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ISBN10 : 1681496410

Publisher : Ignatius Press

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Book Summary: To learn more about YOUCAT at the special website for it - click here YOUCAT is short for Youth Catechism of the Catholic Church, which was launched on World Youth Day, 2011. Developed with the help of young Catholics and written for high-school age people and young adults, YOUCAT is an accessible, contemporary expression of the Catholic Faith. The appealing graphic format includes Questions-and-Answers, highly-readable commentary, summary definitions of key terms, Bible citations and inspiring and thought-provoking quotes from Saints and others in the margins. What's more, YOUCAT is keyed to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, so people can go deeper. It explains: What Catholics believe and why (doctrine)How Catholics celebrate the mysteries of the faith (sacraments)How Catholics are to live (moral life)How they should pray (prayer and spirituality) The questions are direct and honest, even at times tough; the answers straightforward, relevant, and compelling. YOUCAT will likely become the "go-to" place for young people to learn the truth about the Catholic faith. Illustrated.

YOUCAT Study Guide

Author : Mark Brumley,Jack Kersting,Paul George

ISBN10 : 1681496453

Publisher : Ignatius Press

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Book Summary: The tremendously popular, global Catholic youth phenomenon YOUCAT-Youth Catechism of the Catholic Church-now has an easy-to-use companion study guide. Aimed at helping readers to get the most out of YOUCAT, the YOUCAT Study Guide features 35 topics based on the catechism. Each topic has a brief introduction (Behind YOUCAT); short questions on YOUCAT's coverage of the topic (What does YOUCAT say?); a section on Scripture (What Does the Bible Say?); discussion questions based on YOUCAT (YOU Chat); a brief reflection on the YOUCAT material covered (YOU Reflect); and a set of ideas for action (YOUCAT Challenge). Each topic relates the material of YOUCAT in one of the four pillars of the catechism-the Creed, the Sacraments, Morality, and Prayer. And each topic includes space for readers to "journal" their thoughts while reading through YOUCAT. The YOUCAT Study Guide is excellent for classroom use, youth group discussions, or personal study. The Study Guide is designed in such a way that the sections of the topics are module-they can all be used or leaders can select sections to use as time or interest permits. Written by people experienced with youth ministry and education, YOUCAT Study Guide helps young people go even deeper into their faith using YOUCAT!


Author : YOUCAT Foundation gemeinnutzige GmbH

ISBN10 : 1681497050

Publisher : Ignatius Press

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Book Summary: DOCAT is "revealing the secret" to young people around the world. DOCAT helps young people to know and live Catholic Social Teaching. It's a great, practical follow up to YOUCAT, the hugely popular Youth Catechism, based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Drawing on Scripture, YOUCAT, the Catechism, and the Compendium of Catholic Social Teaching, DOCAT shows young people how to work toward building a "civilization of love". Features include: • Popular Q & A YOUCAT style, tackles tough questions about social justice and related issues • Lots of full-color photos with young people and others • Inspirational and insightful quotes , including comments from St John Paul II, Mother Teresa, Pope Francis, Pope Benedict • Written with help from church leaders, business leaders, social activists, and young people • Guides young people in conscience formation and Catholic action on social and political issues


Author : Unknown

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Book Summary: The newest title in the internationally best-selling "YOUCAT" series for youth and young adults, this outstanding Bible features the creative elements of the best-selling YOUCAT youth catechism and the DOCAT social teaching handbook. It's filled with engaging photos, clever and fun illustrations by YOUCAT's award-winning designer, insightful sidebar quotes from great thinkers, Catholic saints and leaders, past and present, and young people living their faith today. It includes helpful introductions to the books of the Bible and short, easy-to-understand commentaries by some of today's top Bible teachers. Plus, an index of biblical names, terms, and topics. Based on the popular Revised Standard Version, Second Catholic Edition of the Ignatius Bible, the YOUCAT Bible carefully abridges the biblical text to help young people to follow the "story" of the Bible. It also includes a special preface by Pope Francis. "You are holding something divine in your hands … A book through which God speaks." -- Pope Francis, from the preface to the YOUCAT Bible A superb book for high school classes, for regular faith-formation, for youth ministry and for young adult discussion.



