The Penelopiad - [PDF] Full eBook Download

The Penelopiad

Author : Margaret Atwood

ISBN10 : 0571319009

Publisher : Faber & Faber

Number of Pages : 112

Category : Performing Arts

Viewed : 1232


Book Summary: As portrayed in Homer's Odyssey, Penelope - wife of Odysseus and cousin of the beautiful Helen of Troy - has become a symbol of wifely duty and devotion, enduring twenty years of waiting when her husband goes to fight in the Trojan War. As she fends off the attentions of a hundred greedy suitors, travelling minstrels regale her with news of Odysseus' epic adventures around the Mediterranean - slaying monsters and grappling with amorous goddesses. When Odysseus finally comes home, he kills her suitors and then, in an act that served as little more than a footnote in Homer's original story, inexplicably hangs Penelope's twelve maids. Now, Penelope and her chorus of wronged maids tell their side of the story in a new stage version by Margaret Atwood, adapted from her own wry, witty and wise novel. The Penelopiad premiered with the Royal Shakespeare Company in association with Canada's National Arts Centre at the Swan Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon, in July 2007.

Courage Calls to Courage Everywhere

Author : Jeanette Winterson

ISBN10 : 1786896222

Publisher : Canongate Books

Number of Pages : 128

Category : Social Science

Viewed : 382


Book Summary: Courage Calls to Courage Everywhere is a timely and inspiring call to arms by one of Britain’s most acclaimed and important writers. Whilst recognising how far women have come in the hundred years since getting the vote, Jeanette Winterson also insists that we must all do much more if we are to achieve true gender equality. Examining recent women’s rights movements, the worlds of politics, technology and social media and changes in the law, Winterson calls out all the ways in which women still face discrimination and disadvantage. Like the women who won the right to vote, we need to shout up, reach out, be courageous and finish the job. Also included in this volume is Emmeline Pankhurst’s landmark Suffragette speech, ‘Freedom or Death’, which she delivered in 1913.


Author : Emma Stafford

ISBN10 : 1136519270

Publisher : Routledge

Number of Pages : 312

Category : History

Viewed : 1523


Book Summary: There is more material available on Herakles than any other Greek god or hero. His story has many more episodes than those of other heroes, concerning his life and death as well as his battles with myriad monsters and other opponents. In literature, he appears in our earliest Greek epic and lyric poetry, is reinvented for the tragic and comic stage, and later finds his way into such unlikely areas as philosophical writing and love poetry. In art, his exploits are amongst the earliest identifiable mythological scenes, and his easily-recognisable figure with lionskin and club was a familiar sight throughout antiquity in sculpture, vase-painting and other media. He was held up as an ancestor and role-model for both Greek and Roman rulers, and widely worshipped as a god, his unusual status as a hero-god being reinforced by the story of his apotheosis. Often referred to by his Roman name Hercules, he has continued to fascinate writers and artists right up to the present day. In Herakles, Emma Stafford has successfully tackled the ‘Herculean task’ of surveying both the ancient sources and the extensive modern scholarship in order to present a hugely accessible account of this important mythical figure. Covering both Greek and Roman material, the book highlights areas of consensus and dissent, indicating avenues for further study on both details and broader issues. Easy to read, Herakles is perfectly suited to students of classics and related disciplines, and of interest to anyone looking for an insight into ancient Greece’s most popular hero.

Classical Mythology: A Very Short Introduction

Author : Helen Morales

ISBN10 : 0191579335

Publisher : OUP Oxford

Number of Pages : 168

Category : Social Science

Viewed : 1368


Book Summary: From Zeus and Europa, to Diana, Pan, and Prometheus, the myths of ancient Greece and Rome seem to exert a timeless power over us. But what do those myths represent, and why are they so enduringly fascinating? Why do they seem to be such a potent way of talking about our selves, our origins, and our desires? This imaginative and stimulating Very Short Introduction goes beyond a simple retelling of the stories to explore the rich history and diverse interpretations of classical myths. It is a wide-ranging account, examining how classical myths are used and understood in both high art and popular culture, taking the reader from the temples of Crete to skyscrapers in New York, and finding classical myths in a variety of unexpected places: from arabic poetry and Hollywood films, to psychoanalysis, the bible, and New Age spiritualism. ABOUT THE SERIES: The Very Short Introductions series from Oxford University Press contains hundreds of titles in almost every subject area. These pocket-sized books are the perfect way to get ahead in a new subject quickly. Our expert authors combine facts, analysis, perspective, new ideas, and enthusiasm to make interesting and challenging topics highly readable.

