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The Giving Tree

Author :

ISBN10 : 0061965103

Publisher : Harper Collins

Number of Pages : 64

Category : Juvenile Fiction

Viewed : 791


Book Summary: As The Giving Tree turns fifty, this timeless classic is available for the first time ever in ebook format. This digital edition allows young readers and lifelong fans to continue the legacy and love of a household classic that will now reach an even wider audience. Never before have Shel Silverstein's children's books appeared in a format other than hardcover. Since it was first published fifty years ago, Shel Silverstein's poignant picture book for readers of all ages has offered a touching interpretation of the gift of giving and a serene acceptance of another's capacity to love in return. Shel Silverstein's incomparable career as a bestselling children's book author and illustrator began with Lafcadio, the Lion Who Shot Back. He is also the creator of picture books including A Giraffe and a Half, Who Wants a Cheap Rhinoceros?, The Missing Piece, The Missing Piece Meets the Big O, and the perennial favorite The Giving Tree, and of classic poetry collections such as Where the Sidewalk Ends, A Light in the Attic, Falling Up, Every Thing On It, Don't Bump the Glump!, and Runny Babbit. And don't miss these other Shel Silverstein ebooks, Where the Sidewalk Ends, and A Light in the Attic!

Hike It Baby

Author : Shanti Hodges

ISBN10 : 1493033913

Publisher : Rowman & Littlefield

Number of Pages : 320

Category : Family & Relationships

Viewed : 1167


Book Summary: New parents and parents of toddlers face unique challenges when it comes to planning outdoor trips. “Family-friendly trail” is often a misleading phrase, and doesn’t take young children under the age of 5 into consideration, whose safety and comfort require a different perspective. The unpredictable nature of little ones leads many parents to put their adventure dreams on the back burner, missing out on years of meaningful experiences as a family. Hike it Baby presents 100 outdoor adventures across the U.S. that you can take with babies and toddlers (really!), along with everything you need to know about exploring the natural world. Sourced from real families using Hike it Baby’s trail-tested system, this book helps moms and dads get out there in their comfort zone, yet feel like hardcore adventurers! Whether you’ve always wanted to hike part of the Appalachian Trail, splash around in gentle Northwest waterfalls, or scramble up rocks in the desert surrounded by Joshua Trees, this book shows you how to plan a truly memorable journey together.

The Complete Tales of Beatrix Potter's Peter Rabbit

Author : Beatrix Potter

ISBN10 : 1631581759

Publisher : Simon and Schuster

Number of Pages : 96

Category : Juvenile Fiction

Viewed : 1570


Book Summary: The basis for the 2018 film, Peter Rabbit has been hailed as one of the bestselling stories of all time and has been adapted into countless mediums, including books, films, board games, coloring books, and more. The original story features a young rebellious rabbit who, despite his mother’s wishes, enters the dangerous garden of Mr. McGregor to feast on its endless bounty. From there on out, he gets himself into all kinds of trouble. Originally published as separate stories throughout the early twentieth century, The Complete Tales of Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit contains all four stories featuring the famous bunny, including The Tale of Peter Rabbit, The Tale of Benjamin Bunny, The Tale of Mr. Tod, and The Tale of the Flopsy Bunnies. Featuring all of the original illustrations by Beatrix Potter enhanced and re-formatted, follow the exciting adventures of Peter Rabbit and some of his most famous furry friends.

The Three Bears

Author : Paul Galdone

ISBN10 : 0547531389

Publisher : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Number of Pages : 32

Category : Juvenile Fiction

Viewed : 1089


Book Summary: This familiar nursery tale features a warmly appealing bear family and a naughty, gap-toothed Goldilocks.

