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Literary Afterlife

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ISBN10 : 078645721X

Publisher : McFarland

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Book Summary: This is an encyclopedic work, arranged by broad categories and then by original authors, of literary pastiches in which fictional characters have reappeared in new works after the deaths of the authors that created them. It includes book series that have continued under a deceased writer's real or pen name, undisguised offshoots issued under the new writer's name, posthumous collaborations in which a deceased author's unfinished manuscript is completed by another writer, unauthorized pastiches, and "biographies" of literary characters. The authors and works are entered under the following categories: Action and Adventure, Classics (18th Century and Earlier), Classics (19th Century), Classics (20th Century), Crime and Mystery, Espionage, Fantasy and Horror, Humor, Juveniles (19th Century), Juveniles (20th Century), Poets, Pulps, Romances, Science Fiction and Westerns. Each original author entry includes a short biography, a list of original works, and information on the pastiches based on the author's characters.

The Galloping Ghost

Author : Gary Andrew Poole

ISBN10 : 0547523513

Publisher : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Number of Pages : 336

Category : Sports & Recreation

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Book Summary: In the 1920s four athletes defined American sports: Babe Ruth, Jack Dempsey, Bobby Jones, and Red Grange. They were the country's first athletic pantheon, its Mount Rushmore, and for a few brief years Red Grange outshone them all. The Galloping Ghost tells the remarkable untold story of this fleet-footed college football player who inspired poetry, dazzled fans as he felled opponents on the field, and, with the help of an unscrupulous and utterly brilliant manager (the first real-life Jerry Maguire), helped launch and legitimize professional football, changing American sports forever. In this first major biography of Red Grange, Gary Andrew Poole draws on exhaustive research and interviews to evoke the golden age of sports in all its splendor and outrageousness. He transports readers from college football rallies to barnstorming tours, from the locker room to the White House to Hollywood, as he recounts Grange’s rise and tragic fall. And he lays bare the fascinating and psychologically complex relationship between a star athlete and the nation’s first real sports agent—a relationship that encapsulated the good and shadowy sides of sports and how they inevitably intersected. For fans of Cinderella Man, The Devil and Sonny Liston, and The Devil in the White City, The Galloping Ghost is a provocative, character-driven, atmospheric sports history that gives us a new understanding of a seminal sports figure, from raw and innocent athletic talent to mortal American icon. A symbol of rebellious manhood and virility, Red Grange is a reminder of the fleeting nature of fame, youth, and physical dominance.

The Galloping Ghost

Author : Roy J. Snell

ISBN10 : 1776535456

Publisher : The Floating Press

Number of Pages : 205

Category : Juvenile Fiction

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Book Summary: Star college football player Red Rodgers awakes one night to find that his life has been turned upside down. Who is to blame for this sudden turn of events? The intrepid amateur detective Johnny Thompson is on the case again in Roy Snell's fast-paced mystery for younger readers, The Galloping Ghost.

The Mystery of the Wild Ponies

Author : Gertrude Chandler Warner

ISBN10 : 0807597252

Publisher : Albert Whitman & Company

Number of Pages : 144

Category : Juvenile Fiction

Viewed : 1886


Book Summary: The Aldens visit the Outer Banks on the North Carolina coast! But when a pony goes missing from the wild horse sanctuary, they must find him before a big storm hits.

The Galloping Ghost

Author : Carl LaVO

ISBN10 : 1612510752

Publisher : Naval Institute Press

Number of Pages : 256

Category : History

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Book Summary: Eugene Fluckey was one of the great naval heroes of World War II. His exploits as captain of the submarine USS Barb revolutionized undersea warfare and laid the groundwork for a nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine fleet. He retired as a rear admiral and was awarded numerous presidential, congressional, and military honors, including the Medal of Honor and four Navy Crosses. In the war against Japan, Fluckey fired the first ballistic missiles from a submarine, sank more tonnage than any other U.S. submarine skipper, including an aircraft carrier, a cruiser, a destroyer, and blew up a train after landing submariners-turned-saboteurs on mainland Japan in 1945. Here is the legendary submariner's story, told with the exclusive access to Fluckey's personal papers and based on interviews with him, his family, Barb shipmates, official Navy documents, and the recollections of his contemporaries.

A Suitcase Full of Ghosts

Author : Geronimo Stilton

ISBN10 : 0545747465

Publisher : Scholastic Inc.

Number of Pages : 128

Category : Juvenile Fiction

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Book Summary: Breakout star Creepella von Cacklefur is back in another fur-raising adventure! Creepella is about to interview the famouse Hector Spector, who has come to Mysterious Valley with his Galloping Ghost Circus. But before she can, she has a mystery on her paws --- someone is playing tricks and making messes all over Cacklefur Castle! Can she put a stop to these ghastly gags?

