggie Borland, and Beatrice Alfred are known by their classmates at Widowsbury's Madame Gertrude's School for Girls as "scary children." Unfairly targeted because of their peculiarities—Adelaide has an uncanny resemblance to a werewolf, Maggie is abnormally strong, and Beatrice claims to be able to see ghosts—the girls spend a good deal of time isolated in the school's inhospitable library facing detention. But when a number of people mysteriously begin to disappear in Widowsbury, the girls work together, along with Steffen Weller, son of the cook at Rudyard School for Boys, to find out who is behind the abductions. Will they be able to save Widowsbury from a 12-year-old curse?

The Owner of the Carousel

Author : L.G. Rodrickson

ISBN10 : 1982236167

Publisher : Balboa Press

Number of Pages : 56

Category : Fiction

Viewed : 369


Book Summary: This fiction short story narrates the life of "Joshuan,"an autistic child who is abandoned at an orphanage during his early years, how he found the cure to his autism thru the act of love and kindness of an adopting family, his struggles as a "normal human being" trying to find answers to life's most difficult philosophical questions, and finally, his awakening of consciousness into Oneness. In the same way an endless walk along a virtual "möbius strip" would lead a traveler to become aware of a familiar beginning, this short story will make you pause on your path, to ponder on your own origins and the source of your deepest search for truth and meaning.


Author : Brendan Ritchie

ISBN10 : 1925162168

Publisher : Fremantle Press

Number of Pages : 352

Category : Juvenile Fiction

Viewed : 663


Book Summary: A postapocalyptic mystery-thriller for young adults Nox is an arts graduate wondering what to do with his life. Taylor and Lizzy are famous indie musicians, and Rocky works the checkouts at Target. When they find themselves trapped in a giant mall, they eat fast food, watch bad TV, and wait. But with no sign of any other humans, the novelty of having their own mall quickly fades. When days turn to weeks, a sense of menace quickly grows.

The Carousel Painter

Author : Judith Miller

ISBN10 : 9781441204769

Publisher : Baker Books

Number of Pages : 336

Category : Fiction

Viewed : 436


Book Summary: Without the means to support herself after her father dies, Carrington Brouwer receives the opportunity to use her artistic talent at her friend's father's carousel factory. But the men at the factory are not happy that a woman has been given the very desirable job of painting the elaborately carved horses. When mishaps occur at the factory and jewelry disappears from the home of the factory owner, accusations swirl. Is the handsome young factory manager truly Carrie's ally or will he side with those who believe she should be fired?

Art Education Beyond the Classroom

Author : A. Wexler

ISBN10 : 1137072385

Publisher : Springer

Number of Pages : 194

Category : Social Science

Viewed : 1352


Book Summary: By focusing on children and adults with disabilities, each contributor offers critical research which challenges the non-transferable divide between us and them , encouraging art teachers, therapists, critics, and general readers alike to uncover their biases regarding the nature of art and education.

Mad Men Carousel

Author : Matt Zoller Seitz

ISBN10 : 161312936X

Publisher : Abrams

Number of Pages : 464

Category : Performing Arts

Viewed : 1925


Book Summary: Mad Men Carousel is an episode-by-episode guide to all seven seasons of AMC's Mad Men. This book collects TV and movie critic Matt Zoller Seitz’s celebrated Mad Men recaps—as featured on New York magazine's Vulture blog—for the first time, including never-before-published essays on the show’s first three seasons. Seitz’s writing digs deep into the show’s themes, performances, and filmmaking, examining complex and sometimes confounding aspects of the series. The complete series—all seven seasons and ninety-two episodes—is covered. Each episode review also includes brief explanations of locations, events, consumer products, and scientific advancements that are important to the characters, such as P.J. Clarke’s restaurant and the old Penn Station; the inventions of the birth control pill, the Xerox machine, and the Apollo Lunar Module; the release of the Beatles’ Revolver and the Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds; and all the wars, protests, assassinations, and murders that cast a bloody pall over a chaotic decade. Mad Men Carousel is named after an iconic moment from the show’s first-season finale, “The Wheel,â€? wherein Don delivers an unforgettable pitch for a new slide projector that’s centered on the idea of nostalgia: “the pain from an old wound.â€? This book will soothe the most ardent Mad Men fan’s nostalgia for the show. New viewers, who will want to binge-watch their way through one of the most popular TV shows in recent memory, will discover a spoiler-friendly companion to one of the most multilayered and mercurial TV shows of all time. It's the perfect gift for Mad Men fans and obsessives. Also available from Matt Zoller Seitz: The Oliver Stone Experience, The Wes Anderson Collection: Bad Dads, The Wes Anderson Collection: The Grand Budapest Hotel, and The Wes Anderson Collection.

The Carousel Mystery

Author : Carolyn Keene

ISBN10 : 1442483415

Publisher : Simon and Schuster

Number of Pages : 80

Category : Juvenile Fiction

Viewed : 1611


Book Summary: River Heights is getting a carousel! And the town is having a special ceremony to unveil it. Nancy, Bess, and George are dizzy with excitement for their first ride on the beautiful antique horses. All the kids who ride the carousel can also try to grab a brass ring that hangs on a pole next to the carousel. Whoever captures the ring wins a special prize! But suddenly the brass ring is gone, and without it the contest will be ruined. Nancy is on the case, but her head is swirling with too many clues. Can she solve this carousel mystery before it spins out of control?