The Blind Assassin

Author : Margaret Atwood

ISBN10 : 1551994941

Publisher : Emblem Editions

Number of Pages : 656

Category : Fiction

Viewed : 1698


Book Summary: “Ten days after the war ended, my sister Laura drove a car off a bridge.” These words are spoken by Iris Chase Griffen, married at eighteen to a wealthy industrialist but now poor and eighty-two. Iris recalls her far from exemplary life, and the events leading up to her sister’s death, gradually revealing the carefully guarded Chase family secrets. Among these is “The Blind Assassin,” a novel that earned the dead Laura Chase not only notoriety but also a devoted cult following. Sexually explicit for its time, it was a pulp fantasy improvised by two unnamed lovers who meet secretly in rented rooms and seedy cafés. As this novel-within-a-novel twists and turns through love and jealousy, self-sacrifice and betrayal, so does the real narrative, as both move closer to war and catastrophe. Margaret Atwood’s Booker Prize-winning sensation combines elements of gothic drama, romantic suspense, and science fiction fantasy in a spellbinding tale.

Life Before Man

Author : Margaret Atwood

ISBN10 : 1551994925

Publisher : Emblem Editions

Number of Pages : 368

Category : Fiction

Viewed : 1180


Book Summary: Life Before Man vividly portrays three people in thrall to the tragicomedy some call love. Imprisoned by walls of their own construction, they are forced to make drastic choices – after the rules have changed and the boundaries have become faded. There is Elizabeth, with her controlled sensuality, who seeks solutions in the wrong men; Nate, wry and gentle husband of Elizabeth, racked by an inability to decide; and Lesje, quiet and inexperienced, who prefers dinosaurs to most men. Hanging over all of them is the ghost of Elizabeth’s dead lover…and the threat of three lives careering inevitably toward potential catastrophe.

Notes on Being Teenage

Author : Rosalind Jana

ISBN10 : 0750289511

Publisher : Wayland

Number of Pages : 272

Category : Juvenile Nonfiction

Viewed : 430


Book Summary: How would you describe yourself? Do you like to stand out, or fit in? Are you an Instagram junkie, or is Snapchat more your thing? Are you watching Zoella on YouTube, or reading Rookie on your phone? We're all different, and no-one's teenage years are the same. But we do all have one thing in common - being a teenager is about discovering who we are, and who we want to be. It can be tricky, building and forming your own identity and sense of self, and sometimes, advice from someone who has been there and done it in the not-too-distant past can come in useful. Enter Rosalind Jana, who's crammed more into her 20-odd years than most (including winning the Vogue Talent Contest for Young Writers AND 'Well Dressed' at the Observer Ethical Awards, but don't tell her we told you that...). Notes on Being Teenage covers all aspects of teenhood, from the serious (mental health issues, bullying, staying safe online), to the slightly-less-so (dating, style, fashion, starting a blog) and everything in between. Rooted in her own experiences as a blogger, part-time model and eco-fashion-expert, but also as a teen who struggled with scoliosis, bullying and her dad's depression, Rosalind is well-placed to offer advice and guidance to anyone navigating their teenage years. She's also spoken to loads of teens about their experiences, too, and their stories, problems, advice and wisdom are gathered here as well, along with interviews with inspirational and interesting people like Louise O'Neill, Juno Dawson and Rosianne Halse-Rojas. All this combines to form a warm, witty, wise book not just on how to survive but how to thrive as a teen. Essential reading for smart girls of any age.

