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Marketing - The Retro Revolution

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ISBN10 : 1847876234

Publisher : SAGE

Number of Pages : 272

Category : Business & Economics

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Book Summary: `the finest writer in our field today' - Journal of Marketing `the great heretic' - Retrospectives in Marketing `the most devastating critic of the academic discipline of marketing ever likely to be encountered' - Service Industries Journal `a jewel in the crown of the academic marketing establishment' - Marketing Intelligence and Planning `remarkably entertaining' - Public Library Journal `dazzling erudition' - European Journal of Marketing `instant classic' - Journal of Marketing Management · Has marketing moved from `new and improved' to `as good as always'? · Is old the new `new'? Retro-marketing is all around us, whether it be retro-products like the neo-Beetle, retro-scapes, such as Niketown, or retro-advertising campaigns, which make the most of the advertiser's glorious heritage. The rise of retro has led many to conclude that it represents the end of marketing, that it is indicative of inertia, ossification and the waning of creativity. Marketing - The Retro Revolution explains why the opposite is the case, demonstrating that retro-orientation is a harbinger of change and a revolution in marketing thinking. In his engaging and lively style, Stephen Brown shows that the implications of today's retro revolution are much more profound than the existing literature suggests. He argues that just as retro-marketing practitioners are looking to the past for inspiration, so students, consultants and academics should seek to do likewise. History reveals that new ideas often come wrapped in old packaging. Marketing - the Retro Revolution unwraps this retro-package and, in doing so, offers radically new ideas for the future of the field.

The Retro Look

Author : Albert Tucher

ISBN10 : 1611873568

Publisher : Untreed Reads

Number of Pages : 23

Category : Fiction

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Book Summary: For most women in the business, Atlantic City is hooker heaven, but Diana Andrews hates the downtime. She can watch her client at the blackjack table for only so long, and the in-house entertainment holds no appeal. When a new man offers her some easy money on the side, the job lands Diana in the middle of a casino rip-off, a cold murder case, and another killing so fresh that it might rub off on her. A novelette.

Old Enough

Author : C. L. Kraemer

ISBN10 : 162420225X

Publisher : Rogue Phoenix Press

Number of Pages : 148

Category : Fiction

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Book Summary: Justin Anderson is recovering from a nasty divorce. An ex-wife who never has enough support income and precious little time with his daughter fill most of his days. When he spies an attractive, self-sufficient older woman, he is intrigued. But can he convince her not all guys are animals who need to be locked up? With a gentle push from their bartender friend, the two face more intrigue than either thought possible in such a small town. However, each terror filled moment proves to provide the glue that brings them together.

The Retro Future

Author : John Michael Greer

ISBN10 : 1550926586

Publisher : New Society Publishers

Number of Pages : 256

Category : Technology & Engineering

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Book Summary: To most people paying attention to the collision between industrial society and the hard limits of a finite planet, it's clear that things are going very, very wrong. We no longer have unlimited time and resources to deal with the crises that define our future, and the options are limited to the tools we have on hand right now. This book is about one very powerful option: deliberate technological regression. Technological regression isn't about 'going back,' it's about using the past as a resource to meet the needs of the present. It starts from the recognition that older technologies generally use fewer resources and cost less than modern equivalents, and it embraces the heresy of technological choice, our ability to choose or refuse the technologies pushed by corporate interests. People are already ditching smartphones in favor of 'dumb phones' and land lines and eBook sales are declining, while printed books rebound. Clear signs among many that blind faith in progress is faltering and opening up the possibility that the best way forward may well involve going back. A must-read for anyone willing to think the unthinkable and embrace the possibilities of a retro future. John Michael Greer, one of the most influential authors exploring the future of industrial society, writes the widely cited blog The Archdruid Report. He has authored more than forty books including The Long Descent and Dark Age America. He lives in Cumberland, MD, an old mill town in the Appalachians, with his wife Sara.

The Retro War

Author : Dietmar Arthur Wehr

ISBN10 : 0991897889

Publisher : Dietmar Arthur Wehr

Number of Pages : 295

Category : Fiction

Viewed : 602


Book Summary: The Synchronicity War is over and the Insectoid beachheads in our spiral arm have been destroyed but the aftermath of the war holds some nasty surprises for Humanity and its loyal AI allies. Somebody is messing with the human timeline. Is it the Friendlies, the Sogas, the Insectoids or a new race? This stand alone novel set in the same universe has new human and AI characters. Find out what happened to Valkyrie, Casanova, Iceman, Gunslinger and the other Rim AIs. The Retro War spans time and space in a galactic chess game with humans and their AIs as the pawns.

