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The Sounds of Poetry

Author :

ISBN10 : 1466878495

Publisher : Farrar, Straus and Giroux

Number of Pages : 129

Category : Literary Criticism

Viewed : 1672


Book Summary: The Poet Laureate's clear and entertaining account of how poetry works. "Poetry is a vocal, which is to say a bodily, art," Robert Pinsky declares in The Sounds of Poetry. "The medium of poetry is the human body: the column of air inside the chest, shaped into signifying sounds in the larynx and the mouth. In this sense, poetry is as physical or bodily an art as dancing." As Poet Laureate, Pinsky is one of America's best spokesmen for poetry. In this fascinating book, he explains how poets use the "technology" of poetry--its sounds--to create works of art that are "performed" in us when we read them aloud. He devotes brief, informative chapters to accent and duration, syntax and line, like and unlike sounds, blank and free verse. He cites examples from the work of fifty different poets--from Shakespeare, Donne, and Herbert to W. C. Williams, Frost, Elizabeth Bishop, C. K. Williams, Louise Glück, and Frank Bidart. This ideal introductory volume belongs in the library of every poet and student of poetry.

Critical Reading and Writing for Postgraduates

Author : Mike Wallace,Alison Wray

ISBN10 : 1529757681

Publisher : SAGE

Number of Pages : 320

Category : Education

Viewed : 613


Book Summary: Reading critically, and writing using critical techniques, are crucial skills you need to apply to your academic work. If you need to engage with published (or unpublished) literature such as essays, dissertations or theses, research papers or oral presentations, this proven guide helps you develop a reflective and advanced critical approach to your research and writing. New to this edition: Two new chapters on basic and advanced writing skills More advice on self-bias and perception Updates and additional examples throughout Updated online resources providing additional support. A Companion Website provides additional resources to help you apply the critical techniques you learn. From templates and checklists, access to SAGE journal articles and additional case studies, these free resources will make sure you successfully master advanced critical skills.

Stylish Academic Writing

Author : Helen Sword

ISBN10 : 0674069137

Publisher : Harvard University Press

Number of Pages : 230

Category : Language Arts & Disciplines

Viewed : 1740


Book Summary: Elegant ideas deserve elegant expression. Sword dispels the myth that you can’t get published without writing wordy, impersonal prose. For scholars frustrated with disciplinary conventions or eager to write for a larger audience, here are imaginative, practical, witty pointers that show how to make articles and books enjoyable to read—and to write.

The Archivist

Author : Rex Pickett

ISBN10 : 1538519631

Publisher : Blackstone Publishing

Number of Pages : 700

Category : Fiction

Viewed : 655


Book Summary: When archivist Nadia Fontaine is found dead of an apparent drowning, Emily Snow is hired by Regents University to finish the job she started—to organize and process the papers of Raymond West, a famous Pulitzer Prize–winning author who has been short-listed for the Nobel. Emily’s job comes with its inherent pressures. West’s wife, Elizabeth, is an heiress who’s about to donate $25 million to the Memorial Library—an eight-story architectural marvel that is the crown jewel of the university. The inaugural event in just a few months will be a gala for the who’s who of San Diego to celebrate the unveiling of the Raymond West Collection and the financial gift that made it all possible. As Emily sets to work on the West papers, it begins to dawn on her that several items have gone missing from the collection. To trace their whereabouts, she gains unsupervised access to the highly restricted “dark archives,” in which she opens a Pandora’s box of erotically and intellectually charged correspondence between Raymond West and the late Nadia Fontaine. Through their archived emails, Emily goes back a year in time and relives the tragic trajectory of their passionate love affair. Did Nadia really drown accidentally, as the police report concluded, or could it have been suicide, or, even worse, murder? Compelled to complete the collection and find the truth, Emily unwittingly morphs into an adult Nancy Drew and a one-woman archivist crusader on a mission to right the historical record. Twisting slowly like a tourniquet, The Archivist turns into a suspenseful murder mystery with multiple and intersecting layers. Not just a whodunit, it is also a profound meditation on love, privacy, and the ethics of destroying or preserving materials of a highly personal nature.

