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Unknown Object

Author : ,

ISBN10 : 1505468604

Publisher : William Soppitt

Number of Pages : 214

Category : Fiction

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Book Summary: Who knew today could be the last. An unknown object impacts in a remote Moroccan town. Nothing prepared us for what happened next. As cities fall, continents shift and the human race struggles to exist, Vivienne Wright must fight her demons as well as the people charged with the survival of humankind. With no defence, and no way to detect where it may impact next, their only hope is to hide and wait out the mysterious object. Will Vivienne’s belief in a mute young woman salvage what’s left of humanity? Do we even deserve to survive? “I am responsible for ending our world. Nothing can save us. When the end comes, believe in the afterlife for there will be nothing left here to believe in. It’s coming. We knew it would. We knew it couldn’t be stopped.”

Novell's Guide to Troubleshooting eDirectory

Author : Peter Kuo,Jim Henderson

ISBN10 : 0789741555

Publisher : Pearson Education

Number of Pages : 936

Category : Computers

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Book Summary: Novell eDirectory (formerly Novell Directory Services- NDS) is employed by system administrator to define users on the network and links those same users to their access rights with corporate resources, devices like printers and security policies. Novell eDirectory is comparable to Microsoft's Active Directory and is designed for large-scale, high-end directory deployments. Its strengths are scalability and reliability, a flexible yet strong security architecture, compatibility with key industry standards and operating systems. Novell's Guide to Troubleshooting eDirectory is the definitive source for information on eDirectory troubleshooting techniques. It is the single stop reference covering topics from good design to proactive/reactive problem resolution. All of the information presented in this book has been gathered from hands-on, real world experiences of the authors.

The Linguistic Condition

Author : Claudia Brodsky

ISBN10 : 135014438X

Publisher : Bloomsbury Publishing

Number of Pages : 272

Category : Philosophy

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Book Summary: Providing a unique interpretation of Kant's theory of judgement as integral to his overall project, Claudia Brodsky explores his continued relevance to contemporary theoretical concerns. The Linguistic Condition traces how Kant combined sensus communis, or common sense with the communicative nature of judgement to reveal that, for him, acts of judgement are dependent on their linguistic articulation, so that in Kantian philosophy language and judgement are inextricably linked. In this first in-depth analysis of language in the Critique of Judgement, Brodsky forms creative connections between literature and philosophy.

New Lands

Author : Charles Fort

ISBN10 : 1627932089

Publisher : Simon and Schuster

Number of Pages : 189

Category : Religion

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Book Summary: There are many books that tell of sightings of ghosts, aliens, and strange animals. But Charles Fort's "New Lands" is perhaps the only book in which whole continents, geographies, and, indeed, planetary systems themselves are seen in the same uncertain twilight of perception.

Jets from Young Stars II

Author : Francesca Bacciotti,Emma Whelan,Leonardo Testi

ISBN10 : 3540680322

Publisher : Springer

Number of Pages : 292

Category : Science

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Book Summary: This volume offers a background in modern high spatial resolution techniques, illustrating how such methods have impacted on our understanding of young stars. It provides hands-on insight into observing from space as well as the ground, the use of interferometers at millimeter and infrared wavelengths, image analysis and spectral diagnostic techniques, and High Angular Resolution studies of the inner regions of circumstellar disks that play a fundamental role in jet launching.