Swimming in the Steno Pool: A Retro Guide to Making It in the Office

Author : Lynn Peril

ISBN10 : 0393341461

Publisher : W. W. Norton & Company

Number of Pages : 291

Category : Social Science

Viewed : 875


Book Summary: Feed your boss’s ego. Dress for success. And don’t let your heels trip you up on the corporate ladder. Millions of women have held the position of secretary, alternately lauded as a breakthrough opportunity and excoriated as dead-end busy work. From the female pioneers who infiltrated Capitol Hill offices during the Civil War to today’s tech-savvy administrative assistants, secretaries have withstood criticism for abandoning their rightful sphere (the home), weathered the dubious advice of secretarial guide-books, taken hits from feminists and antifeminists alike, and demanded the right to resist making coffee—all while making their bosses look good. In Swimming in the Steno Pool, author-secretary Lynn Peril profiles the various incarnations of the secretary, from pliable, sexy mate of the "office husband" to postfeminist executive-in-training, drawing inspiration from a wide range of "femorabilia" and secretarial guidebooks of yesteryear. Featuring an array of fabulous illustrations promoting office equipment and office girls alike, Peril delivers a feisty, witty celebration of the women who’ve been running the show for decades.

Leadership and Uncertainty Management in Politics

Author : François Vergniolle De Chantal

ISBN10 : 1137439246

Publisher : Springer

Number of Pages : 284

Category : Political Science

Viewed : 1615


Book Summary: Through a range of international case studies from the USA, UK, France, Germany and Italy, this text assesses the conditions necessary for effective leadership and emphasizes the part played by uncertainty and division amongst followers.

The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals

Author : Charles Darwin

ISBN10 : 022622080X

Publisher : University of Chicago Press

Number of Pages : 386

Category : Science

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Book Summary: Darwin's work of 1872 still provides the point of departure for research in the theory of emotion and expression. Although he lacked the modern research tool of cybernetics, his basic methods have not been improved upon: the study of infants, of the insane, of paintings and sculpture, of some of the commoner animals; the use of photographs of expression submitted to different judges; and the comparative study of expression among different peoples. This new edition will be warmly welcomed by those behavioral scientists who have recently shown an intense interest in the scientific study of expression. Lay readers, too, will be struck by the freshness and directness of this book, which includes, among other data, Darwin's delightfully objective analysis of his own baby's smiles and pouts.

First Man

Author : James R. Hansen

ISBN10 : 1982104341

Publisher : Simon and Schuster

Number of Pages : 464

Category : Biography & Autobiography

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Book Summary: Soon to be a major motion picture, this is the first—and only—definitive authorized account of Neil Armstrong, the man whose “one small step” changed history. When Apollo 11 touched down on the Moon’s surface in 1969, the first man on the Moon became a legend. In First Man, author James R. Hansen explores the life of Neil Armstrong. Based on over fifty hours of interviews with the intensely private Armstrong, who also gave Hansen exclusive access to private documents and family sources, this “magnificent panorama of the second half of the American twentieth century” (Publishers Weekly, starred review) is an unparalleled biography of an American icon. In this “compelling and nuanced portrait” (Chicago Tribune) filled with revelations, Hansen vividly recreates Armstrong’s career in flying, from his seventy-eight combat missions as a naval aviator flying over North Korea to his formative trans-atmospheric flights in the rocket-powered X-15 to his piloting Gemini VIII to the first-ever docking in space. For a pilot who cared more about flying to the Moon than he did about walking on it, Hansen asserts, Armstrong’s storied vocation exacted a dear personal toll, paid in kind by his wife and children. For the near-fifty years since the Moon landing, rumors have swirled around Armstrong concerning his dreams of space travel, his religious beliefs, and his private life. A penetrating exploration of American hero worship, Hansen addresses the complex legacy of the First Man, as an astronaut and as an individual. “First Man burrows deep into Armstrong’s past and present…What emerges is an earnest and brave man” (Houston Chronicle) who will forever be known as history’s most famous space traveler.

The Jack Reacher Cases (The Man Who Strikes Fear)

Author : Dan Ames

ISBN10 :

Publisher : Slogan Books LLC

Number of Pages : 200

Category : Fiction

Viewed : 714


Book Summary: A USA TODAY BESTSELLING SERIES Book 9 in The JACK REACHER Cases. When an FBI agent is violently murdered in his home, the killers leave a message. "For Reacher." Lauren Pauling, who knew the murdered man, investigates the killing and soon uncovers a shocking link to her past. She also learns that the killers...have only just begun. "Ames is a sensation among readers who love fast-paced thrillers." -MysteryTribune "Fast-paced, engaging, original." -New York Times bestselling author Thomas Perry "Engrossing!" -USA Today bestselling author Rick Murcer "Furiously paced. Great action." -New York Times bestselling author Ben Lieberman "Swept me along for the ride." -Edgar-nominated author Craig McDonald