House of Names

Author : Colm Toibin

ISBN10 : 0771098200

Publisher : McClelland & Stewart

Number of Pages : 320

Category : Fiction

Viewed : 1940


Book Summary: A powerful retelling of a classic Greek tragedy, a breathtaking story of a family at war with itself reimagined by one of the world's greatest living storytellers. "They cut her hair before they dragged her to the place of sacrifice. Her mouth was gagged to stop her cursing her father, her cowardly, two-tongued father. Nonetheless, they heard her muffled screams." On the day of his daughter's wedding, Agamemnon orders her sacrifice. His daughter is led to her death, and Agamemnon leads his army into battle, where he is rewarded with glorious victory. Three years later, he returns home and finds his murderous action has set the entire family -- mother, brother, sister -- on a path of intimate violence, as they enter a world of hushed commands and soundless journeys through the palace's dungeons and bedchambers. As his wife, Clytemnestra, seeks his death, his daughter, Electra, is the silent observer to the family's game of innocence while his son, Orestes, is sent into bewildering, frightening exile where survival is far from certain. Out of their desolating loss, Electra and Orestes must find a way to right these wrongs of the past, even if it means committing themselves to a terrible, barbarous act. House of Names is a story of intense longing and shocking betrayal. It is a work of great beauty, and daring, from one of the world's finest living writers.

A Short History of Myth (Myths series)

Author : Karen Armstrong

ISBN10 : 0307367290

Publisher : Vintage Canada

Number of Pages : 168

Category : Literary Criticism

Viewed : 647


Book Summary: What are myths? How have they evolved? And why do we still so desperately need them? A history of myth is a history of humanity, Karen Armstrong argues in this insightful and eloquent book: our stories and beliefs, our attempts to understand the world, link us to our ancestors and each other. This is a brilliant and thought-provoking introduction to myth in the broadest sense – from Palaeolithic times to the “Great Western Transformation” of the last 500 years – and why we dismiss it only at our peril.

Gods Behaving Badly

Author : Marie Phillips

ISBN10 : 0307371271

Publisher : Vintage Canada

Number of Pages : 288

Category : Fiction

Viewed : 1883


Book Summary: From Marie Phillips, hailed by the Guardian Unlimited website as a “hot author” destined to “break through” in 2007, comes a highly entertaining novel set in North London, where the Greek gods have been living in obscurity since the seventeenth century. Being immortal isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Life’s hard for a Greek god in the twenty-first century: nobody believes in you any more, even your own family doesn’t respect you, and you’re stuck in a dilapidated hovel in North London with too many siblings and not enough hot water. But for Artemis (goddess of hunting, professional dog walker), Aphrodite (goddess of beauty, telephone sex operator) and Apollo (god of the sun, TV psychic) there’s no way out… until a meek cleaner and her would-be boyfriend come into their lives and turn the world upside down. Gods Behaving Badly is that rare thing, a charming, funny, utterly original novel that satisfies the head and the heart.

The Lost Books of the Odyssey

Author : Zachary Mason

ISBN10 : 9781429952491

Publisher : Farrar, Straus and Giroux

Number of Pages : 240

Category : Fiction

Viewed : 1632


Book Summary: A BRILLIANT AND BEGUILING REIMAGINING OF ONE OF OUR GREATEST MYTHS BY A GIFTED YOUNG WRITER Zachary Mason's brilliant and beguiling debut novel, The Lost Books of the Odyssey, reimagines Homer's classic story of the hero Odysseus and his long journey home after the fall of Troy. With brilliant prose, terrific imagination, and dazzling literary skill, Mason creates alternative episodes, fragments, and revisions of Homer's original that taken together open up this classic Greek myth to endless reverberating interpretations. The Lost Books of the Odyssey is punctuated with great wit, beauty, and playfulness; it is a daring literary page-turner that marks the emergence of an extraordinary new talent.

