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Grace is Enough

Author : ,

ISBN10 : 1950968359

Publisher : Blue Star Press

Number of Pages : 204

Category : Religion

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Book Summary: "Wow, this devotional is meant for such a time as this! Grace is Enough is filled with daily truth to fight the lies of the world with God's truth, prayer and real-life encouraging messages to bring you into a life filled with His peace." - Sadie Robertson Huff For days when you're feeling stressed, worried, or simply seeking inspiration, this beautifully written women's devotional will lift you up and help you find calm amid the chaos of life today. Grace Is Enough is a 30-day devotional for women who are seeking to build confidence and fight anxiety with the use of God's word. Through poignant personal essays and stories from the Bible, author Courtney Fidell shares inspiring messages to help you overcome your insecurities and find freedom and peace through the power of prayer. Grace Is Enough features: • 30 days of devotional passages featuring the author's personal essays and Bible stories to help you ease common anxieties and insecurities, like feeling unqualified, jealous, fearful, restless, or overwhelmed • Original prayers and personal reflections to help you process your own thoughts and feelings • Modern artwork and minimalist design

Bible Promises for Moms

Author : Heidi St. John

ISBN10 : 1496435532

Publisher : NavPress

Number of Pages : 132

Category : Religion

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Book Summary: Begin every day with an encouraging promise from God. God understands the heart of a mom, as well as the daily cares and worries that can weigh you down. No matter where you are in your mothering journey, God’s mercies and promises are for you. This pocket-size book of Scriptures provides hundreds of Bible promises that are relevant to the needs of every mother, interweaving them with personal reflections from popular author Heidi St. John. Arranged topically for easy use, Bible Promises for Moms will give you verses to guide you when you need to hear that God is pleased when you hang in there; when your mother’s heart needs to remember what God can do; when you need to model true forgiveness for your children; and many more. We need the wisdom of God as we bring up our precious children. Lean into God’s promises today, trusting His Word as your ultimate source for guidance, hope, strength, and encouragement. Yet I am confident I will see the Lord’s goodness while I am here in the land of the living. Wait patiently for the Lord. Be brave and courageous. Yes, wait patiently for the Lord (Psalm 27:13-14, NLT).

Prayers for Calm

Author : Becca Anderson

ISBN10 : 1633539938

Publisher : Mango Media Inc.

Number of Pages : 246

Category : Religion

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Book Summary: Inspirational Prayers for Spiritual Wellness “Becca Anderson's daily devotional is designed to quiet you down and create a space for peace and the nurturance of your soul...”—Spirituality & Practice Magazine Calming Prayer. Becca Anderson, bestselling author of the motivational books Prayers for Hard Times and The Woman’s Book of Prayer, brings us a new, up and coming classic, Prayers for Calm. Becca learned the power of healing prayer firsthand from pastors in her family who pray with their congregation as well as from working with Dr. Larry Dossey, a physician who prayed for his patients to great effect, leading to his book Prayer is Good Medicine. Through a mix of Bible verses, prayers for tranquility, quotes for quietude and peaceful poems, Prayers for Calm offers solace and serenity for every day of the year. Ancient Wisdom. The collection of spiritual pieces in Prayers for Calm is from centuries’ worth of wisdom and is meant to bring direction back into what may be a chaotic time. The hope is that these words from people who have experienced similar feelings will speak to your soul and help you get back on the path to spiritual wellness and healing. Prayers for Calm is the perfect inspirational gift or encouragement gift. This book will help you: Slow your racing mind in this fast-paced world Calm your thoughts enough to see the big picture in overwhelming situations Assert control over your mind and believe in yourself Overcome nagging worries and fears that hold you back from life Deepen your connection to spiritual serenity Discover meditative mantras and actualizing affirmations to reduce your anxiety If you liked Pocket Prayers, I’ve Been Thinking... or Prayers that Activate Blessings, you’ll love Prayers for Calm.

Trusting God Day by Day

Author : Joyce Meyer

ISBN10 : 1455517879

Publisher : FaithWords

Number of Pages : 448

Category : Religion

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Book Summary: In her dynamic new devotional, TRUSTING GOD DAY BY DAY, international speaker and New York Times bestselling author Joyce Meyer provides you with powerful "starting points" for every day of the year. Each day's devotion is filled with practical advice and help from Joyce along with life-changing promises from God's Word that you can quickly and easily apply in your own life. The world wants you to place your trust in your circumstances, your success, your talents and the opinions of others. But God's called you to rise above the world, and put your full trust in Him - to believe and apply what He's promised in His Word more than anything else. Living this way won't just happen - you have to be intentional. But where do you begin? We all need help to make good choices, battle worry, overcome anxiety and keep a positive attitude. Using this devotional, readers will learn to grab hold of life this way, day by day, with trust in God.