Can Do Writing

Author : Daniel Graham,Judith Graham

ISBN10 : 9780470470091

Publisher : John Wiley and Sons

Number of Pages : 256

Category : Business & Economics

Viewed : 930


Book Summary: A simple, ten-step system for mastering the art of effective, persuasive business or technical writing "The Grahams' system is the best way to transform data and ideas into meaningful information necessary to make profitable decisions. Their system works every time." —Steven Laposa, PhD, MBA, Loveland Commercial Endowed Chair in Real Estate, Colorado State University "The Grahams' straightforward program helps my teams create clear and concise reports, letters, and other documents with minimal effort. I want this program to become the standard for my teams." —Bill Walter, Senior Vice President, Government and Infrastructure Division, KBR "The Can Do Writing system made my career! I used it to write a winning business plan and proposal, and now I use it every day for all communications. Can Do Writing provides valuable insights into business and management as well as writing techniques." —Christian Robey, President, DC Progress You may be an expert at what you do, but if you can't communicate effectively in writing it may not matter. For scientists, businesspeople, and professionals in fields from engineering to public relations, the art of writing well can be a vital key to professional success. Luckily, you don't need an English degree to produce top-class writing. If you're one of the millions of people who have to write clear, persuasive, understandable documents for your job, Can Do Writing is for you. Whether you're writing a business plan, a scientific paper, a press release, or anything else, this simple, straightforward guide will show you how to do it quickly, with style and confidence. You'll learn how to: Understand your audience and subject matter Develop a simple, five-part purpose statement to keep you on track Organize your main points into a coherent, sensible order Edit your work for clarity, coherence, organization, and logic Economize your words to craft a concise, powerful document Make your documents easily readable for any audience

Every Child Can Write, Grades 2-5

Author : Melanie Meehan

ISBN10 : 1544384084

Publisher : Corwin Press

Number of Pages : 272

Category : Education

Viewed : 1572


Book Summary: Empowering striving writers to thrive as writers! Somehow, in every classroom during every year, there are students who keep us up at night because of the instructional challenges they face as writers. These students—our striving writers—may find success exploring different entry points and pathways than those their classmates travel. Every Child Can Write will help you lead striving writers along their journey toward growth, confidence, and success. Filled with practical strategies, classroom-management ideas,and reproducible tools, this book also offers low- and high-tech solutions for increasing writing volume and boosting self-esteem. Plus, with suggestions for differentiating instruction based on standards and student needs, it will help you: Implement principles of UDL to optimize your classroom environment and student learning; Identify and honor students’ strengths throughout your writing instruction; Maximize the power of formative assessment to set goals with students; and Integrate the most appropriate technology that empowers students and leads them to independence. As essential as writing is in elementary school, it will be even more important when your students reach middle school. Now is the time to give them the skills, practice, and confidence they need to succeed.

The Craft of Research, Fourth Edition

Author : Wayne C. Booth,Gregory G. Colomb,Joseph M. Williams,Joseph Bizup,William T. FitzGerald