The Glittering World

Author : Robert Levy

ISBN10 : 1476774536

Publisher : Simon and Schuster

Number of Pages : 352

Category : Fiction

Viewed : 1998


Book Summary: In the tradition of Neil Gaiman (The Ocean at the End of the Lane), Scott Smith (The Ruins), and Jason Mott (The Returned), award-winning playwright Robert Levy spins a dark tale of alienation and belonging, the familiar and the surreal, family secrets and the search for truth in his debut supernatural thriller. AS A BOY, HE VANISHED INTO THE WOODS. SOMETHING ELSE CAME BACK. When up-and-coming chef Michael “Blue” Whitley returns with three friends to the remote Canadian community of his birth, it appears to be the perfect getaway from New York. He soon discovers, however, that everything he thought he knew about himself is a carefully orchestrated lie. Though he had no recollection of the event, as a young boy, Blue and another child went missing for weeks in the idyllic, mysterious woods of Starling Cove. Soon thereafter, his mother suddenly fled with him to America, their homeland left behind. But then Blue begins to remember. And once the shocking truth starts bleeding back into his life, his closest friends—Elisa, his former partner in crime; her stalwart husband, Jason; and Gabe, Blue’s young and admiring coworker—must unravel the secrets of Starling Cove and the artists’ colony it once harbored. All four will face their troubled pasts, their most private demons, and a mysterious race of beings that inhabits the land, spoken of by the locals only as the Other Kind...

Transcending Boundaries

Author : Sandra L. Beckett

ISBN10 : 1135685932

Publisher : Routledge

Number of Pages : 304

Category : Literary Criticism

Viewed : 862


Book Summary: Transcending Boundaries: Writing for a Dual Audience of Children and Adults is a collection of essays on twentieth-century authors who cross the borders between adult and children's literature and appeal to both audiences. This collection of fourteen essays by scholars from eight countries constitutes the first book devoted to the art of crosswriting the child and adult in twentieth-century international literature. Sandra Beckett explores the multifaceted nature of crossover literature and the diverse ways in which writers cross the borders to address a dual readership of children and adults. It considers classics such as Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Pinocchio, with particular emphasis on post-World War II literature. The essays in Transcending Boundaries clearly suggest that crossover literature is a major, widespread trend that appears to be sharply on the rise.

Where the Crawdads Sing

Author : Delia Owens

ISBN10 : 0735219117

Publisher : Penguin

Number of Pages : 384

Category : Fiction

Viewed : 1139


Book Summary: #1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING PHENOMENON More than 6 million copies sold A Reese Witherspoon x Hello Sunshine Book Club Pick A Business Insider Defining Book of the Decade "I can't even express how much I love this book! I didn't want this story to end!"--Reese Witherspoon "Painfully beautiful."--The New York Times Book Review For years, rumors of the "Marsh Girl" have haunted Barkley Cove, a quiet town on the North Carolina coast. So in late 1969, when handsome Chase Andrews is found dead, the locals immediately suspect Kya Clark, the so-called Marsh Girl. But Kya is not what they say. Sensitive and intelligent, she has survived for years alone in the marsh that she calls home, finding friends in the gulls and lessons in the sand. Then the time comes when she yearns to be touched and loved. When two young men from town become intrigued by her wild beauty, Kya opens herself to a new life--until the unthinkable happens. Where the Crawdads Sing is at once an exquisite ode to the natural world, a heartbreaking coming-of-age story, and a surprising tale of possible murder. Owens reminds us that we are forever shaped by the children we once were, and that we are all subject to the beautiful and violent secrets that nature keeps.

Selected Tales

Author : James Henry

ISBN10 : 0141905352

Publisher : Penguin UK

Number of Pages : 640

Category : Fiction

Viewed : 1954


Book Summary: Throughout his life, Henry James was drawn to the short story form for the freedom and variety it offered. The nineteen stories in this selection span James's career, from brief tales to longer works, all exploring his concerns with the old world and the new, money, fame and art. 'Daisy Miller', the work that first brought him fame, depicts a bold, unsophisticated American girl abroad, and 'In the Cage' portrays a young telegraphist's romantic fantasies about customers who send telegrams from her post office. In 'The Birthplace' a Stratford tour guide embellishes the Shakespeare legend, while in the late masterpiece 'The Jolly Corner', an elderly American returns from Europe and encounters a strange apparition. Haunting, witty and beautifully drawn, James's tales are as complex and resonant as his novels.

A Treasure Trove of Poetic Wonderland

Author : Tanvi Nagar

ISBN10 : 1482844605

Publisher : Partridge Publishing

Number of Pages : 118

Category : Poetry

Viewed : 705


Book Summary: A Treasure Trove of Poetic Wonderland is a collection of poems and short stories written in a clear and lucid style for the young, avid readers. The simple, routine, day-to-day activities, relationships, nature, birds, animals and school-life as seen from the eyes of a young child have been narrated in a rhythmic, poetic form. The short stories take the reader into an imaginary world of Kings and Queens, Fairies and Goblins and give life a new ray of hope. Here is a book by a young writer who has written poems and short stories for her generation.