All the Rage

Author : Darcy Lockman

ISBN10 : 0062861468

Publisher : HarperCollins

Number of Pages : 352

Category : Family & Relationships

Viewed : 427


Book Summary: Journalist turned psychologist Darcy Lockman offers a bracing look at the most pernicious problem facing modern parents—how egalitarian relationships become traditional ones when children are introduced into the household. In an era of seemingly unprecedented feminist activism, enlightenment, and change, data shows that one area of gender inequality stubbornly persists: the disproportionate amount of parental work that falls on women, no matter their background, class, or professional status. All the Rage investigates the cause of this pervasive inequity to answer why, in households where both parents work fulltime and agree that tasks should be equally shared, mothers’ household management, mental labor, and childcare contributions still outweigh fathers’. How, in a culture that pays lip service to women’s equality and lauds the benefits of father involvement—benefits that extend far beyond the well-being of the kids themselves—can a commitment to fairness in marriage melt away upon the arrival of children? Counting on male partners who will share the burden, women today have been left with what political scientists call unfulfilled, rising expectations. Historically these disappointed expectations lie at the heart of revolutions, insurgencies, and civil unrest. If so many couples are living this way, and so many women are angered or just exhausted by it, why do we remain so stuck? Where is our revolution, our insurgency, our civil unrest? Darcy Lockman drills deep to find answers, exploring how the feminist promise of true domestic partnership almost never, in fact, comes to pass. Starting with her own marriage as a ground zero case study, she moves outward, chronicling the experiences of a diverse cross-section of women raising children with men; visiting new mothers’ groups and pioneering co-parenting specialists; and interviewing experts across academic fields, from gender studies professors and anthropologists to neuroscientists and primatologists. Lockman identifies three tenets that have upheld the cultural gender division of labor and peels back the ways in which both men and women unintentionally perpetuate old norms. If we can all agree that equal pay for equal work should be a given, can the same apply to unpaid work? Can justice finally come home?

The Vintage Baker

Author : Jessie Sheehan

ISBN10 : 1452163960

Publisher : Chronicle Books

Number of Pages : 160

Category : Cooking

Viewed : 973


Book Summary: This cookbook features fetching retro patterns and illustrations, alongside luscious photography, and an e-booklet at the end rendered in a vintage-style. Blue-ribbon recipes inspired by baking pamphlets from the 1920s to the 1960s are rendered with irresistible charm for modern tastes in this ebook. Here are more than 50 cookies, pies, cakes, bars, and more, plus informative headnotes detailing the origins of each recipe and how they were tweaked into deliciousness. For home bakers, collectors of vintage cookbooks or kitchenware, this is a gem.

The Society of Misfit Stories Presents... (September 2020)

Author : Julie Ann Dawson

ISBN10 :

Publisher : Bards and Sages Publishing

Number of Pages : N.A

Category : Fiction

Viewed : 1382


Book Summary: Each issue of The Society of Misfit Stories Presents… is a celebration of long-form fiction. These novelettes and novellas will entertain and surprise fans of the form. In this issue, Kerri Caldwell, Vonnie Winslow Crist, Mark Cassell, Paul Mills, Crystal Lynn Hilbert, J.T. Seate, Scott Forbes Crawford, and Mark James Russell. Some of the stories in this issue include: When his automaton creation runs amok, a wheelchair-bound contractor finds himself at the threshold between worlds in Hole in the Sky. A vampire seeks the aid of his favorite bartender to help him life a curse in The Minutiae of Being Dead. A woman takes the law into her own hands after uncovering the horrific secret behind a small-town police department in Desert Heat and the Hereafter.

The Vintage Ice Cream Van Road Trip (Cherry Pie Island, Book 2)

Author : Jenny Oliver

ISBN10 : 1474030807

Publisher : HarperCollins UK

Number of Pages : 256

Category : Fiction

Viewed : 1767


Book Summary: 'You know you're in for a treat when you open a Jenny Oliver book' Debbie Johnson From the top 10 best-selling author of The Summerhouse by the Sea Welcome to Jenny Oliver’s brand new Cherry Pie Island series! There’s nowhere more deliciously welcoming...

Beyond Good and Evil

Author : Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

ISBN10 : 1528785851

Publisher : Read Books Ltd

Number of Pages : 200

Category : Drama

Viewed : 1715


Book Summary: Classic Books Library presents this brand new edition of Nietzche's philosophical text "Beyond Good and Evil", published in 1886. Building on his previous works, this text challenges traditional perceptions of how truth and knowledge are established, and each chapter is dedicated to a different concept. “Beyond Good and Evil” explores the dogmatism and prejudice in the philosophy of the past, reveals the psychological sense of control underpinning morality and discusses the complexities of the human soul. Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche (1844-1900) was a German philologist, philosopher, poet and scholar. His work covered many topics, but he is most famous for his critiques of culture, morality and truth. Nietzche’s philosophical writing went on to influence many great philosophers, artists, writers and composers of the 20th Century.