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Book Summary: An exciting and fun new way to help children and parents to discover their Catholic faith together, and a great help for teachers in the classroom. In child-friendly language, accompanied by talking points for parents and teachers, YOUCAT for Kids explores: * Creation * The Creed * The Sacraments * The Ten Commandments * Prayer * The Life of Jesus All the much-loved characteristics of the bestselling YOUCAT series - including fun graphics, quotes from Saints, and thought-provoking images - have been adapted to suit a younger audience. Designed in consultation with parents and families, YOUCAT for Kids is an essential addition to every family bookshelf and Catholic school classroom.

YOUCAT Confirmation

Author : Bernhard Meuser,Nils Baer

ISBN10 : 1681496429

Publisher : Ignatius Press

Number of Pages : 115

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Book Summary: Written for the candidates in junior high and high school (or older), this YOUCAT Confirmation book provides in-depth preparation for receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation. Designed in the same popular format as the best-selling YOUCAT, this book has interesting, lively text on many spiritual topics and themes to help the student be well prepared to receive the Sacrament. It also includes many good questions throughout the book that youth ask about the faith, God, Jesus, the Church, etc., and the answers are cross referenced with either the Bible or with YOUCAT. Among the topics covered are: Why the World is Broken, Jesus-More than a Mere Man, In Search of the Holy Spirit, Prayer-Staying in Touch with God, The Church, Eucharist, Confession, the Rite of Confirmation, and more. Like Youcat, the creative design includes many fun illustrations, color pictures, quotes from saints, popes and scripture, and the favorite Òmoving stick figuresÓ at the bottom of each page. Ê

YOUCAT Confirmation Leader's Handbook

Author : Nils Baer,Bernhard Meuser

ISBN10 : 1681496437

Publisher : Ignatius Press

Number of Pages : 104

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Book Summary: YOUCAT Confirmation Leader's Handbook is a practical companion for teachers/leaders to the YOUCAT Confirmation Course. The handbook features fully planned lessons based on the 12 chapters of the YOUCAT course book. Each handbook chapter includes a brief overview of the session's theological points as well as a set of activities--for multiple levels of engagement--and the resources needed for the lesson. Includes graphic resources and other materials.

How the Catholic Church Seduces the Youth

Author : Heinz-Werner Kubitza

ISBN10 : 3828873936

Publisher : Tectum Wissenschaftsverlag

Number of Pages : 246

Category : Religion

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Book Summary: A critical contrast to Youcat. Without a foreword by the pope. In 2011, the German edition of the Catholic catechism for young people, Youcat, was published in question and answer form. Printed as an easily manageable volume with bright pictures and a foreword by Benedict XVI, Youcat has probably been the biggest publishing campaign of the Catholic Church in years. By now, the book has been translated into 72 languages, and more than 5 million copies have been sold. The comprehensive attempt to obtain a firm foothold in the thinking and personality of children and adolescents, to attract them to a dubious set of dogmas with absurd teachings made Heinz-Werner Kubitza write his book. Its title alone may seem provocative. Must we really speak of seduction? To each of the 165 questions of Youcat the author gives a reasonably rational answer, not in a humorless way, but in a quite ironic manner. From question to question he shows that many statements in Youcat are nothing but dubious, and that the Church that provides them shows many characteristics of a religious ideology unacceptable in a pluralistic and open society. Linked with the powerful propaganda machinery set in motion by the Catholic Church to spread its catechism for youth, this justifies the speaking not of promotion but of mental or spiritual seduction printed in large numbers.

The Joy in You

Author : Cat Deeley

ISBN10 : 0593181433

Publisher : Random House Books for Young Readers

Number of Pages : 32

Category : Juvenile Fiction

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Book Summary: Encourage kids to live out loud and be their truest selves with this picture book from host of So You Think You Can Dance and mom Cat Deeley. Dream big, as big as the night sky full of stars. When you discover the things you love, you’ll find true joy. Journey through a magical world, filled with a colorful cast of animals, where readers have endless opportunities to be themselves and find freedom in expression. They will delight in the silly humor and undeniable spirit of this rhythmic picture book—and take to heart the message that they are enough exactly as they are! Cat Deeley’s debut is the perfect gift for baby showers, birthday parties, and moving-up ceremonies. Its cozy illustrations also make it an ideal bedtime book that you can read to your little one.