Immanuel Kant's Critique Of Pure Reason

Author : Immanuel Kant

ISBN10 : 1446547876

Publisher : Read Books Ltd

Number of Pages : 704

Category : Philosophy

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Book Summary: Originally published in 1929. PREFACE: THE present translation was begun in 1913, when I was completing my Commentary to Kants Critique of Pure Reason Owing, however, to various causes, I was unable at that time to do more than prepare a rough translation of about a third of the whole and it was not until 1927 that I found leisure to revise and continue it. In this task I have greatly profited by the work of my two predecessors, J. M. D. Meiklejohn and Max Muller. Meiklejohn's work, a translation of the second edition of the Critique was published in 1855. Max Mullers translation, which is based on the first edition of the Critique, with the second edition passages in appendices, was published in 1881. Meiklejohn has a happy gift which only those who attempt to follow in his steps can, I think, fully appreciate of making Kant speak in language that reasonably approximates to English idiom. Max Mullers main merit, as he has very justly claimed, is his greater accuracy in rendering passages in which a specially exact appreciation of the niceties of German idiom happens to be important for the sense. Both Meiklejohn and Max Muller laboured, however, under the disadvantage of not having made any very thorough study of the Critical Philosophy and the shortcomings in their translations can usually be traced to this cause. In the past fifty years, also, much has been done in the study and interpretation of the text. In particular, my task has been facilitated by the quite invaluable edition of the Critique edited by Dr. Raymund Schmidt. Indeed, the appearance of this edition in 1926 was the immediate occasion of my resuming the work of translation. Dr. Schmidts restoration of the original texts of the first and second editions of the Critique, and especially of Kants own punctuation so very helpful in many difficult and doubtful passages and his citation of alternative readings, have largely relieved me of the time-consuming task of collating texts, and of assembling the emendations suggested by Kantian scholars in their editions of the Critique or in their writings upon it. The text which I have followed is that of the second edition (1787) and I have in all cases indicated any departure from it. I have also given a translation of all first edition passages which in the second edition have been either altered or omitted. Wherever possible, this original first edition text is given in the lower part of the page. In the two sections, however, which Kant completely recast in the second edition The Transcendental Deduction of the Categories and The Paralogisms of Pure Reason this cannot conveniently be done and I have therefore given the two versions in immediate succession, in the main text. For this somewhat unusual procedure there is a twofold justification first, that the Critique is already, in itself, a composite work, the different parts of which record the successive stages in the development of Kants views and secondly, that the first edition versions are, as a matter of fact, indispensable for an adequate under standing of the versions which were substituted for them. The paging's of both the first and the second edition are given throughout, on the margins the first edition being referred to as A, the second edition as B.

Three Theological Mistakes

Author : Ric S Machuga

ISBN10 : 0227904605

Publisher : ISD LLC

Number of Pages : 294

Category : Religion

Viewed : 1840


Book Summary: Is the existence of God a matter of faith or knowledge? Does God sometimes act miraculously or are there physical causes for everything? Is morality absolute or relative? Are humans truly free or does God's sovereignty determine everything? Whenbad things happen, is God the cause or are they the fault of humans? Too frequently Christians answer these questions with a Yes to one side and a No to the other side. Thomas Aquinas and Karl Barth answer Yes to both. Following their model, Machuga defends a third way which transcends the Enlightenment dichotomies of fideism vs. rationalism, supernaturalism vs. naturalism, relativism vs. absolutism, free will vs. predestination, and God's justice vs. his mercy. Machuga begins by showing how these false dichotomies grew out of the Enlightenment assumptions of mechanism, universal quantification, and mono-causation. He then corrects these demonstrably dubious assumptions by articulating a theory of dual-causation. The result is a thoroughly biblical understanding of God, miracles, and free will that can withstand the contemporary criticisms of both science and philosophy.

The Primitive Edge of Experience

Author : Thomas Ogden

ISBN10 : 0429921829

Publisher : Routledge

Number of Pages : 254

Category : Psychology

Viewed : 952


Book Summary: The author constructs an anatomy and physiology of the psychic apparatus based on the interplay of the depressive, the paranoid-schizoid and the autistic - contiguous positions. The last position is his unique creation and refer to a primitive mode of experiencing that involves the moulding and shaping of boundaries.

Critique of Pure Reason

Author : Immanuel Kant

ISBN10 : 1605204501

Publisher : Cosimo, Inc.

Number of Pages : 504

Category : Philosophy

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Book Summary: Often called Kant's "first critique," this is a foundational work of modern philosophy, one that attempts to define the very nature of reason, and to join the two schools of thought dominant in the late 18th century: that of Empiricism and Rationalism. At the border between thinking subject to religion and realities as the burgeoning sciences were demonstrating at the time, Kant explores ethics, the limits of human knowledge, logic, deduction, observation, and intuition, and in the process laid the groundwork for the modern intellect. First published in 1781, this is required reading for anyone wishing to be considered well educated. German metaphysician IMMANUEL KANT (1724-1804) served as a librarian of the Royal Library, a prestigious government position, and as a professor at Knigsberg University. His other works include Observations on the Feeling of the Beautiful and Sublime (1764), Groundwork of the Metaphysics of Morals (1785), and Critique of Practical Reason (1788).