Life After Suffering

Author : Chris Williams

ISBN10 : 162189214X

Publisher : Wipf and Stock Publishers

Number of Pages : 166

Category : Religion

Viewed : 1527


Book Summary: Viktor Frankl, an Auschwitz survivor, once said that to be human is to suffer. Suffering is an unavoidable part of life, but how do we engage our suffering in a culture that teaches us to avoid suffering at all costs? Through the telling of two stories, the horrific death of his parents and the exiled Judeans of the sixth century BCE, Chris Williams offers a way of engaging suffering that questions the dominant voices of popular culture. Perhaps hope is not found in avoiding suffering at all costs, but by inviting others into our darkest moments.

Christian Eternalism

Author : Armon Eaton

ISBN10 :

Publisher :

Number of Pages : 349

Category : Religion

Viewed : 544


Book Summary: John A. Widtsoe said "The Gospel may be said to be 'The philosophy of Eternalism.' The Gospel is immersed in the ocean of eternity." Neal A. Maxwell said "Eternalism is defined as that view of man and the universe which not only acknowledges, but exults in, the existence of a Heavenly Father...Eternalism focuses on the individual and on those processes in which the individual is taught correct principles and then is given optimum opportunity to govern himself...For those who believe we are all going to be around forever, it is both natural and wise to concern ourselves with such questions and also with such principles which are also going to be around forever." These quotes involving the word "Eternalism" indicate a deep philosophical foundation underlying everything about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. This book describes some of the philosophical foundations of what Latter-day Saints call the Restoration. In the broadest sense, philosophy is concerned with mankind's relationship to existence, whereas theology is concerned with mankind's relationship to God. Both philosophy and theology are important to Latter-Day Saints because one's view of God is greatly influenced by one's view of reality. Eternalism then, in the broadest sense, is Latter-day Saint theology explained within a philosophically sound structure.

The Big Book of EVEN MORE Therapeutic Activity Ideas for Children and Teens

Author : Lindsey Joiner

ISBN10 : 1784501964

Publisher : Jessica Kingsley Publishers

Number of Pages : 264

Category : Education

Viewed : 1263


Book Summary: Following on from The Big Book of Therapeutic Activity Ideas for Children and Teens, this book provides EVEN MORE imaginative and fun activity ideas, lessons, and projects for use with difficult and challenging children and teens aged 5+. From ice breakers and group starters to bibliotherapy and monthly character education activities, there are over 90 ideas designed to unleash the creativity of children and teens, and teach social skills, strategies to control anger and anxiety, conflict resolution, positive thinking skills, and more. They make use of art, scientific experiments, expressive arts and books, and many come with photocopiable handouts. The activities can be used in a variety of settings, and they are adaptable for use with both individuals and groups. This is a practical resource bursting with ideas, and it will be invaluable for anyone working with children and teens, including school counselors, teachers, social workers, youth workers, arts therapists, and psychologists.

Truth and Reconciliation in Canadian Schools

Author : Pamela Rose Toulouse

ISBN10 : 1553797469

Publisher : Portage & Main Press

Number of Pages : 147

Category : Education

Viewed : 411


Book Summary: In this book, author Pamela Toulouse provides current information, personal insights, authentic resources, interactive strategies and lesson plans that support Indigenous and non-Indigenous learners in the classroom. This book is for all teachers that are looking for ways to respectfully infuse residential school history, treaty education, Indigenous contributions, First Nation/Métis/Inuit perspectives and sacred circle teachings into their subjects and courses. The author presents a culturally relevant and holistic approach that facilitates relationship building and promotes ways to engage in reconciliation activities.

The Life-Giving Tree

Author : Clifford Reid

ISBN10 : 1664232400

Publisher : WestBow Press

Number of Pages : 162

Category : Religion

Viewed : 1695


Book Summary: The Life Giving Tree book is written in three parts. The first part deals with the unique privileges as sons of God. Christ has reconciled and recreated us, in His flesh Colossians 1:21-22, He has made us one in Him Ephesians 2:16 we are now flesh of His flesh and bone of His bones Ephesians 5:30. When He appears we shall be like Him! 1John 3:2 wow this is exciting! Second part deals with the book of Revelation. It unfolds the drama of the end of the ages and reveals the spiritual wars that is yet to be fought before the ushering of the kingdom of God. Third part deals with some prophetic utterances that was revealed while spending much time in prayer.

