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The Mystery of Woman

Author : ,

ISBN10 : 1780993609

Publisher : John Hunt Publishing

Number of Pages : 249

Category : Family & Relationships

Viewed : 1921


Book Summary: The Mystery of Woman is a dynamic, groundbreaking and deeply thought-provoking book that compiles the perspectives of more than 30 different authors, men and women. It tackles everything under the sun when it comes to understanding women and navigating the tricky waters of relationships: from love to romance, dating, masculine and feminine energies, sexuality, spirituality, tantra, communication, emotions, the suppression of women, the power of the masculine and much more. The Mystery of Woman features writings from Gabriel Morris, author of Kundalini and the Art of Being; Alice Grist, author of The High-Heeled Guide to Enlightenment; prominent yoga figure Dashama Konah; an interview with Maya Yonika, main character in the movie Sex Magic: Manifesting Maya; and many other leading figures in the realms of relationships, spirituality and sexuality.

The Mystery Woman

Author : Amanda Quick

ISBN10 : 1101621176

Publisher : Penguin

Number of Pages : 400

Category : Fiction

Viewed : 741


Book Summary: The second Ladies of Lantern Street novel from Amanda Quick explores the crimes, passions and paranormal secrets of Victorian London. Under the plain gray skirts of Miss Beatrice Lockwood’s gown, a pistol waits at the ready. For Beatrice is a paid companion on a secret mission—and with a secret past—and she must be prepared to fight for her life at any moment. Yet she is thrown oddly off guard by the fierce-looking man who joins her in foiling a crime outside a fancy ball—and then disappears into the shadows, leaving only his card. His name is Joshua Gage, and he claims to know Beatrice’s employers. Beyond that, he is an enigma with a hypnotically calm voice and an ebony-and-steel cane. . . . Joshua, who carries out clandestine investigations for the Crown, is equally intrigued. He has a personal interest in Miss Lockwood, a suspected thief and murderer, not to mention a fraudster who claims to have psychical powers. The quest to discover her whereabouts has pulled him away from his mournful impulses to hurl himself into the sea—and engaged his curiosity about the real Beatrice Lockwood, whose spirit, he suspects, is not as delicate as her face and figure. He does know one thing, though: This flame-haired beauty was present the night Roland Fleming died at the Academy of the Occult. Guilty or not, she is his guide to a trail of blood and blackmail, mesmerism and madness—a path that will lead both of them into the clutches of a killer who calls himself the Bone Man. . . .

The Mystery Woman

Author : Brenda Bane

ISBN10 : 2765900949

Publisher :

Number of Pages : 36

Category : Fiction

Viewed : 633


Book Summary: Steve Van dam is a partner at an advertising firm and he spends most of his time dancing at the midnight club. During his time at the club he fell in love with Kelly Monroe who was the town’s prostitute. He had no idea she was a prostitute and she was ready to give herself to him the first time they met but it turned out to be a sham. He met her on several occasions with other rich men and it changed his mind about her but finally, she walked up to him and accepted to be his girlfriend. He had no idea why he wanted this woman so badly but things ended up just like he had wanted.

The Thin Woman

Author : Dorothy Cannell

ISBN10 : 0307816729

Publisher : Crimeline

Number of Pages : 304

Category : Fiction

Viewed : 797


Book Summary: In the delectable debut that earned her instant acclaim, award-winning author Dorothy Cannell serves up a murder mystery to be savored. . . Ellie Simons longs to be thin—and married. But with her single-minded passion for éclairs and clotted cream, her prospects on both counts seem dim. That's why the summons to attend a family reunion at the old ancestral home is about as welcome as a snakebite. How can she show up with her embarrassingly full figure in her humble unmarried state and keep her chins up? Enter Bentley T. Haskell of Eligibility Escorts, a devastatingly attractive writer of smutty novels who also cooks like a dream. With Bentley posing as her besotted beau, Ellie feels brave enough to beard her batty relations in their den. . . . But mouldering Merlin's Court is nothing like Ellie remembers, and with her wretchedly beautiful cousin Vanessa making eyes at Ben, and her malevolent old uncle Merlin popping up in the most unexpected places, it's enough to put Ellie off her food. And the best—and worst—is yet to come, as the weekend leads to sudden death, unexpected romance, and a treasure hunt that promises epicurean Ellie wealth, hearth, and happiness . . . if she survives. Praise for The Thin Woman “[Dorothy] Cannell makes a delicious debut; discriminatory whodunit fans will want more of her inventions.”—Publishers Weekly “A likable debut—combining fairy-tale romance, treasure hunts, and a homicidal mania.”—Kirkus Reviews