Good Bones

Author : Margaret Atwood

ISBN10 : 1551995506

Publisher : New Canadian Library

Number of Pages : 120

Category : Fiction

Viewed : 595


Book Summary: In Good Bones, first published in 1992, Margaret Atwood has fashioned an enthralling collection of parable, monologue, mini-romance and mini-biography, speculative fiction, prose lyric, outrageous recipe and reconfigured fairy tale, demonstrating yet again the play of an unerring wit overseen by a panoramic intelligence. Good Bones is a cornucopia of good things — precise, witty, wise, and sometimes offbeat Atwood writing, with the funny and the sidelong view of the world which her readers recognize at once.


Author : Margaret Atwood

ISBN10 : 0887848729

Publisher : House of Anansi

Number of Pages : 240

Category : Business & Economics

Viewed : 1799


Book Summary: Legendary poet, novelist, and essayist Margaret Atwood gives us a surprising look at the topic of debt -- a timely subject during our current period of economic upheaval, caused by the collapse of a system of interlocking debts. Atwood proposes that debt is like air -- something we take for granted until things go wrong. Payback is not a book about practical debt management or high finance, although it does touch upon these subjects. Rather, it is an investigation into the idea of debt as an ancient and central motif in religion, literature, and the structure of human societies. By investigating how debt has informed our thinking from preliterate times to the present day through the stories we tell each other, through our concepts of balance, revenge, and sin, and in the way we form our social relationships, Atwood shows that the idea of what we owe one another -- in other words, debt -- is built into the human imagination and is one of its most dynamic metaphors.

Margaret Atwood: An Introduction to Critical Views of Her Fiction

Author : Gina Wisker

ISBN10 : 0230357954

Publisher : Macmillan International Higher Education

Number of Pages : 248

Category : Literary Criticism

Viewed : 1474


Book Summary: Margaret Atwood is an internationally renowned, highly versatile author whose work creatively explores what it means to be human through genres ranging from feminist fable to science fiction and Gothic romance. In this timely new study, Gina Wisker reassesses Atwood's entire fictional output to date, providing both original analysis and a lively overview of the criticism surrounding her work. 'Margaret Atwood: An Introduction to Critical Views of Her Fiction': • covers all of Atwood's novels as well as her short stories • surveys the critical reception of her fiction and the fascinating debates developed by key Atwood critics • explores the main approaches to reading Atwood's work and examines issues such as her interventions in genre writing and ecology, as well as her feminism, post-feminism and narrative usage, both conventional and experimental. Concise and approachable, this is an ideal volume for anyone studying the fiction of this major contemporary writer.

Political Adaptation in Canadian Theatre

Author : Kailin Wright

ISBN10 : 0228003245

Publisher : McGill-Queen\'s Press - MQUP

Number of Pages : 253

Category : Literary Criticism

Viewed : 1590


Book Summary: In Canada, adaptation is a national mode of survival, but it is also a way to create radical change. Throughout history, Canadians have been inheritors and adaptors: of political systems, stories, and customs from the old world and the new. More than updating popular narratives, adaptation informs understandings of culture, race, gender, and sexuality, as well as individual experiences. In Political Adaptation in Canadian Theatre Kailin Wright investigates adaptations that retell popular stories with a political purpose and examines how they acknowledge diverse realities and transform our past. Political Adaptation in Canadian Theatre explores adaptations of Canadian history, Shakespeare, Greek mythologies, and Indigenous history by playwrights who identify as English-Canadian, African-Canadian, French-Canadian, French, Kuna Rappahannock, and Delaware from the Six Nations. Along with new considerations of the activist potential of popular Canadian theatre, this book outlines eight strategies that adaptors employ to challenge conceptions of what it means to be Indigenous, Black, queer, or female. Recent cancellations of theatre productions whose creators borrowed elements from minority cultures demonstrate the need for a distinction between political adaptation and cultural appropriation. Wright builds on Linda Hutcheon's definition of adaptation as repetition with difference and applies identification theory to illustrate how political adaptation at once underlines and undermines its canonical source. An exciting intervention in adaptation studies, Political Adaptation in Canadian Theatre unsettles the dynamics of popular and political theatre and rethinks the ways performance can contribute to how one country defines itself.