(You)r Life

Author : Christo B. Vermeulen

ISBN10 : 1457540517

Publisher : Dog Ear Publishing

Number of Pages : N.A

Category : Juvenile Nonfiction

Viewed : 1889


Book Summary: The Axe An Inquiry to the Citizenry of this World If all men and women are created equal and born to be free, why then are most men and women locked inside a socioeconomic dungeon of inequality? Succumbed to bondage, they live lives of quiet desperation — equality and freedom only a distant thought! Can these liberties be freed? Can these liberties be secured? The axe placed on the root of these liberties must be removed! The time has come! Together, this undeniable conviction must be the force behind the swift removal. Personal Socio-Economic Reality liberation for the ordinary citizenry, must become the business of the ordinary citizenry. This is a call to Action! A call to LEARN, LIVE, and LEAD!

Early Christian Latin Poets

Author : Carolinne White

ISBN10 : 1134660693

Publisher : Routledge

Number of Pages : 208

Category : History

Viewed : 1105


Book Summary: Christian Latin poetry from the fourth to sixth centuries was hugely influential on English and French medieval literature. In this, the first substantial overview of this poetry, Carolinne White sets the works in their literary and historical context, including translations of over thirty poems and excerpts, many never translated into English before.


Author : Ellen G. White

ISBN10 :

Publisher : Good Press

Number of Pages : 195

Category : Fiction

Viewed : 1155


Book Summary: "Education" by Ellen G. White. Published by Good Press. Good Press publishes a wide range of titles that encompasses every genre. From well-known classics & literary fiction and non-fiction to forgotten−or yet undiscovered gems−of world literature, we issue the books that need to be read. Each Good Press edition has been meticulously edited and formatted to boost readability for all e-readers and devices. Our goal is to produce eBooks that are user-friendly and accessible to everyone in a high-quality digital format.

Holy Cross, Life-Giving Tree

Author : Donnel O'Flynn

ISBN10 : 0819233684

Publisher : Church Publishing, Inc.

Number of Pages : 192

Category : Religion

Viewed : 1483


Book Summary: • Historical perspective of the image of the cross as one of life instead of death • Resource for Lent, gaining a new understanding of Holy Cross Day and/or Hildegaard of Bingen What would Christianity be like if the principle of a new creation were its guiding idea, and the Cross as Life-Giving Tree its central image? After exploring this principle’s deep roots in tradition, worship, and art, this book proposes Hildegard of Bingen’s concept of virditas—“green-ness”—as a way to know it in daily life. It claims the Cross as healer of division, both among followers of Jesus and among the nations. Holy Cross, Life-Giving Tree is illustrated with Cross images from throughout the Christian world and compares eastern Christian liturgies of the Cross with those of the west. It recounts the origins of the early Jerusalem cult of the Cross, and invites readers to meditate on Scripture passages used by ancient artists. Each of its six chapters ends with reflection questions for going deeper. Holy Cross, Life-Giving Tree is designed for use by study groups or by individuals.

Where the Sidewalk Ends

Author : Shel Silverstein

ISBN10 : 0061965251

Publisher : HarperCollins

Number of Pages : 176

Category : Juvenile Fiction

Viewed : 686


Book Summary: NOW AVAILABLE AS AN EBOOK! Shel Silverstein, the New York Times bestselling author of The Giving Tree, A Light in the Attic, Falling Up, and Every Thing On It, has created a poetry collection that is outrageously funny and deeply profound. Come in . . . for where the sidewalk ends, Shel Silverstein's world begins. You'll meet a boy who turns into a TV set, and a girl who eats a whale. The Unicorn and the Bloath live there, and so does Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout who will not take the garbage out. It is a place where you wash your shadow and plant diamond gardens, a place where shoes fly, sisters are auctioned off, and crocodiles go to the dentist. Shel Silverstein's masterful collection of poems and drawings stretches the bounds of imagination and will be cherished by readers of all ages. This is a collection that belongs on everyone's bookshelf. Makes a great gift for special occasions such as holidays, birthdays, and graduation. And don't miss these other Shel Silverstein ebooks, The Giving Tree, A Light in the Attic, and Falling Up!

Social Studies Discoveries on the Net

Author : Anthony D. Fredericks

ISBN10 : 9781563088247

Publisher : Libraries Unlimited

Number of Pages : 275

Category : Education

Viewed : 1357


Book Summary: Describes hundreds of Web sites for elementary-level social studies students, in areas such as the world, families and friends, neighborhoods and communities, regions near and far, and the history of the United States.