A Useful Woman

Author : Darcie Wilde

ISBN10 : 0698404289

Publisher : Penguin

Number of Pages : 368

Category : Fiction

Viewed : 574


Book Summary: Inspired by the novels of Jane Austen, this new mystery series set in 19th-century London introduces the charming and resourceful Rosalind Thorne, a woman privy to the secrets of high society—including who among the ton is capable of murder... The daughter of a baronet and minor heiress, Rosalind Thorne was nearly ruined after her father abandoned the family. To survive in the only world she knew, she began to manage the affairs of some of London society’s most influential women, who have come to rely on her wit and discretion. So, when artistocratic wastrel Jasper Aimesworth is found dead in London’s most exclusive ballroom, Almack’s, Rosalind must use her skills and connections to uncover the killer from a list of suspects that includes Almack’s powerful patronesses and her former suitor Devon Winterbourne, now Lord Casselmaine. Torn between her old love and a growing attraction to a compelling Bow Street runner, Rosalind must not only unravel the mysteries surrounding Jasper’s death, but the mysteries of her own heart as well...

Death on Demand

Author : Carolyn Hart

ISBN10 : 0307574547

Publisher : Crimeline

Number of Pages : 224

Category : Fiction

Viewed : 1230


Book Summary: WHO COULD PLOT A MURDER BETTER THAN A MYSTERY WRITER? At Annie Laurance’s Death On Demand bookstore on Broward’s Rock Island, South Carolina, murder most foul suddenly isn’t confined to the well-stocked shelves. Author Elliot Morgan’s abrupt demise during a weekly gathering of famous mystery writers called the Sunday Night Regulars is proof positive that a bloody sword is sometimes mightier than a brilliant pen. With Annie is the unenviable position of primary police suspect, the pretty young mystery maven and her wealthy paramour, Max Darling, embark on an investigation into a classic locked-room mystery with high stakes. For failing to unmask a brutal and ingenious killer could mean prison for Ms. Laurance. While success could mean her death. “Irresistible! [Carolyn] Hart drops big names from the mystery world like murderers drop clues and Annie and Max are the most endearing new pair of sleuths since Tommy and Tuppence!” – Nancy Pickard

Lady Takes the Case

Author : Eliza Casey

ISBN10 : 1984803891

Publisher : Penguin

Number of Pages : 304

Category : Fiction

Viewed : 1960


Book Summary: When a dinner party turns deadly, the feisty Lady Cecilia Bates and intuitive cat Jack are on the case, in this first entry to an exciting new historical-mystery series. England 1912. Danby Hall is the only home Lady Cecilia Bates has ever known. Despite the rigid rules of etiquette and her mother the Countess of Avebury's fervent desire to see her married off, Lady Cecilia can't imagine life anywhere else. But now, with an agricultural depression sweeping the countryside, the Bates family's possession of the hall is suddenly in peril. A possible solution arrives in the form of the imperious American heiress Annabel Clarke. The Earl and Countess of Avebury are determined that Cecilia's brother, Patrick, will win Annabel's hand in marriage—and her fortune along with it. To help the lackluster Patrick in this pursuit, the Bates and their staff arrange a grand house party upon the heiress's arrival. When a guest dies after sipping from a glass meant for Annabel, it's clear the Bates have a more poisonous problem on their hands than a lack of chemistry. As the scandal seizes Danby, Cecilia sets out to find the culprit, with help from Annabel's maid, Jane, and Jane's curiously intelligent cat, Jack. After the poison that someone had stashed away inside the manor is discovered, Cecilia is left with two possibilities: Either a resident of Danby snapped and tried to kill the arrogant heiress, or the threat is coming from one of their guests, who would love to see the Bates family's decline become permanent.

Nobody's Sweetheart Now

Author : Maggie Robinson

ISBN10 : 146421073X

Publisher : Sourcebooks, Inc.

Number of Pages : 241

Category : Fiction

Viewed : 1824


Book Summary: A delightful English cozy series begins in August 1924. Lady Adelaide Compton has recently (and satisfactorily) interred her husband, Major Rupert Charles Cressleigh Compton, hero of the Somme, in the family vault in the village churchyard. Rupert died by smashing his Hispano-Suiza on a Cotswold country road while carrying a French mademoiselle in the passenger seat. With the house now Addie's, needed improvements in hand, and a weekend house party underway, how inconvenient of Rupert to turn up! Not in the flesh, but in—actually, as a—spirit. Rupert has to perform a few good deeds before becoming welcomed to heaven—or, more likely, thinks Addie, to hell. Before Addie can convince herself she's not completely lost her mind, a murder disrupts her careful seating arrangement. Which of her twelve houseguests is a killer? Her mother, the formidable Dowager Marchioness of Broughton? Her sister Cecilia, the born-again vegetarian? Her childhood friend and potential lover, Lord Lucas Waring? Rupert has a solid alibi as a ghost and an urge to detect. Enter Inspector Devenand Hunter from the Yard, an Anglo-Indian who is not going to let some barmy society beauty witnessed talking to herself derail his investigation. Something very peculiar is afoot at Compton Court and he's going to get to the bottom of it—or go as mad as its mistress trying.