ISBN10 : 022623987X

Publisher : University of Chicago Press

Number of Pages : 336

Category : Language Arts & Disciplines

Viewed : 965


Book Summary: With more than three-quarters of a million copies sold since its first publication, The Craft of Research has helped generations of researchers at every level—from first-year undergraduates to advanced graduate students to research reporters in business and government—learn how to conduct effective and meaningful research. Conceived by seasoned researchers and educators Wayne C. Booth, Gregory G. Colomb, and Joseph M. Williams, this fundamental work explains how to find and evaluate sources, anticipate and respond to reader reservations, and integrate these pieces into an argument that stands up to reader critique. The fourth edition has been thoroughly but respectfully revised by Joseph Bizup and William T. FitzGerald. It retains the original five-part structure, as well as the sound advice of earlier editions, but reflects the way research and writing are taught and practiced today. Its chapters on finding and engaging sources now incorporate recent developments in library and Internet research, emphasizing new techniques made possible by online databases and search engines. Bizup and FitzGerald provide fresh examples and standardized terminology to clarify concepts like argument, warrant, and problem. Following the same guiding principle as earlier editions—that the skills of doing and reporting research are not just for elite students but for everyone—this new edition retains the accessible voice and direct approach that have made The Craft of Research a leader in the field of research reference. With updated examples and information on evaluation and using contemporary sources, this beloved classic is ready for the next generation of researchers.

White Fragility

Author : Robin DiAngelo

ISBN10 : 0807047422

Publisher : Beacon Press

Number of Pages : 192

Category : Social Science

Viewed : 1779


Book Summary: The New York Times best-selling book exploring the counterproductive reactions white people have when their assumptions about race are challenged, and how these reactions maintain racial inequality. In this “vital, necessary, and beautiful book” (Michael Eric Dyson), antiracist educator Robin DiAngelo deftly illuminates the phenomenon of white fragility and “allows us to understand racism as a practice not restricted to ‘bad people’ (Claudia Rankine). Referring to the defensive moves that white people make when challenged racially, white fragility is characterized by emotions such as anger, fear, and guilt, and by behaviors including argumentation and silence. These behaviors, in turn, function to reinstate white racial equilibrium and prevent any meaningful cross-racial dialogue. In this in-depth exploration, DiAngelo examines how white fragility develops, how it protects racial inequality, and what we can do to engage more constructively.

The Broadview Guide to Writing: A Handbook for Students - Sixth Edition

Author : Corey Frost,Karen Weingarten,Doug Babington,Don LePan,Maureen Okun

ISBN10 : 177048583X

Publisher : Broadview Press

Number of Pages : 720

Category : Language Arts & Disciplines

Viewed : 840


Book Summary: “Even the most useful reference guides are not always, well, shall we say, riveting. A refreshing exception is the new Broadview Guide to Writing, which is smart, helpful, and even fun to read.” —Gerald Graff and Cathy Birkenstein, authors of They Say / I Say: The Moves That Matter in Academic Writing Key Features —A coil-bound reference text suitable for a range of introductory composition and writing courses —Divided into three sections: Writing Processes (including Research, Argumentation, and Style) Writing Mechanics (Grammar, Usage, and Punctuation) Writing Contexts (Writing in different academic disciplines, Forms and conventions, and citation) —Comprehensive treatment of citation style guides, with 2016 MLA style updates —Expanded treatment of research methods, argument structures, and writing in the workplace —A unique section on “How to Be Good With Words”—issues of gender, race, class, religion, sexual orientation, disability, etc. —Expanded coverage for those whose native language is not English —All-new chapter on reading images —Extensive companion website featuring interactive exercises Increasingly, writing handbooks are seen as over-produced and overpriced. One stands out: The Broadview Guide to Writing is published in an elegant but simple format, and sells for roughly half the price of its fancier-looking competitors. That does not change with the new edition; what does change and stay up-to-date is the content of the book. The sixth edition brings a substantial re-organization of the contents under three headings: Writing Processes, Writing Mechanics, and Writing Contexts. Coverage of APA, Chicago, and CSE styles of documentation has been substantially expanded, and the MLA section has now been fully revised to take into account all the 2016 changes. Also expanded is coverage of academic argument; of writing and critical thinking; of writing about literature, of paragraphing; of how to integrate quoted material into one’s own work; of balance and parallelism; and of issues of gender, race, religion etc. in writing. The chapter “Seeing and Meaning: Reading (and Writing About) Visual Images” is entirely new to the sixth edition.