Coping with Stress

Author : C. R. Snyder

ISBN10 : 0198029950

Publisher : Oxford University Press

Number of Pages : 336

Category : Psychology

Viewed : 1797


Book Summary: This is a companion volume to Coping: The Psychology of What Works, which is also edited by Snyder. This second book includes chapters by some of the most well known clinical and health psychologists and covers some of the newest and most provocative topics currently under study in the area of coping. The contributors address the key questions in this literature: Why do some of us learn from hardship and life's stressors? And why do others fail and succumb to depression, anxiety, and even suicide? What are the adaptive patterns and behaviors of those who do well in spite of the obstacles that are thrown their way? The chapters will look at exercise as a way of coping with stress, body imaging, the use of humor, forgiveness, control of hostile thoughts, ethnicity and coping, sexism and coping aging and relationships, constructing a coherent life story, personal spirituality, and personal growth.

Handbook of Theories of Social Psychology

Author : Paul A M Van Lange,Arie W Kruglanski,E Tory Higgins

ISBN10 : 1446250075

Publisher : SAGE

Number of Pages : 560

Category : Psychology

Viewed : 1091


Book Summary: This innovative two-volume handbook provides a comprehensive exploration of the major developments of social psychological theories that have taken place over the past half century, culminating in a state of the art overview of the primary theories and models that have been developed in this vast and fascinating field. Authored by leading international experts, each chapter represents a personal and historical narrative of the theory's development including the inspirations, critical junctures, and problem-solving efforts that have effected the choices made in each theory's evolution as well as the impact each has had on the canon of social psychology. Unique to this handbook, these narratives provide a rich background for understanding how theories are created more generally; how they're nurtured and shaped over time: and how through examination we can better understand their unique contribution to society as a whole. The Handbook also illustrates how the various theories contribute to understanding and solving critical social issues and problems. The Handbook of Theories of Social Psychology is an essential resource for researchers and students of social psychology and related disciplines.

The Complete Works of Arthur Morrison (Including Martin Hewitt Detective Mysteries, Sketches of the Old London Slum & Tales of the Supernatural) - Illustrated

Author : Arthur Morrison

ISBN10 : 8026853547

Publisher : e-artnow

Number of Pages : 4100

Category : Fiction

Viewed : 1667


Book Summary: This carefully crafted ebook: "The Complete Works of Arthur Morrison (Including Martin Hewitt Detective Mysteries, Sketches of the Old London Slum & Tales of the Supernatural) - Illustrated” is formatted for your eReader with a functional and detailed table of contents. Arthur Morrison (1863-1945) was an English author known for his detective stories, featuring the detective Martin Hewitt, realistic, lower class answer to Sherlock Holmes. Martin Hewitt stories are similar in style to those of Conan Doyle, cleverly plotted and very amusing, while the character himself is a bit less arrogant and a bit more charming than Holmes. Morrison is also known for his realistic novels and stories about working-class life in London's East End, A Child of the Jago being the best known. Table of Contents: Martin Hewitt Series: Martin Hewitt, Investigator The Lenton Croft Robberies The Loss of Sammy Crockett The Case of Mr. Foggatt The Case of the Dixon Torpedo The Quinton Jewel Affair The Stanway Cameo Mystery The Affair of the Tortoise Chronicles of Martin Hewitt The Ivy Cottage Mystery The Nicobar Bullion Case The Holford Will Case The Case of the Missing Hand The Case of Laker, Absconded The Case of the Lost Foreigner Adventures of Martin Hewitt The Affair of Mrs. Seton's Child The Case of Mr. Geldard's Elopement The Case of the Dead Skipper The Case of the "Flitterbat Lancers" The Case of the Late Mr. Rewse The Case of the Ward Lane Tabernacle The Red Triangle The Affair of Samuel's Diamonds The Case of Mr. Jacob Mason The Case of the Lever Key The Case of the Burnt Barn The Case of the Admiralty Code The Adventure of Channel Marsh Novels: A Child of the Jago To London Town Cunning Murrell The Hole in the Wall Short Stories: Tales of Mean Streets The Dorrington Deed Box The Green Eye of Goona (The Green Diamond) Divers Vanities Green Ginger Fiddle o' Dreams and More Uncollected Stories Other Works: The Shadows Around Us

Deleuze and Guattari's 'What is Philosophy?'