A Curious Beginning

Author : Deanna Raybourn

ISBN10 : 0698198204

Publisher : Penguin

Number of Pages : 352

Category : Fiction

Viewed : 566


Book Summary: The New York Times bestselling author of the Lady Julia Grey mysteries returns once more to Victorian England and introduces intrepid adventuress Veronica Speedwell.... London, 1887. After burying her spinster aunt, orphaned Veronica Speedwell is free to resume her world travels in pursuit of scientific inquiry—and the occasional romantic dalliance. As familiar with hunting butterflies as with fending off admirers, Veronica intends to embark upon the journey of a lifetime. But fate has other plans when Veronica thwarts her own attempted abduction with the help of an enigmatic German baron, who offers her sanctuary in the care of his friend Stoker, a reclusive and bad-tempered natural historian. But before the baron can reveal what he knows of the plot against her, he is found murdered—leaving Veronica and Stoker on the run from an elusive assailant as wary partners in search of the villainous truth.

Poppy Redfern and the Midnight Murders

Author : Tessa Arlen

ISBN10 : 1984805819

Publisher : Penguin

Number of Pages : 320

Category : Fiction

Viewed : 496


Book Summary: Charming and feisty Poppy Redfern stumbles into murder in this exciting new World War II historical mystery series from critically acclaimed author Tessa Arlen. Summer 1942. The world has been at war for three long and desperate years. In the remote English village of Little Buffenden, Poppy Redfern’s family house and farmland has been requisitioned by the War Office as a new airfield for the American Air Force. As the village's Air Raid Warden, Poppy spends her nights patrolling the village as she tries to ease her neighbors’ fears about the “Friendly Invasion” and what it means to their quiet way of life. When two young, popular women who were dating American servicemen are found strangled, Poppy quickly realizes that her little town has been divided by murder. The mistrust and suspicion of their new American partners in war threatens to tear Little Buffenden apart. Poppy decides to start her own investigation with the help of a charismatic American pilot and she soon unearths some chilling secrets and long-held grudges. Poppy will have no choice but to lay a trap for a killer so perilously close to home, she might very well become the next victim....

Lady of Ashes

Author : Christine Trent

ISBN10 : 0758286155

Publisher : Kensington Books

Number of Pages : 436

Category : Fiction

Viewed : 1160


Book Summary: Only a woman with an iron backbone could succeed as an undertaker in Victorian London, but Violet Morgan takes great pride in her trade. While her husband, Graham, is preoccupied with elevating their station in society, Violet is cultivating a sterling reputation for Morgan Undertaking. She is empathetic, well-versed in funeral fashions, and comfortable with death's role in life--until its chilling rattle comes knocking on her own front door. Violet's peculiar but happy life soon begins to unravel as Graham becomes obsessed with his own demons and all but abandons her as he plans a vengeful scheme. And the solace she's always found in her work evaporates like a departing soul when she suspects that some of the deceased she's dressed have been murdered. When Graham's plotting leads to his disappearance, Violet takes full control of the business and is commissioned for an undertaking of royal proportions. But she's certain there's a killer lurking in the London fog, and the next funeral may be her own. Equal parts courage, compassion, and intrigue, Christine Trent tells an unrestrained tale of love and loss in the rigidly decorous world of Victorian society. Praise for the novels of Christine Trent "Genuinely engrossing. . .with a rare Regency heroine who loves her work and does it well." Publishers Weekly on By the King's Design "Exuberant, sparkling, beguiling. . .brims with Dickensian gusto!" --Barbara Kyle, author of The Queen's Lady on The Queen's Dollmaker "Winningly original. . .glittering with atmospheric detail!" --Leslie Carroll, author of Royal Affairs on The Queen's Dollmaker