YOUCAT para crianças: catecismo católico para pais e filhos

Author : Fundação Youcat

ISBN10 : 8534949085

Publisher : Pia Sociedade de São Paulo - Editora Paulus

Number of Pages : 240

Category : Religion

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Book Summary: Confio a vocês o YOUCAT para crianças. Não se cansem de tirar suas dúvidas e de compartilhar a fé que possuem. Quando os filhos perguntarem, não deixem de responder. Sejam como uma corrente viva que possibilite a presença do Evangelho, de geração a geração, em nossas famílias, comunidades e na Igreja. Papa Francisco

Hell On The Way To Heaven

Author : Chrissie Foster,Paul Kennedy

ISBN10 : 1742741029

Publisher : Random House Australia

Number of Pages : 384

Category : Biography & Autobiography

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Book Summary: An Australian mother's love, the power of the Catholic Church and the fight for justice over child sexual abuse. Chrissie and Anthony Foster were like any other young family, raising their three daughters in suburban Melbourne with what they hoped were the right values. Chrissie could not have known that the stranger-danger she feared actually lurked in the presbytery attached to the girls' Catholic primary school. Father Kevin O'Donnell, a long-term paedophile, lived and worked there. Two of their young daughters became victims of O'Donnell. And once the truth was revealed, the Fosters began a battle to find out how this could have happened. The Church offered silence, lies, denials and threats. Meanwhile, their daughters tried to piece together their fractured lives. This is the chilling true story that made national and international headlines. Chrissie Foster's heartbreaking account of her family's suffering, and their determination to stand up for themselves against the might of the Catholic Church, is testament to the strength of a mother's love, and the resilience of the human spirit.

My Catholic Faith

Author : Louis LaRavoire Morrow

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Publisher : Ravenio Books

Number of Pages : 430

Category : Religion

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Book Summary: Anyone deeply interested in converts seeks an exposition of the Catholic Faith which not only defines each article of the Creed and each doctrine of the Church, but which also gives an explanation and a reason for the doctrine,” writes Fulton J. Sheen in the Foreword to this classic of religious instruction. “Such an ideal is beautifully satisfied in a Catechism written by one of our zealous missionary Bishops, Most Reverend Louis L. R. Morrow, S.T.D., Bishop of Krishnagar. The presentation is such as to satisfy the mentality of both children and adults, and is even not beyond an excellent review for those who have studied both Dogmatic and Moral Theology.” This work is organized as follows: 1. Religion and the End of Man 2. The Apostles’ Creed 3. God the Supreme Being 4. The Perfections of God 5. Divine Providence 6. Existence of God 7. Divine Revelation 8. Holy Scripture, or The Bible 9. Divine Tradition 10. The Church and Divine Revelation 11. One God in Three Persons 12. Unity of the Blessed Trinity 13. Creation 14. Revelation and Science 15. The Angels 16. The Devils; Temptation 17. An Image of God 18. Adam and Eve: Our First Parents 19. Evolution and the Bible 20. Original Sin 21. Actual Sin 22. Mortal Sin 23. Venial Sin 24. Occasions and Sources of Sin 25. Pride, Covetousness, Lust 26. Anger, Gluttony, Envy, Sloth 27. The Promise of the Redeemer 28. The God-Man 29. Our Lord Jesus Christ 30. The Incarnation 31. The Nativity 32. The Hidden Life of Jesus Christ 33. The Public Life of Jesus Christ 34. The Passion 35. Calvary 36. The Resurrection 37. The Ascension 38. The Holy Ghost 39. Sanctifying Grace 40. Actual Grace 41. The Theological Virtues 42. Gifts and Fruits of the Holy Ghost 43. Moral Virtues 44. Humility, Liberality, Chastity 45. Meekness, Abstinence, Zeal, Brotherly Love 46. The Eight Beatitudes 47. Foundation of the Church 48. The Apostles: First Bishops of the Church 49. The Primacy of Peter 50. Marks of the True Church 51. The One True Church 52. The Catholic Church: Unity and Holiness 53. The Catholic Church: Catholicity and Apostolicity 54. The Living Church 55. The Catholic Eastern Church; Rites 56. The Bishop of Rome 57. Powers of the Pope 58. The Roman Curia 59. The Hierarchy 60. Bishops and Priests 61. The National Catholic Welfare Conference 62. The Laity 63. Catholic Action 64. Church and State 65. Services of the Church to the State 66. Authority of the Church 67. Infallibility of the Church 68. Sphere of Infallibility 69. Indefectibility of the Church 70. Salvation and the Catholic Church 71. Schism and Heresy 72. Protestant Churches 73. The Gates of Hell 74. One Body in Christ: Communion of Saints 75. The Forgiveness of Sins 76. Death 77. Particular Judgment 78. Existence of Purgatory 79. Souls in Purgatory