The Triumphs of Eugene Valmont

Author : Robert Barr

ISBN10 : 153781852X

Publisher : Jovian Press

Number of Pages : 362

Category : Fiction

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Book Summary: The Triumphs of Eugene Valmont (1906) brings together tales of the multifarious exploits of Robert Barr's elegant and cunning sleuth, Valmont, a brilliantly ironic parody of Sherlock Holmes. Exhibiting the crucial combination of realism and imagination that characterizes the finest crime writing, the stories exude playfulness and wit, blending mystery and quasi-Gothic thrills with humorous detours and romantic adventure. A notable figure in turn-of-the-century literary London and a friend of Conan Doyle, Barr was acutely aware of style as a form of statement and the stories are full of literary effects, commentary on the detective mystery genre, and Valmont's disparaging reflections on English values. From the hilarious satire of sensationalism in 'The Siamese Twin of a Bomb-Thrower' to the bizarre and operatic melodrama of 'The Ghost with the Club-Foot', Barr's stories delight the reader with their skill, variety, and never-abandoned sense of spirited fun. This edition also includes Barr's two rare pastiches of Valmont's rival, Sherlock Holmes.

Hardy Boys 19: The Disappearing Floor

Author : Franklin W. Dixon

ISBN10 : 110107633X

Publisher : Penguin

Number of Pages : 192

Category : Juvenile Fiction

Viewed : 1556


Book Summary: Once again Frank and Joe Hardy take on a puzzling case when their famous detective father asks the boys to assist him in tracking down a notorious jewel thief and his accomplices. The trail leads to the outskirts of the Hardys’ home town and to a weirdly guarded mansion on the old Perth estate. With their pal Chet Morton, the brothers must tackle the mystery of the mansion heir’s sudden death. A disappearing floor, a huge, savage-looking, hound, a galloping ghost, and a college professor’s startling invention are just a few of the strange elements that complicate the boys’ efforts to solve both mysteries.

The Ghost Rock Mystery

Author : Mary C. Jane

ISBN10 : 1479426687

Publisher : Wildside Press LLC

Number of Pages : 122

Category : Juvenile Fiction

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Book Summary: When Janice and Tommy Brooks are invited to visit their Aunt Annabelle and her son Hubert at their new house in Maine near the Canadian border, they expect to have a wonderful summer. What they don’t expect is to hear galloping hoofbeats in a rock or to see an old man with a flickering light appear out of nowhere in the middle of a midnight storm. They don't expect to have a guest who creeps around the top floor when he thinks the family is asleep. And they never dream that they might get involved in the dangerous adventures of the Border Patrol! These puzzling and frightening events increase the general feeling of mystery that surrounds Mountain View House. Aunt Annabelle bought it to run as a guest house, but both local visitors and tourists keep away. The children have to find the explanation for these strange happenings before Fall, or Aunt Annabelle will have to give up her dream of running a guest house!

The Mystery at Grizzly Graveyard

Author : Carole Marsh

ISBN10 : 0635111950

Publisher : Gallopade International

Number of Pages : 158

Category : Juvenile Fiction

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Book Summary: When Avery, Ella, and Evan visit Yellowstone National Park, they just assume grizzlies are big bad bears. However, after a trip to a center that rescues orphaned grizzly cubs, where they learn how humans don't always play fair with wildlife, they begin to see a different side of the story. Mystery ensues, and the kids use high-tech STEM skills and high-tech gear to try to discover who or what is breaking into cabins across the region. Can they help without getting entangled in terrifying bear teeth?! Before they know it, the kids are mixed up in an adventurous mystery where clues require them to use their best science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) skills to find the answers! Mystery books have always been a great higher-order, critical thinking genre, and the "real Kid characters" in this series eagerly get into using high-demand STEM skills to solve each mystery! In this mystery, there are additional pages filled with STEM materials you can use to learn about and solve problems such as: 1. Impress your friends with your knowledge of Grizzly Facts 2. Learn what to do when you are in bear country 3. Explore the grizzly etymology 4. Learn how to convert square miles into acres and how to convert acres to square miles 5. Explore carnivores, herbivores and omnivores 6. Discover the bears in the U.S. 7. Learn about composting 8. Investigate bear hibernation 9. Examine Old Faithful in Yellowstone Park This mystery is geared for boys and girls ages 7-14 and features bother and sister, Avery and Evan, who help their mystery book writer grandmother solve wildlife related mysteries. The Wildlife Mystery series has a strong focus on STEM. Like all of Carole Marsh's Mysteries, this mystery incorporates history, geography, culture and cliffhanger chapters that will keep kids begging for more! This mystery includes SAT words, educational facts, fun and humor, built-in book club and activities. Below is the Reading Levels Guide for this book: Grade Levels: 3-6 Accelerated Reader Reading Level: 4.7 Accelerated Reader Points: 3 Accelerated Reader Quiz Number: 165488 Lexile Measure: 730 Fountas & Pinnell Guided Reading Level: Q Developmental Assessment Level: 40