Collaboration, Narrative, and Inquiry That Honor the Complexity of Teacher Education

Author : Amy Johnson Lachuk,Karen Rut Gísladóttir,Tricia DeGraff

ISBN10 : 164802209X

Publisher : IAP

Number of Pages : 149

Category : Education

Viewed : 1823


Book Summary: Collaboration, Narrative, and Inquiry that Honor the Complexity of Teacher Education presents a narrative exploration of three teacher educators' collaborative and transnational inquiry into their practices. Through carefully selected narratives, the authors describe how they enacted a practice-based approach in their teacher education courses. The authors present challenges and complexities they encountered as teacher educators in trying to prepare preservice teacher candidates for the realities of the classroom.

Embodied Curriculum Theory and Research in Arts Education

Author : Susan W. Stinson

ISBN10 : 3319207865

Publisher : Springer

Number of Pages : 310

Category : Education

Viewed : 1270


Book Summary: This collection of articles by Susan W. Stinson, organized thematically and chronologically by the author, reveals the evolution of the field of arts education in general and dance education in particular, through narrative and critical reflections by this unique scholar and a few co-authors. It also includes contextual insights not available elsewhere. The author's pioneering embodied research work in arts and dance education continues to be relevant to researchers today. The selected chapters and articles were predominantly previously published in a variety of journals, conference proceedings and books between 1985 and the present. Each section is preceded by an introduction and the author has written a post scriptum for each article to offer a commentary or response to the article from the current perspective.

Critical Thinking Within the Library Program

Author : John Spencer,Christopher Millson-Martula

ISBN10 : 1317994868

Publisher : Routledge

Number of Pages : 264

Category : Language Arts & Disciplines

Viewed : 871


Book Summary: While academic librarians frequently discuss critical thinking and its relationship to information literacy, the literature does not contain an abundance of sources on the topic. Therefore, this works provides a current and timely perspective on the possible roles of critical thinking within the library program. The work contains a variety of approaches likely to benefit the practicing librarian. It begins with a review of the literature, followed by theoretical approaches involving constructivism and the Socratic method. Readers will find pieces on the integration of critical thinking into the first-year experience and course-specific case studies, as well as a selection on a campus-wide critical thinking project. In each of the pieces, librarians are exploring new ways to meet their instructional goals, including the goal of teaching critical thinking skills to students across the curriculum. This book was originally published as a special issue of College & Undergraduate Libraries.

Concepts in Composition

Author : Irene L. Clark

ISBN10 : 0429685807

Publisher : Routledge

Number of Pages : 466

Category : Language Arts & Disciplines

Viewed : 899


Book Summary: Concepts in Composition is designed to foster reflection on how theory impacts practice, allowing prospective teachers to assume the dual role of both teacher and student as they enter the discipline of Writing Studies and become familiar with some of its critical conversations. Now in its third edition, the volume offers up-to-date scholarship and a deeper focus on diversity, both in the classroom and in relation to Writing Studies and literacy more broadly. This text continues to offer a wealth of practical assignments, classroom activities, and readings in each chapter. It is the ideal resource for the undergraduate or graduate student looking to pursue a career in writing instruction.

Teaching Literature in the Real World

Author : Patrick Collier

ISBN10 : 1350195081

Publisher : Bloomsbury Publishing

Number of Pages : 184

Category : Literary Criticism

Viewed : 943


Book Summary: Offering guidance and inspiration to English literature instructors, this book faces the challenges of real-life teaching and the contemporary higher education classroom head on. Whether you're teaching in a community college, a state school, a liberal arts college, or an Ivy League institution, this book offers valuable advice and insights which will help you to motivate, incentivize and inspire your students. Addressing questions such as: 'how do you articulate the value of literary education to students (and administrators, and parents)?', 'how can a class session with a fatigued and underprepared group of students be made productive?', and 'how do you incentivize overscheduled students to read energetically in preparation for class?', this book answers these universal quandaries and more, providing a usable philosophy of the value of literary education, articulating a set of learning goals for students of literature, and offering plenty of practical advice on pedagogical strategies, day-to-day coping, and more. In its sum, Teaching Literature in the Real World constitutes an experience-based philosophy of teaching literature that is practical and realistic, oriented towards helping students develop intellectual skills, and committed to pedagogy built on explicit, detailed, and observable learning objectives.