WomanPrayer WomanSong

Author : Miriam Therese Winter

ISBN10 : 1556358555

Publisher : Wipf and Stock Publishers

Number of Pages : 254

Category : Religion

Viewed : 548


Book Summary: ""WomanPrayer, WomanSong is a groundbreaking contribution to the church of our day. While drawing on scripture and affirming God's self-revelation in Jesus Christ, this exciting book addresses the urgent need for ritual which incorporates women's experience. Feminine biblical images of God are recovered; feminine pronouns for God are supplied; valiant women are remembered; the church year is reinterpreted to highlight women's experience; and oppression and violence against women in scripture and society are exposed. I have been searching for alternatives to hierarchical, coercive, male images of God which are at the same time faithful to the Christian revelation. I have found a rich resource here "" --Ruth Duck, Pastor, Professor of Worship, Garrett -Evangelical Theological Seminary ""With Miriam Therese Winter's WomanPrayer, WomanSong, the feminist movement in the Christian community goes beyond the critique of patriarchal bias in religion and begins a new phase. Through a new religious encounter with the Mother-spirit of God, a new religious culture begins to develop that also renews the liberating grace and power of biblical faith. For the first time the church prays and sings the ancient story of creation and redemption through women's creative imagination."" --Rosemary Ruether, author of Women-Church ""By drawing on tradition to challenge tradition, this book models how a feminist hermeneutic can revitalize tradition. The preface, liturgies, and songs reveal a sophisticated theological mind blessed with the gift of poetic expression."" --Thomas Troeger, Professor of Preaching and Parish Ministry and Vice President and Dean of Academic Affairs, Iliff School of Theology Miriam Therese Winter, a Medical Mission Sister, is professor of liturgy, worship, spirituality, and feminist studies and director of the Women's Leadership Institute at Hartford Seminary in Connecticut. She is author of award-winning books and songs, which include WomanWisdom, WomanWitness, and WomanWord, a trilogy of books on all the women of the Bible, and the recording Joy Is Like the Rain.

Mistress of the Art of Death

Author : Ariana Franklin

ISBN10 : 0143181297

Publisher : Penguin Canada

Number of Pages : 496

Category : Fiction

Viewed : 1972


Book Summary: In medieval Cambridge, four children have been murdered. The Catholic townsfolk blame their Jewish neighbors, so to save them from the rioting mob, the Cambridge Jews are placed under the protection of the king. King Henry II is no friend of the Jews—or anyone, really—but he believes in law and order, and he desperately needs the taxes he receives from Jewish merchants. Hoping scientific investigation will catch the true killer, Henry calls on his cousin, the King of Sicily—whose subjects include the best medical experts in Europe—and asks for his finest "master of the art of death," the earliest form of medical examiner. The Italian doctor chosen for the task is a young prodigy from the University of Salerno, an expert in the science of anatomy and the art of detection. But her name is Adelia; the king has been sent a "mistress of the art of death." In a backward and superstitious country like England, Adelia faces danger at every turn. As she examines the victims and retraces their last steps, Adelia must conceal her true identity in order to avoid accusations of witchcraft. Along the way, she’s assisted by one of the king’s tax collectors, Sir Rowley Picot, a man with a personal stake in the investigation. A former Crusader knight, Rowley may be a needed friend ... or the fiend for whom they are searching. As Adelia’s investigation takes her along Cambridge’s shadowy river paths, and behind the closed doors of its churches and nunneries, the hunt intensifies and the killer prepares to strike again...

The Mysteries of Udolpho

Author : Ann Radcliffe

ISBN10 : 3736806949

Publisher : BookRix

Number of Pages : 1162

Category : Fiction

Viewed : 329


Book Summary: The Mysteries of Udolpho is a quintessential Gothic romance, replete with incidents of physical and psychological terror; remote, crumbling castles; seemingly supernatural events; a brooding, scheming villain; and a persecuted heroine. Radcliffe also added extensive descriptions of exotic landscapes in the Pyrenees and Apennines. Set in 1584 in southern France and northern Italy, the novel focuses on the plight of Emily St. Aubert, a young French woman who is orphaned after the death of her father. Emily suffers imprisonment in the castle Udolpho at the hands of Signor Montoni, an Italian brigand who has married her aunt and guardian Madame Cheron. Emily's romance with the dashing Valancourt is frustrated by Montoni and others. Emily also investigates the mysterious relationship between her father and the Marchioness de Villeroi, and its connection to the castle at Udolpho.