Dark August

Author : Katie Tallo

ISBN10 : 0062948059

Publisher : HarperCollins

Number of Pages : 448

Category : Fiction

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Book Summary: “Dark August is a tightly-paced cauldron of a thriller about small town corruption, murder and mayhem, in the vein of Sharp Objects and All The Missing Girls. A macabre and confidently twisty debut.” — Lisa Gabriele, internationally bestselling author of The Winters An electrifying, page-turning debut about a young woman haunted by her tragic past, who returns to her hometown and discovers that there might be more to her police detective mother’s death—and last case—than she ever could have imagined. Augusta (Gus) Monet is living an aimless existence with her grifter boyfriend when she learns that her great grandmother—her last living relative—has just died. Ditching her boyfriend, Gus returns to the home she left as a young girl. Her inheritance turns out to be a dilapidated house and an old dog named Levi. While combing through her great grandmother’s possessions, Gus stumbles across an old trunk filled with long-lost childhood belongings. But that’s not all the trunk contains. She also discovers cold case files that belonged to her mother, a disgraced police detective who died in a car accident when Gus was eight. Gus remembers her mother obsessing over these very same documents and photographs, especially a Polaroid of a young ballerina. When Gus spots a front-page news story about the unearthing of a body linked to one of the cold case files from her childhood trunk, she can’t resist following her mother’s clues. As she digs deeper, determined to finish her mother’s investigation, her search leads her to a deserted ghost town, which was left abandoned when the residents fled after a horrific fire. As Gus’ obsession with the case grows, she inadvertently stirs up the evils of the past, putting her life in danger. But Gus is undeterred and is committed to uncovering long-buried secrets, including the secrets surrounding a missing geology student, the young ballerina in the Polaroid, a prominent family’s devastating legacy, and a toxic blast that blew an entire town off the map. But is Gus ready to learn the truths that culminated on one terrible August night, more than a decade earlier, when lives were taken, and secrets were presumed buried forever…? Dark August introduces a bold new voice and will leave readers guessing until the final startling conclusion.

The House of Brides

Author : Jane Cockram

ISBN10 : 0062939319

Publisher : HarperCollins

Number of Pages : 384

Category : Fiction

Viewed : 649


Book Summary: Jane Cockram makes her thrilling debut with this page-turning tale of psychological suspense in which a young woman whose life is in tatters flees to the safety of a family estate in England, but instead of comfort finds chilling secrets and lies. Miranda’s life and career has been a roller-coaster ride. Her successful rise to the top of the booming lifestyle industry as a social media influencer led to a humiliating fall after a controversial product she endorsed flopped. Desperate to get away from the hate-spewing trolls shaming her on the internet, she receives a mysterious letter from a young cousin in England that plunges her into a dark family mystery. Miranda’s mother Tessa Summers, a famous author, died when Miranda was a child. The young woman’s only connection to the Summers family is through Tessa’s famous book The House of Brides—a chronicle of the generations of women who married into the infamous Summers family and made their home in the rambling Barnsley House, the family’s estate. From Gertrude Summers, a famed crime novelist, to Miranda’s grandmother Beatrice, who killed herself after setting fire to Barnsley while her children slept, each woman in The House of Brides is more notorious than the next. The house’s current “bride” is the beautiful, effervescent Daphne, her Uncle Max’s wife—a famed celebrity chef who saved Barnsley from ruin turning the estate into an exclusive culinary destination and hotel. Curious about this legendary family she has never met, Miranda arrives at Barnsley posing as a prospective nanny answering an advertisement. She’s greeted by the compelling yet cold housekeeper Mrs. Mins, and meets the children and her Uncle Max—none of whom know her true identity. But Barnsley is not what Miranda expected. The luxury destination and award-winning restaurant is gone, and Daphne is nowhere to be found. Most disturbing, one of the children is in a wheelchair after a mysterious accident. What happened in this house? Where is Daphne? What darkness lies hidden in Barnsley?

Political Spirituality in an Age of Eco-Apocalypse

Author : James W. Perkinson

ISBN10 : 1137489812

Publisher : Springer

Number of Pages : 228

Category : Social Science

Viewed : 1899


Book Summary: This book 'hunts and gathers' across different historical epochs and situations, juxtaposing biblical materials and hip-hop, Christian colonialism and vodou, personal experience and racial politics, poetics and high theory, in order to challenge the current crisis of sustainability from the perspective indigenous communities and deep ancestry.