Making Writing Matter

Author : Ann M. Feldman

ISBN10 : 0791478661

Publisher : SUNY Press

Number of Pages : 236

Category : Education

Viewed : 505


Book Summary: Challenging more limited approaches to service learning, this book examines writing instruction in the context of universities fully engaged in community partnerships. In Making Writing Matter, Ann M. Feldman explores how changing scholarship at engaged metropolitan universities offers an opportunity to redesign first-year writing classes in ways that make students better writers. An engaged university commits to a relationship with its surrounding metropolitan area, with faculty members undertaking collaborative research with community partners. The more vibrant, participatory role of an engaged university allows students to link their academic studies to important public issues and gain real-world writing experience, such as writing press releases and letters to organizations. This newly focused and contextualized research and scholarship at engaged universities shows students how discourse and writing matter in new ways. Ann M. Feldman is Associate Professor of English at the University of Illinois at Chicago. She is the author of Writing and Learning in the Disciplines and the coauthor (with Ellen McManus and Nancy Downs) of In Context: Reading and Writing in Cultural Conversations, Second Edition.

Your Writing Well

Author : Bob Davis, Dr

ISBN10 : 1614304270

Publisher : International Publications Media Group

Number of Pages : N.A

Category : Foreign Language Study

Viewed : 1915


Book Summary: Fifteen essays for anyone in any profession or academic level, Your Writing Well studies every aspect of the writing process, providing faster means to better products than do narrowly focused trade handbooks and academic texts. Having combed through writing pedagogy and cut through nonsense about composition and grammar, Dr. Davis provides an all-inclusive set of theory highlighting logic-based skills and practical strategies to create, develop, defend, and communicate coherently organized, well-expressed thoughts. Not marketed for dummies, Your Writing Well assumes readers have the smarts to follow mature common-sense guidance, grasp examples, and thus compensate for their existing lack of knowledge of what to do, how and why to do it, and where. Informed not by needless prohibitions but by relaxed, reassuring balances of freedom and prudent regulation, Your Writing Well is a comprehensive cure for all writers' ailments and deficiencies.

Collaborative Learning and Writing

Author : Kathleen M. Hunzer

ISBN10 : 0786489774

Publisher : McFarland

Number of Pages : 236

Category : Education

Viewed : 1184


Book Summary: Although most writing instructors know the benefits of collaborative learning and writing in college writing classes, many remain unsure how to implement collaborative techniques successfully in the classroom. This collection provides a diversity of voices that address the “how tos” of collaborative learning and writing by addressing key concerns about the process. Fresh essays consider the importance of collaborative work and peer review, the best ways to select groups in classes, integration of collaborative learning techniques into electronic environments, whether group learning and writing are appropriate for all writing classes, and ways special populations can benefit from collaborative activities. Despite its challenges, collaborative learning can prove remarkably effective and this study provides the advice to make it work smoothly and successfully.

Teaching Transformations 2011—Contributions from the May 2011 Joint Annual Conference of the Center for Innovative Teaching (CIT) and Educational Technology (EdTech) at UMass Boston

Author : Mohammad H. Tamdgidi,Eleanor Kutz,Vivian Zamel

ISBN10 : 1888024461

Publisher : Ahead Publishing House (imprint: Okcir Press)