Author : Rex Butler

ISBN10 : 1441112170

Publisher : Bloomsbury Publishing

Number of Pages : 224

Category : Philosophy

Viewed : 1298


Book Summary: What is Philosophy? is the last instalment of a remarkable twenty-year collaboration between the philosopher Gilles Deleuze and the psychoanalyst Félix Guattari. This hugely important text attempts to explain the terms of their collaboration and to define the activity of philosophy in which they have been engaged. A major contribution to contemporary Continental philosophy, it nevertheless remains distinctly challenging for readers faced for the first time with Deleuze and Guattari's unusual and somewhat allusive style. Deleuze and Guattari's 'What is Philosophy?': A Reader's Guide offers a concise and accessible introduction to this hugely important and yet challenging work. Written specifically to meet the needs of students coming to Deleuze and Guattari for the first time, the book offers guidance on: - Philosophical and historical context - Key themes - Reading the text - Reception and influence - Further reading

The Betrothed

Author : Alessandro Manzoni

ISBN10 : 8726282771

Publisher : Lindhardt og Ringhof

Number of Pages : 814

Category : Fiction

Viewed : 358


Book Summary: The Betrothed is set in the Lombardy (Italy) of the seventeenth-century, which was then under Spanish rule. It tells the story of two young lovers, Renzo and Lucy, who wish to marry but cannot. The local lord, Don Rodrigo, is in love with Lucy, and intimidates both the population and clergy. They will have to undertake a long series of adventures to reach their goal. This novel presents a faithful reconstruction of the time and area, and depicts themes such as the divine providence, the plague, foreign domination, and poverty. Alessandro Manzoni (1785-1873) is considered to be one of the major Italian authors of all times. His works have contributed to the unification of the Italian language and he one of the main figures of Italian history and literature. His works are studied in schools and tell of the cultural origins of modern Italy.

Inventing Agency

Author : Claudia Brodsky,Eloy LaBrada

ISBN10 : 1501317164

Publisher : Bloomsbury Publishing USA

Number of Pages : 224

Category : Literary Criticism

Viewed : 427


Book Summary: Inventing Agency addresses some of the most central and pressing concerns in criticism, theory, and philosophy today. As new metaphysics of the realia of power and independently animated objects have replaced ancient conceptualizations of substance, being, and causation, the question of the “subject”-of the capability for just such conceptual change, for acting to any effect whatsoever-has reemerged with fresh critical urgency. Writing on theories and fictions of the subject from Aristotle to Althusser and Fielding to Flaubert, the contributors to Inventing Agency explore the unprecedented productions of the subject as agent-of cognition, aesthetic experience and judgment, imagination and representation, and moral and political action-that together define the “revolution” in reflection that Kant called “the Age of Critique.” Informed by expertise in such interrelated fields as continental and analytic philosophy and literary history, Marxian and utopian theory, poetics and cultural criticism, moral theory and theory of sensibility, and feminist and disability studies, Inventing Agency addresses the invention of subjecthood by philosophical and literary conceptions of the specifically human capacities that continue to reveal the prospect of social-individual and historical-agency in action. This collection on the productions of the subject is vital reading for anyone engaged in thinking about where the categories of contemporary theory come from, and where they might lead next.

Advances in Science and Engineering II

Author : Robin G. Qiu,Yong Feng Ju

ISBN10 : 3038137197

Publisher : Trans Tech Publications Ltd

Number of Pages : 1340

Category : Technology & Engineering

Viewed : 785


Book Summary: The 197 high-quality papers which make up this special volume on Advances in Science and Engineering are divided into the chapters: Transportation and Service Science, Networks and Control, Advanced Intelligence and Manufacturing, Image Processing and Modeling of Materials, Information Technology, Energy and Electronics, Mechanical and Automation, Other Applications