Inside Your Outside

Author : Tish Rabe

ISBN10 : 0593126645

Publisher : Random House Books for Young Readers

Number of Pages : 48

Category : Juvenile Nonfiction

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Book Summary: The Cat in the Hat takes Sally and Dick for a ride through the human body where they visit the right and left sides of the brain, meet the Feletons from far off Fadin (when they stand in the sun you can see through their skin), scuba dive through the blood system, follow food and water through the digestive tract, and a whole lot more!

Verführte Jugend

Author : Heinz-Werner Kubitza

ISBN10 : 3828855954

Publisher : Tectum Wissenschaftsverlag

Number of Pages : 208

Category : Religion

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Book Summary: Der Jugendkatechismus Youcat soll den Nachwuchs der katholischen Kirche weltweit auf Linie bringen. Und in 25 Sprachen übersetzt soll er für die katholische Kirche besonders unter Kindern und Jugendlichen Menschen fischen. Allein zum Weltjugendtag in Madrid wurde er 700.000-mal verteilt. Was Jugendliche oder Gläubige aber nicht so einfach merken können: Der Youcat ist unseriös. Er ist unseriös, weil er so tut, als wäre man bei seiner Erstellung ernsthaft an einem Gespräch mit Jugendlichen interessiert gewesen. Die katholische Kirche definiert Dogmen, sie diskutiert sie nicht. Er ist unseriös, weil er den Jugendlichen ein Bild von Jesus und den ersten Christen vermittelt, das in der neutestamentlichen Wissenschaft und bei Historikern längst als widerlegtes katholisches Wunschdenken gilt. Und er ist unseriös, weil er offenbar in voller Absicht diese Erkenntnisse der Forschung verschweigt Diese katholischen Nebel versucht das Buch von Kubitza zu vertreiben. Zu den 165 katholischen Fragen des Youcat, die die Grundlagen der katholischen Lehre betreffen, gibt er 165 kritische Antworten. Jugendliche und Erwachsene erfahren, wie fragwürdig und absurd viele zentrale Aussagen der katholischen Kirche sind. Und sie erkennen, was ihnen mit dem Youcat wirklich verkauft werden soll: keine Religion, sondern eine religiöse Ideologie. Dieses Buch wendet sich an alle, die sich für die katholische Kirche engagieren wollen oder dies bereits tun. Niemand sollte dort mittun, der nicht auch die kritischen Einwände kennt. Es zeigt aber auch nichtreligiösen Menschen, mit welchen unlauteren Mitteln und Tricks die katholische Kirche arbeitet, um Menschen zu fischen. - Ohne ein Geleitwort des Papstes.

Youcat Confirmación

Author : Bernhard Meuser,Nils Baer

ISBN10 : 8490552312

Publisher : Encuentro

Number of Pages : 112

Category : Juvenile Nonfiction

Viewed : 1546


Book Summary: Este libro es tu entrenador personal y te acompaña hasta el gran día de tu Confirmación. En él encontrarás un buen programa de entrenamiento, muchos consejos para una vida emocionante con Dios, pero ante todo, encuentras referencias a dos libros importantes: la BIBLIA y el YOUCAT.