The Woman in the Camphor Trunk

Author : Jennifer Kincheloe

ISBN10 : 1633883647

Publisher : Simon and Schuster

Number of Pages : 304

Category : Fiction

Viewed : 580


Book Summary: In early-1900s Los Angeles-- an era of courting, ragtime, suffragettes, and widespread corruption-- a socialite turned police matron tracks down the murderer of a white woman in Chinatown, while trying to prevent the outbreak of a bloody tong war. Los Angeles, 1908. In Chinatown, the most dangerous beat in Los Angeles, police matron Anna Blanc and her former sweetheart, Detective Joe Singer, discover the body of a white missionary woman, stuffed in a trunk in the apartment of her Chinese lover. If news about the murder gets out, there will be a violent backlash against the Chinese. Joe and Anna work to solve the crime quietly and keep the death a secret, reluctantly helped by the good-looking Mr. Jones, a prominent local leader. Meanwhile, the kidnapping of two slave girls fuels existing tensions, leaving Chinatown poised on the verge of a bloody tong war. Joe orders Anna to stay away, but Anna is determined to solve the crime before news of the murder is leaked and Chinatown explodes.

The Woman in the Veil

Author : Laura Joh Rowland

ISBN10 : 1643852426

Publisher : Crooked Lane Books

Number of Pages : N.A

Category : Fiction

Viewed : 1444


Book Summary: Award-winning author Laura Joh Rowland is back with the fourth in her critically acclaimed Victorian mysteries where the case of a mutilated "Sleeping Beauty" washes ashore in London. London, June 1890. Sarah Bain and her friends Lord Hugh Staunton and Mick O'Reilly are crime scene photographers for the Daily World newspaper. After solving a sensational murder, they're under pressure to deliver another big story. On a foggy summer night, they're called to the bank of the river Thames. The murder victim is an unidentified woman whose face has been slashed. But as Sarah takes photographs, she discovers that the woman is still alive. The case of "Sleeping Beauty" becomes a public sensation, and three parties quickly come forward to identify her: a rich, sinister artist who claims she's his wife; a mother and her two daughters who co-own a nursing home and claim she's their stepdaughter/sister; and a precocious little girl who claims Sleeping Beauty is her mother. Which party is Sleeping Beauty's rightful kin? Is someone among them her would-be killer? Then Sleeping Beauty awakens--with a severe case of amnesia. She's forgotten her name and everything else about herself. But she recognizes one of the people who've claimed her. Sarah is delighted to reunite a family and send Sleeping Beauty home--until one of the claimants is murdered. Suddenly, Sarah, her motley crew of friends, and her fiancé Detective Sergeant Barrett are on the wrong side of the law. Now they must identify the killer before they find themselves headed for the gallows.

Lady Molly Of Scotland Yard

Author : Baroness Orczy

ISBN10 : 0755147693

Publisher : House of Stratus

Number of Pages : 264

Category : Fiction

Viewed : 793


Book Summary: Lady Molly’s fiancée is framed for murder and sent to prison. This is the trigger that turns her into one of the best detectives at Scotland Yard. Whilst solving cases, utilising brain rather than brawn, she constantly keeps an eye out for clues that will enable her to undo the injustice.

The Mysterious Woman on the Train

Author : Kay Williamson

ISBN10 : 1440162069

Publisher : iUniverse

Number of Pages : 226

Category : Fiction

Viewed : 909


Book Summary: David Martin is a young college professor when, on a train trip to Chicago, he realizes he is the only one able to see Rosalind La Page, a resident apparition who makes a ghostly appearance every year on the anniversary of her 1940s murder. After he arrives in Chicago, David reveals his experience to his mother, Kathleen, who tells him he is a Sensitive with a special gift. As David continues to feel Rosalind’s presence, he immerses himself in learning as much as he can about her, apparitions, and other paranormal phenomena. Through dreams and ghostly trickery, it takes Rosalind a year to prod David into investigating the unsolved murder that is keeping her earthbound. When he finally relents, David turns to his mother for help. As the amateur sleuths take on the cold case, Rosalind leads them from the mobster-land Chicago of her past to the culturally rich Austin, Texas, rampant with promises of the future. But as time ticks away, David and Kathleen soon realize that the case may be more difficult to solve than they ever imagined. The Mysterious Woman on the Train shares the intriguing story of a college professor’s quest to solve a cold case murder, with help from a ghostly victim and a cast of colorful characters.

Phenomenal Woman

Author : Maya Angelou

ISBN10 : 0307807622

Publisher : Random House

Number of Pages : 32

Category : Poetry

Viewed : 1406


Book Summary: A collection of beloved poems about women from the iconic Maya Angelou These four poems, “Phenomenal Woman,” “Still I Rise,” “Weekend Glory,” and “Our Grandmothers,” are among the most remembered and acclaimed of Maya Angelou's poems. They celebrate women with a majesty that has inspired and touched the hearts of millions. “Phenomenal Woman” is a phenomenal poem that speaks to us of where we are as women at the dawn of a new century. In a clear voice, Maya Angelou vividly reminds us of our towering strength and beauty.