Postmodernism and After

Author : Regina Rudaitytė

ISBN10 : 1443810320

Publisher : Cambridge Scholars Publishing

Number of Pages : 220

Category : Social Science

Viewed : 664


Book Summary: The present collection of academic articles is an attempt to reflect on new openings and recent developments in literature, literary theory and culture which seem to point beyond postmodernism and register a return to traditional concepts, theoretical premises and authorial practices. Interestingly enough, forty years after the publication of John Barth’s seminal essay “The Literature of Exhaustion” (1967), the book is trying to diagnose the exhaustion of postmodernism, which was predicted by David Lodge already two decades ago. It also attempts to trace the signs in contemporary literature indicating that postmodernism is past its heyday, that it is losing or has lost its shine, fascination and attraction and that writers have been turning to the “old” or pre-modern forms, practices and strategies. Herbert Grabes’ comprehensive and illuminating article “From the Postmodern to the Pre-Modern: More Recent Changes in Literature, Art, and Theory” which opens and sets the tone for this collection of essays is a major assessment of new developments in literary culture, focusing on the evolution of the postmodern to the premodern mode; it also highlights the role and current popularity of cultural studies and cultural history – theoretical movements which have been prevailing for some time now after the end of deconstruction. The articles assembled in this collection are on diverse thematics and written from diverse theoretical perspectives; they differ in scope and methodology, and their focus ranges from the postmodern, intertextual aspect to the open questioning of it and to more recent developments in the literary culture. Focusing on literary icons like A.S. Byatt, John Banville, Margaret Atwood, Umberto Eco, Vladimir Nabokov (but also extending into a less-known regions – geographically as well), they invite reconsideration and reconceptualization of such key notions as “truth”, meaning production, textuality and literary interpretation. This book aims at opening fresh discussion, debate and reflection on the new age reaching beyond postmodernism, and the budding literary mode, whatever labels we might stick to it.


Author : 瑪格麗特.愛特伍(Margaret Atwood)

ISBN10 : 9865406950

Publisher : 大塊文化

Number of Pages : 216

Category : Drama

Viewed : 327


Book Summary: 荷馬史詩裡,英雄背後最堅貞的女人, 她心底真正的想法是什麼? 瑪格麗特.愛特伍以小說和詩歌改編《奧德賽》 奧迪修斯在海倫被誘拐之後,出發去特洛伊打仗,潘妮洛普獨守空閨二十年。在面對種種難堪的流言時,潘妮洛普還得咬緊牙關,除了維持綺色佳王朝的尊嚴和扶養任性的兒子泰勒馬科斯長大成人,還要嚴防一百多位追求者輕舉妄動。當奧迪修斯終於歷盡千辛萬苦返家時,他把潘妮洛普的追求者連同十二名女僕全都殺光了。 在愛特伍迷人、嘻笑怒罵式的敘述技巧中,被重講一遍的故事顯得慈悲、睿智,並且縈繞在讀者腦海中遲遲不去,讓人覺得整樁事裡透著蹊蹺。愛特伍並為這古老的故事重新添加了花俏的當代趣味,她選擇潘妮洛普和她十二名被吊死的女僕,質問道:「為什麼要吊死這十二名女僕,潘妮洛普心裡真正的想法是什麼?」 荷馬在《奧德賽》中,將潘妮洛普描寫成一個典型忠貞不貳的妻子,她的故事則成了代代相傳的好榜樣。以善於說故事和寫詩聞名的愛特伍,則運用她的長才將創意和想像力交織在小說中,給予潘妮洛普新的生命和現實的意義,並且著手為古代的神話找出答案。 ■ 以荷馬史詩《奧德賽》為原型,描寫英雄背後的女人潘妮洛普的心聲,以及她與十二名侍女的命運。 ■ 作者瑪格麗特.愛特伍兩度獲得曼布克文學獎,也是諾貝爾文學獎呼聲最高的女作家之一。 ■ 本書獲2006年創神奇幻成人文學獎(Mythopoeic-Adult Awards)提名、獲2007年都柏林國際文學獎提名。 ■ 被翻譯成28種語言,並由愛特伍親自改編為舞台劇。