Stay Calm and Content

Author : Cat Williams

ISBN10 : 1477234888

Publisher : Author House

Number of Pages : 150

Category : Self-Help

Viewed : 597


Book Summary: Are you sometimes stressed, anxious, or emotional? Do you ever feel something is missing, even when you think you should be happy? Are there people with whom you dont get on well but wish you did? Have you ever wondered why you behave a certain way, do or dont do certain things, or have done something you now regret? This is not a typical self-help book, because self-help books are usually read by people who think they have a problem to solve. This book is for everyone. Using straightforward jargon-free language it discusses many of the difficult issues of life, most of which are likely to affect us or someone we know at one time or another. It includes short discussions of stress, relationships, love affairs, work, parenting, sibling rivalry, motherhood, divorce, weddings, Christmas, teenagers, arguments, criticism, depression, communication, childhood, bullying, chronic pain, self-harm, addiction, suicide, bereavement, kindness, abuse, the battle of the sexes and more. People who can stay calm and content no matter what life throws at them all have similar thoughts and attributes which can be learnt by anyone. The central theme of this book is self-esteem and how it is affected every day by our circumstances and the people we come across. We are usually unaware that it is our self-esteem that drives our emotions, thoughts, and actions. The authors clients suggested this book be written so anyone could learn how to stay calm and content no matter what life throws at them. Personal stories highlight how you can control or change how you feel about yourself, and how you can positively influence your life and the lives of everyone around you.

Intempestive éternité

Author : Benoît Bourgine,Joseph Famerée,Paul Scolas

ISBN10 : 2806107970

Publisher : Academia

Number of Pages : 152

Category : Religion

Viewed : 1915


Book Summary: Le rapport au temps est révélateur d'un art de vivre, d'une époque, d'une civilisation. On a ainsi pu caractériser le mode de vie occidental par la modalité du « présentisme » (F. Hartog) ou de « l'accélération » (H. Rosa) pour décrire la dictature d'un présent qui accapare, en un monde de flux continus. Et si, à contretemps, l'on conviait l'idée d'éternité ? Tel est le défi relevé par des spécialistes de sciences des religions, de théologie, de philosophie, de littérature et de cinéma.

Linux Command Line and Shell Scripting Bible

Author : Richard Blum,Christine Bresnahan

ISBN10 : 1119700949

Publisher : John Wiley & Sons

Number of Pages : 832

Category : Computers

Viewed : 1380


Book Summary: Advance your understanding of the Linux command line with this invaluable resource Linux Command Line and Shell Scripting Bible, 4th Edition is the newest installment in the indispensable series known to Linux developers all over the world. Packed with concrete strategies and practical tips, the latest edition includes brand-new content covering: Understanding the Shell Writing Simple Script Utilities Producing Database, Web & Email Scripts Creating Fun Little Shell Scripts Written by accomplished Linux professionals Christine Bresnahan and Richard Blum, Linux Command Line and Shell Scripting Bible, 4th Edition teaches readers the fundamentals and advanced topics necessary for a comprehensive understanding of shell scripting in Linux. The book is filled with real-world examples and usable scripts, helping readers navigate the challenging Linux environment with ease and convenience. The book is perfect for anyone who uses Linux at home or in the office and will quickly find a place on every Linux enthusiast’s bookshelf.

Into the Second Springtime

Author : June Marie W. Saxton

ISBN10 : 1452082723

Publisher : AuthorHouse

Number of Pages : 516

Category : Fiction

Viewed : 347


Book Summary: Viet Nam, the hippie movement, Roe v. Wade, inflation, OPEC crisis, Watergate...the perceived loss of America's innocence provides the national stage for Into the Second Springtime. Meet Wesley Gallagher, a precocious young man who is prone to making mischief and scheming shenanigans. You'll laugh at Wesley's perceptions of the world and fall in love with the strong and steady influences in his life. With stormy issues facing the nation, you'll cheer at the bright beacons of light guiding Wesley, quietly instilling values that create a healthy and substantial anchor in this tender coming-of-age novel. Written with unpretentious messages of charity, forgiveness, hope, humor, love and respect, you will cheer Hurrah! for America again.

Hate That Cat

Author : Sharon Creech

ISBN10 : 0061828939

Publisher : HarperCollins

Number of Pages : 176

Category : Juvenile Fiction

Viewed : 1863


Book Summary: Jack Room 204—Miss Stretchberry February 25 Today the fat black cat up in the tree by the bus stop dropped a nut on my head thunk and when I yelled at it that fat black cat said Murr-mee-urrr in a nasty spiteful way. I hate that cat. This is the story of Jack words sounds silence teacher and cat.