Number of Pages : 103

Category : Education

Viewed : 1875


Book Summary: This Summer 2011 (IX, 3) issue of Human Architecture: Journal of the Sociology of Self-Knowledge entitled “Teaching Transformations 2011″—a fourth of its annual “Teaching Transformations” series—brings together selected proceedings of the joint CIT (Center for Innovative Teaching)/EdTech (Educational Technology) conference held on May 12, 2011, at UMass Boston. The editors’ note describes the reasons for the bringing together of the two separately organized conferences in the past. It also reports on the new name adopted by CIT (from its former name, the Center for the Improvement of Teaching). The papers include a variety of contributions on topics such as: innovative techniques to enrich the dynamics of classroom discussions; “addressing plagiarism in a digital age”; cross-cultural/national, cross-institutional teaching of a course using online educational tools; “‘Islamicizing’ a Euro/American curriculum”; modernizing classical language education using the communicative language teaching (CLT) technique in conjunction with new educational technologies; teaching about race, caste and gender in light of the findings of anthropological and genetic sciences; and suggestions for online student collaborations based on the experience of teaching a Critical Thinking course. Contributors include: Eleanor Kutz (also as journal issue guest editor), Vivian Zamel (also as journal issue guest editor), LaMont Egle, Evelyn Navarre, Cheryl Nixon, Wayne Rhodes, Stephen Sutherland, Edward J. Romar, Annamaria Sas, Irene Yukhananov, Alan Girelli, Teddy Hristov, Mary Ball Howkins, Apostolos Koutropoulos, Tara Devi S. Ashok, Bob Schoenberg, and Mohammad H. Tamdgidi (also as journal editor-in-chief). Human Architecture: Journal of the Sociology of Self-Knowledge is a publication of OKCIR: The Omar Khayyam Center for Integrative Research in Utopia, Mysticism, and Science (Utopystics). For more information about OKCIR and other issues in its journal’s Edited Collection as well as Monograph and Translation series visit OKCIR’s homepage.

Upsetting Composition Commonplaces

Author : Ian Barnard

ISBN10 : 0874219477

Publisher : University Press of Colorado

Number of Pages : 172

Category : Language Arts & Disciplines

Viewed : 1054


Book Summary: In Upsetting Composition Commonplaces, Ian Barnard argues that composition still retains the bulk of instructional practices that were used in the decades before poststructuralist theory discredited them. While acknowledging that some of the foundational insights of poststructuralist theory can be difficult to translate to the classroom, Barnard upends several especially intransigent tenets that continue to influence the teaching of writing and how students are encouraged to understand writing. Using six major principles of writing classrooms and textbooks—clarity, intent, voice, ethnography, audience, and objectivity—Barnard looks at the implications of poststructuralist theory for pedagogy. While suggesting some evocative poststructuralist pedagogical practices, the author focuses on diagnosing the fault lines of composition's refusal of poststructuralism rather than on providing "solutions” in the form of teaching templates. Upsetting Composition Commonplaces addresses the need to more effectively engage in poststructuralist concepts in composition in an accessible and engaging voice that will advance the conversation about relations between the theory and teaching of writing.

How Writing Works

Author : Roslyn Petelin

ISBN10 : 1000476405

Publisher : Routledge

Number of Pages : 330

Category : Language Arts & Disciplines

Viewed : 1614


Book Summary: This is an engaging and practical introduction to the elements of grammar, sentence structure, and style that you need to write well across a range of academic, creative, and professional contexts, deftly combining practical strategies with scholarly principles. The second edition includes updated material based on a longstanding commitment to writing and to best international practice. It includes advice on reading; language; grammar and style; structuring; designing; paragraphing; punctuation; workplace and academic documents; digital writing for social media; and revising, editing, and proofreading. How Writing Works should be on the desk of everyone who needs to write: students, professionals in all fields, and creative writers. It is an essential handbook for working writers and writing workers in the contemporary writing-reliant workplace. The accompanying companion website includes video interviews and presentations from leading grammarians including Professor David Crystal and Professor Geoff Pullum, in addition to online quizzes and activities to support readers’ learning.