Foundation and Empire

Author : Isaac Asimov

ISBN10 : 0553900358

Publisher : Spectra

Number of Pages : 272

Category : Fiction

Viewed : 1959


Book Summary: The second novel in Isaac Asimov’s classic science-fiction masterpiece, the Foundation series THE EPIC SAGA THAT INSPIRED THE UPCOMING APPLE TV+ SERIES FOUNDATION Led by its founding father, the psychohistorian Hari Seldon, and utilizing science and technology, the Foundation survived the greed and barbarism of its neighboring warrior-planets. Now cleverness and courage may not be enough. For the Empire—the mightiest force in the Galaxy—is even more dangerous in its death throes. Even worse, a mysterious entity called the Mule has appeared with powers beyond anything humanly conceivable. Who—or what—is the Mule? And how is humanity to defend itself against this invulnerable avatar of annihilation? Filled with nail-biting suspense, nonstop action, and cutting-edge speculation, Foundation and Empire is the story of humanity’s perpetual struggle against the darkness that forever threatens to overwhelm the light—and of how the courage of even a determined few can make all the difference in the universe.

Seeking Valhalla

Author : Eric G. Swedin

ISBN10 : 1434443167

Publisher : Wildside Press LLC

Number of Pages : 280

Category : Fiction

Viewed : 526


Book Summary: The time: 1945. The place: Germany during the final days of the Nazi regime of Adolf Hitler. When Major John Carter and Sergeant Carson Napier discover a barracks at the Dachau concentration camp full of young, beautiful women being prepared as pagan sacrifices to the Norse god Odin, they embark upon a quest to defeat the German "priest" who's determined to reverse the course of the war--even at this late date. The key is finding Valhalla, the near-mythical green valley in the Arctic where Yggdrasil, the world tree, emerges from the hollow Earth; its fruit, when consumed, is said to grant the eater his greatest wish. With the help of an Irish women, Aoife, an enigmatic "occult science officer," and several others, Carter pursues the Nazi SS officer to the frozen North, where the final battle must take place. Can the forces of evil be overcome? A rousing science fiction novel in the old style!

The Man in the High Castle

Author : Philip K. Dick

ISBN10 : 0547601204

Publisher : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Number of Pages : 272

Category : Fiction

Viewed : 1764


Book Summary: “The single most resonant and carefully imagined book of Dick’s career.” —New York Times It’s America in 1962. Slavery is legal once again. The few Jews who still survive hide under assumed names. In San Francisco, the I Ching is as common as the Yellow Pages. All because some twenty years earlier the United States lost a war—and is now occupied by Nazi Germany and Japan. This harrowing, Hugo Award–winning novel is the work that established Philip K. Dick as an innovator in science fiction while breaking the barrier between science fiction and the serious novel of ideas. In it Dick offers a haunting vision of history as a nightmare from which it may just be possible to wake. Winner of the Hugo Award

Confections of a Partygoer

Author : Ruth Hartzler

ISBN10 : 1922420921

Publisher : Clean Wholesome Books

Number of Pages : 330

Category : Fiction

Viewed : 1485


Book Summary: When Rebecca caters cupcakes for a famous artist's birthday party, Jane, Matilda, and Eleanor assist. It's not long before things fall aparty, and a guest is murdered. With Damon injured in the line of duty, Jane must candle this one with care. It's no dead giftaway. Jane has no time to stop and smell the flours as Matilda and Eleanor's long-held secret finally comes to light. You batter believe it! Confections of a Partygoer is Book 6 in this USA Today Bestselling series.


Author : Loren D. Estleman

ISBN10 : 9781429911818

Publisher : Forge Books

Number of Pages : 288

Category : Fiction

Viewed : 487


Book Summary: Loren D. Estleman is the quintessential noir detective writer, and Amos Walker is his quintessential noir detective. The hardboiled Amos Walker series continues with Retro. Walker has made a lot of friends--and a few enemies--in his years as a detective in Detroit, but he has never had to deal with quite the trouble he finds when he agrees to grant the death-bed wish of Beryl Garnet. Beryl was a madam, but she had a son a long while ago, and asks Walker to make sure that her son gets her ashes when she's gone. He finds her son, who has been in Canada since the 1960s, evading the law since he was a Vietnam War protester. A simple favor, melancholy, but benign. Except that before he can get settled back in Detroit Garnet's son is dead, with him as the prime suspect. He has little choice but to find out who might have done the deed and tried to pin the blame on him. . . and in the process he discovers another murder, of a boxer from the 1940s, Curtis Smallwood, who happens to have been the man's father. If that wasn't bad enough, his task is made much more complicated by the fact that the two murders, fifty-three years apart, were committed with the very same gun. And in a place where it was impossible for a gun to be. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.