The Carousel of Life

Author : Herold Gyles

ISBN10 : 1503538656

Publisher : Xlibris Corporation

Number of Pages : 100

Category : Fiction

Viewed : 736


Book Summary: A teenage from Montreal, of humble origin, after a happy event found herself in possession of a fortune. That propeled her into a world of luxury, glamor, sensuality and a life of sexual debauchery. That also changes her not only physically but mentally. She thought her money can afford everything, including people. with money, education is not necessary to accomplish herself. She quickly discovers that fortune does not buy happiness, does not buy friendship, appreciation,... love. After many disappointments, betrayals, incidents and bankruptcy, can a kind, mature man help her to come back in the right track. Can she rebuild herself and look for the future with confidence?

Magic Pony Carousel #3: Star the Western Pony

Author : Poppy Shire

ISBN10 : 0061966592

Publisher : Harper Collins

Number of Pages : 96

Category : Juvenile Fiction

Viewed : 1565


Book Summary: The Magic Pony Carousel has come to town! Laura loves ponies, and she can't wait to ride Star the western pony. When she climbs on to Star's saddle, the ride takes them back in time to the Wild West, where they must save a baby calf! Will Laura and Star be able to save the day?

Carousel Beach

Author : Orly Konig

ISBN10 : 0765398796

Publisher : Forge Books

Number of Pages : 336

Category : Fiction

Viewed : 1190


Book Summary: Orly's Konig's Carousel Beach is a powerful novel that untangles the secrets of love, heartbreak, and misunderstandings between three generations of women, perfect for summer beach reading and book clubs. A cryptic letter on her grandmother’s grave and a mysterious inscription on a carousel horse leads artist Maya Brice to Hank Hauser, the ninety-year-old carver of the beloved carousel she has been hired to restore in time for its Fourth of July reopening in her Delaware beach town. Hank suffers from Alzheimer’s, but on his “better” days, Maya is enthralled by the stories of his career. On his “off” days, he mistakes her for her grandmother—his secret first love. While stripping chipped layers of paint from the old horse and peeling layers of fragmented memories from the old man, Maya untangles the intertwined secrets of love, heartbreak, and misunderstandings between three generations of strong willed women. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

Conversations With The Dead

Author : David Gans

ISBN10 : 0786730951

Publisher : Da Capo Press

Number of Pages : 420

Category : Music

Viewed : 770


Book Summary: A collection of interviews—some vintage, some recent, and some brand-new—Conversations with the Dead is the first (and only) book in which the Grateful Dead speak in their own words about their music and their lives. David Gans, a self-professed Deadhead and host of "The Grateful Dead Hour," asked Jerry Garcia, Bob Weir, and the rest of the band the questions their fans would have asked if given the chance. And Gans reaches far beyond the musicians, talking with such often-overlooked key players as the recording engineer, sound man, and road crew—those who have had the coveted opportunity to witness the Dead's decades of music-making. This updated and expanded edition includes a rare, never-before-published interview with Seastones composer Ned Lagin and a new introduction by the author. With a readable combination of intensity, inquisitiveness, and candor, Gans has created an unprecedented portrait of a band who, after more than thirty years of music-making, has earned a unique place in American culture.

Magic Pony Carousel #5: Crystal the Snow Pony

Author : Poppy Shire

ISBN10 : 0061966614

Publisher : Harper Collins

Number of Pages : 96

Category : Juvenile Fiction

Viewed : 1404


Book Summary: When the Magic Pony Carousel comes to Emily's town, she's excited to ride Crystal, a beautiful caramel-colored pony. As soon as Emily settles into Crystal's saddle, the carousel whisks them away on a magical adventure in the snow-covered mountains. Emily and Crystal are just in time to go to a village's Spring Festival, and they quickly make a new friend! But there's danger looming. Emily and Crystal must protect the villagers from an avalanche, and find a missing boy!

Magic Pony Carousel #4: Jewel the Midnight Pony

Author : Poppy Shire

ISBN10 : 0061966606

Publisher : Harper Collins

Number of Pages : 96

Category : Juvenile Fiction

Viewed : 661


Book Summary: The Magic Pony Carousel is in town! Sophie is excited to ride Jewel, a jet black pony with a beautiful diamond-shaped white patch on his forehead. As soon as Sophie settles into Jewel's saddle, they are whisked back in time on a magical adventure. Together, Sophie and Jewel must capture a villain, return a stolen locket, and rescue their new friend, Lucy!

Acoustic Interculturalism

Author : Marcus Cheng Chye Tan

ISBN10 : 1137016957

Publisher : Springer

Number of Pages : 259

Category : Performing Arts

Viewed : 458


Book Summary: Acoustic Interculturalism is a study of the soundscapes of intercultural performance through the examination of sound's performativity. Employing an interdisciplinary approach, the book examines an akoumenological reception of sound to postulate the need for an acoustic knowing – an awareness of how sound shapes the intercultural experience.

The Delicate, Passionate World of Gregory Morgan and Vivien Prevette / Book 5 - The Great Love

Author : Mia Marko

ISBN10 : 173255465X

Publisher : Pepperton Press

Number of Pages : 600

Category : Fiction

Viewed : 1426


Book Summary: The Delicate, Passionate World is a fairy tale for thoughtful, sensitive adults loosely based on the tale of Psyche and Eros. While easy and fun to read, exploring desire and love's milestones from this gentle and elevated point of view is intended to take the reader toward the Big Questions of life. A love story can touch your heart. Can it also touch your soul? The Delicate, Passionate World is a fairy tale for thoughtful, sensitive adults. It is a loose retelling in a 20th Century setting of one of the oldest supernatural love stories ever told - that of Eros and Psyche, his mortal love. While easy and fun to read, exploring desire and love's milestones from this gentle and elevated point of view is intended to take the reader toward the Big Questions of life. So be entertained, be swept away, and maybe even find enlightenment ... Six years in the making, this one-of-a-kind self-help love story is ultimately a meditation on the Great Love.