Women of the Bible

Author : Ann Spangler,Jean E. Syswerda

ISBN10 : 0310344565

Publisher : Zondervan

Number of Pages : 448

Category : Religion

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Book Summary: Bestselling, updated, and expanded devotional study, Women of the Bible, by Ann Spangler and Jean E. Syswerda, focuses on fifty-two remarkable women in Scripture—women whose struggles to live with faith and courage are not unlike your own. Special features in Women of the Bible include: • A list of all the women of the Bible • Timeline of the women of the Bible • A list of women in Jesus’ family tree • A list of women in Jesus’ life and ministry Vital and deeply human, the women in this book encourage you through their failures as well as their successes. You’ll see how God acted in surprising and wonderful ways to draw them—and you—to himself. This year-long devotional offers a unique method to help you slow down and savor the story of God’s unrelenting love for his people, offering a fresh perspective that will nourish and strengthen your personal relationship with him.

The One Year Devotions for Women

Author : Ann Spangler

ISBN10 : 1414377371

Publisher : Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.

Number of Pages : 384

Category : Religion

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Book Summary: Dont we all want just a little more peace in our lives? Peace in relationships. Peace at home and at work. Peace from painful memories. Release from pressures and demands that threaten to crush us. What if we could build a moment of peace into every day of the year, opening our hearts to the peace God has promised? Wouldnt it be great to live with less fear and anxiety and with more confidence and joy? The One Year Devotions for Women is a chance to spend time with God every day, to breathe deeply and grab on to the kind of peace that only God can offera peace far richer and more satisfying than anything we can hope or imagine. Each of these uplifting devotions includes a key Scripture verse, a devotional reading, and a suggested prayer for connecting with God.

A Guide to Hospitals and Nursing - A Collection of Writings and Excerpts

Author : Florence Nightingale,Lytton Strachey

ISBN10 : 152878930X

Publisher : Read Books Ltd

Number of Pages : 223

Category : History

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Book Summary: Florence Nightingale (1820–1910) was an English social reformer, statistician, and pioneer of modern nursing. She became famous during the time she served as manager and trainer of nurses during the Crimean War, giving nursing a positive reputation and becoming a Victorian culture icon. Also known as "The Lady with the Lamp", she was an accomplished writer who produced a large corpus of work related to medical knowledge. A great example of such writing is “Guide To Hospitals And Nursing”, within which Nightingale outlines some key principles of nursing with a particular focus on nursing for the poor and underprivileged. Highly recommended for those with an interest in the history and development of nursing and not to be missed by the discerning collector. Contents include: “Florence Nightingale, By Lytton Strachey”, “Suggestions On A System Of Nursing For Hospitals In India”, “Trained Nursing For The Sick Poor”, “Workhouse Nursing - The Story Of A Successful Experiment”, “Amy Sanitary Administration, and Its Reform Under The Late Lord Herbert”, “Health Teaching In Towns And Villages. Rural Hygiene”, etc. Other notable works by this author include: "Notes on Nursing: What Nursing Is, What Nursing is Not" (1859), "Suggestions for Thought" (1860), and "Una and the Lion" (1871).This classic work is being republished now in a new edition complete with an introductory chapter by Lytton Strachey.

The One Year Devos for Teen Girls

Author : Dannah Gresh,Susan Weibel

ISBN10 : 1414386176

Publisher : Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.

Number of Pages : 384

Category : Young Adult Nonfiction

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Book Summary: The One Year Devos for Teen Girls is a fresh new devotional just for teen girls by popular author Dannah Gresh. The subject matter is current and includes modern topics. The devotions often utilize social media such as viewing YouTube videos and dealing with Facebook. While the subject matter is modern, Gresh, in her solid big-sister fashion, points girls to the unchanging Word of God. She meets girls where they are and simply explains what God’s Word says about the issue. The devotional reads like a handbook on living as a teen girl in today’s society. Gresh doesn’t shy away from controversial issues, but gives a biblical perspective on topics teens are sure to wonder about, such as sexuality, bullying, self-worth, church issues, hypocrisy, and Facebook. Gresh writes the devotional with Suzy Weibel, the wife of her pastor.