Designing a New Structure of Text World Theory (TWT)

Author : Stefanie Dalvai

ISBN10 : 3668889260

Publisher : GRIN Verlag

Number of Pages : 13

Category : Language Arts & Disciplines

Viewed : 1380


Book Summary: Academic Paper from the year 2018 in the subject Speech Science / Linguistics, grade: 1, University of Malta, course: ENG 3016 Language and the Literary Mind, language: English, abstract: The present work takes a closer look at Text World Theory through analysing Margaret Atwood’s novella "The Penelopiad". Text World Theory (TWT) analyses the mental representations human beings create when indulging in any kind of discourse, the written as well as the spoken one. It structures these mental representations in worlds which have a certain hierarchy between each other. Since Professor Paul Werth developed this theory in the 1980s and 1990s, it has been revised and restructured several times. The question arises whether the structure of TWT is still in need of improvement, as Werth’s three-dimensional structure already proved to be unsatisfactory to some text-world researchers, like Joanna Gavins. To answer this question, I will look at the mental representation of worlds Margaret Atwood’s novella "The Penelopiad" is able to generate. I am going to argue that this novella is proof that there can be more than one Text World (TW). From these TW, further types of worlds can be created, like Sub-Worlds (SW), Possible Worlds (PW) and in-Text Worlds (iTW), a term which I personally coined. I will try to prove that the major difference between TW and the other world types is the point of view from which they are told. As the size of the assignment does not allow to analyze the whole TWT structure of "The Penelopiad" in depth, I am going to concentrate on certain aspects only. First of all, it will be the structure in a whole that is going to be the focus and not the content of the single worlds. Furthermore, the parts which deviate from the traditional structure of TWT will be granted more attention than those which overlap it. Finally, only the worlds which are told from Penelope’s perspective will be analyzed. This implies that the TW of the Maids (TW4) will just be mentioned, but not analyzed. Consequently, a lot of this topic will still be open for discussion. "The Penelopiad" is suitable for a TWT analysis as it is set in the particular domain of gender studies.

Afterlife and Narrative in Contemporary Fiction

Author : A. Bennett

ISBN10 : 1137022698

Publisher : Springer

Number of Pages : 228

Category : Literary Criticism

Viewed : 671


Book Summary: Afterlife and Narrative explores why life after death is such a potent cultural concept today, and why it is such an attractive prospect for modern fiction. The book mines a rich vein of imagined afterlives, from the temporal experiments of Martin Amis's Time's Arrow to narration from heaven in Alice Sebold's The Lovely Bones .

Literary Form as Postcolonial Critique

Author : Katharine Burkitt

ISBN10 : 1317104625

Publisher : Routledge

Number of Pages : 176

Category : Literary Criticism

Viewed : 1197


Book Summary: Focusing on works by Derek Walcott, Les Murray, Anne Carson, and Bernardine Evaristo, Katharine Burkitt investigates the relationship between literary form and textual politics in postcolonial narrative poems and verse-novels. Burkitt argues that these works disrupt and undermine the traditions of particular forms and genres, and most notably the expectations attached to the prose novel, poetry, and epic. This subversion of form, Burkitt argues, is an important aspect of the texts' postcoloniality as they locate themselves critically in relation to literary convention, and they are all concerned with matters of social, racial, and national identities in a world where these categories are inherently complicated. In addition, the awareness of epic tradition in these texts unites them as 'post-epics', in that as they reuse the myths and motifs of a variety of epics, they question the status of the form, demonstrate it to be inherently malleable, and regenerate its stories for the contemporary world. As she examines the ways in which postcolonial texts rewrite the traditions of classical epics for the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, Burkitt ties close textual analysis to a critical intervention in the politics of form.