The Haunting of Alma Fielding

Author : Kate Summerscale

ISBN10 : 0525557938

Publisher : Penguin

Number of Pages : 368

Category : True Crime

Viewed : 1439


Book Summary: Shortlisted for the 2020 Baillie Gifford Prize “Prepare not to see much broad daylight, literal or metaphorical, for days if you read this.... The atmosphere evoked is something I will never forget.”—The Times (London) London, 1938. In the suburbs of the city, a young housewife has become the eye in a storm of chaos. In Alma Fielding’s modest home, china flies off the shelves and eggs fly through the air; stolen jewelry appears on her fingers, white mice crawl out of her handbag, beetles appear from under her gloves; in the middle of a car journey, a turtle materializes on her lap. The culprit is incorporeal. As Alma cannot call the police, she calls the papers instead. After the sensational story headlines the news, Nandor Fodor, a Hungarian ghost hunter for the International Institute for Psychical Research, arrives to investigate the poltergeist. But when he embarks on his scrupulous investigation, he discovers that the case is even stranger than it seems. By unravelling Alma’s peculiar history, Fodor finds a different and darker type of haunting, a tale of trauma, alienation, loss and revenge. He comes to believe that Alma’s past has bled into her present, her mind into her body. There are no words for processing her experience, so it comes to possess her. As the threat of a world war looms, and as Fodor’s obsession with the case deepens, Alma becomes ever more disturbed. With characteristic rigor and insight, Kate Summerscale brilliantly captures the rich atmosphere of a haunting that transforms into a very modern battle between the supernatural and the subconscious.

Corpse Candle (Hugh Corbett Mysteries, Book 13)

Author : Paul Doherty

ISBN10 : 0755350405

Publisher : Headline

Number of Pages : 233

Category : Fiction

Viewed : 1845


Book Summary: A phantom horseman. A murdered abbot. A locked door. Paul Doherty weaves an intricately plotted mystery in Corpse Candle, in which Sir Hugh's powers of deduction are tested by one of his most puzzling cases. Perfect for fans of Susanna Gregory and Michael Jecks. 'Paul Doherty has captured the atmosphere of an enclosed community where there is nowhere to hide from an assassin who appears not to have a motive. Well written... A thumping good read' - South Wales Argus The Brothers of the abbey of St Martin's-in-the-Marsh usually pay little heed to the tales of robber baron Sir Geoffrey Mandeville's ghost galloping through the Lincolnshire fens with a retinue of ghastly horsemen. They may hear the shrill blast of a phantom hunting horn, or see the corpse candles glowing in the dark, but none really accepts the peasants' belief that these flickering lights can forewarn men of their own deaths. The monks are protected by the monastery's high wall and their powerful abbot - a friend of King Edward I - and, although their leaders sometimes argue over the abbey's future, their lives are peaceful and comfortable. But then Abbot Stephen is found murdered in his chamber, with the door and windows locked from the inside, and Sir Hugh Corbett, Keeper of the King's Seal, arrives to investigate. What readers are saying about Corpse Candle: 'This book [has] elegance, history and mystery that will make you scared but wanting to turn the page' 'Intrigue is maintained throughout with interesting twists' 'Another excellent book that just could not be put down!'

The Animals at Lockwood Manor

Author : Jane Healey

ISBN10 : 0358105250

Publisher : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Number of Pages : 352

Category : Fiction

Viewed : 1629


Book Summary: A debut novel for fans of Sarah Perry and Kate Morton: when a young woman is tasked with safeguarding a natural history collection as it is spirited out of London during World War II, she discovers her new manor home is a place of secrets and terror instead of protection. In August 1939, thirty-year-old Hetty Cartwright arrives at Lockwood Manor to oversee a natural history museum collection whose contents have been taken out of London for safekeeping. She is unprepared for the scale of protecting her charges from party guests, wild animals, the elements, the tyrannical Major Lockwood, and Luftwaffe bombs. Most of all, she is unprepared for the beautiful and haunted Lucy Lockwood. For Lucy, who has spent much of her life cloistered at Lockwood, suffering from bad nerves, the arrival of the museum brings with it new freedoms. But it also resurfaces memories of her late mother and nightmares in which Lucy roams Lockwood, hunting for something she has lost. When the animals appear to move of their own accord and exhibits go missing, Hetty and Lucy begin to wonder what exactly it is that they might need protection from. And as the disasters mount, it is not only Hetty’s future employment that is in danger but her own sanity. There’s something, or someone, in the house. Someone stalking her through its darkened corridors . . .

The Red Trailer Mystery

Author : Julie Campbell

ISBN10 : 0307808769

Publisher : Random House Books for Young Readers

Number of Pages : 272

Category : Juvenile Fiction

Viewed : 1429


Book Summary: Trixie and Honey’s friend Jim has run away from Sleepyside–before anyone could tell him that he is the only heir to the huge Frayne fortune. The girls set out across upstate New York in a trailer to track him down . . . and stumble onto another mystery along the way!